Part 3

September 9, 2009

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Sam looked at eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, passionately kissed him. He deepened his kiss rubbing his tongue against her lips, begging to enter. She opened her mouth slightly and Danny entered his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. He held one hand behind her head and the other was exploring her body. Danny felt her shiver under him as his hand met the hem of her shirt; slowly creeping up, his finger followed the lining of her lacy bra. His fingers slid underneath to find her breast. Caressing, rubbing his thumb over her nipple, he rolled her breast around in his palm. Feeling Danny under her shirt she flinched and pulled back her lips from his.

"I'm sorry, Sam." Danny said pulling his hand out from under her shirt. He rolled off of her and sat at the edge of the bed. Sam had sat up and crawled over to Danny. He knew that if he looked into her eyes he would lose control of himself and regret it.

"Danny," Sam sat beside him trying to get him to look at her. Sam turned Danny's face towards hers. He turned away from her again. She stood up and straddled him and pulled his face closer to hers. Their eyes met and so did their lips and the passion started again. Danny leaned back and slid his hands up her shirt not to fiddle with her chest but to take her shirt off. She allowed him to do this as she pulled his shirt off. The bodies touched and their lips couldn't stop the passion. Sam felt Danny's hand on her hips, and then felt her cloths fall off her body.

"Now that's not fair." Sam laughed. She undid his button on his pants and pulled down the zipper. She could feel his member become harder with every stroke of her finger; she pulled down his dark blue silky boxers that she really liked. His long member stood tall as a smile appeared on her face. With several licks on his, she wrapped her mouth around his member. He moaned in pleasure, squirming under her. His moans got louder and louder, he pulled Sam up away from his member and flipped her on her back and placed himself between her legs. She lay underneath him, naked. He viewed her body one more time before begging for permission to enter her vaginal area. He pressed his member closer to her without entering. She kissed him heavily and stared him in the eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Danny asked making sure.

"Yes." Sam positioned herself below him. As her slowly enter him member into her, he watched tears pour from her eyes. He knew the pain was intense to her so he made sure that he didn't move until she said it was okay. He kissed her and felt her sucking on his lower lip. His motion got quicker and his member was smoothed with her muscle and juices. Their moaning synchronized and the motioned of their bodies caused them to cum. The release of his seed into her made him collapse on top of Sam. Their sweaty body cooled each other down. Danny rolled off of Sam and lay beside her.

"I love you, Sam." Danny said wrapping his arms around her shoving his face is her bosom.

"I love you too, Danny." Accepting his love and pleasure; the exhaustion caused them to fall asleep.

Vulcan walked into a large room filled with bookshelves and dim lights on the wall. The long red rug ran from the front door to a large black chair at the end of the walk way. He floated down the walkway to the end and stood in the dim light.

"Sir, Vulcan here, um… I…" Vulcan stuttered.

"You failed!" Vlad yelled. His face was full of rage. Vlad threw the chair at one of the bookshelves causing it to break and books flew everywhere.

"I'm sorry master. Please give me a second chance. I have a plan that would kill Danny Phantom!" Vulcan said. This caught Vlad's attention.

"What?" Vlad asked.

"That Danny guy you wanted me to kill, he's got a girlfriend. We can us her against him." Vulcan said quivering under Vlad. He liked this idea, standing up straight and walked around taking a deeper thought into Vulcan's idea.

"I've got the perfect plan that will put an end to Danny Phantom!" Vlad said turning into Plasmius.

"You may be my creations, but I think you are going to be the best one I have ever made!" Vlad was joyous of the plan.

"Here's the first part of the plan. I want you to get Danny's girlfriend and bring her here to the ghost zone near the arctic region. Just make sure that she is alone when you capture her or the plan will not go through." Vlad said shooing Vulcan away. Vlad floated back and forth thinking deeper into his plan again.

"Danny, I took a vow to destroy you and take over both worlds and have Maddie as my wife." Vlad said to himself. He opened up a portal that lead to the outside of his home and went through.

Danny and Sam were on their way to school soon greeted by Tucker.

