Harry has defeated Voldemort using powers gained form his newly acquired, very rare and extremely powerful Animagus form. But this extraordinary gift has its downsides. And when Harry imprints on a stranger in the wood will he be able to complete the bond or should the question be will he want to. Ok so this is my second ever story and first ever Harry Potter fic so R&R.

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"You can be anywhere when your life begins, when the future just opens up before you!"



Chapter 1

Harry's warm breath misted in the cold night air as he made his way out of the castle grounds. He didn't really care where he was going; he just needed to get out. Away from all the staring and whispering that was now even worse than it had ever been before.

He had already been back at Hogwart's for over two weeks now and yet the school populace still could not seem to get enough of the-boy-who-triumphed.

It wasn't even just the starry-eyed first years. That Harry was convinced he could have handled, no, it was the people he grew up with, shared a room with and even some of the teachers, for peat's shake. It was ridiculous. He was still the same old Harry Potter, same oversized clothes, same untameable hair, he was still the same boy he was before that summer and the war had ever happened…Wasn't he? Yes- well apart from of the one exception that he now had an extraordinarily powerful and rare Animagus form, which had allowed him to surprise and overpower Voldemort, finally destroying the Dark Lord and all the pieces of his withered soul, once and for all. But other than that one little itty bitty thing he was completely the same.

The restless Gryffindor sighed, shaking his head to dislodge that train of thought he didn't want to go traipsing down that particular path of memory lane, in fact he didn't want to think at all. He just wanted to… well he wanted to run.

He had been sneaking out every few nights over the last week, whenever things got too much -which tended to happen quite often these days.

The scruffy youth settled down on the damp earth of the forbidden forest, the night so unelievable black, the light of the nearly full moon blocked by the surrounding trees.

With his back resting against the rough bark of an ancient tree, he let his breath come in a steady rhythm that was all too familiar now. He felt the shift inside him as he settled into his Animagus form; it was like soft light being moved from a small container to fill a lager one. The light was no less intense, just taking another shape, flexible as water. The light hummed as it filled his core and he opened his eyes, his enhanced sight making the once black surrounding forest seem as clear as if he stood there on a bright Sunday morning.

Standing gracefully, Harry shook out his newly transformed muscles and made his way through the thick undergrowth toward the glistening lake that rippled in the soft, scented breeze. The altered Gryffindor stopped there to gaze that his reflection in the moonlit depths.

"Strange" he thought, remembering that first time when he had managed to transform. He had been worried, no terrified, that he had gotten something wrong. Now in the dark reflection of the lake he admired his black as night mien, surrounding his cat like face. His dark fur so much more like a panthers than a lions - he was bigger then a lion too – more like three times the height, perhaps the size of a small dragon, with powerful muscles rippling under his midnight fur.

The glint of two small silver horns placed high on his wide forehead, just below the line of his mien, reminded him that his Animagus form was that of no simple lion. With a practiced motion Harry spread his crow-black wings in the night air behind him, the swirling gust of wind that resulted caused his mirrored image to stair and ripple.

The boy grinned and noted a soft purr protruding form his transformed chest. Hermione had been stunned when he confessed to her that he had secretly been trying to bring out his Animagus form and (as he had thought then) somehow managed to blotch it. In fact, she had been so shocked that she couldn't speak a word, which was an abnormal experience of the young witch.

Harry barked a laugh at the memory the sound echoing in the empty air above the colorless lake.

When Hermione had finally recovered, the vexed witch had ordered Harry to show her exactly 'what he'd done then'. Sighing, Harry had done complied and once he was in his newly achieved form, he waited for the verdict, knowing that he probably wasn't going to like the answer.

Unexpectedly it was Ron who'd spoken first "Well, sink me bloody sideways" the red head had remarked "It's like you're some kind of cross between a bird and a lion, sort of like a Griffin but… not" Ron had rambled intelligently, tiring to make sense out of what he had been seeing. "Bloody hell, Harry, you ain't half huge!" he'd blurted after a pause.

