I'm back!

The rumours of the party and his friendship with the vampire spread quickly but it didn't really have the effect Allen had thought. No one seemed to care that the man had been hurt; instead they were curious about him knowing Krory. He'd have preferred a bit of terror but it was only a level of respect and curiosity. Even that didn't last long. The excitement of the Yule ball was over taking everything.

He didn't really know what to dress as, it was supposed to be a masquerade ball but everyone was counting it as fancy dress. Plus he'd have to sort Kanda's outfit out as well. Blaise seemed completely uninterested but Luna was rather excited, as was Daphne although the rest of his friends seemed to think it was more of a hassle than anything else.

Luna had suggested they go as noah but he didn't want Kanda to attack them. The samurai probably would knowing his temper. Maybe he'd even get Kanda to dress as a woman. He'd wanted to do it for a while now and just the thought of it brought a blush to his cheeks. Hmmm...he'd have to arrange it.

The books landing on the desk he was sharing with Hermione brought him back to the present. Daphne and Blaise were sitting down, shooting questioning looks at him due to Hermione and Luna's presences. He smiled sweetly at them before directing the same smile at the red haired boy shooting glares in the groups direction. Typical discriminating Gryffindor, how Hermione had gotten into that house was a mystery to him. She would have been much better settled in Ravenclaw away from the trouble making boys she was currently at odds with.

Despite the different houses he found that they got on quite well, they even asked him for help in Kanda's class. When he suggested a running session in the morning to increase their fitness the five jumped at it. In exchange for that and extra help in the other things the class was made up of, he'd get help catching up with the numerous things he'd missed in the education over the years. Using his Noah powers was easier but they were too distinctive and he didn't want the Order to discover his allegiances just yet.

The time rolled on without them even realising, resulting in Allen and Hermione running to their Ancient Runes class much to the amusement of their friends who all had frees or subjects they could get away being late for. They only just got there in time, mainly for the benefit of Hermione as he would have sprinted the entire way barely breaking a sweat or simply used the ark. Sure the Order thought they could use and monitor it but in the end it was his and they were simply deluding themselves if they thought they had any control of it. Even Rhode who could open the doors couldn't control it in the same way that he could.

As they settled down the lesson began, it was fairly simple stuff again. Allen had already seen and on occasions even used that particular rune alphabet so he could let his mind wonder, barely really taking it in as Sinistra asked him a question and he answered it flawlessly earning him a few envious looks. It wasn't till she asked him to stay behind afterwards that he really started to pay attention. That smile was enough to put anyone on edge, even a battle weary Exorcist Noah who had grown up with Marian Cross. It really was quite an achievement.

By the time the bell rang, he was getting really nervous. Everyone shuffled out of the classroom, Hermione even going as far as to glance worriedly after him as the door shut with a noticeable thud.

Now about these costumes for the Yule Ball. I heard you were arranging Kanda's."

The grin stretched across her face made even him shiver.


Kanda felt a rather ominous chill creep down his spine as the class he was currently teaching finished off running around the lake. Someone must have been talking about him. It better not be that sister obsessive scientist or the baka usagi. Mugen had been calling out for their blood for a while how and he was very close to giving in to his Innocent's desires. In fact he would be happy to succumb to them.

He'd probably even throw a few of the brats in for free. The friends the Moyashi had acquired during his time here were okay, if only slightly better than the rest, but the rest were generally disrespectful and generally lazy. He really despaired at the physical condition of wizards with their constant dependency on their magic. Still he'd give them to the end of the week before most of them were kicked off of his course, some of them were really in for a wakeup call.

He could help but feel that it was a shame that the blond girl he was going around with, Luna her name was, wouldn't be joining a majority of his classmates. She was one of the best in the class, even if just looking at her you would never have thought of it, even fairly polite especially when compared to the Lion's house.

'Come on brats Get your arses on the ground.' He yelled at them as they approached, smirking as the ones at the back scurried to catch up and comply with his orders. 'You girl, attach me.'

The flame haired girl he'd picked out was supposedly fairly good at the curses wizards fought with, at least if the keening from Slughorn was to be believed. She seemed decidedly nervous though and extremely reluctant to do anything, obvious under the illusion that she would have been able to harm him.

'Attack me.'

His snarl seemed to jerk her out of whatever mood she'd fallen into and caused her to fire off a yellowish spell. He had no idea what it was but it didn't really matter anyway. The spell was hesitant and he easily side stepped it.

