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Summary: Percy/Harry. What if Percy's rigid control had a purpose. what if it was to control his nonhuman needs.

Red Capped Rage

The blood feud between the Ancient and Noble houses of Malfoy and Weasley began as most blood feuds do, over murder and land. The Malfoy and Weasley house seats bordered each other and when the muggles began growing, the two patriarchs agreed to unite their families in the interest of protecting both. The argument commenced over which daughter would marry which son. Neither patriarch wanted to be responsible for the loss of their control on the land.

Finally, they agreed that the alliance would only last one generation. Weasley's oldest daughter would marry the oldest Malfoy son. When the couple had two sons, the second would inherit back the Weasley name. Casius Malfoy, however, was not interested in giving back the land. He killed his wife after she birthed one son and kicked out the Weasley family from their home. Former lord Weasley declared foul play and instigated a blood feud. He petitioned the king of Magic to return his property. The case as fought in and out of courts until both families forgot why they were fighting. Until one day…


"Molly?" Arthur peered down at the letter the Ministry sent him, in shock.

Mr. Arthur Weasley,

The case of Lord Weasley V.s Lord Malfoy over the Weasley family holdings has been decided.

In lew of current events, the weasley family holdings have been awarded back to the Weasley family. As the only remaining Weasley you, Aurthur Weasley, are now Lord of the Ancient and Noble house of Wealsey and the seat on the Wizengoment is yours. Unfortunately, the only remaining inheritance is the family Manor Located at floo address "weasle house'. You can submit your change of Floo address at the Regulation and Instillation of Floo at the Ministry.

Have a Good Day,
Melinda Hopkirk
Office of Announcements and Deliveries


Arthur and Fabian and Gideon Prewitt floo'd to the Weasley Manor, wands out. The old, dark, decrepit Manor whistled as the wind breezed through the many cracks in the walls and ceiling.

"I don't really think this is some place you want to live in mate." Said Fabian abstractly, his brother nodded along.

"Come on. We need to search to see if this is a Death Eater trick." Arthur led the Prewitt brothers through the house. They found only old rotten furniture, no portraits, not even a sign that some one lived there, until they reached the dungeon.

Gideon hissed at his brother and brother in law, his wand trained in the direction a whimpering, shuffling noise could be heard from.

A hunched, blood covered form waddled from the shadows into the wand light.

"Red Cap." Fred hissed, his mouth forming a hex.

The female Red Cap hunched and turned, as if to shield something in her arms, but didn't attack.

"Wait," Arthur grunted.

Slowly she turned back around. Arthur cold see the blood on her was old and dried, caked into her clothes. She was filthy; her hair clumped with gore from untold years was lifted from her face and showed her age.

She shuffled towards them slowly, eyes trained on their wands. As she approached Arthur, she raised her arms and held out the bundle she'd sheltered. It whimpered and a smooth baby arm fell from the folds of ratty cloth.

"Good Merlin," Arthur whispered.

The Red cap smiled and gestured for Arthur to take the infant. As Arthur's hand approached the child, she grabbed him, quick as a flash.

Arthur shouted to keep the Prewitt brothers from cursing her. She tightened her grip, digging in her long nasty nails until Arthur's skin opened and bled. She released his wrist to use a nail and cut the infants arm.

Arthur hesitated when the Red Cap re-grasped his wrist and brought it to the infant. When she waited, blinking large red eyes at him. Arthur allowed it after a moment and was nearly blinded by the resulting glow that came from where his blood mixed with the child's.

When the glow receded, the Red cap was grinning and pushed the child into Arthur's arms. Arthur barley caught the child before she collapsed. He ignored her, turning from her last breaths.

"What was that Arthur?" Fred asked, still blinking the light from his eyes.

"This is my new son, Percy. I'll have your oaths never to speak of this again."

The Prewitt brothers shared a glance before nodding.

Arthur never told Molly where the boy came from; the boy looked so like Arthur's son Molly assumed it was a cousin or child from another mother. She refused to treat the boy any different and didn't even tell her older boys that Percy was adopted. When death eaters killed Fabian and Gideon, Percy's true heritage was put under fieldus charm with Percy himself as the keeper. Only those he told would know, but they would be unable speak of it to anyone who didn't already know.


