Summary: Harry has defeated Voldemort using powers gained form his newly acquired, very rare and extremely powerful Animagus form. But this extraordinary gift has its downsides. And when Harry imprints on a stranger in the wood will he be able to complete the bond or should the question will he want to. Ok so this is my second ever story and first ever Harry Potter fic so R&R.

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Chapter thirteen

Waking up in the Gryiffindor dorm was unsettling to say the least. Draco lay under Harry's red blankets and blinked up at the four heavy burgundy drapes that surrounded him, taking a moment to remember the events that had lead him to his present situation.

*Flashback *

"Hey guys." Potter greeted as he dragged Draco into the dorm room with out even giving the boy a chance to compose himself. The occupants of the tower room seemed to freeze as they saw who fallowed Harry in to their room. Draco used the hand that was not held captive by Potter to smooth down his somewhat ruffled hair self-consciously. Suddenly he was all too aware that they had just come form having shagging in the Room of Requirement. He steeled himself and tried to meet the four pairs of eyes that were even now staring at him in astonishment with some kind of dignity. He needn't have bothered, as the four teens were so absolutely flabbergasted that they seemed to have forgotten even basic motor skills. The Sltherin eyed each of them with a frown. Weasley's quidditch magazine lay forgotten in his lap his mouth agape, Dean Thomas seemed to have had abandoned the game of Wizards' Chess he had been playing with a younger Gryiffindor that Draco did not recognise and the curiously hostile looking plant Longbottom was watering appeared to be in grave danger of being drowned as Neville had overlooked that he still held the watering can over the saturated shrub.

If Potter noticed the blatant attention from his roommates he did not acknowledge it. Instead he towed Draco across the tower-room to what the Slytherin presumed was the boy's bed. Pushing Draco to sit on this unmade piece of furniture. The –Boy-Who-Lived quickly knelt by the large and somewhat battered looking chest at the foot of his bed, opening it hurriedly he grabbed out various toiletries along with two towels. All the while his roommates stood as silent onlookers.

"Right, well we're going for a shower then." Potter announced to the room at large. Draco as startled at this news as the others, frowned feeling quite put out. He had a good mind to tell the high-handed oaf to go by himself, but then the blond really had no desire to be left alone with the other Gryiffindors. So mustering all the dignity he could gather he strode pasted the amused young hero and into the shower room as if it had been his idea all along.

When he had reached the tiled room he looked around in disgust really Gryiffindor's sigil should have been a pig! The room was a mess. Bottles, toothpaste and discarded towels littered the area. He was about to say as much to Potter but just then realised that the other boy hadn't fallowed him in. Listening carefully he could make out voices in the other room. That moron Weasley was questioning Harry but The-boy who–lived was merely laughing off the redhead's queries, saying happily that yes Draco was staying the night. Draco could feel his cheeks heat at the thought for what must be going though the Gryiffindors' minds. 'Why did I agree to this again?'

The blond jumped a mile unprepared when Harry suddenly entered the bathroom without warning. The Gryiffindor only grinned and threw Draco one of the towels he had over his shoulder. After that both boys went about their usual nightly routines. After showering Malfoy changed in to the pyjamas that Potter had thoughtfully brought for him, they were horribly washed-out, oversized things and Draco grimaced at the sight of them. The blond wasted no time in conjuring a toothbrush for himself and tried not to blush as he performed such a familiar task under such extraordinary circumstances. By the time they exited the bathroom, the lights were out and the other boys were in bed. Draco could only be grateful.

After all that had happen that day the Slytherin was thoroughly exhausted and so he meekly followed the raven-haired boy to his bed, climbing in with a yawn and closing his side of the drapes. It wasn't till he was lying down and he felt the Gryiffindor pull him close and wrap his arms around him that Draco realised the significance of where he lay. This was Harry Potter's bed! His Mates bed. He felt his skin tingle through their shared bond and smiled, breathing in the scent of the other boy which surrounded him. He could feel Potter's chest moving rhythmically indicating that the brunette was already asleep. But Draco was awake and what's more he was painfully hard.

