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Cliché One: The Game Show

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: Hello everyone and welcome to my game show, THE WARRIORS DEATH GAME OF SINGING DOOM PLUS DARES!

"Um, excuse me, but script form isn't allowed," said a random reviewer. "You're suppose to talk like this."

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: Saids who?

"The fan fiction gods. You know, the ones that made this site. And by the way, 'saids' isn't a word. It's 'says.'"

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: Oh, $%^ !&* !(* &^$--

"--What are you, twelve? That's not how you cuss. Better delete that before your mommy sees it."

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: I do so know how to cuss! I do it in real life all the time! *Gets self together* Anyway, back to the show! In this show, were--

"You forgot the apostrophe."

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: I'm not listening to you, your a--

"Actually, it's 'you're', your is only used--"

Shimmery-Sparklyheart:Blah blah blah I'm not listening! ANYWAY, now for our first contestant! Ashfur!

Clones:BOOOO! BramblexSquirrel is the way to go!

Ashfur: What's going on…?

"No, Ashfur! Don't use the script form! Talk like I am!" yelled the random reviewer.

"Oh, like this?" he answered.

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: Blah blah blah, still not listening!

Clones:We dare him to makeout with Nightcloud! Most hated tom x most hated she-cat!

"But cats can't kiss, never the less makeout…" the reviewer stuttered, many a sickening image coming to mind.

"Yeah! And I kinda sorta already had/have a mate! Erin said that I would be with Whitewing!" Ashfur screamed.

Shimmery-Sparklyheart:Well, that's too bad. Whitewing hates you almost as much as I do. So go and cry in the corner with Nightcloud. *Commands him to cry, and to use script form*

Ashfur:Wait! What's going on! Why am I so OOC! *Cries*


"Wait, what? 'Sucks acorns?' More twelve-year-olds trying to cuss…"

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: Well, that's all for today folks! Next time, I'm going to make them SING!

"But wait, you can't do that… It's against the rules the fan fiction gods have set for us… No song lyrics… DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR THE RULES ANYMORE!

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: Rules are meant for breaking and I'll continue to break them long after they kick me off this site!

"But how? If you're kicked out…"

Shimmery-Sparklyheart: %$ $W! Good night folks!

"This is so getting reported…"

I had a request for this, so, there ya go! :) Sorry if the formatting is hard to read; I couldn't really think of a way to make it easier on the eye and accurate...