Prowl's attention was briefly directed towards the orange mech running after a small toy. Upon closer observation it was a toy airplane; two of them actually. Prowl caught one that came his way.

"Do you mind?"

"Sorry uncle Prowl!" Jazz took a glance behind him and saw his twin nephews staring right through him. Hearing a small buzzing sound, he looked up and saw another toy airplane. The twins bolted straight for it and ran straight for them. He turned back to Prowl, who was deciding his move, and they both ducked down. The twins missed them by hics.

Prowl stole another of Jazz's knights.

"I got it I got it I got it!" Jetfire barked, and finally managed to jump up and reach it. Jetstorm did the same, but he narrowly missed it and fell on the couch. In a flash of instinct, Jetfire turned on his boosters and finally grabbed it. He went back down and smiled. It fell a bit when he realized he wasn't supposed to do that.

"No fair! You aren't to be making fire in game!" Jetstorm chastised with a smile. He playfully nudged his twin over, before their younger brothers came in.

"He's right you know; you lose points for that." Bumblebee, the youngest, was smiling from behind the couch. Bulkhead walked up to Jetfire.

"Sorry, Jetfire. You're going to have to try again." Bulkhead said. It was hard to read his emotion at this angle, but he gave him a lighthearted smile all the same. It was just a game, but he was ashamed of himself for cheating either way. He gave the toy airplane back to Bulkhead, and walked over to his twin.

"Please to be forgiving me, brother." Jetfire asked solemnly. Jetstorm patted his brother's head approvingly; giving half-smile-half-giggle, assuring that he did not need to apologize.

"Is okay. I would be doing same anyway." Jetstorm said.

"Hey! You mind being QUIET!? Some of us are trying to be PRODUCTIVE here!" they all turned to Ratchet, their 'Grumpa.' He was messing around with a rod-like machine with Arcee, their Grandma. It was a weird rod-type device, supposedly a data-upload device. Ratchet had been working on it for quite some time now, apparently planning to use it so that they could give their individual holograms more of a sense of actually being there—not to mention each having their own records of their human existence, just to make life a little bit easier for her.

Sari was eating some random cereal and watching something on television. She had her old pink bunny right next to her, and she had designed a special outfit for herself. It looked very strange, but she liked it nonetheless. Her bunny had a very uncreative name; she just named it "bunny". But Bunny was good enough for it. It was a toy, so it agreed with anything, her mom said. If only she knew.

"You should tell mom about me soon, Sari. It's only a matter of time before this… growing life-shard thingy inside me becomes readable." Bunny was no fool, she'd give him that. But she just couldn't just walk up to her mom and say 'Bunny's been talking to me for a very long time now and He says hi" because her mom might get worried that she's going insane or something.

Bunny understood though, and pointed out her brother's were back. They were coming up from the basement with little energon cubes. Dad explained that energon was what Cybertronians both ate and used as an energy source. There was A LOT of energon down there, seeing as Arcee and Optimus spent a lot of time converting all of the possible energy resources for the cubes. While down there, they grabbed some small cubes to nibble on until later.

While Sari ate her own cereal (not energon-cereal, just regular cereal) and her brother next to her nudged her back. She looked up at her brother, the youngest boy of the family, but not the youngest. That spot was reserved for Sari, though Bumblebee was only about half of a human year older than she was. He was kinda slouching with his arm over the back of the couch.

"Hey, don't you have school today?" OH CRUD! What time was it!? Where was her bag!? Oh dear oh dear oh dear! DAD!

Bouncing out of her seat and almost spilling her cereal, she ran to her room with Bunny and grabbed her backpack. Almost panicking she tried to think a bit rationally. Her calendar said that it was September 12th, and that today was an all-day field trip starting at 9:00. Which was…? IN HALF AN HOUR OH CRUD OH CUD.

"C'mon, dad! I'm going to be late for the school field trip!" Sari ran to her Parents' room and banged on the door over and over. Optimus opened the door and yawned. Apparently he just got up. Squinting his eyes open, he cleared his processor and tried to remember what day it was.

"I'm coming Sari! … just give me some time to wake up." He reassured with a yawn. Dragging himself into the Living Area and stretching, he transformed into his Truck mode and opened his Passenger door. Climbing inside, Sari said goodbye to the rest of her family and hopped in. Activating his holographic driver, Optimus drove away to Sari's Elementary School.

