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The battle was over and Allen could feel his pounding heart begin to slow, could practically feel his life's blood flowing into his chest. The Tease had done the job that Tyki had asked of it and had placed a hole in the young Exorcist's heart. The knowledge of this only made it worse and as his vision began to fade Allen felt the fear envelope him.

Along with the fear Allen could feel the blood that filled his chest cavity and it was pushing against his lungs and making it difficult to breathe.

This was it… he was going to die here in this place.

In silence.

For the first time Allen couldn't hear the music that had, up until this point, been playing constantly in the back of his mind. Now, while he was on the verge of death, there was only silence.

The fear of death should have caused his mind to go into overdrive and thus fuel the internal music that was his constant companion, but in this time when he was actually wishing for it's comforting presence, there was nothing. Vaguely Allen recalled Mana telling him something about a section in a musical piece where there was only silence but he couldn't recall the details.

Not that they were of any importance now.

As his vision began to fade Allen briefly thought about his friends as well as all of the Akuma that he had been unable to save. Then of course there was the promise that he had made to Mana.

He had kept walking forward, just as he had promised, but now it seemed that it was time for a rest.

"I'm not ready to die yet," the young man thought to himself as the darkness began to surround him.

Not that death was something that you could chose to accept or deny. It claimed you on it's terms, something that he had learned on the day that he had lost Mana.


Allen's allowed his thoughts to focus on his beloved foster father as he allowed the darkness to completely surround him and these thoughts brought him a measure of comfort. The same comfort that he had been seeking from the music.

At least this way he would be reunited with the man who had raised him.


Allen was completely shocked as his vision returned and he found that he was in a strange place that seemed to have been destroyed by something. He knew that he should be dead, that Tyki had delivered a fatal blow via the Tease, but the young man was having difficulty coming to terms with this strange place as the afterlife.

And the strange lack of noise was beginning to seriously mess with him. He was completely alone in this strange place and surrounded by silence.

Allen shook his head and gazed around at his surroundings but the only sense that he seemed to possess was sight. As though in a daze Allen stepped forward and gazed down at the water that he was standing in front of.

An eye seemed to be gazing back up at him and instinctively the young Exorcist leaned down and reached out a hand toward the water.

The silence pressed on, overwhelming everything, as Allen made a move toward the unfamiliar image that was reflected in the water. His hand was mere inches from the water when something seized hold of it, startling Allen and causing him to fall back.

And still there was silence.

"I don't understand this," Allen thought to himself, as though the silence of this world was preventing him from speaking aloud. And perhaps it was. "Am I dead? I'm certain that I died but this place…"

Allen's gaze once again shifted around his surroundings but he was still unable to make sense of any of it. He had no idea where he was nor did he know why he was surrounded by this oppressive silence.

Suffocating silence that seemed to drain him of all of his energy.

All Allen wanted was for the music to return, for some sign that he was still among the living. The rational part of his mind knew that it was impossible, knew that he had been dealt a fatal blow, but the naïve part of him wanted to believe that all was well.

That this hellish world was all part of a dream from which he would soon awake.

That the music that he had become accustomed to would return and that he would be able to resume his life as an Exorcist.

All of these things Allen wanted and yet he was unsure as to how to move forward. He desperately wanted to wake from this dream but he just wasn't able to.

All of these thoughts were swirling around the young man's mind but he paused as he once again felt the darkness pressing in around him.

"What's happening?" Allen found himself thinking as his head began to reel. This felt exactly the same as the moment when he thought that he died and Allen was desperately trying to figure out what was happening to him.

But the knowledge remained elusive and the darkness continued to press forward.

Darkness and silence. These were the last things that Allen was aware of.

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