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Touch my Dobe and Die

Chapter 2: Excuse me, WHO has Naruto?

Say, do you happen to have any patience?

Really, could I borrow some? I'm running extremely low on it.

I mean, for someone who was on edge just twenty minutes ago, it's weird that such a drastic change in my mood occurred.

I am now beyond pissed and extremely worried.

Psh, worried? No, I meant uh, eager to fight. Yup.

I wish I could see the damn moon, at least then I could tell what time it is. Stupid mist. Stupid kidnappers. Stupid Naruto.

I groaned audibly and dug the heels of my palms into my closed eyes. Ok, so maybe this wasn't the most dignified Uchiha stance, but no one is around. So it's fine, shut up.

There was absolutely nothing for me to do to get rid of the anticipation. I had planned to set up traps, but the thought of Naruto getting mixed up in the crossfire prevented that. So now I was most likely going to be ambushed or caught in a surprise attack.


Why must usuratonkachi cause so many problems? Me having to come all the way out here, me going back to Konoha and having to apologize to everyone PUBLICLY, my heart fluttering whenever he looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his…

I really need to stop doing that.

Wait, what was that? Did I just hear something?

It sounds like raised voices… Coming from the opposite end of the bridge… and they're getting closer.

My heart raced uncomfortably- could it be them?

I strode away from my position leaning on a concrete pillar to stand in the middle of the bridge, crossing my arms and glaring in the direction of the shouts.

What? I had to look as menacing as possible- scaring them off was still plausible. And I'm going to use every tactic I have stored in my genius brain to get my- no- the dobe back.

But all the sudden, the voices ceased- and from the mist I could only see one blurry outline of a tall figure. It was getting closer and closer, walking agonizingly slow. I squinted, trying to see through the obstructing mist.

But finally, the tall person got close enough for me to see h-





No, that can't be…

This is insane…

It's… just not possible…

My brain has finally ceased to function.

I'm blaming that for the incoherent stutter that I let escape me.


And I suddenly had the strong urge to hug the shit out of him.

How could this happen?

Then again, it was Itachi, he probably had a shadow clone fight me or something. I dunno, but he's still alive! And maybe, just maybe, things can go back to norma-


Did Itachi have Naruto?

Oh my Buddha I'm going to kill him again.

He would steal Naruto… Little bitch.

And so- the strong urge to hug him was replaced with a strong urge to kick his ass into next Wednesday.

I let my eyes wander over his appearance.

And my heart just froze and died.

That smile…

Itachi was grinning like a 5-year-old on Christmas.

That posture…

Itachi had both hands on his hips.

Those eyes…

The eyes were surveying me in utter joy and relief- something the elder Uchiha had never expressed before.

And my heart just jumped right into my throat- and I'm finding it difficult to breathe.

All those things… could only describe one person…

"Naru…to?" I asked all too gently for my tastes.

He nodded vigorously. Something that looked REALLY weird when it was done by Itachi.

Stupid, STUPID dobe. They had captured him and made him turn into my brother. What kind of ninja is he?!

So the strong urge to kill someone had not dissipated yet. And I growled low in my throat at the smiling 'brother' across from me.

"I'm going to kill you," I growled out menacingly.

And much to my satisfaction, his smile faltered.

"Dobe. You are a ninja, and a good one admittedly, how on Earth could you get yourself captured and turned into… that.You had me- us worried sick!"

There was a short pause, and then…

Smirking like the cocky boy he is, he blatantly stated- "you think I'm a good ninja?"

I groaned loudly and face-palmed. This was going to prove more difficult than originally anticipated.

"Aww, Sasu-chan," came a voice directly behind me, making me jump out of my pale skin and turn around, throat successfully getting caught in a clawed death grip, "what's wrong?"

Voices were beginning to call out again, this time fully surrounding us. I glanced around us, seeing forms outlined in the mist, but none moved closer. The one holding me was wearing a mask and an Akatsuki uniform. By the pitch of her voice- I could only guess that it was a girl. I looked over at Naruto quickly, he was absolutely fuming- glaring daggers at the person holding me.

Hmph. Imagine that. He cares.

There are no butterflies in my stomach. Shush, fangirls.

Finally, I tuned back into what was going on.

And regretfully on my part- I caught some of what the others were saying.

"He's cute, but not as cute as Itachi."

"He killed him because he was jealous."

"KYAA! I wanna eat him up!"


Oh. Don't tell me.

I might just kill myself.

"Itachi fangirls?"

"We prefer the term 'Itachi's loyal devotees' but yeah. You are correct."

Now I was starting to panic. Fangirls are the scariest human beings that God has ever created. They're worse than cannibals, I swear.

So- I began to struggle. Latching onto the claw with both hands and trying to wrench it away from my throat- to no avail.

Oh my gosh they are going to kill me.

So I started kicking my legs in my newfound need to get far far away from these spawns of Satan.

Don't judge me, fangirls are scary.

Scarier still when you've killed off the object of their affection from the entire series.

From my right- I could hear a panicked voice call my name.

Naruto… Pshft… He has a habit of worrying about me too much on this bridge… I did not just say that.

"Heh, I've never seen you so despera- OOF!"

Oh fuck, I just kicked a girl in the face.

If Sakura was here- I'd so get my ass handed to me.

Good thing she's not- and right now I'm too pumped on adrenaline to care.

So I finally flipped away from the mask-bearing she-devil. Well now she didn't have a mask since I broke it and holy fucking shit Jesus donkey poo.


Ok that may have been a bit undignified but seriously. What the fuck. Haku was supposed to be dead! I mean, come on, Naruto and Kakashi totally kicked his pansy butt- he couldn't be alive.

That serene smile on his face said otherwise.

Wait… if Haku was here… That meant…


That is going to haunt my dreams for the next five months.

Haku giggled girlishly and smiled at me- nodding softly.

Holy shit is this kid bipolar or what?

And just like he was proving my point- the smile morphed into the creepiest freaking smirk I have ever seen in my life- effectively rooting me to the spot.

I could still vaguely register the non-stop shouting of my name.

So I lied earlier. This smile is what's going to haunt my dreams- HOLY SHIT where did he go?!

I heard a giggle from behind me.

Oh come on, I've fought him before and still didn't remember how fucking fast he is. Maybe this is why I lost.

Okay- how did this happen.

One second I'm standing up and the next I find myself lying face down on the bridge's hard and cold concrete- struggling with all my might. There was a weight on my back that I just couldn't seem to throw off and wow Haku is a pervert.

"Hand off my ass, please."

Seriously. That's Naruto's turf.


Calm down, heart! It was just an accidental slip-up of words! It means nothing!

New subject. Uh, so Naruto turned back into Naruto. Thank God, my brother's voice calling out my name was beginning to disturb me. Subject change: SUCCESSFUL.

But all thoughts about Naruto and subject changes were quickly dispersed as I felt a warm and wet something travel across the back of my neck- and I visibly shivered.

I vividly caught a scream of complete outrage.

"Sasu-chan…" rang a soft and sweet voice inches from my ear.

My breath caught in my throat- and I was once again unable to breathe. Or talk for that matter.

"I'm going to kill you."

Inwardly, I groaned. I should have known.

I mean, squealing fangirls are one thing.

The weight on my back lifted and I was pulled up by my hair moments later. Almost as quickly as I was picked up, I was thrown rougly away again.

But raging fangirls are an entirely different matter.

A kick connected with my stomach- effectively slamming me into the bridge mid-flight.

I coughed loudly- hearing my name screamed once more before I opted to just lay and stare at the unseen sky for a moment, waiting for my vision to focus again.

Yep. This was going to prove a lot more difficult than I thought.

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