Then something happened. Jetfire didn't know what, but he got this odd feeling that something bad was about to happen. He looked at his brother, shooting him a look that hopefully said "I have a bad feeling about this." Knowing that he was thinking the same thing, Jetstorm nodded and continued eating his energon cube. Wordlessly, they agreed to circle around the area of the field trip to make sure Sari would be safe. But for now, they would just have to watch the rest of this nature documentary Prowl was on.

On the Roof, Jetfire and Jetstorm looked over the city. Jetfire still wasn't so sure if they should be acting like this, but he knew Jetstorm wouldn't want to pass off an opportunity to keep their family safe. Their family was the only thing Sari really had, the only thing anyone in the family had. Taking in a breath, he tried to swallow the bad feeling that he was disobeying someone. He and his brother were both obedient mechs, and didn't complain when they had to do something they didn't want to. At least, not outwardly.

"Ready for Lift off, brother?" Jetfire heard his twin ask. Taking in a deep breath, he put on a determined face with a half-smile to lighten it up, and responded with utmost confidence.

"Being ready when you are!"

"Ahem!" turning around, they saw someone they were used to seeing by now. She was purple. She was Techno-Organic. She was their mother.

"Mother! What is you doing on roof?" Jetstorm asked, surprised. She was a sneaky femme, yes, but he didn't want to get into any kind of trouble. And he hoped that she wasn't here to 'ground' them. Brothers Bumblebee and Bulkhead had made up that game they were playing earlier to get them used to not having their jets. Or being able to transform. Mother was good at disabling things like that.

"I should be asking you two." BlackArachnia chastised. Jetstorm and Jetfire looked at each other, worry on their faces. They were worried about themselves as much as they were worried about Sari. Something told them that the bad thing was going to happen very soon…

So they told the truth and got going.

So this is what Sumdac Systems was like. Outside, everyone in her class was 'getting their wiggles out' by playing an old game of Red Rover. She was holding on to Daniel's and Ishmael's hands. Ishmael was tall for her age, and she was Iranian according to her. Daniel was… Daniel. He asked a whole lot of questions and sometimes they were annoying, but everyone had the same questions he did and he just had the guts to ask them.

Sari wasn't paying much attention to the game, though. She was busy looking at all of the weird people in suits and all of the new robots coming out of an assembly line. It was kinda familiar, somehow, but then she remembered who her family was. She was around giant transforming robots—these were not much different.

"Red Rover, Red Rover, send Sari right over!" Oops! My turn!

She ran happily to the other end and managed to take some advice from Bulkhead to get through. Her team cheered and so did the other ones, being good sports. She grabbed Gabriel's wrist and they both ran back to the other line. Holding hands again, they were about to call Mitch over, when their teacher came in. Looking at the teacher, they knew it was time to go inside the factory for the field trip.

When they all got inside, Professor Sumdac was there to give them a happy welcome. He looked familiar to Sari. Somehow…

Up in the sky, Jetfire and Jetstorm were circling cautiously. In order not to attract too much attention to them, they flew randomly in creative lines, often making pictures with some false exhaust like they saw on television sometimes. Sometimes they flew back and forth in zig-zags, dancing and making patterns at the same time.

How this wasn't going to attract attention was a bit fuzzy.

While going outside for the field trip, heading towards the Assembly lines after having a short tour through the Hall of Bots, all of the kids heard a bit of whirring and looked up. There they saw some beautiful alien patterns and images, following two planes. Mesmerized by the spectacle, Sari smiled knowingly. Even when they were trying to be stealthy the twins could be such show-offs.

Directing their vis-scanners down to the plant, they noticed Sari's class watching them. Oops. Maybe they should have just flown in a straight line for a while and just come back randomly. Jetfire thought that might take some attention away. But then again, there wasn't much fun in that. Besides, if they got too far away maybe they wouldn't be able to get to the plant in time. Jetstorm felt the same, and they both knew to make some boring-looking circles for now.

"They're not supposed to be known." Well, yeah. I guess I'd better get the tour going again. Oh, by the way, learn some better grammar please, Bunny. "There ain't nothing wrong with my grammar!" Case in point.

Sari nudged on Professor Sumdac's coat, grabbing his attention. She had big eyes and red hair, blue and red berets holding her hair out of her face. She had pigtails too, and a strange outfit that somehow seemed familiar. Inside her back-pack was a stuffed pink-and-yellow bunny rabbit. She reminded him of something he saw a long time ago…

That wasn't important. He walked up to the class teacher and told him that it was time to continue their tour. Nodding, he got the kid's attention again and led them into the Plant with Professor Sumdac continuing his monologue about Detroit and its robots. They were walking inside, seeing how the Police Drones were being made. It was very interesting, seeing how the "spark-less" robots were made.

