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this is the first oneshot is Hagrid/Harry.

Warnings: slight non-con, anal, oral, Hermione being aggravating.

Summary: Harry finds out Hagrid's secret and has to make a choice

Giant Secret

It was Saturday and Harry gleefully escaped his house before Hermione could owl him about setting up a 'tea time'. Lately it was just an excuse for she and Ron to snog and press him for information about his love life, or lack there of. She had a quick response for all his reasons he was single

"I'm just not that into girls."

"Then date a boy. Harry, really."

"They all seem so petty, arguing about quidittch, and their parents, or girls and drinking and parties. Its hard to relate when, until now, my main concern was survival."

"You can't use V-Voldemort as an excuse. Lots of us joined you in battle. Look for an older man if that's what you want."

"Where am I supposed to meet new people?"

"You're not even looking!"

"They only want me for my fame."

"You don't even know them."

It was easy for her to say, she fell in love with her best friend. Harry didn't have a handy pocket boyfriend he could just pull out. Besides she'd had one boyfriend and suddenly she's a love guru.

Harry scoffed at his thoughts and headed where he always went when he was down and needed a pick-me-up - Hagrid's. The half-giant never pushed him for answers or decisions. They just talked about various creatures they'd met in life. Recently Harry was debating starting up an ingredients collecting business for potions and wanted Hagrid to join.

It would be perfect. Hagrid was impervious to most things, and anything he couldn't handle, Harry could with a quick draw of the wand.

He apparated outside the Hogwarts grounds and strolled leisurely through the gate, taking care to enjoy the beautiful view in April weather.

He knocked on Hagrid's door but after a minute of no answer and no barking Fang, shrugged and took off to the forest.

"Point me Hagrid." He told his wand and set off at a comfortable jog in the direction it pointed. Harry often found Hagrid in the forest, Fang and his trusty crossbow at his side. Harry wasn't worried by the forest, though he took pains to avoid the spot where he'd died, being the Master of Death pretty much meant he was immortal.

The point me spell led Harry deeper into the forest then he'd ever been and his steps lightened and quickened. Immortal or not, this deep in the forest was creepy as fuck.

Finally, Harry stepped into a clearing and froze.

There, completely naked and bathing under a waterfall, was the most ruggedly handsome man he'd ever seen. He looked about 6'7'', rust colored hair fell wetly in waves over huge firm shoulders. A full beard of the same color opened at full sensual lips that were gargling water and singing in a deep Scottish accent. Thick coarse hair covered his chest and only just exposed defined pecks before trialing down ripped abs. The man's arms were thick and defined, corded with muscle.

As he stood, Harry panted at the sight of his dick, impressive even soft, where it hung over large hairy balls that hung low in a thatch of rust curls. His thighs looked huge and the definition could be seen through coarse hair. His ass bunched as the man turned.

Entranced, Harry took a step closer, inadvertently cracking a branch underfoot. Before Harry could step back in alarm he was in the man's grip and being pulled further into the clearing."

"'arry?" the familiar voice broke Harry out of his daze and he looked up from the man's sculpted chest.


The man, now identified, closed his eyes and shook Harry.

"Ya should'na come here.'

When Hagrid opened his eyes, they were hard and he forced Harry to his knees.

"Suck me 'arry."

Harry gaped at his friend. Anyone else and Harry would have hexed them for joking, but not Hagrid. He wouldn't kid like this.

"I'm gunna cum in ya lad an' its' better done this'a way."

Harry blinked a bit before opening his mouth. This was serious, but he didn't want to hurt his friend.

Hagrid's dick was soft and clean from the waterfall but it hardened under Harry's inexperienced mouth. Hagrid's groans made Harry hard and he doubled his efforts.

When Hagrid thrust, his huge cock hit the back of Harry's throat and he gagged around it. He tried to pull off but Hagrid's hand on the back on his head stopped him. Tears poured down Harry's face as he choked around the girth. He didn't even have half of it in his mouth, there was no way he'd take all of it.

Harry tried to push off Hagrid's thighs but he half-giant didn't budge. He just forced himself deeper down Harry's throat with every thrust of his hips.

All head movement was prevented by two hands on Harry's head when he tried to turn and Harry bit down hard. It only made Hagrid snarl and trust deeper, harder.

