Title: To Forgive the Unforgivable

Full Summary: Hermione is rescued by someone during the Last Battle. She knows its one of the Malfoys. After keeping Draco and his wife out of Azkaban. She fails to do the same for Master Malfoy. Five years later she is sick of Ron cheating on her and snaps. Ron snaps back in a violent way and she leaves him. She turns to her friends, but Harry and Ginny are travelling around the world and can't be reached, while Draco and Pansy are there for her but what she really needs is her knight in Dark Armour to rescue her once again. She takes on a particular case that leads he straight into the arms of her Dark Knight.

Well my trusted readers here is a new story. i will continue with Her bright Darkness but I'm not quite sure how to proceeed with it. I know what is going to happen but putting it down on the computer is harder than I thought. Well I hope you like.


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It was so dark. The screams and the cries as the battle raged on. Hermione wanted to close her eyes and pretend that this was all a bad dream… but she knew that wasn't possible. She had to keep her head held high and hex anyone that tried to take her down. She span around at the crazy cackle of Bellatrix LeStrange.

"Oh, Mudblood! Expelliarmus!"Her voice was a sickening parody of a sing-song tone as Hermione's wand flew out of her hand. "Oh, Mudblood. What brings you out here? Oh that's right! Your friend, the Boy-Who-Doesn't-Know-How-To-Die is rushing to his execution! Great fun! Now I can deal with you!" Hermione glared at her coldly, her eyes held no fear, just a steady resolve of the inevitable.

"You find this situation extremely funny don't you?" Her voice finally broke and turned hoarse. She had been shouting all day and it was bound to happen. Bellatrix only laughed.

"You have no idea. Ready to die mudblood?" What Hermione said next surprised all the near Death Eaters.

"Yes." It is such a simple word, yes. Holds so much power within that single syllable. Bellatrix looked utterly confused, as if Hermione had hit her with a Confundus charm.

"But don't you want to fight? Cry? Beg me for your life?" Hermione shrugged her face impassive.

"What difference would it make? You will still kill me but get the pleasure of getting to see me grovel. Not likely. So kill me. Do it." The woman raised her wand but her face was uncertain. Hermione repressed the urge to sigh. "Do. It." Bellatrix frowned and her hand steadied.

"I thought I would have gotten a bit more of a fight out of you, Granger." Hermione gave a small smile.

"Well if it's a fight you want…" She lifted her hand and with a quick wave, her wand returned to her hand. "Then you shall get one." Bellatrix's face returned to its half insane state.

"Yes, Mudblood. A fight we shall have." She waved her wand. "Crucio!" Hermione's body seized with a crippling pain, but she didn't scream, she had done enough of that already. She had thought that after being tortured for hours by this woman would have lessened the pain. It hadn't. Bellatrix lifted her wand, and tsked.

"I thought you would know how to defend yourself." Hermione stood up and gave a small stretch. As if she had been merely sleeping, not on the receiving end of an Unforgivable.

"I do." She gave a cruel smile. "My turn." And with a slashing motion at Bellatrix, purple light flew out of her wand. Bellatrix doubled over and fell on to the ground. Hermione turned around to find Ron or some one she knew, but a small movement made her turn around. Bellatrix looked at her and raised her wand.

"See you in Hell, Mudblood." Hermione's eyes went wide. "Avada Kedavra!"Hermione closed her eyes against the green light. Strong, warm arms wrapped around her and she felt disorientated as she spun through the sky. They landed gently, close to a mile away from the fight. Hermione's breathing was labored and she felt dizzy and light-headed. She was wounded from the fight and the blood loss was great. The arms held her for a moment longer before they let her go, albeit a tiny bit reluctant to do so. She turned around just as the man took off. Glimpsing a flash of black and a flash of the palest yellow she had ever seen, right before she collapsed.

"Mione! Wake up!" Hermione groaned. She wanted to sleep, she was cold but the darkness was so comforting. Ron shook her violently. "Don't you dare die on me, Mione!" Hermione wanted to tell him to fuck off and leave her sleep. He shook her again.

"That is no way to treat and injured woman, Mr. Weasley." The tone was velvet over her ears. Hermione gave a low moan as Ron's hands tightened on her wounded shoulder.

"You stay away from her! You bloody bastard! I will kill you!" Just as Ron said it though, there was a chuckle. It sounded cruel and evil, but it slid over Hermione's skin making warm little shivers all over her body.

"I am merely pointing out that you shouldn't be shaking her, in such a manner. She is clearly injured." The bruising, painful grip on her shoulder was suddenly gone. "And pay attention to where you grasp her, Weasley!" The tone was cutting, and Hermione wanted to cheer it on if she hadn't been so tired and in this much pain.

"Can you not see that there is a wound there?" The silky voice continued. Hermione groaned as Ron roughly checked it out. The pain was terrible, but the sound of someone getting cracked upside of the head with an open hand amused her, temporarily distracted her from the pain.

"You bloody git! I will hex you for that!" Ron's voice sounded so humiliated that Hermione wanted to laugh.

"You do it gently! Do you think that just because she is unconscious, that she does not feel pain! Gently." With those words a warm gentle hand slowly examined the wound, the simple touch sent shivers down her body. The pain abated and she gave a contented sigh. "See Mr. Weasley? Gently. Now, what else do you do?" She could hear Ron snort.

"Wake her up, so she can help with the rest of us." Wrong answer. Hermione thought to herself.

"You stupid boy! You think that just because she is Hermione Granger that she can go back to working in her condition? You can't possibly believe that!" The tone was condescending, and unbelieving. An interesting combination. Hermione thought to herself after a few seconds.

"Well, yah. She's strong, she can handle it." She could hear the other man hiss in frustration.

"She is not as strong as you think, Weasley. She is only a woman. They may hide things, pain, fear, frustration, and all the other blasted emotions. But It doesn't meant they are indestructible! They hurt, they cry. They feel pain, Mr. Weasley! And if you won't take that into consideration. Then I will." The warm hands were back. They gave her a relief from the pain, her eyes fluttered. "May I pick you up? I need to bring you to St. Mungo's, Miss. Granger."

"You will not touch her, you bloody rotter!" Hermione ignored Ron's ranting, and without opening her eyes gave a slow nod.

"It seems, Miss. Granger has no such qualms." With that he slowly put his arms around her and lifted her up. A whimper of pain escaped. "Shhhhh. You will be well soon, Hermione." The way her name rolled with the velvety tones made her tremble. Suddenly the tumbling motion was back. She whimpered again and rested her face against a hard chest. She took a deep breath in. Sawdust, soap, with a hint of spice. She sighed and let herself relax. These arms were familiar. These arms belonged to the flash of black and pale yellow. These arms she could trust. As she flew through the night in the arms she realized that she trusted these arms, and the person attached to them, more than anything else in this world.

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