Oh, Danny…

By: WhiteRabbit22

September 2, 2009

((I do not own anything dealing with Danny Phantom* or anything affiliated with Danny Phantom*! I only write Danny Phantom* to make others happy.  Vulcan is my own character.))

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The final exams were stressing Sam out so much that she decided not to hang out with Danny and Tucker. She wanted to get good grades and go to a really good college, but no matter what she did her grades were slipping and her parents had noticed this. In the living room stood both her parents drilling their eyes into her,

"Sam, why are you grades this low? You got a B- on your last test."Her mother asked.

"This is not like you. Is it because of what's his face you hang out with?" Her father asked. The truth was Danny was the cause of her grades slipping. All the ghost hunting started to wear her down and keep her out later than usual. The ghosts have been very active lately and they are trying to figure out why.

"No, Danny is not the problem. It's… its school!" Sam said lying to her parents. She didn't want to say, yeah Danny, Tucker and I have been sneaking out and been battling ghost. Yeah, that would go real well with her parents.

"What do you mean 'its school'?" Her parents both asked.

"They have been pushing more and more homework on us and finals are in two days. All the teachers just want to get their bonuses." Sam said.

"I knew that I should have kept you in that private school years ago."Sam's mother sighed. "You just didn't get along with the other kids and got banned from the school. Banned!?" Flaying her arms in the air frustrated with the situation.

"Those girls started it!" Sam replied.

"What are we going to do with you?" Her father said rubbing his eyes. Silence soon filled the surrounding area but it wasn't long for the silence to break when Sam's phone buzzed. She looked at the caller I.D. and it was Danny. She was actually glad to hear from him.

"Don't you dare answer that phone young lady!" her father demanded. She didn't listen to her father and picked up the phone anyway.

"Hello?" Sam answered. She could hear things being destroyed in the background then heard Danny.

"Sam, I really need your help right about now!" Danny hollered.

"Where are you at?"

"I am at the corner of 9th and Waterway Road."

"I'll be there soon." Sam said before hanging up. Getting up from her seat, she grabbed her coat and a large bag.

"Where do you think you're going?" her mother asked grabbing the back of Sam's shirt.

"Danny and Tucker want me to hang out with them." As she said slipping away from her mother's grip. Before another word was said, Sam had ran out the door and out to the street.

Smoke climbed to the sky as Danny and Vulcan, a new ghost who found his way to Amity Park, battled each other. Slamming into buildings and streets, Danny was losing the battle.

"You are no match for me, half-a! Ha ha ha ha!" Vulcan gloated. Danny opened his eyes to see Vulcan throwing a ball of fire at him. His eyes opened even wider before scampering away to safety.

*"This new guy is a lot stronger than I have dealt with before."*Danny thought to himself. The wounds on his body were starting to hurt now and his blood pressure was dropping fast. Looking at Vulcan, Danny stood up and prepped himself for his ghostly wail. He took in a deep breath and released his attack causing destruction in its path. Vulcan became caught up in the attack and was blown away. Danny's attack had stopped only leaving buildings and other objects destroyed. With Vulcan nowhere in sight, Danny fell to his knees in exhaustion.

Sam was running to the sound of destruction and it wasn't long till she heard Danny's ghostly wail. She stopped in her tracks,

"Danny!" she cried. She knew that sound meant that he was in more trouble than he could handle. Quickly, she ran as fast as she could. She pushed herself harder and harder to get to Danny; she could feel her heart beating with the sound of her feet hitting the pavement.

"Hang on Danny, I'm coming!" she hollered. It wasn't long till Danny was in her sight.

"Danny!" she yelled. Danny heard his name and turned to the sound, with that sound he saw Sam. A smile creped across his face before hitting the ground. She finally made it to him and bent down to roll him on his back.

"Danny, I need you to tell me what happened to you okay!" Sam said placing her coat under his head for support.

"Sam…" he muffed out.

"I'm right here; I need you to start talking Danny!" she demanded. "Stay awake!"The bag that she was carrying was a large First Aid kit and this bag was attached to her hip like a kid. She brought it in case she needed to use it, glad she brought it. Opening the bag and pulled items and things that she would need to tend to his wounds.

