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Yes, I know I should be updating my other stories but this story was written for a special occasion. Today is the one year anniversary of when I first joined Fanfiction! Well, actually it was 2 days ago but Fanfiction wouldn't let me upload this file. I've read so many great fanfics here it's amazing. Thank you so much to all the amazing authors here! Since the very first fanfic I ever read was a Pokeshipping one I thought that this one would also be Pokeshipping so here it goes!


"Ugh! Ash, I can't believe that you got us lost. Again." Misty groaned

"What makes you think that it's my fault?" Ash asked. Misty raised her eyebrow and turned to look at the pokenav in Ash's hand.

"Just because I have the pokenav in my hand doesn't mean it's my fault!" Ash yelled

"Yes, it does." Misty said "I bet Drew doesn't get May lost! She's so lucky! I wish I had a boyfriend who cared enough about me not to get me lost!" Misty yelled. Ash just glared at Misty and gripped his pokenav tight. He pushed a few buttons on it with full force then turned and started heading in the other direction.

Misty noticed Ash leaving and started following him. Not even five minutes later they were standing right in front of Cerulean city. Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder and Azurill jumped out of Misty's arms. They both started playing on the grass and having fun. Misty's mouth was slightly agape and she slowly turned her head to face Ash who was still slightly angry.


"I know where Cerulean city is. This was the first time in years that we've been together like this without tones of other people. Excuse me for wanting to hang out with you." Ash said. Misty's eyes widened in understanding.

"You make it so hard for people to be in love with you." Ash grumbled under his breath while turning and walking away. Pikachu noticed Ash leaving and ran off and jumped on his shoulder and Azurill ran and jumped in Misty's arms. Although he mumbled Misty had heard every word perfectly. She stood still in shock for a few seconds then ran after Ash.

"Ash, wait!" Misty said grabbing his shoulder to get him to stop. "Did you mean it? Do you love me?"

"No, I lied." Ash said sarcastically.

"Ash, I'm serious."

"Yeah, I did." Misty smiled and reached up to kiss Ash. At first it was just a soft kiss then Pikachu and Azurill jumped off their trainers and Misty put her arms around Ash's neck and he put his arms around her waist to deepen the kiss. They both pulled away and smiled.

"Love you too but the next time you want to spend more time with me just take me to dinner or something, ok?" Ash nodded as Misty reached up to kiss him again in which he gladly obliged.

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