"Professor Sumdac? Where'd you get the idea for all of these robots?" Mitch asked. Sari paid attention to the Professor a bit more, awaiting an answer. Where did he get the idea for all of these robots? It couldn't be her family. Her family was a secret.

"Tell me something I don't know." Shut up Bunny.

"It was something I just… stumbled upon." Professor Sumdac said with a smile. Then they continued their tour over to Nanobots. Looking through the protective window, Sari and some other kids saw a lot of dead animals being tested on. Professor Sumdac assured them that the animals died of completely natural causes. There was one red-black-and-white Elder Kopi, a fairly recent discovery. It was the predecessor of the Koi Fish, and had only been around for about 50 years, but it aged exactly like a human. And, hence, perfect for lab experiments.

"I don't think an Elder Kopi is supposed to grow so fast…" Really? Oh crud. That is a BIG kopi…. IS IT GROWING!?

The Elder Kopi grew and grew. Some of the things it touched were sucked inside of it, and kept growing. It was disgusting and moving, somehow managing to eat everything. It grew legs after merging with a cockroach, and left a bunch of weird white goop behind.

"I can't control the Nanobots!"

"They're merging with everything!" Two of the workers down there screamed out. They ran for the corner, trying to avoid the new monster.

"No need to panic, children! These happy accidents are often what lead to… discovery!"

"Uh, Mister Sumdac, this accident doesn't look too happy…!" Mitch had barely finished saying that when the Elder Kopi crashed through the protective glass. It headed straight for them, and there was no time to think. Running for their lives, they ignored everyone else and bolted out of the building as soon as they could, the Nano monster right behind them. It kept getting bigger until it couldn't fit.

A loud crash was heard, and Sirens began to blare. Staring downward, Jetfire and Jetstorm saw the weird fish monster. It was horrendously ugly, and really, really, REALLY big! Colorful dots ran frantically away, while new sirens began to sound from another direction. Scanning the area, they noticed the authorities racing to the scene.

"I is not thinking that fish is part of fielding trip!" Jetfire mused to his brother. After seeing a strange tentacle grab an oddly-colored dot, it only took one small voice, barely audible over all of the other screams and sirens, to get them off the deep end.


Screaming her head out, she dropped her backpack and it landed on the ground without a sound. The tentacle kept squeezing her, and she desperately tried to pull herself free. It was getting harder to breathe, but she managed to yell out two names. She didn't care who heard.


Captain Fanzone had just made it to the scene when he heard the small girl screaming nonsense. Getting out of his car fast as possible, He grabbed a malfunctioning bullhorn and tested it. Asking for a working one, he got his from a SWAT team member and began to bark out his orders.

"Alright, Emergency crew, get all the civilians evacuated NOW! SWAT team, get. That. Girl!" Captain Fanzone yelled. The Police ran straight for the monster into a stare down, before firing. The ammunition barely made a scratch in its odd half-organic metal. The Nanomonster pushed the police members away and grabbed the police cars behind them. It sucked the cars inside of it, and kept squeezing the noise girl. It was almost completely quiet.

Then it got hit by two giant robots that fell from the sky. The monster lost its grip on Sari and dropped her. Gasping for breath, the world span and deflated around her, the blood rushing to her head. She landed on something kinda hard, but got her bearings pretty quick. She looked up to see one of the most familiar faces she knew.

"JETSTORM!" She chirped happily, while Jetfire came into view not too far away. Creating a fireball in his hand, the flaming ball of nothing hit the monster flat in the eyes, and starting burning it away a bit and melting. Behind him, the SWAT team had really big guns on their shoulders, aiming straight at him and his brother.

"FIRE!" Jetstorm and Jetfire ran in opposite directions. Jetstorm looked back at the scene to see the monster implode. The ammunition seemed to go straight into the monster by mistake, and was set off on the inside. Jetfire took this chance to ask for backup. If this was a monster made by what he thought it was made of, there was no chance they'd get rid of it on their own.

This was a bit too much for Captain Fanzone. When those two giant robots came out of their little hiding place, they put down the girl they'd kidnapped while they got covered with strange white goop. It smelled horrible to everyone. Captain Fanzone frowned at the mess around him, while giving a disapproving glare up at the two robots, analyzing them. They were the almost-exact spitting image of each other; somewhere between fraternal and identical.

A bit worried, Sari ran up to Captain Fanzone and gave him a sad look. Looking down at the girl that pulled on his shirt, he lowered himself down to her level and smiled a bit, putting his hand on her shoulder. He noticed that her arms mirrored the color schemes of the two mechs above her. That definitely wasn't coincidence.

