By: Piano man 101

Van rolled over in bed looking over to the clock on his bedside. It read 5:00 A.M. in blinking red letters. He began thinking (like every other day.) how horrible his life had turned out. He lived in a piece of crap apartment working in "His father's business" hadn't gone over well. (He quit.) The only joy he found was in his black Jaguar (Find it here: ..) He some how managed to drag himself out of bed. He sat in his living room quietly sipping his coffee watching GMA. At about 7:00 A.M. he walked out of his apartment to find his annoying neighbor Edward Eckerson sitting outside (His girlfriend locked him out.)

"HEY THERE NEIGHBOR!" said Edward.

"Shut up." Said Van. He'd thrown on his finest suit and kept walking. Once outside he opened his car door. He went to start the car but it wouldn't start. He rolled up the window. (His preacher lives across the street and was sitting outside.) He began shouting profanities at his car as he repeatedly tried to start on the 150th try (He was keeping count.) it started and Van rolled down the window and began pulling out but he hit the neighbor's mailbox Van ignored it and drove away.

"Piece of crap car, Piece of crap apartment, piece of crap life." He mumbled as he pulled up to the local bar. (To which he goes to for karaoke and wine.) He drug himself out of the car and walked in. He saw Joel and Davey sitting in a corner booth they both looked drunk.

"Already drunk and it's not even eleven." Said Van. He sat down next to Jasper who was smoking a fat cigar. Van walked over and sat next to Polly, Percy and Marian. He looked over at the in booth TV.

"Oooooooooooh…Lobe Boat!!!" shouted Dick as he entered. Van started bashing his head against the table. Finally Polly clutched his head.

"Thanks." He mumbled.

"No problem." Said Polly.

"Vent please." Said Van.

"Go ahead." Said Polly.

"Not here." Said Van.

"Where at?" asked Polly.

"My car." Said Van. She stood up and wrapped her arm around Van they walked out together to his car. They sat next to each other.

"Polly, my life sucks." Said Van.

"What no. No it does not." Said Polly offering comfort to Van.

"Yes it does my car sucks, My apartment sucks, My life sucks, I lost my job the only solace I find is this bar and in venting to you." Said Van resting his head on her shoulder.

"I'm falling apart." He mumbled.

"Don't worry. Please." Polly consoled. She leaned over and placed a small kiss on Van's lips. She pulled away.

"Thanks Polly. For everything." Said Van sounding a little more enthusiastic about life.

"Listen don't worry about it. Go inside and get a drink because your breath still smells like coffee." She said. Van chuckled a bit. They both got out of the car and walked back into the bar. As he stepped into the bar he shouted over to the bartender.

"Red wine for me." He said. He sat back down. He began frowning at his little brother. He listened to the music. Frowning.

"Country…" he mumbled under his breath. He stood up and threw on his brown trench coat. He walked out to his car and popped in his Eagles tape. ("Hotel California" of course.) He began driving home. He arrived to find that his cat had been tearing at his couch. (Nearly beyond repair.)

"PAUL!!!! What have you done to my couch? I worked forever to make enough money to pay for that." Yelled Van trying to be quiet because his neighbors work nightshift and they were trying to sleep.