Harry had just rolled his huge eyes at that before closing them and concentrating on transforming back to his human form. After wiggling his dark eyebrows and grinning at Ron's awed look, both boys turned their attention to Hermione waiting expectantly.

The witch hadn't seemed to feel their gaze straight away. However, when she had finally noticed the silence, her eyes snapping up to meet the eager faces of her two best friends. She then had glanced from one to the other and realised that they were awaiting her theory. The flustered young witch had opened her mouth as if to say something, but then shut it again with a snap, a slow flush colouring her cheeks at the gap in her knowledge. She'd turned promptly and said in a clipped tone "I suggest that we go ask Hagrid."

Harry and Ron had traded disbelieving looks before a wicked grin had lightened up the redhead's face and they both hurried to catch up with the fast retreating witch.

The gamekeeper had been found in his hut that evening and after a sigh of relief at seeing, who had come knocking at such a late hour, the half giant admitted the three youngsters before quickly crossing the disproportioned room to firmly shut and lock the door to his small sleeping quarters. And judging of all the sound of scratching and growing coming from behind the closed door, Harry assumed that Hagrid's latest 'pet' project was yet another quite illegal one.

Once each of them had been settled with a cup of tea warming their chilled hands, Hermione had delved into the reason for their visit, describing Harry's Animagus form in bewildering detail, not even giving the flabbergasted boy a chance to speak for himself. She really must have been more irked by the gap in her knowledge then Harry first thought.

Hagrid's shaggy eyebrows rose comically high on his wide forehead. Every once in a while the big man shot Harry an incredulous look, seeking confirmation. Finally Hermione had told her tale (well Harry's tale, really) and the gamekeepers face set into an impressed, yet almost awed expression, and he had looked at Harry with new appraisal in his beetle eyes.

"This be the way of it 'arry?" he had rumbled, though there had been no doubt in his big face that he believed everything Hermione had just said.

When Harry just nodded, the half giant had cleared his throat and shifted back in his chair "Well, it sounds to me like your Animagus-form is a Lyfith 'arry."

Harry was pulled from the memory as an errant breeze pulled softy at his wings. Hargrid had been very helpful that night; his knowledge of rare creatures was astounding, and so they had talked well into the night, discussing a Lyfith's particular attributes and gifts.

He had found out that people couldn't lie around him or conceal the truth. He remembered this proving true when a few weeks later he had caught Ron using his invisibility cloak to sneak out to see Hermione: He had appeared as an empty space surrounded by a fading green shimmer at the end of his dorm bed, the same colour, so he noted, like his own emerald green eyes. The unconventional talent had also come in handy on a number of occasions when a certain beetle-shaped Animagus had crawled too close for comfort, most likely looking for a juicy story. The green glitter that had surrounded the irritating Rita Skeeter's Animagus form would thankfully catch his eye, and so allow him to prevent the creation of any other outlandishly exaggerated articles. Thank Merlin. It appeared that this ability worked even when he wasn't in his animal form for some unknown reason, a reason that Hermione had diligently set to work researching.

He also had learned that his large crow black winges were not just a horrible mistake as he had first thought, but would in theory allow him to fly. An aspect of his new form that Harry was excited to master, to fly with out the aid of a broom; his answering grin at the thought had been enthusiastic. However, flying proved to be harder in reality.

Harry had attempted it a number of times, the best he had managed, was a somewhat graceless soaring a few feet at a time, much to Harry's displeasure. The ability seemed to require an enormous amount of concentration, a hard thing to sustain when one was a few hundred feet off the ground. His strong muscled new form was at best ungainly in the air and after each botched attempt his whole body was stiff with strain.