"Danny, what are you going to do now, kick Dash's ass again?" Tucker laughed. Sam slapped him on the back of his head.

"I don't want to talk about it." Danny said walking away from the two. He really didn't want to remember yesterday that made him do what he did. Sam gave Tucker an evil stare and walked up to Danny.

"Don't worry about it Danny. Just be careful with your wounds. Okay?" Sam said placing her hand on his shoulder. Danny shook his head agreeing with her. After ten minutes of walking in silence they made it to the school. The sound of the bell caused several late students run to their classrooms. The trio made it in time for Mr. Lancer's class. They sat at their desk listening to Mr. Lancer mumble on with his teaching. Noon rolled around and the trio followed other students to the lunch room. As Danny stood in line waiting on a lunch lady to place a pile of mashed potatoes on his plate, he felt a cold sensation crawl down his back. This feeling put Danny in a state of panic. He turned around to see student panicking.
"Sam, Tucker!" Danny hollered. In the midst of the panicking he spotted them. Hiding under a table he changed from Fenton to Phantom. He flew over to his friends and made sure that they were okay.

"What did you two see?" Danny asked.

"I didn't see anything. I just heard someone scream and then a fire started." Tucker said pointing to a fire being controlled by several teacher with extinguishers.

"Fire!" Danny and Sam said together. Sam and Danny knew that the same ghost that had attacked Danny two days ago.

"Tucker, I want you to get yourself and Sam out of here." Danny demanded. Tucker understood his assignment and pulled Sam away.

"Danny, be careful." Sam said while being pulled away. Danny ghost sense was going berserk and he couldn't find the source. He floated into the air and looked around the cafeteria and soon found Vulcan flying through the wall.

"Where do you think you're going?" Danny yelled following Vulcan through the wall and to the outside.

"It's nice to see that I didn't kill you, yet." Vulcan said with an evil smile.

"Who are you?"

"Names Vulcan and I already know who you are Danny Phantom." Vulcan laughed. He threw a few fire balls to distract Danny and flew down over to Sam, picking her up in his arms.

"If you want your girlfriend back, don't follow me." Vulcan said flying away with Sam. Danny could hear Sam screaming in the distance. Danny chased after him but was to late when a portal appeared in front of Vulcan. He passed through and then it closed behind him.

"NO!" Danny screamed. He flew down to a tree and took his anger out on the innocent being by punching a large hole into it. His hands were glowing green and his rage was building up inside him. Tucker slowly crept over to Danny.

"You will get her back, I know that you will." Tucker said placing his hand on Danny's shoulder.

"That's the thing. I know nothing of that freak of nature lives in the ghost zone. Tucker sat next to the tree with a hole in the trunk and thought to himself. Danny transformed to his human form and sat on the ground a tear slid down his cheek as he looked up to the sky where Sam had vanished.

Vulcan had arrived at Vlad's mansion in the ghost zone. Upon entering, he sat Sam on a chair that was designed to hold some one hostage.

"My master will be happy to see you."

"Piss off whoever you are." Sam kicked and scratched. It failed to even try with her being a human and him being a ghost. Her kicks went right through him.

"You just sit tight while I get Master Vlad." Vulcan said walking away. When he said Vlad's name Sam should have thought that this was all his idea to get rid of Danny. She let out a small snicker at the thought, but she did have to give him credit finding Vulcan. He did do some serious damage to Danny. It wasn't long before Sam saw Vlad coming around the corner.

"Ah my dear Samantha, long time no see." Vlad laughed. He walked over to her and placed his hand under her chin. Sam pushed down and snapped at his fingers. Vlad pulled away.

"Still a feisty girl isn't she. No wonder Danny is in love with you. And because I hate him so much I am going to make his last words by 'I love you, Sam!' Then he will die in your arms." Vlad said spilling part of his plan.

"You know that Danny will win!" Sam said. She was trying really hard to slip her hands out of the braces that held her to the chair. Vlad smiled at Sam's strength.