Fred and George Weasley, named for their deceased uncles, fled down the stairs and hid behind their father. George's nose was bleeding and a large cut seeped below Fred's right eye. Percy ran behind them a vicious snarl on his lips.

Arthur's eyes narrowed as he saw the red tint to Percy's normally blue eyes. This was the first time Percy had lost control of his rage and hurt his five-year-old brothers. Arthur had watched carefully for any sign his unusual son's heritage was coming forth.

"Father," Percy pleaded, horrified as the rage left him that he'd hurt his brothers so. His eyes widened as he took in his terrified and bleeding brothers. "I didn't… I couldn't… I'm sorry." He ran to his room in horror.

From that day forward, Percy was ruled by a strict code of personal conduct. He never broke a rule, never failed to do exactly as his mother or father asked. His new attitude perplexed his mother and older brothers but Percy took heart at the knowledge and silent pride his father exhibited.

Percy knew his father understood. There was something very wrong with Percy. It wasn't normal, his rage, his lust for blood. He dreamed of blood, waves of it covering his family. His nightmares were of him waking to find he'd killed his loved one's in his sleep. It made him sick and he struggled to control himself.

At Hogwarts, he quickly became known as a hard ass. He had no friends, no one would put up with his rules but he needed them, feared what he would become without them. His nightmares turned to the wanton bathing in student blood. He longed to slit Snape's throat for the injustice, but he dare not even think it.

When Percy made Prefect, he thought he'd finally had the world, but for his father, fooled. That he had himself under control. He relaxed slightly. It was only at the sorting of one Harry Potter that Percy truly knew what temptation was.


Percy watched as the too small to be normal boy hero ate very small portions, looking warily as the twins stole food off Ron's plate. The boy put his arm around his plate and ate quickly, and Percy felt his blood heat. The tell tail signs of abuse shouted out from the boy's too thin frame and the rags Percy could see under new robes.

Percy struggled to contain his blood thirst that seemed to grow uncontrollable whenever Harry was around. His rules and pompous attitude grew by leaps and bounds and McGonagall had to call him in her office for taking too may points from his own house.

At first, Percy hated Harry for making him struggle so, but Ron's declaration at Christmas that Harry had no one and was expecting no gifts changed Percy's mind. He began to look after Harry, drawn to the blood and violence that his mere presence seemed to create.

It was Percy that followed the three down the trap door on the third corridor and brought Harry's unconscious body back from the furthest room. It was Percy that, disillusioned, threw the sorting hat on Harry's head, on Dumbledore's advice. In Harry's third year, Percy healed Harry and tied up Sirius Black after the Dementors fled so Professor Snape could give the murderer to the authorities.

In Harry's Fourth Year, Percy had lamented that he couldn't be there to protect his chosen favorite. He was elated and relieved to be appointed Judge in Crouch's place. His only reason for taking ministry position was to be in a place he felt could most help Harry.


His family had turned on him though, and Percy begged his father for understanding.

"I don't know why I feel this way, but I have to keep him safe."

Arthur seemed to struggle with himself before finally telling Percy of his origins, and Heritage. A heritage potion proved that Percy was half Red cap and Half blood adopted Weasley. He spent the beginning of that year learning Harry's place in all this.

Turned out, Red Caps could sense individuals who's destiny involved large amounts of violence and bloodshed and would place themselves in positions that would put them in the middle of it. This was why Red Caps were found in dungeons, they would offer themselves as torturers to lords or knights at their homes. They lived long lives, but were forgotten by the Wizards they needed to be around and frequently went mad without any blood.

Percy, however, felt that his half humanity changed some of the blood lust. Percy didn't want to push Harry into dangerous situations, but get him out of them. When asked his opinion, Arthur supposed that Percy's adolescent decision to stick to rules may have influenced his feelings as well. Percy had a moral compass that most Red Caps did not have.

Whatever the reason, Percy made sure he was in a position to take the portkey with Harry and Diggory. He was unable to prevent the ritual that returned Voldemort to his body, because he was healing the large wound on Diggory Petegrew's spell caused. Percy did, however, portkey back both Harry and Diggory after the prior-incantum dropped.

