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Chapter 3

Cale looked at Xzistance and then to his companions, a determined look on his face.

"We can figure this out later, for now, let's take care of this Bandit business for the Mayor," Cale stated. The Mage glanced at the Elf ready to speak then simply turned his head.

"You must make haste Cale, chances are Legara will be seeking these artifacts as well and we must not allow them to fall into their hands," X explained, hoping the Elf would heed his warning.

"I thank you for bringing us this, we did agree however to take of this first, we can't just abandon these girls," Cale stated flatly.

He then looked to his companions and they started to move deeper into the forest. The Mage let out a small sigh and started to move as well, moving quick enough to catch up to the Elf and his friends.

"I am going with you," Xzistance said suddenly.

Cale stopped abruptly and turned to face the Mage.

"I think my powers will be valuable to your cause and besides, I owe Legara some payback," Xzistance said.

He then looked to the sky.

"Alurei," Xzistance muttered sadly to himself, low enough that no one could hear him.

With a nod from Cale they moved deeper into the forest.

The group made it to the center of the forest when Krunch decided to open the scroll and look at it again.

"What's wrong Old Cow?" Benny asked.

"This area is marked on the map for some reason, it doesn't say why though," Krunch said.

That's when a booming roar shook the ground they stood on and echoed through the forest. Before they could prepare a monstrous bear leaped out of the tree line. He stood easily thirteen feet tall and looked like he easily weighed over a thousand pounds. He was missing patches of fur all of his body with scars to match including a scar covering his right eye which was closed. Richard looked at the monster for a moment, tilting his head back and forth as if trying to figure it out. Then with a grin he shrugged.

"Hi there," the Undead Warlock said approaching the bear.

The bear leaned in to Richards face and opened his mouth followed by a roar that threw Richard back several feet.

"Well, that was rude enough," the Warlock stated with an annoyed tone.

He dusted himself off first and then ignited his hands. The bear bounded toward Cale who drew his swords in response. The bear brought a massive claw down on Cale who brought his swords up to block. The power of the bear broke through and the Elf was hit on the head hard knocking him to the ground. Pella leaped at the bear with her Axes while Krunch charged him ready to swing with his hammer. The creature spun and caught the Bard by her free arm and using her momentum tossed her into a tree with such force it broke the tree in half leaving her a crumpled mess on the ground. It then turned its attention to Krunch. With a bellowing roar the creature swung a massive paw at the Scholar as he swung his hammer. The hammer was simply parried to the side by the monsters massive paw and without a break in its flow, connected hard to the Bloodrage sending him sprawling hard across the ground. Benny fired a magic spear from her mace which barely penetrated the bears hide. The bear roared in response and back handed the Priestess, sending her flying into the the air followed by a hard crash to the ground. The last two standing now were Richard and Xzistance. A blue mist surrounded Xzistance's hands much like Richards fire surrounded his. X threw two Frostbolts at the bear which froze the bear in place. Richard then leaped at the bear as it roared and threw two Fireballs into it's mouth. The bear roared in agonizing pain but kept standing.

"Gee you're persistent," the Warlock said.

Xzistance drew a sword from his side and leaped at the bear. Richard set the body of the monster ablaze as X came down on top of the the creatures head cleaving through it. The bear started spurting blood all over the place from the wound as it fell in half spraying the ground with its blood and innards. The shocking thing though was that the beast was still alive. The Warlock walked over to the bear and with a loud fwoosh, toasted its remains to nothing more than ashes.

"I always bring the awesome!" Richard cheered.

The others had finally, albeit slowly, recovered to their feet and walked over to the remains.

"What was that, it was really strong," Cale stated, his words slurred a bit, still feeling a bit fuzzy headed...

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