Her confidence seemed to grow as he snarled for her to do it again. The spell came faster, he still side stepped but she had the foresight to fire another soon afterwards. It was a completely unfair match but he allowed her to continue for a few minutes before calling for a stop. The class seemed stocked that not a single spell had come near him.

'Now partner up brats. You're firing stunners, going slowly then getting faster and trying to step out of the way. As shown you don't need to bother countering if it's never going to hit you. You do anything wrong and I'll feed you to the giant squid in snack sized pieces.'

He felt another smirk fall into place as they once again scuttled to obey him.


The following week was winding up to the end of term and the Christmas break with numerous festive decorations appearing and in a few cases attacking people. The Slytherins were of course blamed for the incident while the Hufflepuff who actually did it once again slipped under the radar cackling joyfully at the stupidity of stereotyping.

Allen quickly discovered that while his peers were generally uncaring about the incident with the akuma blood, the staffs were less forgiving. McGonagall kept shooting him suspicious disapproving looks while Slughorn outright glared at him as he walked through the doors of the potions lab. He was pretty sure he'd gotten himself permanently crossed of the man's guest list to his stupid little gatherings. It didn't help that he blew up two cauldrons that week.

In contrast Snape was the complete opposite reaction and seemed highly amused and almost gleeful giving Allen special treatment in his class over and beyond even that that the rest of his house mates received. It was obvious that even though he'd finally gotten the teaching position he'd wanted his entire career there saw still some hidden bitterness at the man that replaced him. There was a general feel of dislike when Slughorn was about and it wasn't helped by the praises the idiotic man kept singing towards the Potter boy who everyone knew Snape loathed.

The glee however didn't really help the problem he was having with the Professor's song and his noah, especially when there was a vindictiveness to the glee. From the looks he was getting in class from his friends it was obvious they all thought he was drugged up. He'd heard a few mutters about it from the Gryffindors.

He even kind of was in a sense; even if the darkness wasn't a physical thing the power surge from it as his noah side awakened certainly was addictive. In fact the only thing that he'd found to effectively bring him down from a power high was Kanda. He didn't know what it was but the samurai had a very calming presence, increasingly so as Allen spent more time with him.

Still it protected the general student body from his homicidal tendencies and seemed to make Kanda happy so no one could really complain, even if he was only just passing Defence.


Having told Kanda he was going off to check something out in the school, Allen headed straight towards the Room of Requirement. He'd have preferred to do her training in the ark but the piano room was far too small and it'd raise suspicion if he kicked everyone out of one of the main areas, especially with the Order still using it. Still the room had obviously felt his dissatisfaction the first time he entered provided a spectacular room, not unlike the ark.

The wooden door gave way to a large Mediterranean square, tall town houses surrounding it and a single tree, a table and two chairs located in its shade. It was the perfect place to train, even more so with the numerous instruments scattered around for him to use in his own brand of powerful attack, although most often he just produced realistic illusions.

"Shall we then?"

Luna just nodded as their skin bled into grey, the crosses materialised on their foreheads and eyes flashed to the bright glowing gold characteristic of their family. Without a thought they both launched into hand to hand combat , this was to help Luna learn to call upon her lightning in a combat situation. She'd been progressing well and with a bit more practice would be deadly, even if her actual fighting skills were a bit raw, having come mainly from her noah memories.

It wasn't until hours later with them both glistening with sweat that they finally called a stop flopping back into the shaded chairs and greedily slurping the water Allen had brought with him. It was a nice change for them to be able to use their darker sides after having them hidden almost all the time and one that was quite enjoyable.

They both enjoyed the illusionary wind that brushed past them sending leaves scattering across the squares recently burnt tiles.

"What are you and Kanda wearing to the Ball?"

Allen could see the curiosity burning in his sisters golden eyes and couldn't help but laugh as he replied "You'll just have to wait and see."


The great hall looked like a winter wonderland all done up for the ball. The walls, floor and even the small tables scattered around the edges of the room looked like ice, the light from the floating candles and twirling fairies glistening and dancing across the surfaces. Even the ceiling with white streamers dangling and a light flutter of snowflakes cascading to just above the colourful sea of dancers took on a winter theme.

Amongst the numerous twirling and chattering masked figures Allen pulled a rather reluctant Kanda into the room. He was pleasantly surprised with how the outfits had turned out, especially for his grumpy partner. If the glances they were both receiving from male and females alike were anything to go by then he'd certainly done well.

With a small white lie about glamours and a bit of a hum Kanda looked almost unrecognisable. His long hair was put up in an intricate but, butterfly hair clip holding it up and a collection of purple streaks framing the butterfly mask. The knee length kimono he'd picked out in a dark purple with lavender butterflies and lavender obi completed the outfit.