He lost his position as Minister's aid when he supported Harry and Diggory's claims of Voldemort's return. It took almost eight months of tireless work to return to a position where he could get pertinent information of Umbridge's tyranny.


"Really? Are you sure? Harry Potter?" the name of his obsession whispered in the atrium caused Percy to purposefully drop his paperwork, giving him time to over hear the near by hushed conversation.

"Yes, I heard through the floo's I watch that Umbridge thinks he's in on a secret weapon Dumbledore has to take over the ministry" A female gossiped gleefully.

"That's preposterous. Dumbledore hardly needs a weapon." Another returned pompously.

"I know, but she's always been a pillow case short of a house elf. Anyway I heard Fudge give her permission to get that weapon by any means necessary."

Percy didn't wait to hear any more. He left straight away to the Hogwarts gates. He took as many shortcuts as he knew to get to the DADA Professor's office. Umbridge was a piece of work. Percy heard her whispering of tortures that surpassed even his blood lust. If she had a free reign, he feared for Harry's life.

The large group of snortling Slytherins listening at the door caused a crack in Percy's control. He pushed past them and the sight of that hideous woman forming the words of the Curuciatus curse changed that crack into a torrent.

Percy became a whirlwind of red hazed destruction. He stupefied the horrible woman and whirled around taking out shocked and unprepared Slytherins. When the dust settled his brother and sister, as well as the other still conscious students in the office, gazed at Percy with stupefied awe, but Percy only had eyes for Harry.

"Harry! Harry! Are you okay? Merlin I didn't know. They removed me from my job for supporting you or I would have known. Are you okay?" Percy turned Harry around and frantically checked for any wounds.

Harry stopped Percy's near hysterics with one hand on Percy's cheek. "I'm okay, thanks to you but I need to get to the ministry. Voldemort's got my Godfather."

Percy tilted his head, "Are you sure? I was just there and there weren't any alarms set off."

"See Harry?" Hermione blurted, "We aren't even sure that vision is real!"

Harry pushed Percy away to step towards Hermione, gesturing wildly, "But Kreature said he wasn't home!"

"Who's Kreature?" Percy asked.

Harry snarled and started towards the door, "I don't have time for this. I have to get to Sirius."

Percy stopped Harry with a hand on his arm. Privately pondering if he was about to rescue a wanted criminal from the ministry. "Alright Harry. If you're going anywhere, I'll take you."

The sudden exclamations that Harry's friends were coming too were quieted by Professor Snape's entrance. "Well well what have we here?"

A quick stunner from Harry, cut off his next snark . "I don't have time for him. Hermione, you can explain to him and the headmaster after we're gone. Percy," Percy shook himself out of his fascination with the blood flowing from Snape's nose." You said you could take me."

Percy nodded but was stopped by Ron, "Whoa mate, you're not going anywhere with out us and especially not with Percy the ponce."

Surprisingly Percy didn't have to defend himself, Harry stepped up and punched Ron square in the jaw. "I have put up with you bad mouthing him all year. Grow up! He saved Cedric and me that night at the graveyard. Your dad told us how he lost his job because he supported me and just now he saved all our arses from Umbridge and you insult him. Far as I'm concerned he's done more for me than you have."

Reeling slightly from the abject support, Percy none the less took advantage of their shocked silence to throw some powder in the fire, pull Harry in, and call out "Ministry atrium, Percy Weasley and Guest." he knew the others couldn't' follow as access to the Ministry by floo was on voice activated security at night.


"You mean to tell me," Sirius black leaned forward and narrowed his eyes at Percy. They were back at Grimwald place and Black had started in on Percy the moment he walked in, not even giving him time to change out of blood-spattered clothes. "That just you and my godson took out six Death Eaters and managed to get the Prophesy all on your own?" Blacks' voice rose as he completed the question and ended up gesturing wildly with huge eyes. Percy nodded but Harry argued.

"Oh no, I got the prophecy when I found out that's what they wanted and you weren't there, Percy killed the six Death Eaters."

Percy bowed his head against the attention. His father was the picture of pride, his mother sobbing alternately over his innocence and bravery. Bill slapped Percy's shoulder and then wiped his blood plastered hand on his robes while saying, "Knew you were with us little bro."

