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2Face and Yago hated each other. They would do anything to kill each other, Mother knew that for a fact. It was probably the only thing she knew so she decided to have a little fun.

"We should kill the freaks." Yago announced to the whole group. Everyone was scared and cold. The Blue meanies chased them into this cold river of spoiled milk. Somehow Mother's database had the thought that rivers are made of bad smelling milk. Roger Dodger was choking on it but it was to late, he swallow a little bit to much.

"If you kill us the so called freaks you get ride of most of the group. Do that and it be easy to get ride of the rest of the human species because there will be only a couple left." 2Face argued back. She wasn't backing down without a fight. Yago didn't have a problem with all the freaks. Just the baby and her. The baby because it was dangerous but it was one of their only weapons. So that left her ……

"I agree with 2Face." Jobs said out of nowhere. Most likely because Edward was on the list as a freak.

Several other people were nodding their heads.

"Great so you're going to listen to her?"

"What do you have against freaks? You look like one with that green hair and cat eyes. How many people have you seen that look like someone pooped out something green and added two cat eyes? There's more like mother made you."

"Can ya stop arguing! I think Roger Dodger is sick." Tate yelled at everybody.

The Rodger boy was a light shade of green and his eyes were in the back of his head. Everybody ran to check up on him.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He has the timofolous disease." Tamara simply stated.

"What in the world is a timafayo?"

" The timofolous is a disease the blue meanies get. It actually comes from drinking that cream."

"What cream?"

"The thing we swam in is not milk but a cream made by riders to kill blue meanies. It's poison."

"Can we cure it?" Tate said with a worried voice. Rodger Dodger was like a brother to her.

"You need to find the heart of the three headed dog."

"You do realized that the three headed dog is a myth, right?"

"Where the blue meanies come from they exist. You just had to find them."

All of a sudden the ground rumbled. The trees that looked like bushes were shaking and the spoiled milk was swishing.


The ground underneath 2Face and Yago caved in.