*Flashback end *

A glance to the left reassured the Slytherin that Potter was still asleep. It must have been early in the morning the Slytherin guessed. Honestly Draco was surprised he had even managed to fall asleep at all in this den of lions. What happen to his highly Slytherin self-preservation instincts? They must have deserted him but not until he had been awake for many hours after his Gryiffindor counterpart had scampered off to dreamland. Really Potter was inconsiderate prat. He rolled his eyes at the thought and turned onto his side to observe said prat and grimaced at the picture the slumbering brunette made. The Gryiffindor's hair usually messy had abandoned any pretence of order. Instead it was sticking out in every direction making Draco's fingers twitch to fix it. An impossible feat.

Potter chose that moment to stir causing the blond to catch his breath in anticipation but the other boy merely rolled onto his stomach and continued sleeping. The movement had however brought the unconscious teen closer to the middle of the bed and thus to Draco. The action had also dislodged a good amount of blankets that had previously been covering the brunette's back. Leaving an awful lot of bare creamy skin open for the Slytherin's perusal. Not that Draco was staring mind you, there just happened to be nothing else of interest in the immediate vicinity for him to rest his eyes upon.

After a moment Draco gave in to temptation and reached out to splay a pale hand over the Gryiffindor's smooth back and feeling the other heartbeat pulse steadily against his palm. He briefly considered gentle waking the young Lifith up with a kiss. But Potter hardly deserved that. So instead he placed his other hand on the boy's shoulder and shook him roughly.

Draco smirked as he watched the brunette gasped awake with shock, automatically reaching for his wand. "Merlin Draco, you scared the crap out of me!" Potter admonish, after green eyes met grey and the Gryiffindor visibly relaxed.

"Hey I'm going to get going, I have Ancient Ruins first thing this morning." the Slytherin said, making to leave. However before he could, the boy hero suddenly seized his arm and he was ruthlessly pulled until he found himself back on the bed with a pouting Gryiffindor partially on top of him.

"You can't go yet" Potter whined loudly, dropping a kiss on the unresisting boy's lips. "It's still early and-"

"And some of us are still trying to sleep!" broke in Ron Weasley disgruntled voice.

Potter grimaced sheepishly "Sorry." He called, his head falling upon the blond's chest in defeat. Draco's face flamed.


The end of the week found the young Slytherin in the library studying, he had gotten shockingly behind with homework since he had taken up with the Gryffindor Golden Boy. They seemed to spend all their time outside in the Forbidden Forest in their Animagus forms or in the Room of Requirement more intimately engaged. If they did spend any time studying it was on researching for any clues on Draco's attackers, not that it had done them any good as of yet.

The blond rolled his eyes at their futile efforts as he pulled his school robes more closely about him, it was the middle of November now and the weather was getting chilly. Looking back down at the slowly growing pile of completed assignments on the heavy oak desk before him and sighed.

It was more important than ever for him to get good results on his N.E.W.T.S. His mother was still ignoring his letters, at this rate he it was more than likely he would have to support himself when school finished. Where he should live? 'Maybe Wizarding London' the blond contemplated idly, wondering if Harry liked the city.

Draco shook his head at his folly and picked up his next assignment meaning to get back to work. However before he could enact this well-meaning plan he realised there was someone standing beside his table, startled he looked up into the nervous face of Neville Longbottom.

"Is someone sitting here?" the timid Gryiffindor asked.

Draco frowned up at the gawky teen in distaste 'What the hell was this?' he thought, astonished that the likes of Longbottom would address him as though he had a right to 'honestly spend one night in the Gryiffindor dorm and this oaf thinks we are Bosom Buddies.' he thought with derision. After a pronounced pause in which he eyed the flustered teen with one eyebrow hauntingly arched, Draco answered in his most affected drawl. "Yes… I am."

Inexplicably ignoring this sally the Gryiffindor just smiled as though the blond had told some predictable joke. Then to the abashed blond's abject horror Longbottom proceeded to pull out a chair opposite to Draco and sat down, unpacking such things as would be needed for what appeared would be a very lengthy study session. He had had just about enough of this Freak's encroaching ways. Bloody hell! If this was what came of saving someone's life Draco would leave well enough alone next time!