"So glad hat you're ear! Did I in?" Danny asked coming in and out of a concussion.

"You won, now what is my name?" she asked while tending to his wounds.


"What?" she asked.

"Sam."Danny said with a grouchy tone.

"Good. What is your name?"

"Dddd….nnnnnnyyyy. Danny!" he managed out.

"Who were you fighting?" she asked looking at his left side of his body. The left side was singed from a fiery blast. She started to apply a cooling gel to help with the pain.

"Ye...ouch!!!"Danny hollered. That woke him up a bit. "Some ghost who can control fire." He said looking up at her. The smell of lavender filled his bloody nose and her violet eyes made him relax more knowing that she was there with him. He watched her tend to his wounds on his body but when it came to his right leg, he couldn't take the pain no more. She'd barely touched him and with that it made tears pour down his face.

"I need to look at it Danny." She said wiping the tears from his face. She grabbed a water bottle from the bag and opened it. She gave Danny several sips; she knew he needed to stay hydrated to recover. While she was giving him sips of water with one hand, her other hand worked its way to his right leg. As she barely touched it again, she noticed that he was turning from Phantom to Fenton. She began to panic…

"Danny, are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah. Saving energy." he made out from drifting in and out of sleep.

"You can't sleep yet Danny. You need to stay awake." she said placing a cold wet cloth on his head. He shook his head and then placed it on the coat Sam had giving him. Sam started to slowly peel away his shredded pants from his leg. The damage was so bad that the jump suit was no protection for his human clothes. His leg made the burn on his side look like a scratch. Tears and boils covered his whole inner thigh which would make it hard for him to walk. This was going to be a long day for the both of them and a whole lot more painful for him. She cleaned the area with saline that she had pulled from the bag. She poked a hole and sprayed it on his leg, and skin that was barely attached flipped over when the saline poured over it but this was cleaning all the dirt and bad stuff off of his leg. She knew this was going to be a challenge. The feel of the liquid saturating his leg caused a sigh to pass through his lips. This was a good sigh, a sigh of relieve. The pain had gone down and the feel of cold on his burns melted the stress away.

"Feel a little better?" He took his hand and raised it to show is index and thumb sizing how much had gone away. It wasn't much, but better than nothing he supposed. A small smile crept across her face. Now his leg was somewhat clean and she could look more closely at it and the results were not going to be good ones. In some areas of his thigh, the skin was melted to the muscle. Other areas of the skin had second to third degree burns.

"It's going to rain sometime soon." Danny said looking up at the sky. Sam felt a rain drop splash the top of her shoulder.

"I need to get you out of here and quick." Sam said quickly bandaging his right thigh. It was good enough to protect it from bacteria and the rain, and tying it loosely so that none of the blisters would pop. She stuffs the rest of her things in the bag and through it over her shoulder.

"Come on Danny; let's get you home to rest." Sam said placing his right arm over both her shoulders and behind her neck. With Danny's somewhat other good leg he, with help from Sam, stands up. The blood pour down to his legs and the pain had doubled causing him to buckle over almost knocking Sam over. She had caught herself and balanced Danny.

"Let's make it to the bench over there and you can rest." she said pointing out. Danny shook his head that he was ready to hobble over to the bench. With his first hop the rain down poured on top of them.

"At least you can get your shower too." Sam said trying to make him feel better. He gave her a dirty look and that made him hop faster to the bench. After five minutes of hopping and sheer pain, they made it. Danny sat down and let his lungs relax.

"You doing okay so far?" she asked. "Take your time. We don't want to put you in more pain." Danny found a suitable spot on the bench and exhaled. Sam squatted down to his leg and untied the bandage. He was bleeding a little more than what he was over in the street. Looking over at the street, she could see same blood pools in the wreckage. Cleaning more of his leg with another bag of saline, she spotted something. She inched closer to his inner thigh causing Danny to flinch. Sam pulled back startled thinking that she hurt him.

