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Allen Walker awoke to a fierce throbbing in his head, which seemed to be beating out the melody of a song that he did not know, and the feeling of pain was only made all the more intense by the little object that kept bumping into him. He desperately wanted to ignore the little object that kept thumping him in the side of the head and allow himself to slide back into his blissful state of unconsciousness but the object would not be denied. A flash of intense pain signified the fact that tiny teeth had pierced the tender flesh of his ear.

With a groan Allen shakily sat up and gazed around at his surroundings. He found himself on the floor of a rather drab room which was sparsely furnished. As his vision slowly returned to him the young man focused his attention on the little object that he knew had locked fangs into his ear.

"Tim that was mean," he muttered as he began to massage his aching head, hoping to soothe the ache and rid himself of the drum beat that was echoing through his brain. Probing fingers came into contact with a large bump and suddenly memories of the previous day's occurrences returned in full force. He had been sitting with his master, General Cross Marian and the man had uncharacteristically given him a compliment.

"Can you believe that it's been three years since you became my apprentice?" The man swirled the wine in his glass, not really looking at the boy who was kneeling on the floor. "You've shown enormous progress on your path to becoming an Exorcist."

The general paused at this point, casually taking a sip of his wine. "That's why, as of today, you can officially call yourself a full-fledged, professional Exorcist."

A compliment from Master Cross.

That should have been the first clue that something was wrong, should have caused him to flee as though his very life depended upon how fast he could run, but unfortunately Allen hadn't picked up on it. He had been too excited about the fact that Master Cross had told him that he could now call himself a full fledged Exorcist. It had been too good to be true.

It really had.

He had questioned his Master about the seriousness of the statement that he had made and found that, in order to become an official Exorcist, he would have to travel to the headquarters of the Black Order. Allen had heard of the Black Order before and didn't think that it would be so bad to go there.

But that was before he learned that Master Cross wasn't going to accompany him there.

Cross had approached the spot where he was respectfully kneeling on the floor, holding a large and rather menacing looking hammer, and Allen had instinctively cowered away from him. His Master had been drinking and had a dangerous object in his hand neither of which boded well for young Allen. Experience had taught him that Master Cross was dangerous and a drunken Master Cross even more so.

His heart began to pound, playing out the same notes that his head would echo the following day.

"I'll leave Timcanpy with you. I've already sent a referral letter to a chief named Komui," Master Cross had informed him as he steadily approached his wary apprentice. "So leave first thing in the morning."

Allen's eyes had remained focused on the hammer so much so that he had gone rather cross eyed as his Master drew closer. "Let me guess, you're not coming with me?"

"Hell no!" Cross had exclaimed as he held up the hammer. There was a strange glint in his eyes as he gazed down at his apprentice. "I'd rather lose a thumb than go back there."

"That bastard," Allen muttered as he once again massaged the large bump on the side of his head. The music in his brain had diminished somewhat but it was still there, mere background music at this point. There was no sign of the man anywhere and Allen didn't even bother to look for him. By the light that was filtering in through the room's window he could tell that he had spent quite some time unconscious and he knew that his Master would be long gone by this point.

Timcanpy broke into his thoughts at this point, once again thumping against the side of his head, and Allen quickly swatted at the little golem before he had the chance to sink his little teeth into flesh again. His Master's little golden golem did not like to be ignored.

"Tim quit it."

The years that he had spent training with Master Cross had been some of the most difficult in his life, almost beating out the time that he had spent living on the streets, and yet Allen had mixed feelings about moving on. He knew that he had to go to the Black Order, because of the promise that he had made to Mana, but somewhere deep in his heart was a trace of fear.

Not fear for his life but rather fear of the unknown.

He didn't know what to expect from the Black Order since he was so different from other people after all. He had been shunned all of his life because of the deformity of his left arm and the only person who had ever shown him real kindness had been Mana. Master Cross had taken him in and, in an offhand way, had taught him to be an Exorcist but it was obvious by his treatment that he had never really cared much for the boy.

How would the other Exorcists treat him? Would they be kind, indifferent, or else downright mean?

Allen knew that the only way to find out the answers to these questions would be to travel to the headquarters and meet with the man to whom his Master had sent a referral letter and, with a sigh the boy got to his feet. Due to Cross' impatience Allen had become quite adept at getting ready to travel in a hurry and, fifteen minutes later, he stood at the door with his suitcase in hand and Timcanpy perched on his head.

Taking a deep breath the white haired youth stepped out of the room and prepared for his journey. He had chosen his path long ago, when he had committed the sin that had changed his life forever, and he knew that there was no turning back now. And honestly he didn't want to. Allen was determined to keep the promise that he had made to Mana.

He would keep walking forward and he would help the tormented souls of the Akuma find salvation.

This was the start of his journey and the boy desperately hoped that he would be able to fulfill his mission and that, where ever Mana was, he would make his foster father proud of him. "I'll never stop Mana. . . I promise that I will keep walking until the day I die."

And with these thoughts running through his head like a peaceful song Allen Walker left the room where he and his Master had been staying and began his journey into the unknown. As the boy walked away from the room where his Master had left him he could vaguely hear a strange tune playing in his mind.

He couldn't explain the song and merely shrugged it off.

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