The Slytherin was just about to deliver himself of a blistering set down when he was surprised by the chair next to him being pulled out with a loud scrape. Scowling he watched as Hermione Granger sat herself upon it, not paying him the slightest bit of heed. She unpacked her books as she talked in animated whispers to one of those Patel girls who were pulling up a seat next to Neville. Looking around at all the unoccupied tables surrounding them the blond had to wonder if perhaps he had a sign on his back reading: 'Gryiffindors Welcome'. Draco just about to splutter his righteous indignation was distracted as the Mud-Blood looked up at him as is only noticing him for the first time. "Oh, hello Draco." Granger greeted. Glancing down at his pile of completed assignments she exclaimed, "Oh you've already finished Professor Binns essay." Smiling "I've been so focused on the Thesis for Arithmancy that I haven't got around to it yet. Have you done that one yet? We could exchange notes if you'd like?" the busy-haired witch suggested, holding out a thick roll of parchment.

The incensed Slytherin pressed his lips together tightly to keep from loudly depressing the girl's pretensions. Though really, why should he restrain himself? It was insufferable 'Who did these Gryiffindors think they were?' Draco thought despairingly 'On the other hand… Granger was top in the class in Arithmancy?'

He was still pondering what to do when Blaise and Pansy appeared at his over-crowded desk and settled themselves into the two remaining chairs as though a matter of course. "So what are we studying" Pansy inquired disinterestedly, her thin eyebrows raised.

Draco sighed feeling defeated 'Oh, what the hell!' "Arithmancy" the bond replied, taking the proffer sheets from Granger.


They had been out a few times flying together over the last few night, each trying to show off and out manoeuvre the other. However today they were going to try sometime a little more daring and Harry still wasn't a hundred percent sure that it was a good idea. It had all started with a question Malfoy had asked one night while they where sprawled out together on the faded coach that sat before the fire in the Room of Requirement. "That day I was attacked," the blond had begun, turning his pale face to look up at Harry form where his head rested in the Gryiffindor's lap. "You said that you flew me back to the castle in your Lifith form, right?"

"Yeah…?" Harry had answer, unsure of what the Slytherin leading to.

"Well what was it like, carrying someone on your back? Wasn't I heavy?" The pale teen queried.

Harry had paused, how should he have answer this? He couldn't really have said that he didn't remember because he had been out of his mind with worry and had thought of nothing but to get his injured Mate back to Hogwarts and the care of Madam Pomfrey. That would have been embarrassing. So instead he had nodded and said "Yep, really heavy, so heavy in fact that I thought my wings might snap and that we'd plummet to the ground and die but that this would have been preferable fate to having to carry you for another instant." Harry grinned down at the Slytherin's affronted face.

The blond had whacked him hard against the chest and had said with a huff "Well if it was that difficult I am surprised that you managed it at all."

"Yes," the Gryiffindor had agreed, running his fingers through the fine strands of platinum hair "I suppose it was all that saving the world business at prepared me for so heroic a feat" he mused sardonically.

"Har har, Potter." At that point the Slytherin had sat up with a conspiratorial gleam in his eyes. "Fine, then I want to try it." Malfoy had announced and automatically Harry had nodded his head placatingly, having missed the contact with the other boy. Absentmindedly he had leaned in to kiss the ivory skin of Malfoy's slender neck. "And what's more I bet I'll do a better job then you!" the blond added, before he had wrapped is arms around the Gryiffindor's neck.

Now as he sat on the Dragon's narrow back in the cold night air, facing down the dubious ride Harry was regretting having accepted the challenge so easily. He sent a heated glare towards the Dragon's neck, as if to say 'This is all your fault.' and tried to find something to hold on to as the Animagus started to bound toward the edge of the dark embankment. Cosing his green eyes tight he tried not to gasp as Malfoy unfurled his wings and lunched into the air.

Harry stifled a cry of fright, as they did not immediately rise in to the sky but dropped with bewildering speed toward the rapidly approaching ground. However before Harry could think to reach for his wand, Malfoy had redoubled his efforts and with a great beat of his leathery wings the soared upwards into the chilly darkness.

Malfoy flew in lazy circles for a long time, raising and dipping with the air currents. Surprisingly the Gryiffindor found that he enjoyed this new form of flying immensely, even going so far as to spread his arms wide to feel the wind race through his fingers. He could see for miles, over the great stretch of the Forbidden Forest, across the gleaming water of the Black Lake and in the distance he could even make Hogwarts in the gloomy darkness.