"I want him to win, my dear. That is when he is the weakest and you are going to help me kill Danny Phantom." He laughed leaving the room. Sam was in shock to hear Vlad's evil plan that included her. She had to find away to contact Danny and Tucker so she tried harder and harder to free herself from the braces. She pulled her wrist so hard from the brace she dislocated her wrist and that made it easier to slip away. She reached around with her limp wrist and pushed a button and the braces released her body. Quickly running towards the front door where she had first entered through, she could see the whole Ghost Zone. She forgot how bad it smelled, but she had to find a way to get to the other side of the Zone. She ran along the side of the building trying to find a way to the basement. She remember that Vlad had a large lab that had a portal. Sneaking under windows and around doors trying not to get caught, stumbling upon a small cellar door but it was locked.

"Where's a shovel when you need one?" Sam said looking around the area. She sat down on the cellar door, the door gave in and she fell down the stairs. Hitting the bottom she stood up and rubbed her bum. Looking around the lad she found a computer with a webcam.

"Perfect" she said. She turned it on and open Internet Explorer. Turning on the webcam and accessing where she needed to be she could finally see Danny's room. She could hear noise on the other end of the computer. She saw Danny walking out of his bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. A sigh escaped her lips wishing that she was there taking the bath with him.

"Danny!" she hollered over the microphone but not too loud so that Vlad or Vulcan could hear her. This caught Danny's attention; walking over to the computer he saw Sam's face. This put a large smile on his face.

"Sam is that really you?" Danny asked.

"Yeah it's me. I need your help to get out of here."
"Where are you?"
"I'm in Vlad's castle in the Ghost Zone." Sam said showing the room through the webcam. Danny absorbed the information that she had given him.

"Are you okay?" Danny asked in a voice that almost made her cry. Placing her hands up in the air,

"Yes, I'm fine." She said ignoring the dislocated joint. Danny viewed her body and spotted her wrist.

"What happen to you wrist?" he asked looking at her with worried eyes. Sam looked at her wrist and smiled and popped it into place. This caused some pain to show Danny.

"I had to dislocate my wrist to escape from my chambers. I'm perfectly fine Danny, just come and get me out of here."

"Don't worry, I'm on my way." Danny said going ghost.

"I love you."

"I love you too, Danny." Sam said placing her hand on the screen. Turning around in the chair she was sitting in she stop and saw Vulcan in front of her.

"That was really sweet to hear him say that to you." Vulcan laughed. He grabbed her arm and drugged her across the room. He placed her in a chamber and closed the door behind her.

"This time you better not escape."Vulcan said making sure that the door was locked. Sam fell to her knees trying to think of a plan.

Danny sat at his desk and a sigh of relief slipped through his lips. He was happy to see Sam safe and somewhere he knew. He ran down the stairs into the Fenton Lab. Grabbing some supplies, he called Tucker.

"Tucker, I know where Sam is and I need you to come over as soon as you can. I want you to drive the Fenton mobile." Danny said hanging up the phone with Tucker. He continued his packing into the mobile and waited on Tucker. Tucker had finally arrived in the lab and hopped into the Fenton Mobile.

"What took you so long Tucker?" Danny asked.

"It normal takes me eight minutes to get here with my scooter. I could have walked here instead." Tucker snapped. Starting up the machine, Tucker and Danny took off into the Ghost Zone. They flew to the destination of Vlad Master's Mansion. They were in awe to see the mansion so upgraded. Search lights, guards were watching every door and even the roof. Danny assumed that this was to stop him from going through. He sat there in the mobile thinking of a plan that would let him sneak in without being noticed and undetected.

'This is too easy.' Danny thought. He finally made it to the bottom of the building to the lab. Looking around the room he spotted Sam in a large glass room with the glass door was locked.


"Danny!" They both yelled each other's name. They pressed their hands against the glass and stared into each other's eyes.

"Danny, Vulcan is right behind you!" Sam yelled. Danny turned around and ran for his life. The fireball that Vulcan threw at Danny hit the glass causing it to melt.

