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Kaoru closed his eyes sullenly as his twin brother left once again to escort their cross-dressing friend, Haruhi, to her house, 'It hurts so much when he leaves me alone now…' The boy sighed as he got into their limo that was meant to take them both home together. The red head looked out the window as the scene kept changing from the trees to streets then back to trees again.

"Hitachiin-san." The driver spoke up from the front once he noticed that only one of his wards was in the car, "Where is your brother?"

Kaoru looked to the driver and smiled slightly, "He chose to escort a friend home." Although he did smile, those words had turned a knife inside of his stomach. The reality of his elder brother leaving him forever was to harsh for him to handle.

The driver nodded once not noticing the young one's pain and went back to driving the limo.

When the boy was sure that the attention was averted from himself, he closed his eyes tightly to try and stop the tears from sliding down his face. And his attempt worked, until he reached the house where he remembered that he would be alone for some time before his brother got home. Then the salty water made itself known on the younger twin's face, as he walked inside of the mansion sullenly.

Hikaru hummed happily as he walked to his house, after he had walked with Haruhi to her house and was invited to come in by her dad, he was offered some great commoner's food. He had enjoyed talking to her father about how she was when she was younger. The teen had learned a lot about the cross dressing girl.

He took out his phone to call for his driver when he had walked a fair distance from the girl's apartment, and waited as the ringing tone had started. When the man answered he told him where he was at and closed the phone .

'I hope Kaoru wasn't that lonely while I was gone' He had thought to himself as he looked at his watch. The teen had left his twin almost two hours before, and was kind of worried. Hikaru sat on a bench by the side of the street as he waited for the driver, 'Kaoru has been kind of distant lately…' he thought to himself when he realized that he hadn't actually had a real conversation with his twin for a while.

The limo stopped in front of the boy and the driver got out and greeted him politely. Once Hikaru was inside of the car, it pulled away from the curb and onto the street towards the Hitachiin mansion.

Kaoru had been about half way through his book when his brother got home. He'd been waiting just inside of the front room so he couldn't miss his brother's entrance. He crushed that feeling of loneliness before it made itself known on his face from when the maids kept asking where his twin was, and placed his bookmark in the book before closing it, "Did you have fun with Haruhi?"

Hikaru smirked and nodded' "Yeah, I got to eat some commoner food" His smirk turned into a smile as he looked at his twin, "How where you while I was gone?"

Kaoru smiled and shrugged, "I was alright, just read some more of my book." He looked down at the object in his lap, hoping that his brother wouldn't see that he was lying, but at the same time, really wanting him to.

Hikaru shook his head, "You have to get out more Kaoru." he said playfully, and with that he left his younger brother to go to their room.

The tears had no way of stopping now, 'How could he not notice? He always notices…' Kaoru placed his hand over his mouth to stop the sob that was bubbling up his throat. The reality of his brother leaving him was crashing down on him full force now, Kaoru felt his chest constrict his breathing as he cried silently. He knew his brother would be coming down again when he got bored up there, so he quickly made his way to the downstairs bathroom.

Closing the door behind him, he turned on the shower to muffle his crying, one thought kept going through his mind keeping the tears from stopping, he couldn't get it out of his head.

'I'm losing him…forever…'

Kaoru held his arms over his chest in distress and tried to take deep breaths to calm himself down,he placed his hand over his mouth once again and quietly cried into it, 'He's moving on...leaving me behind...'He wiped his eyes again, and stared at the floor, 'I can't hold him back... I can't not let him go... but if I stay I wont be able to bear it...' Kaoru sniffed and wiped his eyes again, 'Don't leave a note, don't say goodbye, don't let them find you.' He thought to himself determinedly, 'Its the only way i will be able to let him go without a fight. I have to runaway.'

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