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Chapter 1


The Archmage gazed deep into the shadows where a mysterious figure stood, waiting for the old man to speak. The old Mage reached into his robe and retrieved a piece of rolled up and bound parchment and extended it to the figure.

"This is the item I need delivered to Cale'Anon Vatay and his friends, If they hope to stand any sort of chance against what lies ahead of them then they will need this scroll," the Archmage explained.

A bony hand reached out wearing blue fingerless gloves and took the scroll before placing it in his own robes.

"What is so dangerous about this...thing, Legara is trying to resurrect?" inquired a calm and collected voice.

"You will see soon enough, now go, the longer we wait the less chance we have of over coming it," the old Mage stated hurriedly.

"Very well," the figure said.

An odd colorless glow covered his hands and a portal opened up before him that he causally strode through. Moments later the portal vanished and the Archmage turned to the Watcher.

"Is it really so wise to trust someone like him with such an important mission?" the odd floating eye asked.

The Archmage sighed and took a seat, taking a few moments before answering his long time companion.

"Sadly, we have no other choice," the old Man said, returning his gaze to the small candle that stood before him on the table.

"Thus it was written, thus it shall be," The Watcher said


Cale'Anon Vatay and his small band of companions reached the forest border they had been sent to. They entered a village earlier that day and learned from the Mayor that his daughter as well as other village girls had been kidnapped and were being ransomed back to them. Being noble, Cale decided to put the mission of rescuing the kidnapped girls upon himself and his companions. The others were not pleased with this but had went along with it, as they usually did. Richard stepped forward with a maniacal grin on his face, his hands becoming covered in fire with a faint fwoosh.

"I say we burn down the forest and smoke them out," the Warlock said.

"We can't do that, we could harm the girls," Cale said quickly before the Undead could act on his own.

"I agree with Pinky here, we need subtlety for this," Krunch added.

"Oh come on, it has been days since I have been able to kill or maim anything outside of small critters, and that gets old after awhile," Richard pouted.

Cale perked his ears up as he heard something slowly and almost silently approaching them. The Elf signaled to the others and they all drew their weapons and found various hiding points in the trees. Krunch had chosen a tree close to the path so he could observe exactly who or what it was before it reached them. A quick sound of leaves ruffling could be heard as Richard leaped out at he stranger.

"For Pony!" the Warlock cried out as his hands burst into flames with a loud FWOOSH this time.

Cale's reaction to this suited how the other most likely felt as well as he slapped the palm of his hand to his face and let it drag down a little. Richard tossed two Fireballs at their unseen intruder only to have two balls of ice, matching the Fireballs came from the stranger and collided with the Fireballs, causing both magics to cancel each other and simply made steam. A look of annoyance crossed the Warlock's face as he tried to get a better look at their unseen enemy...


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