Playing Mixed Doubles and Chasing After Her

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Chapter Three: Their Hearts

"Hey, Kizu. I'm done. You can take a bath now!"

Esmeralda stated as she walked out of the bathroom with a towel to her wet hair. She began to dry it slowly as she walked toward Kizu, who at the moment stood on the balcony and peered over city view.

"Kizu? What's wrong girl?"

Kizu gave a slight smile and then turned back to Esmeralda with a slightly saddened smile.

"Just feeling guilty. I mean, didn't even think about explaining what was going on to Nii-san or Syusuke…"

She let out a sigh and leaned on the railing a little bit.

"Not to mention, I dragged you and Mister B all the way out here with me too. A bit too much if you ask me…"

Esmeralda understood how Kizu felt and immediately skipped on over and placed an arm around her.

"Don't feel so guilty! It's literally been forever since dad and I got to go on a trip together. So don't feel so bad!"

Kizu looked up at Esmeralda who continued to stare at her with sparkling eyes. Kizu just could not help but laugh and took Esmeralda's hand and held it affectionately.

"Haha all right then. If you say so I suppose. I think I'll go talk to Mako first before I take a shower. I just thought of a few more questions I want to ask him."

"Ehh, well be sure to take your key card with you. I think I'll be sleeping soon. That flight just completely drained the energy out of me…"

"Mmk then. I'll try to be quiet when I come back."

The girls smiled and then giggled at each other as they walked back into the room and closed off the swinging doors to the balcony. Esmeralda slipped into her bed for the night and Kizu bid her a good night as she left for Mako's room. With a final click of their door, Esmeralda turned off the lights and slipped right into the comfy covers and dozed off.

Please hurry…Kizu…Will you be there?

Fuji began to shake from all the anticipation he was feeling. A rush of emotions had flooded into him and he just could not calm himself down. He had so many questions he wanted to ask Kizu at the moment, but he also knew that the real action he was dying to do was to take her in his arms and just hold her.

The thought of losing her was something he could not bear. They had been through so much that he felt as though this was only a minor obstacle. Even so, it always poses a different thought within him.

When the elevator stopped, Fuji felt his pulse sky rocket. The doors slid open and reveal the 7th floor to him. He took off running, slowing down only to read the signs detailing where each set of rooms were.


Once he had found room 723, he had to stop to catch his breath. Before he even knew it, the door's locks began to click and tumble and the door slowly began to swing open. Right then, before his eyes, Kizu stepped out. She was fiddling with her key card as she stepped out, so she did not see him right away. Before she knew what was going on, Fuji had stepped forward and grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms for an embrace like no other.

Kizu did not realize it was Fuji at first when she was being pulled in, but when she saw his face clearly, she was in complete shock and just could not move. They embraced and Kizu upon instinct wrapped her arms around him. But when she realized what exactly as happening, she tried to pull away.

"Sy—Syusuke?! H-how did you find me here?"

Her voice was shaky, unable to make it out in a complete stutter-free sentence. Fuji simply tightened his embrace around her and kept silent.


"I'm glad I found you. I really didn't know what to even think when you just left like that…"

"Syusuke…I'm sorry. It's just that…Hikari and Nii-san…I had to do something…."

Fuji peeled himself away from her and looked right into her eyes. Kizu returned the stare, except, his was not a stare. It was a passionate look of longing and love for Kizu. It had only been about a week since they last saw each other, but it was obviously long enough.

Kizu opened her mouth, prepared to say something but was immediately cut short when Fuji pulled Kizu in for a kiss. Their lips touched and Fuji slowly deepened the kiss. Both of them felt their hearts pound against their chest and felt each other's warmth from it all.


Fuji breathed out when they finally pulled away. Kizu could feel her cheeks turn into a deep red blush as she slowly but surely began to bring her gaze up toward him. She never forgot the feeling she would get from his eyes. There was something burning in his stares, she just could never figure it out.

Before either of them were able to say anything, a deep cough suddenly disrupted them. Both of them turned to see Mako standing at his door. He cleared his throat slightly and then looked at the two. Fuji looked over at Mako, not recognizing him at all.

"M-Mako…Uhmm… This is Syusuke, my-"


Fuji cut Kizu short from the introduction and moved closer to her. Mako merely raised an eyebrow and leaned against the door.

