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Sirius rolled to the side feeling the coolness of the bed. There should've been a warm body with him. He lay on his side with his eyes closed not wanting to see Severus gone although he knew that Severus had classes to go to Sirius still wanted Severus here with him. He sighed, shielding his eyes against the light flowing through the windows.

"Why are you sighing?" Severus's voice floated to his ears and was a welcomed surprise. His bed dipped, he sat up and met wonderfully black eyes.

Sirius took a moment to admire Severus. Everything from his wonderfully obsidian eyes, to the hook of his nose, his gaze wondered lower until he reached the tip of Severus' toes. He was in once again in awe that he was able to find someone as wonderful as Severus. His lover went to great lengths to take care of him. At least as far as Sirius could remember. The last few days were blurred together, but he remembered waking up to find Severus with him and he finally learned the truth of why Severus ran from him. It was in order to get help for him and that was a great comfort to him. Instead of answering him Sirius elected to lay his head against Severus' shoulder inhaling the intoxicating scent that was purely Severus. Severus let him do as he pleased as he let his hand wonder over the heavily clothed body that would someday be bared to him. Sirius closed his eyes, letting his fingers map out Severus body even with all the clothes that covered Severus' body he imagined that he could feel the soft pale skin that was under everything. Severus' breathe hitched when Sirius went lower down his abdomen, zeroing in on his waist instead of going lower Sirius forced his hand to travel up again going for Severus' shoulders. Severus released a strained breathe either out of relief or frustration Sirius couldn't tell, but he smiled at the affect he had on Severus. In the background he heard curtains swishing which wasn't right. There was no breeze in the hospital wing. He thought he heard shoes scuffing against the floor, but when he heard a sharp in-take of breathe he knew they had company. He stilled his hand from going any further. An audience is not what he wanted when he explored Severus especially in front of the person he thought was in the room with them.

"You stopped?" Severus asked, sounding relieved and affronted at the same time.

Sirius lifted his head from his very comfortable pillow and turned heavy lidded eyes on Severus. "No," Sirius purred, letting his voice drop lower showing how much he wanted the person right front of him. "I'm taking it slow. Don't worry next time a herd of hippogriff's couldn't stop me. And it dawned on me that you actually have to go to class."

"Says who?"

Sirius raised an eyebrow. Severus Snape refusing to go to class? He never thought he'd see the day. To say he was surprised was an understatement. He was also pleasantly pleased. His cheeks flushed with pleasure. Looking away for a moment he coughed in his hand to hide his embarrassment which didn't escape the eyes of an ever observant Severus.

When he turned back Severus was smirking. "I have been given leave for my morning classes, but I must go to Potions." Sirius deflated at the announcement. He glanced at the clock on the wall. Potions started in twenty minutes.

"Don't look so glum. I'm going to brew you're potion."

"You mean that Merlin awful purple goop."

The smirk disappeared to be replaced with a glare. "That purple goop helped heal you and will continue to do so."

"But their letting you, brew it?" Sirius asked, raising his brow. He scratched the back of his head in wonder.

"Of course I volunteered. And the Headmaster let me do it."

"The Headmaster?"

"Yes, I told him I was there and would be the best person to help heal you and I was."

Sirius gaped at Severus. He's the one who's been brewing my potion? The sharp sting of tears pricked his eyes, turning away from Severus he took the moment to regain his ground. He felt emotionally raw after everything that past few weeks and now he discovered that Severus was caring for him in more ways than one. Thankfully Severus let him gain his composure. He didn't say anything about Sirius' emotions taking over the situation. He inhaled deeply letting the knowledge sink in.

Severus checked his watch and frowned. "I have to go, but I'll be back with your potion as soon as class lets out then we'll go to the lake and have lunch. I don't want you around all those people just yet." Severus grabbed his hand quickly, squeezed then dashed off to Potions.

The moment he was gone Sirius scooted up against the bed and called out to the person that witnessed the whole exchange. "I know you're there. Next time try not to wear such squeaky shoes."