It had taken quite a while and a fight before he'd gotten the man to agree to wear it. Allen was still a little disappointed that he didn't entirely get his own way. The original plan was for it to go with stockings and heeled sandals but in the end a plain pair of flat purple sandals had had to do. Despite that it had definitely been worth it, he'd never really appreciated the wonder of Kanda's legs before.

As for his own outfit, the thing he gleefully noted was the cause of the samurai's blush; he had pulled out all the stops. Or at least the tailors back at Headquarters had.

Due to his distinctive visage it had taken a little more altering than he'd done with his partner. His hair had been turned black with the odd red streak. His eyes had taken on the golden colour of his family while a simple tune had covered up his curse scar, one of the few aspects of his body he could not permanently alter.

As for the outfit, he'd decided to go so that he mostly matched Kanda. His kimono however was black with gold and red dragonflies darting across it, a red obi with gold edging done up tightly to create the illusion of a waist and curves.

It was shorter than the one Kanda wore though, flashing the top of the strap attaching the stockings to his suspender belt. It was revealing enough to turn heads but not to look overly slutty, especially when paired with a tasteful pair of wooden wedges. It was a look he'd picked up from the numerous high class prostitutes he'd met during his time with Cross.

It was obvious that no one recognised them just from the fact they were being stared at without someone quacking in fear at his partner's mere presence, he'd somehow worked up quite a reputation with the wizards. They wouldn't even spot mugen, in fact if he wasn't able to hear the Innocence's hum even he wouldn't have thought the sword would fit up Kanda's kimono.

With a wink towards a nearby group of admirers, most of whom he recognised as Gryffindor's with a particular dislike to his house he yanked Kanda onto the dance floor, clearing a space for them to dance. The rather surprised looks, some particularly lustful as the two 'girls' danced together were amusing to say the least. He'd love to see their faces if they knew the truth of their identities.

It wasn't until the slow dances arranged for couples to enjoy at the start gave way to the preferred pop music of the younger generation that they retreated from the dance floor. Kanda was shooting rather worried glances at the mass of gyrating bodies as Allen pulled him outside and into the hedged maze someone had set up.

The outside was just as picturesque as the inside with its snow topped greenery and frosty ground. There were even ice sculptured benches dotted around in alcoves for couples to sit and enjoy the night. It was one of these where the pair found themselves sat, having already ensured there was no one else about out fo habit more than anything.

Leaning back against the surprisingly warm back of their bench Allen couldn't help but notice just how close they were as he gazed at the waxing moon above bringing a slight blush to his cheeks. It wasn't long till his eyes were drawn to the much more attractive sight sitting beside him.

It took him a few moments to realise he was staring, admiring the way the moonlight illuminated his colleagues features the voice in his head reasoned out. This didn't excuse the fact that he was getting closer to the man, almost gravitating towards him.

As he got even closer locking his golden eyes with sapphire orbs so dark they were almost black that he realised just how much he wanted to touch the other man. There had always been a faint longing but it had multiplied exponentially leaving him shocked with the intensity of it.

His heart fluttered in his chest as he drew closer enough that they were almost touching nose to nose and as he watched eyes cloud with strange emotions closed the distance.

The kiss was brief and gentle, more a brushing of lips than an actual kiss but it opened the flood gates of emotions that the two had been harbouring for quite some time. It didn't surprise him that Kanda jerked back a look of confusion underlain with lust and want marred across his face. The young general was certain that the samurai had never been intimate with anyone before.

He'd of course know the theory behind sex and relationships. No doubt heard the wild stories that often passed through the male bathes mostly coming from Lavi and generally entirely fabricated. But he could tell just from that one act that there was no practical knowledge. He looked forward to filling that gap in the male's education.

He leaned in again, this time putting more force and passion behind the kiss. It took a few minutes but gradually Kanda started to participate in the kiss, rather hesitantly at first, then with more confidence bringing his hands up to tangle in Allen's hair as he pulled the teen closer to him.

Shifting positions Allen was more than happy to accommodate, swinging one leg round so he was effectively straddling Kanda's lap. They pulled away momentarily to both catch their breaths. They leant forwards again lips about to touch...


They almost jumped apart as Allen's cursed eye activates. A simple word slipped from Kanda's mouth.


Allen couldn't agree more.

Took a bit longer to write this than expected. Thanks to everyone that wished me luck, I think they went well but we'll see in a week's time. Hopefully I won't need resits.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and is Having a Happy New Year!