"Fiancé? Kizu you never told me that…"

"Okay, I'd rather not get into this right now. Mako, I need to talk to you for a few minutes."

"All right. Come on in."

As Kizu removed herself from Fuji's grip and embrace, she looked up at him before heading toward Mako's room. Fuji stopped her before she kept on walking and gave her a look of concern. She gently took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I'll be done soon. If you want, you can come back later."

Kizu whispered to Fuji who looked at Mako with a fierce glance and then finally let go of her. Mako had stepped aside to allow Kizu entrance into his room and once she was inside, he stepped back in front of the door and gave Fuji a smirk.

"We shouldn't be too long now. Why don't you just wait a bit?"

Mako said in a condescending tone and proceeded to close the door right as Fuji took a step forward.

"Okay, what was that all about? When on earth did you get a fiancé?"

A click was heard as Mako finished closing the door behind him and turned to Kizu with a curious eye. She, however, had shoved aside some of his clothes that was previously on the bed and laid down with her face buried into his pillow.

"Hello? Miss Kizu, are you even listening to me?"

He strolled over and began to tap her annoyingly on the shoulder until she gave out a grunt and rolled over on her back.

"This wasn't supposed to be this complicated…"

"Hello? Earth to Miss Kizu?"

Mako just continued to stare at Kizu, who stared at the ceiling and let out another heavy sigh.

"Fine then…Ignore me…"

"I'm not ignoring you, I'm just…thinking…"

"Well, you said you had something to ask me?"


She sat back up, with her legs swinging off the edge of the bed and looked right at Mako. He stared back, not blinking and waited her comment.

"Well, I originally came here to ask if you wanted to grab some dinner or something with me, but I don't think that's going to happen since Syusuke is here now."

"That was it? Man, I thought it was some type of earth shattering question of some sort. Geez. But dinner you say? Hmm well I haven't eaten yet…And I think we could use some time to catch up. But about that fiancé of yours? Won't he get a bit, oh I don't know… edgy?"

"Let me to talk to him all right? If he's here, then that means that my brother is probably here too…"

"Whatever works for you Miss. I will be downstairs for most of the night thought however. So just give me a call when you're coming down after you're done dealing with all of this and we'll grab a bite okay?"

Mako gave Kizu a reassuring smile and winked as well. He felt confident that his charming ways would still be able to convince her to still have dinner with him. With a sigh, Kizu stood up and gave him a nod.

"All right, I'll give you a call when I'm done."

It seemed like Kizu was in there for eternity when the door opened again and Kizu stepped out. Fuji was sitting down with his back against the wall, right next to the door waiting for her to come back out. When she did, he immediately stood up and walked over to her.

"Syusuke…Umm I think we should to your room…"

Fuji gently touched Kizu's cheek and nodded slowly.

"Of course. Your brother I'm sure is anxious to hear about this too."

"Ahh of course my brother is here too…"

"And your parents…"

"Of course…"

"Let's go. There's a lot to talk about right now."

Kizu was slightly surprised that Fuji did not ask about Mako or anything, but she figured he was patient enough to wait until everybody else was around so she could explain everything in detail. Fuji took her head and led her to the elevator. From his grip, Kizu could tell that he had no intention of letting go of her anytime soon.

"You better put on a cheery face for your brother, I'm certain he'll lecture you."

"I need to buy a new suit man…"

Struggling with his tie, Mako tried to pull it through the loop and failed horribly. He tried once more and it work nicely this time and then proceeded to put on the blazer that went along with it. As he adjusted everything and looked at his reflection in the mirror, an image of Fuji popped into his mind. More specifically, Fuji with his glare right at him.

Hmph, fiancé huh? We'll see about that…

He finished changing his wardrobe and picked up his phone. Scrolling through the contacts, he selected the name "Shiro Yukiro" and pressed dial.

"…Hello? Is our Boss in yet? If he is, I can meet him downstairs right now….Yes…All right."

He hung up and looked at the notebook that he handed Kizu earlier when digging up information on Shiro Yukiro for her. He gave little smirk and flipped it to another page to reveal an agenda for his work.

"Oh Miss Kizu. You're in for one hell of a ride."

End Chapter Three

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