Mask and Marks
By: M14Mouse

A/N: Went I wrote this poem. It had nothing to do with LotR. When I read the poem again, it remember me of Frodo and his relationship with the ring. Strange. I do hope you enjoy this poem. Just read. Review if you like.

Dust off this mask of silver and guilt.
Wash away its bleed, black marks.
Even clean.
The smell of guilt and rage still full the air around this hollow piece of nothingness.
Even the scatter, the mask still digs into the skin.
Make the blood flow like wine.
Make the guilt, rage, and dark thoughts dig deep into the skin.
Disappear under the skin but is still there.
Like a thorn in your skin.
Always there...Always digging.

To take away the mask like taking a bottle from a baby.
Mask is the shield and protection from oneself.
Marks are the wounds and scratches are your demons try to pull always the mask.

How close.
How close do they come for you?
The demons of the mask and marks.
How close and far will you go to protect oneself....One true self.

One true lie.