Sobbing and frightened Harry forgot all about his magic and desperately tried to keep Hagrid from suffocating him. Inspiration struck and he wrapped his hands around the base and Hagrid's balls and squeezed rhythmically. Hagrid groaned and though he continued to thrust, Harry found that he could roll with it.

Determined to get this overt with quickly, Harry sucked hard and ignored his aching mouth and jaw.

He spaced out and time passed before Hagrid froze and roared above him. Frantically, Harry tried to pull off but Hagrid held him secure and Harry nearly drowned in cum.

When Hagrid let Harry go, he fell to the ground, coughing and sobbing, and struggling to breathe. Through bleary eyes he watched Hagrid don his usual robe before glowing and returning to the size and appearance Harry knew, but no longer trusted.

Hagrid stopped in front of Harry and he cringed away from him.

Hagrid sighed, "Sorry. I had to do tha't ye. Tha' should'na happ'nd. For what it's worth, I'ma sorry 'arry." The deep Scottish burr was gone, replaced by the familiar accent but Harry turned away from his friend.

Again, Hagrid heaved a great sigh and left Harry there.

He apparated to his home and sobbed himself to sleep.

Harry carefully took a sip of tea and determinedly met Hermione's eyes. She was watching him again, not something Harry wanted. He didn't want to talk about what happened, or the hot dreams that came from it, ever.

"Harry, why don't you go see Hagrid."

The drink sputtered out his nose as Harry choked on it in surprise. "What?"

"You heard me, You haven't been to see Hagrid in weeks. I think its time."

Harry wiped his mouth with a napkin. "No, Hermione."

"Why not Harry?" Her voice rose, a definite sign of stubbornness but Harry wasn't about to budge.

Harry stomped through the gate at Hogwarts, cursing Hermione under his breath. It had taken weeks to break him, but she finally wore him down and he was going to talk to Hagrid. He didn't have a clue what he was going to say but, here he was.

He shifted his weight from foot to foot before gathering his Gryffindor courage and knocking. He crossed his arms and turned to the side, waiting.

"Jus' a minute, jus' a..." The door opened and Hagrid blinked while struggling to prevent a bouncing Fang from jumping on his guest.


"Yea, its me Hagrid. Can I come in?"

"Oh o'course." Hagrid pushed Fang back with a show of force and stepped aside to let Harry in.

Harry measured himself against Hagrid and the memory of the clearing and found that this Hagrid was indeed less then half a meter taller then the other.

They settled around Hagrid's table and the half-giant bustled to get them some tea in the disconcerting silence. Harry didn't have a clue what to say, and apparently Hagrid hadn't ever expected to see him again.

Hagrid handed Harry a cup which Harry nodded his thanks for and the silence deepened.

Finally Harry couldn't take it anymore. "Why Hagrid?"

The half-giant swallowed and shifted his enormous weight uncomfortably.

"We'll 'arry. It's a big secret it is. A Gian' secret if you would. I recon I can tell ye about it now see'ns as ye can't speak about it anyway."

Harry leaned forward. "What do you mean?"

Hagrid looked at him, surprised, "Didn'a ye try and tell anyone?"

Harry shook his head, blushing. He wasn't about to talk about it with anyone, that would just get Hagrid thrown into Azkaban.

"Oh, well. Ah, ya see." Hagrid stumbled and stuttered for a while, and unlike usual, Harry refused to help him.

Hagrid took a deep breath and settled down, "Alrigh, ye know I'm half-gian' righ'?"

Harry nodded.

"Well there are alo' of us out there. More then ya think." as he spoke, Hagrid morphed into the handsome man that attacked Harry and Harry leaned away from him, slightly alarmed.

Hagrid paused, and looked sad, "I'm not gonna hurt ya lad."

Harry snorted, "Yea, that's what I thought."

Hagrid winced but nodded his acceptance and continued, "ye ever wonder how me pop sired me on me mam if he was so tiny?" Hagrid gestured to the hung picture of a beardless Hagrid next to his tiny father.

Slowly Harry nodded, "Well Giants 'r no' all stupid and violence. We act that way so Wizards will leave us alone. This is what I can look like, and would if I took a spouse."

Hagrid waited until Harry processed and nodded. It was starting to make since.

"One thing wizards got right, we don' much like each other. Frequently, we marry humans and this is a survival thing. We have loads of 'em; like, we have genetic memory. I know everything me mam knew and me kids will know everything I know. But because we're so secretive, we developed ways to keep the humans we choos from talkin' about it."

