Author's Note: Usually I focus on Cyclonis and more darker themes in my fanfic, and I thought this would be a fun break.

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I swear every time I bump into her that it will be the last, but somehow, I always see her again. How does she always know where I am? Am I that obvious?

I mean, yeah, there are only so many places to hang out in the Condor: my room, the hanger bay, the bridge, but still, I can never get rid of her.

When I'm not seeing her, she's in my thoughts. I tell myself I'm just planning on how to get away from her.

She entrances me. She enthralls me. She captures me with those beautiful eyes of hers like a deer is in the headlights.

I might fight aerial battles. I might have taken down the Dark Ace, crashed his skimmer. I might pull off some of the most dangerous tricks imaginable on a skimmer, but I was still an absolute coward when it came to her.

I think my squadron can tell that something is wrong with me. They cast me funny glances, and they seemed so worried about me. If only they knew. They aren't captured by her gaze.

I tell myself I'm not in love, no way. Love is not for Sky Knights or Storm Hawks. Love is for the cheesy romance books that all females seem to love to read. What was that latest one called again? Twilight? I never saw the point to it, not enough battle action an absolutely no skimmers.

I see her face again in my mind.

I think she can tell that my resolve is breaking, as she approaches me more and more often. Why can't she just go away? The Condor is no place for a girl. She shouldn't have gotten on in the first place.

I think the team disagrees with me. We Storm Hawks are close, but of all of us, my background is the greatest mystery. They think that a bit of love would be good for me. Ew. But so tempting.

I've been sulking around lately, trying to avoid her, but that doesn't work. They all come looking for me, worry reflected in their eyes. Can't they tell that I need to be alone?

I'm head over heels, and I refuse to admit it.

I just want to get on a skimmer and fly to where she'll never, ever find me, but I know I can't. For one, my team needs me, and secondly, what if she really did never find me again? Could I live the rest of my life without seeing her?

I, Radarr, had fallen in love with that stupid stalking chicken!


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