Dumbledore appeared and assured them that Fudge was now aware of Voldemort's return. Apparently after Black took stalk of the gore and slapped a portkey on Harry and Percy that brought then back to this place, Voldemort had appeared. He and Dumbledore dueled a little but Fudge's arrival along with twenty Aurors made him retreat.

The minister would ignore their unauthorized presence in the Department of Mysteries if Percy would take Umbridge's job and support him publicly for acknowledging the truth without mentioning his involvement at the ministry.

Percy agreed, though he turned down the DADA professorship. He was able to spend more time around Harry.


They exchanged letters over the summer and Charlie's joke that Percy had a crush, opened unforeseen doors. Percy had never allowed his rules to bend enough to allow such a course of action to be contemplated. Elated by this new realization, Percy's next letter was full of his romantic feelings and declarations. It was only after the owl left with the letter that Percy's nerves set in. Fortunately, Harry's response contained answering declarations and they began dating when the school year started in September.

Their growing relationship caused a rift between Harry's friendship with Ron. Percy's brother couldn't prevent his jealousy and constantly berated Percy in and out of his presence.

"How can you stand to be around him? He's always throwing his position in our face. I mean really, were does he get off telling the Professors what to do?"

Percy paused and leaned against the hallway wall. He winked at Harry, showing the younger boy he heard Ron. His youngest brother and Hermione were facing Harry, away from Percy and couldn't see him.

"Ron, he doesn't tell the professors what to do. And really is it so bad to have someone who gets on to McGonagall for not helping the first years with their homesickness or learn how to hold a quill, or Madam Pierce for refusing Books to Hufflepuffs after one of them spilt something on one?"

"But Harry," Hermione wined, "That's the headmaster's job."

"Well he isn't doing it is he?" Harry snarked and obviously finished with this conversations, called out to Percy.

Percy smirked at Ron and Hermione's blushes. Giving up on his rules and into his blood lust had relaxed Percy a lot.

"Hey Perce, you want to go?"

Percy leaned down to kiss Harry's lips gently, ignoring his immature brother's expressions of disgust and once again exulting that his position had no stipulations for student romance. Percy didn't have much to do with the students other then be an objective ear for complaints.

When the students realized that he, unlike other staff, took action and investigated all complaints, they took advantage of it, even the younger Slytherins. It was in response to these complaints that Percy realized how many undeserved points were given and taken away from the students. In response, Percy petitioned the minister to make a proclamation. Professors and Prefects now had to specify why the points were awarded or taken, and if the reason did not fall into one of the predefined categories then the points were unaffected. Dumbledore loved the new system and thanked Percy for his assistance, though he asked that Percy go to him first from then on.

Harry led Percy to the Room of Requirements and waited while Percy paced. He gasped when they opened the door, turning to Percy with wide eyes. Percy blushed. He'd set it up like a dungeon, a rack with chains on one wall and whips and knives next to it.

Percy pulled a dazed Harry to the two cushy chairs he willed in a corner, facing the rack but tilted together.

"What is this Perce?" Harry asked breathless.

"I have a confession Harry."

"Yea! You're a kinky bastard!"

Percy blushed and looked down, "Yes, but I meant why."

Finally Harry's attention returned to Percy, "Why?"

"Yea, How much do you know about Red Caps?"

"Um, they love bloodshed and live in old dungeons." Harry tilted his head in confusion, not understanding.

"Yes, pureblood ones yes. I'm not a full Red Cap. Just half, I'm adopted; blood adopted by Arthur, my father, a few days after I was born." Percy ignored Harry's wide eyes and gaping mouth. "Apparently, my real mother blood bonded me to him and he never told Molly. Ron and the other's are my half siblings, we have the same father and different mothers." Percy waited.

"Why…" Harry swallowed and glanced around desperately, "Why are you telling me this?"

Percy smiled a little, knowing he was taking a risk. His father had tried to convince him not to but Percy didn't listen. "I love you Harry. But I couldn't' tell you that knowing you didn't know what I am."

Harry nodded slowly and gestured at the rack and knives, "And you had to tell me in this place why?"

