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He glanced around the class room, gaze roving over the students it finally landed on the back of Severus Snape. He looked scrawny and fragile underneath the layers and layers of robes. Sirius snorted softly to himself, he knew the other had more muscles than there appeared to be. He had gotten in enough fights with other boy to know for sure.

Over the past few months Sirius found himself intrigued with Snape. He no longer felt unbearable hatred for the other boy it was more like curiosity, fascination. James gently elbowed Sirius in the side to make him pay attention to the lecture Professor McGonagall was giving. The gentle nudge startled him enough to make him knock his book to the floor. It landed with a thump that echoed through the entire room, eyes glanced and glared at him especially McGonagall's, her eyes seared through his skull for interrupting her lecture. He gave her his best charming smile before bending down to pick up the offending object, but one gaze in particular caught his attention. Snape. Snape's bottomless black eyes locked with Sirius' silver orbs. Time seemed to stand still as Sirius stared back not daring to break eye contact. First, it was almost like a silent challenge. Second, even though Snape's large hooked nose distracted him a little, his lanky greasy hair made him cringe at times, his thin lips twisted in a sneer, there was no way he could turn away from the black eyes. There was something there, but Sirius couldn't put his finger on it.

That was what had caught him so many months ago behind the burning hatred those eyes held there was some unveiled emotion that seemed to take over the hatred at times when their gazes happened to meet. Sirius wanted to know what that emotion was, he had to know. It was unfathomable, Snape was supposed to be his most hated enemy, but it wasn't that way, not any more.

Sirius felt a poke to his ribs that brought him back to the present, he still held an unwavering gaze with Snape the only difference was now Snape was frowning instead sneering. He began to study Sirius with a guarded expression. Sirius smirked; Snape curled his lips in disgust before turning his attention back to the lecture at hand.

Sirius picked up his book and laid it on the table. He grinned at James who raised his eyebrow, shook his head then went back to taking notes.

The rest of the class flew by without incident. As McGonagall let them go free, he stretched releasing the kinks that had built up in his body over the course of the class. James grabbed him by the elbow, steered him out of the classroom leaving a confused Remus and Peter. James guided him through the sea of people causing him to bump into Snape who looked at him through a veil of greasy hair. James was pulling him away from the burning stare, where the mysterious emotion lay waiting to be discovered, before he could do anything though he was yanked away from it. Sirius looked over his shoulder to find Snape still watching him, his eyes landed on James' hand securely on Sirius' elbow. Snape tossed his head to the side and headed in the direction of the dungeons.

Sirius let himself be led away knowing if he did give in to impulse and followed Snape it would not end pretty. It never did. That's why for the last few months his rude remarks passed his lips less and less until finally he stopped all together. He didn't participate in pranks having to do with Snape any more either, but he didn't try to stop them.

It was those damned eyes that kept him from doing something. What that something was he didn't know.

When he blinked he found himself in his dormitory in Gryffindor tower with James pacing in front of him, hands held tightly around his back. They were surrounded by their four poster beds, the scarlet curtains glinted in the sunlight making them glow with warmth. Sirius couldn't say James was radiating any warmth, it felt cold standing near him.

Sirius opted for sitting on his bed, the plush covers puffed around him and deflated. He didn't dare say anything he silently waited for his best friend to say something, his disheveled hair fell over his forehead, and he swept it back with his hand, making it stick out more. Sirius wanted to laugh, but kept it to himself. Why isn't he chasing after Lily like he normally does? Sirius wondered as he studied the scarlet carpet under foot. The warm wood of the bed and the deep red made the stone walls of their room more welcoming, the atmosphere became more frigid and oppressive with each step James made finally he turned to Sirius who leaned back on his elbows, smiled at James, and regarded him through half closed eyes. Sirius didn't want to reveal how uncomfortable he really felt. A cold lump landed in the pit of his stomach when James spoke.

"Why the bloody hell do you keep staring at Snivellus?" He yelled face going red. Sirius sat there stunned, the lump growing considerable bigger along with another forming in his throat. He visibly swallowed.