He was just about to attempt the seemingly futile task once again when-

-Thwack -

Harry's sharp ears picked up the sound of a large branch breaking under the weight of something even larger, about half a mile from where he was standing now. Curiosity flaming as to who or what was with him in the forbidden forest, the young Lyfith made his way swiftly but quietly towards the source of the disturbance. Whatever it was, it was crashing around the densely populated forest and getting nearer with every thump for Harry's rapidly beating heart. The dark Lyfith hunched low to the ground, invisible in the shadows, like a wild beast stalking its prey.

There, in the small clearing before him was the most startling sight. A young dragon, not much larger than himself, ambled awkwardly around the forest floor, so unsure on its feet that Harry imagined it to be taking its first steps on solid ground; for it looked as clumsily there among the trees as Harry felt in high air. For some reason that thought made Harry smile, his chest producing a deep but light rumbling sound.

'Shit!' Harry thought in dismay as the sound penetrated the air.

However, with a quick glance at the preoccupied dragon Harry was reassured that he hadn't been heard, it appeared in fact that the wiry young dragon was too distracted trying to negotiate the direction of his tail to balance the weight of his fragile looking wings.

That's when the teenage wizard noted, that the dragon before him- the same dragon that was for all intense purposes chasing it own tail- was glowing with the same fading green glow that warned Harry of a concealment. This dragon was really a human. 'A dragon Animagus?' The baffled Gryffindor unintentionally rumbled his confusion, a sound the came out slightly threatening. Unfortunately this time it did draw the attention of the gawky dragon, whose head snapped up at the sound.

For one surprising moment Harry was shocked at the awareness and fear he perceived in those very human eyes, as grey and turbulent as an ocean. And then he was drowning in them. Looking in those eyes, a warm sense of belonging settled in his chest and an almost audible click, as an emptiness that he had never even realised was there was filled. Suddenly, he felt complete- a little flabbergasted perhaps- but complete for the very first time in his short life.

The Lyfith's eyes were wide, his breath coming out in heavy pants. What is this feeling? It was as if, in the very moment their eyes had met, his world had been flipped upside-down and the universe he had always known was now secure with the unlikely owner of those grey eyes at it very centre. This is where his life had been leading; His time at the Dursleys', school, Voldemort, all just trials on the journey to this moment.

Not a little awed, Harry took an unsteady step forward, his eyes intent on the creature in front of him, never dropping its gaze. The young dragon seemed as engorged in their eye contact as Harry was, though it stayed rooted in the same spot it was in, as when Harry first met its eyes.

Before he even realised it, he was nearly nose to nose with the unknown creature, he really was a little shorter the gangly dragon, its slim neck giving a few extra inches of height. Harry breathed in the strange sent which seemed to consist of wet grass, wind and… shampoo? A fact, that only seemed to reinforce the Gryffindor's belief that this really was a human in an Animagus form. Suddenly, Harry's curiosity was back. Who was this? How did they manage to have a magical creature for their Animagus form? And most pressing: Why on earth did Harry feel so drawn to them?

All these question bubbled up the Lyifh's throat and produced a confused growl, that broke the spell and suddenly the clumsy young dragon was everywhere in its effort to get away, it crashed into trees and stumbled over rocks, in its need to get away from Harry. The transformed Lion just sat on his hunches and watched, a perplexed smile on its face as the creature franticly ambled around the clearing looking for an escape but not getting very far at all.

Abruptly the Dragon turned back to face Harry and the young Gryffindor stood warily at the swift turn of events. But the other Animagus did not come any closer; instead it appeared to crouch down, pushing its wings forward and extending them to an almost completely vertical point.

Harry's furry head tilted to the side in puzzlement as he made to step forward, when suddenly the dragon took two great leaps forward, and just as it was about to crash head first into The-Boy-Who-Lived, it flung itself into the air opening its fragile wings and soaring gracefully into the cool midnight air.

Harry watched in awe, his huge jaw hanging open. For as awkward as the dragon Animagus had been on land, it was even more elegant in the air. The stunned teen gaped as the beautiful creature flew out of sight back towards the castle. In his mind a plan was already forming. He was going to meet the Animagus again.

Because one thing was for sure: He knew he just had to.


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