How did this happen? One day I'm at home studying for an up coming exam. The next thing I know I'm on the other side of the world studying aboard with my... brother? Let me explain. My name is Naome and I have a huge tendency to grant bad luck to those around me. It's like an everyday bad habit I suppose. I warned them, my fifth family in three years that is. They insisted on keeping a daughter like me, the devil's apprentice as some say. However, I'm still surprised that the police don't suspect me of any type of murder or assasination attempts.

My first family: Let's just say my mother died the day after I was born from loss of blood. My father? Heart attack from too much stress in buisness when I was 5.

Second Family: Car accidents aren't all that suspiscious I suppose. That is, everyone in the car was badly injured except for me with only a few scratches from the broken windows. They soon died after of blood loss.

My third family, had an easier get-go. I was ditching my family barbeque for my friend's birthday, when the oven got on fire and burnt a whole load of their skin.

Now do you still think I'm lucky? Well, after failing my exam, my supervisor (that took place for my busy family) told me to study aboard in Taiwan. Where did I stay? Luckily this oh-so-smart family decided to give me up to a foster home over there until I graduate from high school and get back for university. How old am I? 19. I failed several grades due to the loss of each of my families and moving from house to house. Failing tests was also common. It took me 3 years to pass grade 10.

It's my second year of grade 12 now, and appearantly studying in Taiwan is supposed to help. Unintentionally I ended up evesdropping on my parents and supervisor. Appearantly I'm now staying with some celebrities. Fahrenheit, they called them. I seemed confused I mean why them? They are celebrities. And now... I'm here at the hotel, with them in front of me.

*Sigh* Why can't my friend be the one here. I mean she is the one obsessed over them. I wouldn't care less who I live with, I mean, everyone is bounded to be hurt one way or another.

"Welcome," the manager spoke. I rolled my eyes. 'So stinking formal' I thought. Ignoring him, I went straight up to the guys. "So, which one of your stupid parents decided to adopt me?" I asked grumpily. It's not my problem that they pulled me out of my bed for a 24 hr flight from 3 am in the morning to the next. "That would be m-" the guy on the right, Calvin I'm guessing, spoke up. Cutting him off, I slapped him hard across the face. "You don't know what you got yourself into." I mumbled before grumbling off to the gym I saw on my way there.

Skipping dinner, I didn't return to my room until late that night. Only to be greeted by a voice message on my phone. "Hey Naome, this is Calvin, my manager just told me that my parents demanded I called you each night to make sure you're okay so call me back." I sighed and called the number left on the voice message. "There I'm tired and I'm going to sleep, bye." Was all I said to him.

Why don't I bother socializing with a guy like him you ask? Because I really don't care. The more I get to know people the easier it is to hurt them, that's what I learned from the multiple families I've been to. I hopped into bed in the corner of the huge suite I was given and went to sleep.

The next day was no better. I woke up late as usual, or wanted to. A phone call came exactly at 8:00. "What now?" I spoke into the phone annoyed. "This is Jiro. Good Morning!" I sighed. Why on Earth is he so cheerful this early in the morning? "What do you want?" I shouted back, getting up from my bed. I heard a sudden knock on the door. Walking over, I heard the phone end. "What the he-" I wanted to say but the second I opened the door a body flung onto me.

"What the heck! Get off me!" I shouted as he... Jiro I think it was, slowly started to get off. "What?! Calvin told you to do something stupid for me?!" He looked shocked for a bit but nodded. "He wanted me to make sure you had breakfast." 'Why would he care.' I thought.

"And he wanted to ask whether you were okay or not because yesturday you were extremely grumpy." My eyes widened in realization. "... Yea I'm fine. It was just the sudden news. And I don't like to be around people." The last part came out as a mumble. He looked questioningly at me, probably wondering what I had just said. "Well then if you need anything just ask. I mean the four of us are brothers and you are one of us now. If you know what I mean."

I smiled for once in a long time. "Thanks. I'll... be right down for breakfast." He smiled brightly for a long time and just stood there. I'm guessing he doesn't know I meant for him to go. And it finally hit him. " Oh, oh right, yea... I'll see you down there. So we're cool right? I mean you can count on me... us I mean you know." I nodded the obvious. "Well then I'll see you down there. And remember Calvin isn't your only brother." I rolled my eyes and shut the door behind him.