"What do you mean?" Sirius asked, trying to gage how much James actually knew.

James took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes before putting them back on. "Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about." James pointed an accusing finger at Sirius. "You know exactly what I'm talking about." Sirius didn't say anything he found his shoes fascinating as James continued. "You keep staring at him. At first I thought you were coming up with different ways to mess with Snivellus, but you stopped doing that all together. You don't even comment on his greasy hair or appearance. But today it was obvious you're love struck or something." James' face contorted in to disgust at the thought.

Sirius went slack jawed; he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wasn't in love with Snape, just found him incredibly interesting. Curiosity was all it was. Nothing more nothing less. Sirius felt his own anger flare up. "What business is it of yours who I look at or don't look at?" Sirius said sitting straight up.

James blinked owlishly at him before regaining his own fire. "Because I'm your friend and you shouldn't get involved with him."

"Who said I was involved with him?" Sirius asked standing up and using his height to tower over James. "And he can't be that bad or Evans wouldn't hang around him." That's what did it. James clamped his mouth shut and turned sharp on his heels, his back rigid as he slammed the door.

Sirius clenched his jaw tightly trying not to yell after James. How could James say he was in love with Snape? Sirius wasn't one to deny that he liked his boys over girls. But of all the people to choose from why would he pick Snape? He never had a civilized conversation with him before, if he tried, Snape would suspect something was up. No, best to watch from a distance and not even think about treading the line of love or hate. One thing was for sure though he didn't hate Snape. What did he feel for him then?

Sirius' thoughts were broken by the door to the dormitory opening revealing Remus who smiled warmly at him. "Are you coming down for dinner?"

"Yeah, sure," Sirius mumbled. Everything was becoming very confusing. Sirius didn't even realize how long he had been in his room thinking about Snape. The day went by in a blink of an eye.

Remus chatted happily on the way down to the Great Hall not really noticing that Sirius wasn't paying attention. The babble of the hall grew louder as he and Remus approached the entrance. The hall was filled to the brim with everyone from all four houses. Sirius resisted the urge to find Snape besides the other boy already found him. Sirius peeked through his long lashes noticing Snape openly looking at him. He heard 'hmph' coming from the body next to him, it was James. He ignored Sirius thoroughly and continued to try and flirt with Lily.

Sirius sat next to James reluctantly; he could still feel eyes on him. He didn't look, however, his entire being wanted to. His curiosity was rising. And now for some reason Snape seemed to find him interesting. The thought should have disturbed him, it didn't.

Sirius ate dinner without really tasting it. He talked to Remus and occasionally Peter, the two seemed to want to try and fill in the awkward silence that fell on them every time they stopped talking. James refused to acknowledge his existence. Sirius was still angry himself and didn't want to have to deal with the drama of the fight. All he wanted to do was go to bed in order to get away from everything that was happening around him. He looked from his plate to see Peter, Remus, and James getting up to leave, Sirius made no move to join. Remus mouthed 'I'll talk to him.' Sirius nodded. Remus followed after a fuming James.

The feeling of being watched vanished; Sirius snapped his head up to find billowing black robes leave the Great Hall. His body moved on its own to follow said robes it was like he was being pulled by an invisible string. When he got to the doors he was stumped, he didn't know what to do next. There was nobody to his left or right. Out of the shadows from the stair case, out stepped Snape, his face devoid of all emotion except the fire burning in his eyes. The fire tugged at Sirius to take a tentative step forward, like he was treading on a frozen lake not knowing when the ice might break underneath him. He took another step forward. It dawned on him that he was being pulled in by Snape who never stopped staring at him. The words that James had said earlier echoed through his mind, they resounded against his brain knocking him back to the person in front of him.

"I knew you would follow," Snape said eyes following Sirius. "The question is why." He moved back in the shadows beckoning Sirius to pursue him. His whole body screamed at him not to cross that line. It wasn't worth it. But the damn curiosity was too tempting to let slip through his fingers.