Caveman: I am caveman

Ellie: Caveman, you say?

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie (big smile on face): Well, Mr. Caveman, would u tell us what you do for work?

Caveman: Pick up rock

Ellie (sound of sympathy):Sounds challenging.

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie: Mr. Caveman, how many friends do you have? You seem to be the strong, silent type.

Caveman (confused) :Friends?

Ellie, (flipping through script): Yeah, maybe we shouldn't get into that.

Caveman (deadpan) : Grunt

Ellie (acting interested) :Oh, wow. Where did you get that clothing? It looks absolutely fantastic! Is it Armani?

Caveman: Me tear off of Buffalo

Ellie (continuing as if she didn't hear): Have you ever thought of becoming a designer?

Caveman (staring into space): Grunt

Ellie: Well, I have no doubt you would be amazing, you could make millions!

Caveman (suddenly interested): Million? Million what?

Ellie: Money, Mr. Caveman, money.

Caveman (clapping hands): Ooooh!

Ellie: Yes. Quite.

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie: I'm assuming you are quite the ladies man. Talented, young, quiet, and very athletic.

Caveman: Me. Chase. Dinosaur.

Ellie (looking around for help): Quite the speech, Mr. Caveman. Do you have any children, by chance?

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie (confused): So that would be a no?

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie: A yes?

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie: I can't even keep up with your amazing vocabulary, sir. Where did you go to College?

Caveman: Huh?

Ellie: C-O-L-L-E-G-E?

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie: Sounds fantastic.

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie (trying to think of a topic): Do you play any sports?

Caveman: Kill dinosaur.

Ellie (bored): Huh. How does that work? Any rules?

Caveman: Kill dinosaur.

Ellie (trying to wrap it up): Wow. Sounds fun!

Caveman: Grunt

Ellie: Is there anything you would like to say to the audience before our show ends?

Caveman: Rock.

Ellie (tired): Thank you very much, Mr. Caveman.

Ellie: Please tune in to our next show ladies and gentlemen, where we host the amazing talents of The Organic Orangutan!

*Next program!*

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