The Magic of Innocence

Hi, this is Silver speaking. The idea for this story has been bugging me for a while and I've finally gotten it up but it comes with the warning that I have a lot of work and little free time so updates will be a rare and hopefully wonderful thing. Hope that doesn't put you off.

Warnings: Will eventually be Allen/Kanda, Yullen or whatever you call it. I'm rating it M mostly for Kanda's mouth but there may be some sexual content in later chapters.

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The windswept over the graveyard carrying the broken sobs across it. A petite figure was kneeling before a grave their whole body trembling, one hand touching the name. "Cedric" There were more sobs. "Don't leave me Cedric."

"Perhaps I can help you, girl."

There was a rather round man standing just behind the gravestone smiling at her. She lifted her head letting matted hair fall from her hope filled eyes. "You can bring him back. He could be back, with me?"

Her hope filled voice made the Earl's grin even wider. "Of course my dear. All you need to do is say his name."

She didn't hesitate, didn't think about what she was doing.

"Cedric Diggory"

The strange metal doll screamed in pain as she stumbled back, staring wide eyed at the abomination in front of her.

"Now my pretty creation. Kill her and wear her skin."

The girls screams filled the air as the machine lunged forward. As the one she loved so much took her life. What no one heard were the cries of horror from the soul she chained inside the Earl's machine. The silent screams of the one forced to commit these acts with no will of their own.


Dumbledore hummed happily as he sorted through the small stack of CVs on his desk. He'd decided that with the announcement of Voldemorts return he should be taking more direct action to protect his students. He was starting an optional Self Defence class for all those 5th year and above.

He'd put an ad in the Daily Prophet but hadn't really expected any replies, after all there were very few wizards he knew Muggle style fighting, all relying far too heavily on their wands. He paused as he reread the information on one of the candidates.

Young, trained in both armed and unarmed combat and very experienced if he wasn't lying. He even had an apprentice who he'd asked to be placed in the seventh year. He was perfect. Selecting a lemon drop from his desk, he tipped the rest of the papers into the bin and started penning a letter to his new professor.


There was silence in the Black Order. A strange ghostly silence which usually signalled that all Exorcists were on missions, eerie enough for once they weren't. And it was all originating from Kumoi's office.

The newly appointed General Walker was looking at Kumoi with a look of shock and disgust. "You want us to do what?" Kumoi's eyes darted between him and an irritated Kanda.

"For Kanda to pose as a teacher and you his apprentice in a magical school we suspect is the location of Innocence, while protecting said school." He said nervously. "Here are your wands and books of spells you should know." He pointed at a large stack of books and made a break for it before his life was taken from him.

The silence was broken by the sounds of swords being drawn, Innocence activated and hot pursuit. It wasn't long until wails of pain resounded through the halls of the Black Order.


Harry glanced up at the ceiling, following the thumps over the roof of the carriage. It almost sounded like footsteps but he shook his head slightly wondering who the hell would be on the roof of a moving train. Professor Slughorn didn't seem in the least concerned so he let it drop and took a bite of his pheasant.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Slughorn frowned but bayed for them to enter. The door slid open to reveal a tall Japanese male in his early twenties. Harry frowned; he was too old to be a student and the air of authority similar to Snape. In fact if it wasn't for his heritage and the long black ponytail that was swishing behind him he could almost be Snapes brother, he even had the glare.

"You must be Professor Kanda." Slughorn declared in an overly jolly voice which had the newly identified Professor cringing. "It's wonderful to meet you. I couldn't find you earlier."

The Professors icy glare settled on Slughorn and Harry had the distinct feeling that there was dislike in it. "We only just arrived."

"And that must be your apprentice."

Harry was expecting a young child but instead there was a lanky late teen following just behind eyeing them all nervously. Now that he was pointed out he had to wonder how he'd missed the teen to start with, he was certainly unusual. If unusual was how to put it.

The teen white hair that would have brushed past his shoulder blades if it hadn't been tied in a low pony tail. He was so pale with such light silvery eyes that he could easily be some type of albino. In fact the only colour on his face was a thin pink scar going over his left eye and into his fringe. Harry forced down the urge to touch his own scar, wondering how the teen gained his.

The only similarity between the two appeared to be the coat they were wearing. A large black coat with a silver cross on one shoulder, it looked expensive.

The teen smiled at them all before sitting down next to his Master. Harry could see the others eyeing the pair with obvious interest. He wondered what the Professor would be teaching; after all he'd presumed Slughorn would be taking Defence Against the Dark Arts.

All too soon they were dismissed by Slughorn and he hurried back to get changed. This was news worthy of telling Ron and Hermione about. If they didn't already know, being Prefects and all, a small part of him added snidely.


