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A/N: This story came to mind a few days ago! It's my very first Bewitched story, so please be kind. Also, my best friend, Kate and I wrote this story together and we had fun!

"Darrin in Toyland"

Samantha Stevens sighed as she tried to get her seven-year-old daughter, Tabitha to lie down. The mortal doctor had ordered her to stay in bed until the chicken pox subsided or at least until she wasn't contagious anymore.

"But Mommy, it's no fun staying in bed all the time." Tabitha whined.

"I know, sweetheart, but it's the only way you're going to get better in time for Lisa's party next weekend."

This got Tabitha to comply grudgingly.

"I happen to agree with Tabitha." Endora said as she popped in. "Staying in bed is no fun. Especially when she doesn't have to."

Samantha narrowed her eyes at her mother.

"Mother, the doctor said…"

"Ah, and that's another thing. What does this so called doctor know anyway. He's a mortal after all. You can't honestly stand there and tell me you would entrust your daughter's well being to that…that…quack."

"Mother, he is not a quack."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. And I'm following his orders and so is Tabitha."

"Oh, for heaven sake, Samantha, let the child at least play in her room even if you won't let her go outside."

"Mommy, can I, please?" Tabitha asked.

"Well, I'm not sure…"

""I'll watch her."

"Well, all right. But Tabitha, you are not to leave this room. Do you understand me?"

Tabitha nodded.

"Yes, Mommy." She said.

"That's a good girl. Now, I'm going downstairs to make Daddy's breakfast."

"Can't Derwin make his own meals?"

"Mother, that's what a house wife does."

"Sometimes I wonder…." She said as she got out a picture book and Tabitha climbed into her lap.

"Well, keep your wonderings to yourself." Samantha ordered. She then turned her attention to her daughter. "I'll be back up to check on you in a bit. And remember, no scratching."

Tabitha nodded.

With that, Samantha was gone.

"Now then, " Endora said as she opened the book. "Let's see…"

Meanwhile, downstairs, Samantha entered the kitchen to find Uncle Arthur nonchalantly downing a cup of coffee.

"Uncle Arthur!" Samantha exclaimed in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey yourself, Sammie. " He said as he set the cup down on the counter. "This coffee's cold."

"That was supposed to be for Darrin." She pointed out.

"No problem." He said. He gestured to the counter where four cups of steaming coffee appeared. "There we go. He'll never notice."

"What are you doing here?"

Arthur tried to look affronted.

"Can't I come visit my niece when she's sick? Besides, I brought her a present."

"Not another wishing box I hope."

"What was wrong with that? Every kid should have a pet."

"Yes. But one that stays in a cage."

Arthur shrugged. He then produced a doll dressed in a blue skirt and matching top.

"A doll?" She asked skeptically.


"Where did you get it?"

"I bought it at a mortal toy store."

"You did?"

"Hey, I like living on the edge. So, can I give it to her?"

"Uncle Arthur, I'm very proud of you."

"Aw, don't go making a big deal out of it, Sammie. I did it for Tabitha."

"Did you bring something for Adam too?"

"Of course. You didn't' think I'd forget my favorite nephew."

"He's your only nephew."

"All the same. I picked this up for him while I was there." He produced a Scooby-Do coloring book, complete with crayons.

"Adam will love it." She confirmed. "At least it'll keep him from trying to color in Tabitha's books."

Arthur was about to go upstairs when Endora appeared before them.

"Is Tabitha all right?" Samantha asked.

"Yes. She's fast asleep."

Shaking her head, Samantha let a little smile play across her mouth.

"Mother, you amaze me sometimes."

"Well, what are grandma-ma's for?" She noticed Arthur just then. "I thought you were in Peru."

"Nice to see you too." He said as he sat down at the kitchen table. "I was until I got kicked out."

"I can't imagine what you could have done to make that happen."

"Uncle Arthur! What could you possibly have done to get yourself kicked out of an entire country?"

"It's not important now. The important thing is giving my niece and nephew their presents."

"Well, you'll have to wait to give Tabitha hers." Samantha told him. "She hasn't been sleeping well since she got the chicken pox. As for Adam, I'll go get him. He should be waking up from his nap by now." With that, she was gone.

"So, what did you get them?" Endora questioned.

"Just a doll and a coloring book. Nothing special."

"What do they do?"

"Oh the coloring book's normal."

"What about the doll?"

"It was normal." Arthur said with a grin. "Before I Bought it."

Endora gave him a look.

"Don't worry. It's nothing dangerous."

"I'm not worried." Endora assured him. "At least not for Tabitha."

Just then, Samantha returned with a very happy Adam in her arms.

