"Edward, stop. Edward STOP!" I screamed.

"Get out of here NOW, before I kill you." Edward growls.

"Give me the girl." The man said.

"I should kill you for even thinking about her like that!"

What could the man be thinking I wondered, but I knew I had to keep Edward calm.

"Edward, stop, let's just go—"

And before I could say anything else, they began to fight, and I knew they weren't going to stop until they had a winner.

Chapter One

Bella's POV

It was three in the morning and I couldn't sleep for anything. I knew before I even opened my eyes again that Edward would be there in my room.

"Edward?" I whispered.

He came over to my bed and hummed his lullaby to me, picking me up in his arms rocking me gently. Usually this was like insta-sleep for me but not this time, but I didn't mind, I loved when he held me, so I didn't move.

"Edward?" I whispered again.

"Yes, Bella?" Edward says.

"I keep having this feeling like someone is watching me, or the house, or Charlie."

Edward jumps up immediately and is outside within a second, I doubt he even heard me say anything after I said someone was watching me. I could hear him making the sound of wind, him running.

"Get out of here." I hear Edward say, almost immediately.

I stood up and went to my window, frightened at who I might see out there. Who would be threatening me, let alone my family? I was too afraid to look out immediately but once I gained up the courage, I found myself slowly creeping up to it.

All I saw was darkness, everywhere. Where was Edward? Had he gotten hurt?

"Edward?" I half whispered, half yelled.

"Go back inside Bella. Now." I heard him say, using the tone of voice. It was dangerous out there.

I quickly shut the window and ran to my bed, whatever was out there, I knew Edward would take care of them, or it.

But before I could even think about who or what it could be, someone was grabbing my arm. I tried to scream out to Edward but they put their other hand around my mouth. Edward was outside, outnumbered I imagine, and before I could try to scream out to him again. Someone hit me in the chest, knocking the breath right out of me.

"Bella?" Edward called out to me. "Bella where are you?!"

I bit the man's hand who was holding me, and that made him let go for a second. I screamed as loud as I could, but because I was hit, I was still trying to catch my breath and it wasn't that loud at all.


"Shut up!" The man yelled and hit me in the face.

"If you touch her again, I will kill you without giving you a chance to explain yourself." Edward growled.

And the man, thinking Edward was bluffing, hit me again. Just as Edward promised, without any hesitation, he punched the man with such force, throwing him into the wall and possibly killing the man instantly.

There were about fifteen other guys, I knew Edward could take them all, but something stopped him from trying. One of them, was pointing their gun at my head.