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Five years later

Hermione groaned as a sharp cry woke her up. A warm hand pushed her back down as she went to get up to grab the baby.

"I'll get him." Hermione mumbled her thanks and her husband gave her a brief kiss on the lips before disappearing to the nursery. Hermione sat up and looked at the clock. The numbers showed it was five in the morning. She groaned and ran her hands through her hair. A small girl with platinum blonde curly hair ran into the room and jumped on the bed. Hermione laughed and grabbed her quickly. They wrestled for a few minutes before Hermione called mercy. Samantha Tibby Malfoy, affectingly nicknamed Ronny for her bright blue eyes, sat back with her hands on her hips.

"Well Mummy. Aren't you going to make breakfast?" Hermione laughed at the little girl's tone.

"Oh, Ronny, you are so much like your father." Ronny smiled and Hermione's gaze traveled over to two small figures in the doorway. They were closely followed by Lucius holding a blue bundle in his arms. The two small figures, Nadalie and Tobias Malfoy opened and closed their chubby fists wanting to come up onto the bed. Hermione laughed again and reached down and helped them up. Lucius walked to the other side of the bed and sat down as the twins curled up on either side of Hermione. Ronny crawled over to her father and sat beside him looking at her baby brother. Hermione smiled and cuddled with the twins as she looked over watching Lucius bottle feed the youngest of their children, James Perth Malfoy.

"He was just hungry." Hermione smiled at her husband.

"I bet." Lucius leaned over and kissed Hermione gently. The twins smiled, Ronny made a face and James burped. Hermione and Lucius laughed at their little family.

"Is, brother Draco coming over?" Hermione smirked.

"Why, yes he is. Just for your birthday. So is Abigail, Lucian, and Severus. And Pansy and Scorpio, and Dominic. Also Harry, Ginny, Albus, Rose, and the others." Lucius smirked at her.

"What can't remember the names?" Hermione laughed.

"There is just so many." Lucius chuckled.

"They have no more than we do." Hermione groaned.

"Don't remind me." Ronny frowned her bright blue eyes, that reminded Hermione so much of Ronald, filled with tears.

"You don't want us?" Hermione gave her a small smile.

"Of course I do! I want each and everyone of you. I just realize I would have so many of you." Lucius bounced James slightly and the boy cooed.

"It's okay little bird. Mummy's just mean." Ronny's eyes went wide.

"Mummy's not mean! She just doesn't think before she speaks that's all." Hermione and Lucius burst out laughing causing the Nadalie, Tobias and James to cy. Hermione and Lucius chuckled as they soothed the children. When the last tear was wiped away Hermione announced that they all had to get dressed. The twins ran from the room giggling and Ronny rolled her eyes and followed. Hermione took James and played with his little toes and fingers while Lucius took a shower. She smiled at the baby with love and rocked him back and forth.

"Who's the little boy I love?" James's stormy grey eyes looked at her blankly. "You are! Who's the last little baby I'm having?" James laughed and blew bubbles.

"You are! You are just so cute!" James waved his hands around and Hermione continued the little conversation for ten minutes before looking up. Lucius leaned against the bathroom door in jeans and a silk long sleeved shirt. He walked over and kissed Hermione gently.

"The last, are you sure?" Hermione smiled, and patted her flat stomach.

"No. After this one I am sure." Lucius smiled brightly.

"Another one?" Hermione laughed and nodded.

"What can I say? You keep me busy.' Lucius chuckled and kissed her again.

"What can I say. You look so good when you go to bed. I just can't keep my hands off." Hermione chuckled and handed James over to his dad. She went to the bathroom and quickly brushed her teeth and her hair. She opened the bathroom door quietly and smiled. Lucius sat in the middle of the bed and all the kids had came back in and sat around him. Hermione grabbed her wizard camera and snapped a picture.

"So cute!" Lucius chuckled.

"When the little ones get off of me. I'm going to get you." Hermione laughed and took off out the door.

"Only if you can catch me!" She could hear the kids laughing and she smiled to herself. Life was perfect. No matter how hectic and chaotic it got. No matter how things didn't go as planned. As long as there was love to hold everything together they would make it through their lives. She laughed as she heard her husband's foot steps chasing her. The children laughed and followed after him.

Ronny had James and was shaking her head at her parent's actions. But she had to smile. They loved eachother and all of them with their whole hearts.

"See James. Mummy is pregnant again and you get to have a little brother or sister." i know you were just born six months ago but its okay. I had three years with no siblings. It was pretty lonely. Although Daddy and Mummy were there. I was happy when the twins were born. And I;m happy you were born too." She kissed the little boy on the cheek. "Lets go wait in the kitchen. The others will be there soon." James stared at her with wide grey eyes and he laughed. Ronny giggled as well.

"At least we are happy." She frowned, her bright blue eyes seemed to remember something that happened a lifetime ago. "And at least some of use get second chances."


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