Harry nodded again, eyebrows drawn with suspicion.

"Our..uh..sexual secretions, have secrecy aspects and…" He trailed off and let Harry come to his own conclusions.

"And that's why you.." Harry swallowed.

Hagrid nodded sadly.

"I knew ye wouldn'a want ta be me friend any more, but I have ta protect me people."

Harry watched is friend shrewdly for long moments, drinking the cooling tea. When the cup was empty Harry had made a decision.

"I was thinking, about starting a collecting business for potions. You think you'd like to come with me? You'd have to retire from here because we'd be traveling a lot but.."

Harry smiled softly as Hagrid's face lit up.

"Oh 'arry!" the half-giant reached over the table and pulled Harry off his feet and into a huge hug.

Harry chuckled as Hagrid twirled him and Fang jumped jubilantly, trying to ignore the affect close contact with the perfect body had on his own.

"Is that a yes Hagrid?"

"Oh aye lad, oh aye. Is a dream of mine." Harry smiled as tears welled up in his friend's eyes. It was still the same old Hagrid.

Suddenly Hagrid stopped and put Harry down, "but ye sure 'arry? With me?"

Harry smiled and nodded, "Yea, I'd already decided before…well before. But this doesn't change anything. Just…" He looked down. "Just ask next time. I'd have said yes."

Hagrid blinked repeatedly and Harry blushed up at him from under his lashes.

"oh aye laddy." Hagrid said softly and pulled him up to kiss him gently on the lips.

**Warning slash…**

Harry wrapped his arms around Hagrid's broad shoulders and the half-giant pulled Harry into his arms. Harry sighed when Hagrid let off his lips and laid his head on his friends hairy chest. This was what he wanted.

Harry wrapped his legs around Hagird's waist and let the half-giant feel his arousal. The other man moaned softly and thrust back. Harry giggled as he realized that he was no match in strength to Hagrid. He'd moved with that thrust.

Hagrid gently lay Harry down on his bed and grunted at Fang who settled down in a corner to watch.

Harry quirked his lips, "never thought I'd loose my virginity with a dog watching."

Hagrid lifted himself up, "you wan' me to let 'em out?"

Harry chuckled, "as, long as you can promise that I won't get a cold nose, he'll be fine."

Hagrid's answering chuckle rumbled along Harry's stomach and made him gasp. He arched into the firm stomach and Hagrid grinned softly down at him. "It won't be like las' time. I promise 'arry."

Harry pulled him down, happy when the half-giant didn't resist and forced his mouth open with his tongue. Hagrid groaned and put more weight on Harry, though he made sure to keep himself braced. Harry loved the feel of the strong man around him, almost consuming him. His hands wandered as he explored flesh covered by fur as he undressed the huge man. Hagrid hung his head and braced himself, helpless against the small hands and Harry giggled.

This time Hagrid was under his control, Hagrid had given him that.

Harry explored all the muscles and crevasses of Hagrid's back, arms, chest and stomach before Harry reached his dripping erection under his pants. He pushed Hagrid up slightly and pulled the penis out, so he could look at it and marveled that he'd had that enormous thing in his mouth. He made a noise and Hagrid stood up.

Harry reached for him and Hagrid placed a scratchy kiss on Harry's hand before glowing. Hagrid shrunk, but kept his current symmetry to just over 2 meters tall. Harry grinned.

"That is going to be fun to explore later, but I want you as you are naturally right now."

Hagrid nodded slowly, but did as bid and returned to the dimensions he was in the clearing. Harry grinned and reached out to him.

Together they stripped out of their clothes and situated so Hagrid was on his back at the mercy of Harry's wandering hands. Harry took a hold of Hagrid's wrists and put them on the wall above the half-giants head.

He put-upon determined airs, "Now they stay there or we stop." Chuckling, Hagrid nodded. This was as much about reassurance that he could control himself as it was payback.

Harry explored and re-explored every inch of Hagrid with his hands, and his tongue, loving Hagrid's groans, moans, and begging.

Finally he had enough and told Hagrid he could let go of the wall. Shyly he looked at his new lover. "would you prepare me?"

Hagrid kissed him slowly and tenderly, showing that even as desperate as he was, he could go slow with Harry, and turned them. He settled Harry over a huge pillow under his stomach and parted Harry's legs. He groaned at the first sight of Harry's puckered pink hole and ran his hand inside Harry's crack to give the wizard some idea of how it would feel.