Allen watched the first years with mild interest. He'd been herded in to this room to await the sorting with the other new students, which meant a bunch of eleven year olds. The gaggle of pre-teens would drive him insane if he didn't get out of there soon.

How could they be so immature and so thought less in a time of war. It was a good thing there were no akuma around or they'd all me dead. Allen sighed and closed his eyes, wondering what it was like to have no worries and troubles. For him to have never seen the true horrors of war and to just be a child after his childhood was cut so tragically short.

He had no more time to ponder it as a stern woman came in and lead them all into the main hall. While the others gasped at the sight of the magnificent illusion above their heads, Allen fought to suppress his cursed eye activating.

There were akuma in the room. It was to be expected with such a large gathering of people for here to be at least one, in fact it was rare for there not to be. Scanning the crowds surrounding him on the four long tables and one he presumed was for staff at the front, he identified them and signalled them to Kanda. Four level ones and a level two. Not too much to handle so they'd take them out tonight.

The woman that led them into the room was now putting a rather old decrepit looking hat on a stool. Allen couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when it started to sing, even more so at its cliqued message of banding together.

The woman started to call out names and the first years each went forward putting it on their heads. It would then call out the house they were in. It seemed like an odd method of sorting students but with some of the rituals preformed by his colleagues he was hardly one to talk. Finally it was just him remaining.

The old man he presumed to be the Head teacher stood up. "Our final student is joining us in his Sixth Year, as part of his apprenticeship with our newly appointed Professor Kanda, who will run an optional Self Defence class optional for all Fifth years and above."

Muttering filled the hall and it's attention split between him and his fellow Exorcist so he put on his sweetest smile and stepped up to the front to try on the hat. It was only hovering over his head, an inch or so away with him holding it up when it made the decision.


The triumphant cries of the table on the left decked in green and silver directed him to where he was to go, as he glanced up at his frowning partner. From what he knew of his new house he'd need to be careful and watch his own back, at least he was sharing a set of rooms with Kanda and not them.

He settled himself towards the teacher's end of the table, listening absent mindedly to the conversation surrounding him vaguely recognising the boy who walked in late covered in blood. There were small interesting snippets of information, especially after the chaos that the Headmaster's next speech created. He saw nothing wrong with a teacher switching the subject that they taught but gathered that the one appointed was incredibly unpopular and was to be taking a well liked class.

He was slightly surprised when the speeches ended and vast quantities of food appeared on the table but thought very little of it as he dug in. They'd agreed that on a routine basis the young General would dine in their shared rooms to keep his huge appetite hidden. This night would be one of the few in front of others and he knew to restrain himself.

He finished eating and observed those surrounding him. He watched as students he would have thought as older bowed to the wishes of a blond boy slightly younger than himself. The boy caught him looking.

"I'm Draco Malfoy. And you would be" The boy said haughtily.

"Allen Walker"

There was a pause. "Never heard of that name. Your parents are our sort, aren't they?"

Allen shrugged, keeping his face blank. "I wouldn't know. They abandoned me. This is simply a name given by my deceased foster father."

The boy seemed to think this over and then shrug it off as acceptable before turning back to his meal. Allen however kept an eye on the boy, listening to his apparent escapades of attacking the boy who had walked in late. This one was a trouble maker.


It was late with the moonlight shining in glistening slats throughout the network of corridors when Kanda, closely followed by Allen, slipped out to stalk their final prey. The level ones had been easily dispatched, Allen had tracked them with his eye and they'd got rid of them in their sleep. The level two however was more of a problem.

It wasn't in its dormitory but roaming no doubt looking for unsuspecting victims. While Allen's eyes gave them the direction to the akuma it did nothing to help them navigate the shadowy maze of corridors. Kanda wanted to che but was growingly reluctant to attract his partners attention. Especially as he was having a hard time taking his eyes off the glowing apparition that seemed to replace the Moyashi every time the moonlight touched him.

His eyes traced the silver arch his neck created when he tipped his head a certain way. The way his white hair now freed from its prison trickled over the rippling of his back, clearly shown through the tight dress shirt adorning the teen's top half.

The teen had certainly changed over the previous two years. Having been assigned the title of general he seemed to only get increasingly powerful, Kanda even suspected he had developed his powers as the Fourteenth. He'd become so much more mature and he'd certainly developed in the looks front. There wasn't a female in the Order who hadn't mooned over him at least once. Kanda was so distracted he barely noticed in time that Allen had stopped.

There in the middle of the corridor, directly in front of them was a girl just stood there staring at them. She was a little younger than Allen with long black hair and a face that implied Chinese heritage. The girl started to walk towards them. Slow steady steps that wouldn't usually cause alarm but the whirring of Allen's eye spoke differently. This was an akuma. This was the level two.

