Playing Mixed Doubles and Chasing After Her

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Chapter One: Their Arrival in Kyoto

"Ahh thanks again for coming with me Mister B. You too Esmeralda."

Kizu leaned back in her seat and sighed. She thought about the past events and thought about how much of a headache this was causing for her.

"When I get back to Tokyo, I need another summer vacation…"

Esmeralda laughed and so did Mister B. Kizu smiled slightly and thought about Hikairi.

"So tell us again why you're going after this Hikairi girl?"

"Well…she's my brother's fiancée and she decided to say goodbye to someone. But she thinks that by saying goodbye to this person, my brother won't want her anymore so she just assumes that and decides to go off."

"Sounds complicated…"

"You have no idea…"

"And just how are you going to find her in this city? You hardly know the area!"

Kizu smiled and held up one finger.

"Don't underestimate me! I've already have a friend over there to pick us up when we land."

"One more thing…why couldn't you have taken the private jet? We wouldn't have to be so crowded right now!"

Kizu laughed and looked around the airplane. They were smacked right in the middle of the entire cabin and so they hardly had any room.

"Well if I used the jet, then my brother would suspect something it going on…"

"Hurry up! Come on mom and dad! We don't have all day!"

Kosuke was standing impatiently at the counter and tapped his foot while Fuji was assisting his parents in bringing the luggage.

"Boy…he doesn't cut even his own parents any slack…"

Fuji helped his parents, Marianne and Mark, bring in everything for the trip.

"Ahh thank you Fuji."

"Don't mention it."

Kizu and Kosuke's parents had been working as a maid and worker in the estate for a while now. Fuji had heard the entire story from Kosuke himself that day. He still found it hard to believe that they would do something like that.

"My parents…I still don't understand them. But I will tell you what I know about them."

Fuji was confused but nodded anyway.

"When Kizu was born, my parents suddenly decided to disappear. I still don't really know the details of that, but it was something that they already made up their minds with. Kizu was still young at the time, and so they had to stage the death of them."

"You lied to Kizu?"

Kosuke nodded and sighed.

"Believe me, it was a terrible thing to see her weep so much about our parents. But they had to do it…"

Fuji was trying to understand, but still didn't see why.

"So then they worked undercover as your worker and maid?"

Kosuke nodded.

"Even though they decided to do that, they still wanted to see their family…"

Fuji still couldn't believe what he was told, but right now, that matter didn't mean much to him. What really was on his mind was Kizu. He was depressed after hearing her decline in the marriage. However, Marianne decided to tell Fuji the truth and try to help him. That day, Marianne brought him the letter that Hikairi had written and told him why she decided to do so.

Fuji understood Kizu's intentions and could see why she do such a thing, but he had decided to go after her, and tell her that no matter what…he was going to marry her.

He even got Kosuke into it. However, it was with the information of Hikairi that brought him in. they immediately decided to go Kyoto and clear everything up.

"Come on! I've got the clear to get on the jet! Let's go!"

Kosuke then darted toward the gates leading to the private jet and left Fuji, Marianne, and Mark all alone with the luggage again.

"Man…we should really make him take his own luggage."

"Ahh finally here!"

Kizu stood up and stretched her arms into the air.

"Sitting in that plane has completely taken my energy away from me…"

"I agree with you on that."

Esmeralda and Mister B came up behind her and looked toward the city of Kyoto.

"Now, where is your friend?"

"Oh, he said he was going to be meeting us in the front of the airport. Let's get going."

Kizu grabbed her backpack and flung it on her shoulder and then took the rest of her luggage as well. Esmeralda picked up her own and followed after. Mister B slowly followed after and sighed.

"Well…being her manager is definitely interesting…."


A boy with red hair and sunglasses turned around at the sound of Kizu's voice. He removed the glasses and smiled, then waved back.


Kizu stopped and Mako walked toward the three of them. Kizu introduced them to each other and then Mako made a simple introduction.

"Yoshiro Mako at your service."

Mako then bowed and then stood back up smiling.

"So, should we be going now?

Mako pointed toward a car that parked right in front of them. Mako picks up their luggage and started to load it into car while Mister B and Esmeralda pull Kizu aside.

"Are you sure it's okay to have him with us?"

"Don't worry, he might be my age, but he's already working as private investigator."

"Really?! So young?"

"Yup! In fact, I've already had him look for any signs of this Shiro guy as well at Hikairi."

"Well, weren't you prepared…"

Kizu smiled and crossed her arms.

"Don't think that I don't come prepared!"

"All right! Everything is loaded! Let's get you guys to your hotel."

Mako climbed into the driver seat and then Mister B, Esmeralda, and Kizu all piled into the car as well. Once everyone was strapped in, Mako started it up and sped off.

"Akira! Come on, we can eat when we get back to the hotel!"

Akira turned around and faced Ryu and Hikairi with a mouth full of buns.

"Ha ri you ay?"

Ryu just stared at Akira and then sighed.

"Forget it. Let's get going. Right sis?"

Hikairi nodded and then they headed down the street.

"Ahh it feels like it's been forever since we've been here again…"

"Yeah…I know what you mean."

Ryu glanced at his sister and saw that she was still looking down.

"Hey, don't worry, I'm sure that Kizu and Kosuke will understand. Plus, I think it's better if you get this off your back for good anyway."

Hikairi smiled at her brother and nodded.

"You're right, it is better if we get this over with."

They stopped and waited for Akira to catch up. Akira had stopped and was watching a car as it drove up into the hotel parking lot.

"Akira! Come on now!"

Akira shook his head and then ran to Ryu and Hikairi. Together they entered the hotel and went up to their room.

"What was that about? You just totally zoned out again."

"Brother…I think I saw Kizu…"

End Chapter One

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