"have ye ever done this before?"

Harry shook his head.

"Neve' played back here?"

Again Harry shook his head, he'd only just started masturbating. The war forced him to grow in some ways and kept him stunted in others. He didn't have time to masturbate when people were trying to kill him.

"alrigh' lad."

Harry looked over his shoulder, worried "is that not okay?"

Hagrid leaned over to kiss him again and his coarse chest hair made Harry itch.

"It's fine lad. I'll take care o ye."

Harry relaxed as Hagrid massaged his ass muscles, occasionally pushing just into his hole or rubbing the back of his balls.

Hagrid left for a moment but he returned with something that made his hands glide over Harry's skin and he found himself drifting off in a relaxed state. He noticed when a blunt object pushed into him but was too relaxed to clench around it. He floated on the pleasure for a moment but when the object retreated and came back with another, the pain made him moan.

"Shh, jus' relax 'arry. I got ye." a large hand on his low back eased his fears and the objects, which Harry supposed were Hagrid's fingers, slowly started thrusting into him. They spread him wide and he occasionally spasmed around them.

The pleasure returned and Harry couldn't help but shallowly thrust against the pillow and back against the fingers, moaning quietly.

"Tha's it lad. Take it. Gods you're hot like this." Hagrid's praise made Harry glow and his arousal spike.

The fingers retreated and came back with a third but Harry was to far gone for the pain to bother him. Hagrid hit something in him that sent white hot pleasure up his spine and Harry arched against it.

"Tha's it 'arry." Hagrid growled. Harry could feel his cock rubbing against his thigh and delighted in it.

With the forth finger Hagrid constantly hit that fire spot and forced a climax out of Harry, despite his protests. He wanted to cum with Hagrid in him. He whimpered in displeasure as his body relaxed and Hagrid removed his fingers.

"I'm no done lad, but ye needed to be more relaxed. I'm gunna shrink a little, you're too tight to take me like this."

Harry hummed in displeasure but was too blissed to argue. Hagrid settled over him and lifted his hips slightly, pulling Harry onto his knees.

The pressure at Harry's hole was unlike the fingers and it spread him wider then he thought was possible. He braced against the headboard. A flash memory of the cock in his throat made him struggle and Hagrid immediately pulled out.

"Ye change ye mind 'arry?" Hagrid asked gently, not voicing any disappointment.

"No, I just. I'm just…you're so big."

Hagrid pulled Harry's chin to the side so he could kiss him again and Harry relaxed. He trusted his oldest friend.

"You will be fine. It'll hurt, yea, but it'll feel good. If ye wanta stop just say so."

Harry shook his head and pushed against Hagrid with his ass. "No, do it Hagrid."

The half-giant gave what could have been a chuckle or a groan and complied, pushing into Harry with a slow and unrelenting force.

He let Harry grow accustomed to him until Harry was nearly panting with want. He could feel his insides rearranging around the huge cock in him and he'd never felt so hot. It brushed right past the spot and every time Hagrid's cock pulsed inside him, heat flared.

"God Hagrid, move."

Just as slowly, Hagrid pulled out and Harry moaned low as the heat made him shudder.

Long languid thrusts turned Harry into a puddled mass of pleasured nerves, held up only by Hagrid's cock. He couldn't even formulate words to tell Hagrid to speed up, just made unintelligible noises.

Hagrid eventually got the message and sped up, he braced one hand on Harry's shoulder to force his body to remain where it was and the other on the wall to hold his weight off Harry.

Harry's next climax was slow building and explosive and he shuddered as it was pulled out of him. Hagrid groaned but continued to thrust, only speeding up slightly.

Harry was too tired to even clench against Hagrid and simply enjoyed the feel of his cock sliding in and out of him, his abs clenching on Harry's ass and his chest hair caressing his back.

When Hagrid did finally cum, Harry was so blissed out he almost missed it. Only the flood of heat inside him and the heavy weight that collapsed on top of him alerted him.

"Hagrid." Harry gasped and immediately the weight was gone. Harry pulled in cool beautiful air and sighed while the half-giant settled around him at his original size.

"Merlin Hagrid, how many times have you done that?"

The half-giant chuckled and kissed Harry's nape.

"Oh a few times."

"When I can feel my legs, we're going to talk about that."

Hagrid's answering chuckle lulled Harry to sleep.