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They'd given him a choice. They'd kill both him and the girl. Or if he would allow them to 'have their way' with the her, they'd let them both go. He made the wrong choice. He knew that now. But it was too late, ridiculously so.

She didn't scream then. She didn't scream or cry when they fucked her, each of the five. But now she does. If he tries to touch her she'll scream wildly at him, tears forming black tracks down her cheeks where the mascara runs. When he asks her if she's ok, she merely regards him coldly and walks away. They live in the same house but hardly speak. Their relationship has disintegrated so far beyond repair, so broken that the mangled remains can't ever resemble the original love they'd shared.

And he knows, this is his fault. Entirely his fault. He's not being melodramatic. She was never given a choice, he had chosen for her. And now she blames him, he knows this too and doesn't blame her for it. How could he possibly blame her for it?

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Rodolphus will regret his decision for the rest of his life. As Bellatrix becomes colder and more broken inside, Rodolphus begins to hate himself for his weakness. He begins to hate himself for choosing life over his wife. Over the woman he loves. He can never forgive himself for it, even if she ever does - though she never will.

Rogue Aurors, that's who they were apparently. "Rogue", ha! In this war, Aurors are exempt from all rules and laws and take advantage of the fact gladly.

But they made a fierce enemy that night. Bellatrix wants her revenge. And she will get it. Any way she can.

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