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Newton's Third Law states that with every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

It was something we all tried to avoid. But our resistance is what drove us to destruction.

We were the actions. We were the reactions.

We wanted to stop Newton's Third Law, not become it.

No one told us that was inevitable.

There's a certain chain you start getting around your ankle when you've been with someone for over five years. It wasn't exactly a ball and chain just yet... but dead weight. It was nagging, it was annoyance, it was every little quirk he had being the straw that broke the camel's back.

I didn't hate him. I just couldn't stand him anymore.

But it was love that kept me there. Really.

People don't believe in love. They think it's some made up Hallmark myth that drives people to buy cheap cards on Valentine's Day. But I'm a full believer in love. It's out there, it's another side to reality.

If I didn't believe in love, I wouldn't have anything else.

We were falling apart physically.

It was emotion that kept us from cracking.

"I'm quitting."

I couldn't see his eyes, and frankly, I didn't want to. The hotel was dark, except for the red light that flashed in the window every few seconds. We must've been near a cell tower, or something. That, or we were about to get abducted by aliens.

Which I wouldn't have minded, since this was going to be awkward anyway.

He shifted. Scratched his arm. His nails grazed my skin. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm leaving. For good."

He sighed, and his eyes were closed. That much I could tell. He only sighed like that when he was half asleep. "This isn't one of your many haphazard ideas, is it?"

"No, Jericho, it isn't." I sighed too. My whole back hurt. "I'm just... tired."

"Of this?" His foot hit my leg. "How could you be?"

"I am, Adam." I turned on my side, so my face was near his jaw. I could feel his hair against my ear. "I love this—all of this—but I'm rundown. I need to leave. I don't want to start resenting this job."

"We won't see each other."

"We don't see each other now."

He waited a beat. "So is this what you really want to do?"

"It isn't what I want to do." I shrugged. "It's just what I need to do."

He turned his head and opened his eyes slowly. "You really want to leave me with all those beautiful divas?"

"What beautiful divas?"

He smiled for a minute, but his brows fell. "I want you to do what makes you happy."

I didn't say anything. We always communicated better without words.

He sighed and clapped his hand over my covered thigh. "I just wish you wouldn't do something so drastic."

"I can't take that much time off for a vacation. I need to actually leave. To clear my head. Try something new."

"Do you think Vince will just take you back?"

"If he took Jeff back, he'll take anyone."

Adam's lids dropped, lashes against his cheeks. He was looking down, away from me. I never liked it when he wouldn't keep eye contact.

I rubbed his arm. "We'll see each other when you get home."

"For two days," he said monotonously.

"And I'll cook you something."

He snorted, cheek denting. Eyes lifted to smile at me.

I pushed him. "Or... order you something."

"Will you be taking care of our children, too?"

"Frisco will be fed. And played with."

He smiled again, or tried, since it melted away. His eyes were searching my face. "I'm going to miss you."

I ran my palm down his face. He hadn't shaved in a week. "The time we spend together will be the best of our lives."

"I enjoy your company as is."

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." I put my cheek against his shoulder. "We've been together, on the road, for five years—working together for more than that. It's time for a change."

"What if I don't want it?"

"I don't want it, either," I said quietly. "I just need it."

He sighed.

I rubbed the inside of his forearm, fingertips over his tattoo.

Rise Above.

How fitting.

"What about your stable?"

"Becky and Kait can just be a tag team for now, I guess. Or they'll keep it strong and look for another member to take my place. Vince has some wild idea to bring Nattie into the picture but—"

"Vince?" He sat up, knocking me back. "You already talked to him?"


"MacKenzie, you already talked to him?" He turned his upper half, brow creased. "You talked to him before you talked to me?"

"I needed his permission. I don't need yours."

His face softened.

I hated it when I hurt him. It didn't happen often, but when it did, it was a knife in the heart. Someone kicking a dog. "Babe, I didn't mean—"

"I can't believe you didn't tell me." He threw the covers back. "How long?"

I grabbed his arm before he could get out of bed. "A week. Maybe two. I swear, babe."

"Why? What started it? And why didn't you confront me?"

"Because it wasn't your fault! Fucking Eve botched her finisher and nearly snapped my neck off. That's when I realized that I couldn't do this anymore—every match is a death sentence. We're carrying the Women's Division. Without us, they wouldn't do anything except run around in bathing suits."

"That's a bad thing?"

I punched his shoulder. "Yes, it's a bad thing. It makes girls of all ages think that if they get skinny and act stupid that they'll be able to be a diva one day."

"You're speaking diva, though, babe. You're a wrestler."

"I know, but I'm classified as a diva. And it's degrading to know that I'm in the same category as Barbie Blank."

"Can you get a disease that way?" He dodged my next swing, laughing.

I frowned slightly, leaning my forehead between his shoulder blades. His back was hot. "You won't resent me for this, will you?"

"I can't hear you, babe."

"I said, you won't resent me for this, will you?"

"For leaving because you're burnt out? No. For leaving because you're weak? Yes."

I lifted my head slightly, chin to his shoulder. "You think I'm leaving because I can't handle it?"

"No. But if that's why you're really leaving, I'm going to be disappointed."

"It's not. I just need to get away."

"From me?"

"Of course not." I smiled against his skin, punching him in the lower back. "Fucking retard."

"Jesus, I'm going to have a bruise there."

"At least you'll have a part of me wherever you go."

He turned his head into my temple. I could feel him smiling. "That was lame."

"I know. I'll try harder next time."

His lips brushed my hair, smacking hard kisses. "I'm going to miss that."

"What, my lameness?"

"Everything." One more kiss. "Everything."

"I'll be back," I whispered, my hand touching where I had just punched him.

"You better be. How can I be Rated R without my woman?"

It seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

No one thought it was going change everything.

And we all know change doesn't come alone. It comes with doubt, betrayal, regret...

It sneaks in like a thief and leaves us with nothing.

But right then, I knew I had to leave.

I just didn't know the destruction it was going to cause.

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