A light chuckled met his ears as James appeared in front of him. Hair all mussed, glasses askew, a sheepish grin curving his lips. "You heard that did you?" James walked over to his bed and plopped down in the same place Severus had been moments before.

"Yes I did and the curtain fluttering and you gasping." Sirius grinned at James who continued to grin then became serious a moment later.

James rushed Sirius, crushing him to his chest. "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." James mumbled in Sirius' hair. Sirius could hardly breathe with the death grip James had him in.

Sirius pulled away from a reluctant James who finally gave him some leeway. "I'm the one who jumped in the middle."

James shook his head, hair falling in his eyes, making him looking younger than he really was. "No that whole mess shouldn't have happened. No matter what I feel for you I should have respected your decision even if I hate it with my entire being."

"Ah, James there's nothing to forgive we all went about the whole thing wrong. Now let's try and move on and begin with today."

"But does it really have to be Snape?" James inquired.

Sirius glared at his best friend. "Don't even start or I'll hex you then we'll have to start all over." He softened the sting of the words with a smile. "Plus there's no changing my mind. Ever." Sirius added for emphasis. James finally got the hint and they chattered about the events that Sirius missed. Apparently Lily caught James' eyes again. Thank goodness.

"She's not you and I'll have to try and get over you before I even think about pursuing her. I can't compare her to you. That wouldn't be fair, but when we needed some to take over for beater in Quidditch she proved to be quite skilled." James' eyes flashed at the memory of the pretty red head that once again caught his eye. Hopefully it'd stay that way. Sirius had a hunch they'd make a good couple. "But enough about that I better get to class before I get caught here."

"I'll see you later."

"Only if nurse Snape will let anyone near you. He's kept a strict watch on you. He barely even let Remus come see you when you were out."


"Really don't get out of line with him or I'd watch out." James disappeared under his invisibility cloak leaving Sirius alone in his bed once again. He opted to take a short nap. When he woke up later he found his nose filled with wonderful aromas of a promising lunch.

"Thought that'd get your attention." Severus was by his bed with basket full of food that made his mouth water. "Saliva is meant to stay in your mouth," Severus said in disgust as Sirius wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Hey I'm hungry."

"Well then let's go before you flood the hospital wing." Sirius quickly changed into a pair of robes that Severus handed him. When he was changed they left down to the lake where they took up their normal spot underneath the willow. They ate in silence mostly because Sirius inhaled everything put in front of him. He was reprimanded by Severus several times to slow down or he'd be drinking more purple goop for the remainder of the week.

Fully sated Sirius laid his head in Severus' lap. Severus gently ran his fingers through Sirius' hair, making Sirius sleepy. Just the act of eating made him sleepy. Although he did eat like a ravenous animal, he was tuckered out.

Before he went into a deep sleep he asked Severus a question that just popped in his trance like state. "Where are we going to stay during the summer vacation?"

Severus' finger's stilled in his hair. "We? Stay? What are blathering on about now?"

Sirius opened his sleepy eyes to meet the dark gaze that bored in to his eyes. Sirius smiled a languid smile, Severus' cheeks turned a nice shade of pink. "I'm asking am I going to stay with you, or are you going to stay with me, or we can switch, I suppose?" Sirius contemplated the idea of staying with Severus and found he quite liked the idea. "It's settled we'll stay at your home."

Severus eyes widened. "Who said you could?"

Sirius pouted. "I can't?" He looked up at Severus through his lashes and bit his lower lip.

"I didn't say that." Severus stammered.

"Good then it's settled I'll stay with you for two weeks before school starts."

"You didn't mean that whole summer?" Severus glanced down at Sirius with a puzzled expression which made him look adorable.

Sirius leaned up and kissed the tip of his favorite hooked nose. "We'll have to see how long we can go with keeping our hands off each other." That earned him another delightful blush. Sirius laughed at Severus' expression and made himself comfortable in Severus' lap. Calm with the knowledge that Severus and him were headed to the future together wherever that may lead them.