"Look whose here to see you." She said as she set the two year old down. "Go say hi to Uncle Arthur."

"Aw, come here." He said. "How's my favorite boy?"

Adam grinned as his uncle picked him up.

"He's good." Samantha replied. "Why don't you show him the present you bought him."

"Sure." With that, Arthur pulled the coloring book and crayons towards him.

"Cuwour!" Adam squealed.

"That's right." Samantha said. "It's a coloring book just for you."

Adam grinned. He proceeded to take out a blue crayon and scribble all over the first page.

"Well, I think it's safe to say he likes it." Samantha said as she set out some milk and cookies for him.

Just then, Tabitha could be heard calling from upstairs.


"I'll be right there!" With that, she popped upstairs.

No sooner did she leave, but the front door opened and Darrin walked in.

"Sam, I'm home!" He called out.

"In the kitchen, sweetheart!" She called back.

"Is your mother around?"

"She's upstairs with Tabitha."

"Good." He said as he walked into the room. After kissing Samantha hello, he glanced around before his eyes landed on Uncle Arthur.

"Please tell me you had a good reason for coming here."

"As a matter of fact, I did." He said.

"He brought the children presents." Samantha explained.

"You didn't let them have them, did you?" Darrin asked.

"Darrin." Samantha chided. "He bought Adam a very nice normal coloring book."

Darrin nodded as he gazed over at his son who was happily coloring Scooby purple.

"Well, all right. That seems harmless enough. What did he get Tabitha?"

"Hello. I'm still here."

"Yes. Hopefully not for much longer." Darrin quipped.

"Darrin, please." Samantha pleaded. "Uncle Arthur did something nice."

Darrin huffed as he went to the fridge to see about getting a snack.

"Come on." Samantha said to her uncle. "Let's go upstairs so you can give Tabitha her doll."

"All right. It beats staying here."

When they reached Tabitha's room, they found her coloring quietly with Endora.

"Mommy, look!" Tabitha exclaimed the minute she saw her. "Grandma-ma and I made a mural."

Samantha gazed at the right wall to find it covered with rainbows and a few unicorns.

"Those aren't real, are they, mother?" She asked.

"No. But they could be. Especially if Derwood continues to push my buttons."

It was then that Tabitha noticed Uncle Arthur.

She ran to him, throwing her arms around his waist.

"Hey there, princess." He said as he picked her up.

"Uh, Uncle Arthur," Samantha said warningly. "Maybe you shouldn't…"

Arthur brushed her comment aside.

"Oh, don't worry. I haven't been sick a day in my life. And I'm immune to chicken pox."

"You are?" Samantha asked.

Arthur nodded. He gave Tabitha a hug before setting her down and fishing the doll out of his bag.

"Here you go." He said. "She's all yours."

"Thank you." Tabitha said. "What does she do?"

"Nothing, I hope." Samantha said, eyeing Arthur.

"What are you going to name her?" Endora inquired.

Tabitha thought for a minute before replying, "I'm going to name her Emily."

"That's a pretty name." Samantha said. "Now, why don't you and Emily get ready for lunch."

"Okay!" With that, Tabitha allowed Endora to take her down to the kitchen.

"See?" Arthur said the moment they were gone. "Tabitha loves it. No harm done."

"Yet." Samantha said doubtfully.

"Oh Sammie, you worry too much. Well, I gotta go. I'm wanted in Egypt. Something about redecorating the pyramids." With that, he was gone.

Shaking her head, Samantha was about to go downstairs, when she thought better of it.

Better clean this up." She said as she gazed at Tabitha's master piece.

However, her magical attempts to clean the wall were thwarted.

"Mother!" She grumbled as she left for the kitchen. "Mother!"

"Yes?" Endora replied as she met her daughter halfway through to the kitchen.

"You need to make that mural in Tabitha's room disappear."

"Why? Tabitha loves it. Besides, her room could use a different look."

"Darin will…" Samantha started, but Endora interrupted her.

"Oh, don't you worry about Derwood. I'll take care of him."


"What? I simply want my grand daughter to have some culture."

"She does have culture." Samantha argued.

"Besides, you seem to forget you did the same thing to your wall when you were about Tabitha's age. And I didn't make you get rid of it."

"I only did one half of the wall." Samantha reminded her.

"So? Tabitha has a real eye for art. I think it's a good thing."

"So do I." Samantha insisted. "But we have a rule in this house. No painting or coloring on anything but paper. And that includes her bedroom walls."

"Fine. If you're going to be that way about it, I'll see about getting rid of it."

"Thank you."

"But don't blame me if Tabitha doesn't grow up with a healthy imagination."

"Tabitha's imagination is just fine!" Samantha called after her as her mother disappeared…