Kanda drew Mugen with a slight clink of sliding metal, the girls eyes followed his movements. He didn't even notice Allen evoke, just the flash as white Crown Clown settled around his shoulders. The akuma moved forward shedding its skin as it charged at them revealing the hidden metal monstrosity.

There was never time for them to learn of its abilities. Kanda went in for the kill, sweeping Mugen at its side. A metallic hand blocked its path and he withdrew, stabbing forward with all his strength. This time there was nothing blocking his path. Allen had yanked the akuma's arms out of the way leaving its body vulnerable to his attack.

It was finished faster than he thought. Kanda couldn't help but marvel at Allen's strength in overpowering the akuma. He made it look so easy. Deep in thought he followed the enigmatic general down to the set of rooms they were sharing.


Opening his eyes Allen stared at the unfamiliar hanging above him. It was a dark blue with silver stars scattered over it. Most people would have panicked not knowing where they were but Allen was used to it. He had spend most of his youth on the street, then the circus, travelling with his master, on missions and most recently travelling as a General looking for Innocence. It had got to a point where he'd be more worried if it was a familiar sight as he opened his eyes.

Getting out of bed he glanced around at the room rubbing his Innocence laced arm and stretching. It was a decent sized room. The floors were a dark wood and the walls stone decorated by various tapestries and mirrors.

As he went about his morning exercised Allen glanced in the mirror. The shadow that had stalked him for years and represented the Noah within him was gone now. It was gone since they had finally finished merging giving him access to both the abilities of a Noah and Exorcist. Not that he could tell anyone. Neither side of the war would take that development well, and he was still under slight suspicion.

Finally dressed he exited his room entering a large common room that he was to share with Kanda. It was similarly decorated to his room with a large sofa facing a fire and a table located in between, one corner hosted a small dining table. . There were four doors off of it, one that Allen had entered through, one the room Kanda was staying in, one was a training room Kanda had requested and one to what he presumed was Kanda's room.

Presuming that Kanda was already in the training room Allen knew better than to disturb him. He may have held a higher rank but that wouldn't stop him getting beheaded. For his own safety he pulled over one of the wooden chairs pushed against the wall and got to his morning exercise.

The time seemed to pass quickly and it was almost dawn when he finally stopped and showered before sitting down at the table for breakfast. This had been part of the agreement to get Kanda to teach. They would both eat in their set of rooms and could order what they wanted.

Allen looked down at the piece of paper curiously. According to the Headmaster he could order anything he wanted. He just had to write it down and it would appear. He was however apprehensive but then it was magic. Cautiously he wrote down a small list and sat back.

It could have only been a minute before a large array of plates appeared in front of him all brimming over with the food he had ordered. A part of his brain wanted him to be suspicious of food that appeared out of thin air but his stomach, the main issue with having parasitic innocence, was having none of that over riding his brain instantly.

Kanda came in half way through his meal and sat down in front of him writing something down on the paper, then sat back to watch Allen eat with mild fascination. He should have been used to it by know but still it was a marvel to the imagination of where all that food went. A plate appeared on the table and Allen couldn't help but snort.

Typical Kanda had ordered soba, again. The amounts he ate could not be good for him and he certainly didn't get a balanced diet let alone a varied one. Kanda sent a glare in his direction and he hid behind his rapidly dwindling mound of food.

By the time they reached the Great Hall breakfast was nearly over and everyone seemed to be milling around holding pieces of the strange paper wizards called parchment. Allen assumed that it was their timetables and headed over to his house table leaving Kanda to fend for himself at the staff table.

A thin greasy haired man introduced himself as his Head of House and gave Allen his timetable with a curious gaze. He supposed it was to be expected. He was the new student and had come from a rather unusual educational background. Apprenticeship didn't appear to be common in the wizarding world. There would be lots of questions and he could only be thankful for his poker face, hopefully no one would see through the fabricated life he had created.

"You are Slytherin. No matter how things were done before with your Master I expect all of my students to be the best."

He replied with one of his overly sugary smiles. "Of course Sir."

"If you have problems, come to me."

With that the man spun on his heel and stalked away. Allen couldn't help but smile when he saw he wasn't the only one being harassed. A hawkish woman seemed to be quite attached to Kanda's side. He was biting the side of his mouth to stop himself from laughing at Kanda's predicament. It seemed the poor dear had an admirer.

Almost crackling with suppressed laughter Allen headed out in the direction he thought his first lesson was in. It was a shame that over the years his sense of direction hadn't improved.

Poor Allen. Who will save him now?

Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to give me any criticism, I want to get your ideas on how to improve the story and develop it.


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