Forever In My Heart

By RocketFAN

A/N: This first chapter contains a rather explicit sex scene. However, there will not likely be anymore, so I hope a "T" rating will do. If there are any complaints about the rating, please contact me first before complaining to the site manager. Enjoy!

Full Summary:

Shortly after her 16th birthday, Ahsoka discovers that she is pregnant after a careless fling with a fellow Padawan in the heat of the moment. However, in spite her delicate condition, she continues her apprenticeship with Anakin (much to the Council's disapproval). Eight months into her pregnancy, she joins her Master on a routine mission to the planet Noori to deliver much needed medical supplies. After successfully delivering the supplies to the Noorians, their ship is struck by a wayward asteroid, forcing them to make an emergency landing on the nearest planet. Shortly after crash landing on the desolate planet of Quadrant Seven, Ahsoka suddenly goes into labor. The problem is, she and Anakin had gotten VERY lost and found themselves alone in small cavern that they had taken shelter in. Having no choice, Anakin must deliver his Padawan's baby!

Chapter 1: Rules Were Made To Be Broken

Ahsoka Tano had just turned 16, and was enjoying her exciting life as a Padawan Learner of the Jedi Order. She loved her Master, Anakin Skywalker, and all of her friends at the Temple. One friend in particular, was a fellow Padawan named Pax Chizzik, a handsome human boy who was a few years older than her. They had found themselves spending a lot of time alone together lately, causing some suspicious concern from their Master's. All Jedi knew that love and romantic relationships were strictly forbidding, although it did not seem to stop a lot of Jedi from pursuing them. Being secretly married to Padmé Amidala for the past 7 years, Anakin was in no position to question his Padawan's relationship with Pax, so he simply kept a close eye on them, when possible. However, for the most part, he left them alone. Pax's Master, however, was a little less trusting.

Ahsoka was sitting on her bed reading a book when there was a knock on her door.

"'Soka?" Pax said in a singsong voice through the door.

"Yes?" Ahsoka said with a mischievous smile at his playful tone.

"Can I come in?" Pax said with a slight irritation in his voice. Ahsoka always teased him by not opening the door and making him stand there like a fool.

"Hey," Ahsoka smiled at him as the door to her quarters slid open with a quiet whoosh.

"What are you up to, book worm? Reading again?" Pax asked her as he saw the book in her hand and playfully grabbed it away.

"Hey!" Ahsoka whined as she went to reclaim her book, tackling Pax in the process and wrestling him to the floor.

"So that's how it is, huh?" Pax grinned mischievously as he pinned Ahsoka's arms down and began to tickle her ruthlessly, savoring her helpless screams as she fought to break free

"Ah! Stop!" Ahsoka begged through a fit of giggles as Pax tickled her tummy, which he knew was the most ticklish part of her body.

"Say 'please' and I'll think about it," Pax teased while continuing to tickle her.

"Please…," Ahsoka gasped breathlessly as he finally stopped tickling her and helped her to her feet.

"Ahh… you're so cute when you laugh," Pax sighed lovingly as he tenderly brushed the back of his hand against her cheek.

"Really?" Ahsoka asked with a shy smile, her light crimson face turned even redder as she blushed. Her heart began to flutter in her chest as Pax gently took her face in both hands and nervously closed the gap between them.

"Really…," Pax whispered shakily as he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

Ahsoka was slightly caught off guard as Pax slowly and seductively slid his hands down from her face, along the sides of her torso, and rested them on her hips.

"Pax…," Ahsoka moaned softly as he kissed her neck and collarbone, causing her to shudder and her knees to go weak.

"Ahsoka…," Pax whispered as he moved his mouth back to hers and traced his tongue along her lips, begging to explore her from the inside.

As Ahsoka willingly opened her mouth to allow Pax entrance, her better judgment was screaming at her to stop and think about what she was doing. However, her mind and body was screaming something else: MORE!

"I want you so bad, Ahsoka…," Pax moaned as their kiss became more and more passionate.

Without skipping a beat, they made their way over to Ahsoka's bed where they did not waste any time removing their clothes. Ahsoka held her breath as she allowed Pax to disrobe her while doing the same to him. Her heart was pounding as Pax removed the last of his and her clothes, exposing them both to each other for the first time.

"You're so beautiful," Pax sighed as he ran his hands all over her naked body, focusing his attention on her chest. Ahsoka half-gasped half-moaned as he cupped her breasts and began stimulating them with his mouth, sensually kissing and licking her aroused nipples.

"Oh, god…," Ahsoka felt like she was floating as Pax turned his attention lower, kissing her stomach and running his tongue along her hip bones, causing her breathing to quicken as she writhed under him.

"Oh, Ahsoka… I want to make love to you…I want to be inside you," Pax panted as Ahsoka's moans of pleasure made him hard. His throbbing erection begging to be satisfied by being inside her tight, warm body. Ahsoka gave Pax permission to enter her with a loud moan of agreement.

"Be careful," Ahsoka whimpered nervously as Pax positioned himself on top of her, the tip of his erection prodding eagerly between her legs.

"I'll be gentle… I promise," Pax panted as he fought to control his excitement. He reached down and found her entrance, pleased to discover that she was wet and aroused. As he positioned his tip at her entrance, he slowly and carefully pushed himself inside her. Ahsoka winced softly as he went deeper inside her, causing her walls to involuntarily contract, which seemed to please him greatly.

"It's okay," Pax said softly as he felt Ahsoka begin to tremble beneath him.

"Kiss me," Ahsoka moaned while taking Pax's face in her hands and pressing her trembling lips hard into his. As she seemed to get more used to the feeling of him inside her, she began to thrust her hips into his, moaning lustfully as it forced him to move in and out of her.

"Oh, 'Soka!" Pax moaned shakily as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. His heart skipped a beat as Ahsoka tightly wrapped her legs around him, pushing him even deeper inside her tight contracting walls. With an otherworldly cry of pure ecstasy, he felt himself erupt inside her, shooting his seed deep within her.

Ahsoka had never experienced such an intense feeling of pleasure in her life. She had experience her first orgasm almost immediately after Pax, her whole body contracting as his warm release flowed through her. Unable to control herself, she screamed happily, as the warm tingle engulfed her entire body like an electric shock. The two of them laid there gasping for air as their hearts pounded in their chests.

"Oh…wow," Ahsoka said softly as her vision finally cleared along with her mind. She lie there panting as Pax began to breathe normally as well, lying beside her, he stroked her face tenderly with a loving smile.

"Yeah… I agree," Pax said with a small chuckle.

"I can't believe we've been missing out on that all these years," Ahsoka said in disbelief.

"Yeah, I know, it's almost criminal," Pax said while pulling Ahsoka closer to him and kissing her on the forehead.

"Pax?" Ahsoka said softly as she buried her face in his chest.

"Hm?" Pax grunted wearily.

"I love you," Ahsoka sighed and closed her eyes.

"Oh, 'Soka… I've loved you from the moment I met you," Pax replied while wrapping his arms even tighter around her. They two young lovers held each other tight as they drifted to sleep in each other's arms.

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