Percy chuckled, "I'm comfortable here. Also you were right about the blood lust. Don't be afraid." He reassured when Harry panicked a little, "I don't want to torture you, but you know how I bite you hard enough to draw blood during sex…?"

Percy left it at that and watched with a satisfied grin as Harry fingered the most recent bite. He waited in resigned silence as Harry took it all in, him being part human, loving him, wanting blood during sex.

"You don't," Harry swallowed and eyes Percy warily, "want me to call you master or anything do you? Because I have to say, I'm not okay with that."

Percy laughed, sure, he topped more often, but it was only because Percy was larger and that made it easier in most positions. Harry was far from submissive.

"No, no. Nothing like that. I just want to bleed you a little."

Harry eyed him but then shrugged, "Sure I'll try it. I trust you to stop if I ask. As for that whole Red Cap bit, I guess it's not that different from Remus. I bet him and Sirius get into some kinky shit."

Percy let out a relieved sigh and collapsed into Harry, his red head in Harry's lap.

The next few hours passed by in a blur for Percy. He struggled to remain in control of himself so as not to hurt Harry beyond what was acceptable, but all he could think about was the colors, the smells, the need. Harry's green eyes peered at him trustingly from his place tied secured to the rack. His arms were stretched wide, showing the pale skin of the underneath. The blue lines of flowing blood called to Percy and as he cut Harry out of his clothes, he flicked his tongue along the lines.

Once Harry was naked, Percy took a moment to just watch, to imagine all that skin covered in small cuts, oozing delicious crimson tears. He let the need build until it was a rush in his ears. The knife raised to Harry's collarbone and pressed. He needed to make that first cut so badly his hand nearly shook. The way the skin parted, the witness going all the way through the layers of skin for a moment before the first up-well of scarlet appeared, made Percy flush with pleasure. Harry moaned but the sound was lost among his own sigh of released need. His tongue flicked out to taste the slowly dripping cut, causing Harry to hiss.

He decorated cuts along Harry's arms and chest until small trickles of blood cascaded down in rivulets.

"Beautiful" Percy mumbled.

Harry moaned and panted, and for the first time Percy realized that Harry was impossibly hard.

"are you liking this Harry?"

Harry's dark head, hair plastered to the side of his face from sweat, flopped to the right as tension released. "yesss" He hissed and Percy wondered if Harry might slip into Parsletounge any moment.

His uncontrollable need handled, Percy set about finding out what about this Harry liked. Deeper cuts caused him to wilt, but shallow cuts that Percy couldn't help but taste made him whimper and hiss. Abandoning the knife to a nearby shelf, Percy shifted the focus. He teased the cuts, slowly healing from Harry's ambient magic, and sunk deep into Harry, only barley prepared.

"Oh God Percy!" Harry shouted as his prostate was stimulated. Percy grinned unrepentantly and thrust at a constant, controlled pace.

By the time Percy came, Harry's voice was hoarse from the screams and cries. The room reverberated with pleasure sounds.

When he was finished, Percy carefully pried Harry off the rack, slowly, to prevent sweaty skin from sticking to the wood, and lowered Harry into a bed the room provided. He covered Harry with a cream he'd purchased solely for this purpose that would close the cuts without leaving scaring. He needed no evidence of this should Harry's guardians decide he was too dangerous.


At the end of the year, Percy feasted on the spilled blood of the Death Eaters that Malfoy let into the school as he searched desperately for Harry. He took great pleasure in Grayback's death when Percy caught him mauling his oldest brother's face.

Percy was unable to find Harry until his anguished yelling caught Percy's attention from outside. Percy caught Harry when Snape's spell sent him flying and watched with detached curiosity as the potions' master raised an eyebrow and then ran off.

"Percy, you have to stop him! He killed Dumbledore!" Anguished green eyes compelled Percy into action but Snape was already gone.


Alone in Percy's room at Hogwarts, Harry finally told Percy the prophecy and all the things Dumbledore had been teaching him.

"So you have to kill Voldemort, but not before you get rid of the seven pieces of his soul?" Harry nodded "Okay did he say where we should start looking?" Harry grinned and collapsed in relief. Percy would never leave him.