The young hero gripped tightened as the Dragon abruptly picked up speed. Only the slight constricting of the hard muscles under his leg give him any warning as to the Animagus's next move. This was to dive down in a low arch picking up farther speed, then swiftly the Dragon pulled in his greens to enable him to make a spinning kind of roll mid-air. Leaving The-Boy-Who-Lived gasping.

When he had recovered enough to realise that the strange noises he could hear were actually coming from the young Animagus and that these were sounds of amusement, Harry pouted and complained, "Bloody hell Draco! If you are going to fly like that you can put me down now." The young Gryiffindor informed him only half serious.

However it appear that Malfoy had taken him at his word for an enormous backward sweep of his wings brought the Dragon to a sudden standstill, too sudden for Harry who was totally unprepared was flung forward over the Animagus's head and straight into the icy water of the Black Lake.

Harry's head broke out of the frigid water with a gasp. Thankfully Malfoy had chosen to drop him not very far from the shore. His sodden clothes weighing him down, he swam the short distance to the stone beach. Heart beating wildly at the unexpected exertion, he crawled out of the freezing lake on hands and knees, his sopping garments hanging loosely about him. Harry collapsed onto his back binking up at the night sky and he heard the familiar tread the Slytherin's feet once more in human form come to a stop directly above his head.

Cracking an eye, he glared up into the darkly amused face of Draco Malfoy: bane of his life.


It had been Malfoy's idea for them to come to the Prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor, promising that he would find a way to warm the Gryiffindor up again. However when they got there they found the bathroom already occupied by Moaning Myrtle unfortunately until they had mostly undressed each other. Harry was pulling the belt from Malfoy's Trousers his mouth taking the blond's in a heated kiss, when they heard an unnervingly high pitched giggle coming from one of the stalls. The boys froze with dread.

"Ooooh, no fair!" the ghost whined, floating out of her cubical and towards the half-dressed boys. "And it was just getting to the good part to!" Myrtle pouted, sending a saucy leer to the Gryiffindor's hand that still clutched Malfoy's belt buckle.

The Slytherin's eyes went wide as his cheeks flooded with embarrassment. The young Pureblood took a quick step back, using his hands to cover his all to obvious arousal. Harry on the other hand stepped in front of his Mate defensively, frowning up at the unwelcome spirit

"Beat it, you Spectorial Hag!" the Slytherin had spat, aiming his wand at Moaning Myrtle.

"How rude." Myrtle whined "I'll have you know that was in here first, just minding my own business when you two burst in here-past curfew might I add- and starting doing perverted things." She paused and then said with a huff "Why I have a good mind to go straight to the headmaster."

"NO! No, don't do that." Harry cried in trepidation, his hand on the blond's wand arm trying to lower it.

Malfoy growled but relented with a huff. "She had better bloody not."

Harry's green eyes flickered back at the Slytherin's for a moment thinking fast, before he turned his gaze once more upon Moaning Myrtle consideringly, a wicked smiled curving his lips. "Don't worry she's not going to do that." he had said confidently.

"Humph, well I don't see why I shouldn't?" The girl complained with a sniff.

"For one very good reason." The-Boy-Who-Lived smirked, raising his black eyebrows before continuing slowly "If you bugger off now, Draco here" he indicated the blond behind him "will give you a private peep tomorrow." With a huge grin he had clapped the flabbergasted Slytherin on the back. He did not look at the blond but kept his eyes on the ghost before them waiting for her answer, which was a shame because Malfoy really was something to behold whilst caught in the throes of spluttering indignation.

Moaning Myrtle pouted, mulling it over of a second before nodding "Fine." She dragged her eyes over Malfoy's body making the blond cover his bare chest self-consciously "I'll see you tomorrow then, Draco." She said with a coquettish giggle and a wink before disappearing through the roof.

Harry turned then; taking in the blond's shocked appearance he smiled and placed a gentle kiss on the boy's frozen lips. "And that's pay back for the lake." The Gryiffindor beamed.