"What's the matter?" Sam asked. Danny shook his head 'no'. Sam slipped to the inner part of the thigh and looked into her bag and pulled out tweezers.

"Danny, there is some concrete in your leg that I need to get out." Sam said pulling small pieces of concrete away. There was one piece that looked like it was connected to his muscle. She slowly started to pull gentle on the piece; this made Danny moan in pain. Sam pulled away again and looked at Danny scared.

"Keep going I will be okay." Danny said. Sam grabbed a small syringe from her bag and started to cut around the skin to make it easier to remove. After five minutes of cutting into his leg and digging she finally got the piece out. Then grabbing into the bag one more time she grabbed a tube of ointment; squeezing the tube and spreading the ointment on his skin. She took her finger and started to spread it so it would be even and then she grabbed more gauze and lightly wrapped his leg.

"Do you have anything to kill the pain in that bag?" Danny asked.

"Here," Sam said pulling out a Celebrex bottle. "Only take one, okay." Danny took the bottle and only took one like Sam asked him to. With a swallow the pill was gone. The storm got stronger and stronger as time went on.

"There all done. How's that feel?" Sam asked.

"Fine, but we are going to have to find a way home and walking is not an option." Danny said. Sam cleaned up her mess and sat on the bench beside Danny.

"If you had the energy we could go intangible and fly home, but I am not going to let you do that." Sam said eyeing him. She could see him thinking of Sam's idea.

"We'll be taking the bus at that corner." Sam pointed across the street. Danny stood up and looked down at Sam.

"Let's go"

"Danny I wouldn't push yourself right now, I don't want you to make yourself worse." Sam said standing up and placing his arm over her shoulders. They took the first step into the rain and Danny was down on one knee. Pains shoot through his body like caffeine to the heart.

"Ahh…" Danny yelled. Sam went down with him to catch his fall.

"What did I tell you? You're going to stress out your body." Sam said giving him a small hug and helped him back up. They made it to the other side of the road to the bus stop. Sam sat Danny down on the bench and stretched and within the ten minutes only one other person had shown up. The guy was a tall shady character with long black hair and pale skin. He wore a ratty leather jacket and jeans with plenty of holes, his black shirt read Led Zeppelin. Danny took full notice of the person and made sure that any move he made was not toward Sam. Sam continued tending to some of the small wounds on Danny's face. It wasn't to long before trouble started. Sam moved to the other side of Danny to look at his burned side accidently grazing the shady man's arm with her bottom. He moved his hand between her legs and grabbed and the smile appeared. Sam quickly turned around and slapped him across the face.

"You asshole!" Sam yelled. The man took advantage of the situation and grabbed her chest. Before he let go Danny knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the scrotum.

"You picked the wrong man to deal with dumb ass." Danny said looking at Sam making sure that she was okay then look back at the guy on the ground. The shady man stood up and held a gun to Danny's chest. A snicker popped out of Danny's mouth as he turned into Danny Phantom.

"You really want to try that plan?" Danny asked. Then the man pointed the gun at Sam; that was the end of Danny's anger. He was pissed beyond all means of anger. He hit the guy in the face several times and in the chest and stomach. He knocked him to the ground again and pounded the man's face in deeper. It wasn't long for Danny to finish his trashing. The shady man was unconscious on the ground and was bleeding pretty much through every orifice of his body. Danny picked him up by his neck and held him there. The shady man awoke and looked at Danny and pointed his gun at him again. Danny went intangible as the shady guy pulled the trigger. Danny ripped the gun from his hands and threw it to the ground. He attacked the guy again with punches and kicks sending the shady man to the roof of the bus stop. The man lay there unconscious; Danny sat down on the bench and rested.

"Are you all right Danny?" Sam asked. She was very concerned about him and his wounds.

"I'm fine." Danny said looking over Sam to see the bus coming. "Bus is here!" The bus came to a stop and picked up Danny and Sam. They told the bus driver their destination and headed home. Finding a seat that was free, they sat. Danny started to drift asleep and laid his head on Sam's shoulder.

To be continued…