"Sam are you okay?" Danny asked in concern. He tackled Vulcan clashing into the ground and punched him in the face. While Danny was battling Vulcan, Sam escaped from the glass room to safety. She crawled behind a computer monitor. And found Danny's backpack that had fallen off. She opened it and found several weapons and a thermos. She placed the belt around her waist and loaded the gun and placed the thermos on her back.

Danny continued fighting with Vulcan reopening his wounds. Vulcan noticed and took advantage of the timing.

"Looks like you are still weak from our last battle Danny Phantom!" Vulcan laughed.

"Still strong enough to beat you."Danny said clobbering him again. The two rolled around on the floor punching each other in their sides and faces. Vulcan conjured a large fire ball that sent both of them flying in opposite directions. Danny fell back on a computer monitor unconscious, Vulcan got up from where he had landed and walked over to Danny's helpless body. He summoned a fireball in his right hand,

"Don't touch him!" Sam demanded pointing the gun at him. Vulcan turned around and looked at Sam and smiled. He liked her spunk and turned his fireball towards Sam. Sam jumped out of the way and fired her weapon at him placing him in a large ice cube. She ran over to Danny to see how he was doing.

"Danny are you all right?" she asked helping him up from the computer.

"I'm fine, what about you?"

"I'm just fine, not a scratch." She placed his arm around her neck and started to head towards an exit. Danny clicked a small button on his watched that sent out a beacon to Tucker to come and get them. Out of now where Plasmius arrived in front of them.

"And where do you think you are going?" Plasmius asked in an evil laugh.

"Out of my way Vlad, I'm not in the mood." Danny said summing up a ball of ice in the palm of his hand.

"Oh come on Danny you wouldn't attack an old friend of yours now would you?" Vlad asked slyly.

"I'm not an old friend of yours, so yes I would attack you." Danny said letting his ice ball fly from his hand. Vlad was trapped in a large ice block but it wasn't long before he broke through. Danny and Sam had barely made it three feet; Plasmius grabbed Danny's shoulder and tossed him across the room then flew over to Danny and placed him in an anti-ghost box. Danny was forced to change from Phantom to Fenton.

"What the…" Danny said looking around him. Sam grabbed the Fenton thermos and pointed it at Plasmius.

"You forgot about me, Plasmius." Sam turned the thermos on and sucked Plasmius in. Closing the top of the thermos and let Danny out of the anti-ghost box. He transformed to Phantom and grabbed Sam; stopping in his tracks the wall busted and they saw Tucker entering the room with the Fenton Mobile.

"About time Tucker, we could have used you an hour ago." Sam said opening the door for Danny and her to enter.

"Sorry, got a little distracted with some of the ghost around here. Tucker turned the machine around and headed back to the Fenton portal. Sam grabbed the first aid kit and tended to Danny's wounds.

"No more ghost fighting for you for awhile." Sam said with a little laugh.

"All I want to do is take a long nap…ouch!" Danny yelped. Making it to the correct portal and finally made it home. Danny was the first to exit the Fenton Mobil with a large stretch, trying not to hurt himself. Second to come out was Sam, happy to see Earth again and last be not least was Tucker tapping away at his PDA.

"I'm going home, no more ghost hunting for me for the day!" Tucker said waving good bye. He was starting to really hate ghost hunting since it was becoming an everyday thing. Sam and Danny said good bye to the computer geek and headed up the stairs to the living room where they meet the rest of the family. Danny stood behind Sam hiding his blood stained shirt.

"Where have you two been?" Jack shouted holding his new ghost toy.

"We were in the lab the whole time just chillin." Danny said pushing Sam closer to the stairs. They walked up the stairs and over to Danny's room.

"Danny, are you feeling okay?" Sam asked as she watched him take his shirt off and grab a new one from the closet.

"I'm fine I just need rest for right now till tomorrow." Sam walked over to Danny and wrapped her arms around him.

"I love you, Danny!"

"I love you too, Sam." Their lips met again and the passion flared through their bodies. Danny pushed her over to the bed and lay besides her placing his hand on her chin.

"Be with me forever." Danny asked laying another kiss on her lips.

~The End~

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