"You Bastard!" the blond laughed, shoving Harry's chest "You don't really expect me to strip in front of that perverted blob of worthless ectoplasm, do you? Malfoy asked, pouting seductively as he trailed a pale finger down the other boy's bare torso.

"No." Harry agreed "But she will." He laughed at Draco's appalled look.


It felt good to emerge his cold body in the warm water of the bath with a sigh, of course he had spelled himself dry once he had climbed out of the lake but it was suppressing how the chill really seeped into your bones. He was exhausted. He and Draco had rapidly gotten rid of what little was left of their clothing and tumbled in to the steaming water of the bath. They had then proceeded to have a steamy make-out session in the heated water. It hadn't taking long, some scorching snogs and a few firm strokes and the boy's where climaxing in each others' hands.

Currently Harry sat on the wide submerged step that resided about a meter under the water's surface, it made of an excellent seat. His legs were spread wide and Malfoy rested between them with his smooth back against the Gryiffindor's chest. He listened absentmindedly to his blond Mate rant contently about the numerous things that had offended his fine sensibilities that day, tracing his finger over the triangle of freckles behind the other's pale ear.

He idly wondered at their opposing personalities, which show themselves even in their post-orgasm habits for while Harry leaned towards sedate silence, Draco seemed to have a tendency to chatter. Not that Harry mind it at all, in fact it was quite cute really, not to mention that he loved the tone of the other boy's voice. He doubted that the Malfoy even realised he was doing it. It wasn't too often that Pureblooded teen felt secure enough to let his guard down, let the mask slip. Harry smiled and placed a kiss on the spot he had been caressing so fondly.

"Mmm well that's nice Potter but it doesn't really answer my question now does it?" The amusement was clear in the Slytherin's tone.

The brunette blinked having just realising he was being addressed. "Oh… Sorry what was the question?"

"I was asking wither or not you agreed that McGonagall was out of order?" Malfoy repeated somewhat dryly.

"Yes, completely out of order." Harry instantly answered and then thought "Out of order about what?"

The boy in his arms snorted with laughter and Harry could all too clearly picture him rolling his beautiful grey eyes "With this punishment of her! Honestly she will probably have us doing detention's right up to Christmas Eve." The blond complained.

"Yeah I know, I have no idea when she expects us to get our Christmas shopping done." The green-eyed hero agreed thoughtfully. "But she wouldn't keep us from going home over the holiday's." he added fairly.

The Gryiffindor was surprised when the blond suddenly exacted himself from Harry's arms moving to sit next to him instead. The blond avoided meeting the Lifith's questioning gaze, as he said "I suppose you'll be going to the Weasley hovel then?" there was a mocking curl to his lips.

Harry just nodded, confused at the sudden change in the other boy's attitude. "Yeah, though it will probably be really boring this year, what with Ron going off to Hermoine's to meet her parents." Malfoy's frown cleared somwhat at the sound of the Gryiffindor's less an enthusiastic response. He lifted grey eyes to Harry's as The-Boy-Who-Lived asked "You to the Manor?"

Harry had expected an automatic affirmative to this query, and so was not a little surprised when Draco looked very conscious for a moment "Actaully, Christmas at the Manor is terribly dull." The Slytherin started hesitantly. "I though that perhaps I might stay here this year." The boy shrugged with assumed casualness.

"What, really?" Harry asked in disbelief. He had never known Malfoy- in all the years that they had been at school- not to go home for the Holiday's. "Won't your mother want you home?" The only answer he got was a derisive snort and a shake of the head. "Well then maybe I could stay too?" Harry suggested, raising his black brow's as he watch the other boy's face closely.

"Won't the Waesley brood protest the absence of your Oh-So-Fabulous presence?" the blond queried, busily inspecting his perfect cuticles.

This barb went wide as the Raven-haired boy brushed aside the objection, saying "Oh well, I could just send Mrs Weasley a note explaining, I'm sure she's understand I'd I would rather spend the holiday with my boyfriend." Harry said warming to the idea for a Christmas with Draco.

"Do what you want." The Blond teen replied brusquely but Harry could see the light bush and the small smile that threaten to break out over the Slytherin's face.

"Well then, I will." Harry whispered softly, turning the Draco's face to place a gentle kiss on the blond's lips.

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