Turns out Red Caps are like Giants and immune to a good many spells. The more blood they spill, the more spell resistant they are. Percy had spilled a lot of blood, both Death Eater and Savior, though in different scenarios. Harry wondered if there was a power correlation, if the power level of those whose blood Percy spilled had any effect.

Percy had the summer off to search and Harry insisted on coming with him. Together they found the locket with Umbridge, which Percy had 'confiscated' as a dark object; Ravenclaw's diadem at Hogwarts Harry remembered seeing. Lestrange's cup posed a problem but Goblins and Red Caps had an arangement and Percy and Harry were able to preform test of skill to earn the right to one item. They were happy to get rid of such a dark artifact, particularly since its owners were dead. With the Gaunt ring Dumbledore destroyed and the diary Harry ruined, that left Nagini, Voldemort's snake.


i"You have fought," said the high, cold voice, "Valiantly. Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery, yet you have sustained heavy losses. If you continue to resist me, you will all die, one by one. I do not wish this to happen. Every drop of magical blood spilled is a loss and a waste."(DH Ch 33)/i

Percy glanced around at the dirty, exhausted forces of light and panicked. Harry wasn't among them.

"Blithering idiot." Percy felt strong, invincible from all the blood he'd spilled. He pulled out the half vial of Felix Felicis that Harry had forced on him after taking a large dose, and a multitude of Pepper up potions. He took a few drops of Felix himself and then handed out the pepper up. The light forces took them with grateful smiles. As he found his family members, he administered doses of Felix. Three drops for Sirius and Remus, as Harry would die with out them. Two for each Weasley and the last three for Neville, the unluckiest boy ever.

All the while Voldemort continued to spew lies.

"…Harry Potter, directly to you. You have permitted your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. I shall wait for one hour in the Forbidden Forrest…(DH Ch 33)"

Percy began to panic , surely Harry wasn't that stupid, no matter what the great bloody git Snape's memory said. Percy didn't believe the memories anyway. He'd never trusted Snape and surely Harry wouldn't follow those memories to his doom.

"conceal you from me. One hour. DH CH33)"


Neville's luck held out and he cut off Nagini's head while Percy's blood boiled at the sight of Harry's limp body.

Neville used Voldemort's distraction from the combined attack of house elves and centaurs, and Giant trampling feet, to cut the head from the snake's body with the sword of Gryffindor.

Hagrid's cries of "Where's Harry?" Pulled Percy from his rage and with a cry, Percy attacked. His clothes were drenched in blood as he was pushed by the mob back into the castle. He pushed his way to the front when the mob stopped at the entrance to the Great Hall. There his mind quelled at Harry's voice, alive, taunting Voldemort as he had always done before.

Harry's expeliarmus rebounded Voldemort's curse, turning the darkest wizard to date, to ash. While the room exploded in cheers, Percy guarded Harry from the mob and hugged him, crying in relief.


The tumult needed Harry, begged for his presence. He had to grieve with them, cheer with them. Had to be their light and hope for the future and through it all Percy stood by his side. His rigid and sharp tongue forcing those who couldn't let go to release Harry. When the boy savior turned to him with exhausted and overwhelmed green eyes, Percy commanded the masses to give him peace.

Together they said goodbye to Ron who's luck ran out when he jumped into the fray, and Hermione who found out to late that books only got you so far. They grieved over Tonks and Mad-Eye. As well as the others, they knew less well.

Percy's family was well but for Ron who's body they congregated around. Ginny buried herself in Harry's arms and on the eave of battle, Percy couldn't make himself jealous.

It wasn't for two more weeks that Harry finally asked Percy about the future.

"Now that the war is over, I guess I'll have to be an Auror."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "Why 'have to'?"

"Well, you're only with me for the carnage that happens around me.."

Percy stopped him, "What? Is that what you think?"

Harry shrugged.

"Well its not true. I am with you because I love you. I survived fifteen years with out any blood at all and I'm still slightly sick from the war. If I really need it I'll become a hit wizard or something but you. You and I…I'm not just Red Cap Harry. You satisfy me on every level. I'll not leave you even if you make me. I'll follow you around even if you hate me and kick me away."

Harry chuckled in relieve and morbid amusement, "That's kinda creepy you know."

"No, its cappy, Harry, of the red variety."