"What's wrong, miss?" He asked solemnly. Smiling a sincere smile, he let her know that he wasn't going to hurt her. She still had her sad face on, refusing to be consoled. She spoke up a bit, turning her head straight at him.

"You're not going to take my brothers away are you?" Captain Fanzone was a bit confused by this, and let it show for her. "I mean the robots. You won't take them away?" A bit clearer, he put a hand up to his chin quizzically. Standing up, he thought for a bit, and had an answer ready for her. Looking up to the robots position, he was about to address the three of them with an answer. But that's the operative word: About.

Hearing new Sirens blare, more robots showed up. No one noticed, because the giant monster was rebuilding itself! The organic Goop flew straight back into one mass, back into the Nanomonster. Everything it was touching, if it wasn't organic, was sucked right back into the monster. And it was dragging the Jet Twins right into it.

"MOTHER! FATHER! BROTHERS! HELP!!!!" They both screeched. The newer robots made themselves known to the rest of Detroit by running straight for them, hanging on for the oldest boys' sake. Jetstorm was holding on to Jetfire's legs, Jetfire was holding on to Bumblebee, then Prowl, Jazz, BlackArachnia, Optimus and finally Bulkhead. Sari held on to Bulkhead's legs, trying her best to pull the twins out of the monster.

"Well don't just stand there! Help us!" She called out. In reply, all of the kids came running up to Sari and tugged as hard as they could. Even the police forces joined in and pulled as hard as it could. Slowly, and somewhat painfully, the Twins were being pulled out of the monster. They were almost completely out when the Nanobots inside sent out a shockwave to numb everyone. Losing their grip, they were rebounded off and the twins were sucked right into the monster like spaghetti noodles.

"NO!!" BlackArachnia screeched. Full of rage, she started running right for it, only to be stopped midway by Optimus. Turning back, rage in her eyes, she saw Optimus' faceplate doing its best to stay calm for her. It looked sad and angry at the same time, making the expression a tasteless face difficult to read. She frowned and looked down, not a word needed to be said. She knew she couldn't go in.

"Ugh, we can't just stand here with our pistons in our servos! We have to get our boys out of there, Optimus!" She insisted, waving her hand and pointing towards the monster.

"Alright, go head. If you want to get eaten my Nanobots!" Ratchet barked, making him known. Arcee was next to him, her scanning-visor making note of the sheer multitude of Nanobots. Taking in the information, she relayed it to the rest of the bots.

"This monster's chock full of self-replicating Nanobots! It's creating more of itself from the metal it eats. If we don't get our boys out of there, they'll be eaten alive!" Arcee mentioned, pain and fear in her eyes. Bulkhead tensed, and deployed his Wrecking Ball, spinning it around in the air and tackling the creature.

"THEN LET'S GET THEM OUTTA THERE ALREADY!" He slammed his Wrecking Ball hard as he could at the monster, almost making it clean through. Least, until he heard a cry of pain through his new whole. Jetfire apparently got hit in the head with the Wrecking Ball, Arcee said. Bulkhead yanked his Wrecking Ball hand back fast as he could, but the Nanobots clamped around it, and sucked him in.

"Bulkhead!" Bumblebee Pushed against his buddy in the opposite direction, his wheels speeding off at globally illegal speeds. Prowl, noticing that this wasn't going to help at all, Warned Bumblebee out of the way. And then he sliced off the Wrecking Ball from its tether. Bulkhead rebounded, and fell flat on his back.

"That was whack, Prowl! What's got your processor in a funk? You just amputated our nephew!" Jazz chastised. Prowl simply stood up and deployed his battle mask. Noting how Bulkhead would have shared the same fate as the twins, Bumblebee only heard the beginnings of a fight before being pulled away by Ratchet and Arcee.

"Got a minute, Kid?" Ratchet whispered. Bumblebee soon found himself inside a parking lot with his grandparents and younger sister, doing a "huddle up." Sari looked back outside and saw all of the police and her family pull the monster apart again and again. Looking back at her family, she prepared herself for the worse.

"We've got to get my brothers outta there!" Sari begged.

"I know! And here's how we're going to do it." Ratchet pulled out his Data-Upload device, and displayed it in front of Arcee's scanning-visor. She displayed a bit of what she had already learned of the monster in an empty spot in the parking lot.

"The monster's full of Nanobots that respond to certain coding. They think in Binary code, so everything they scan is given a code and modified into more Nanobots." She began to explain. The image was enlarged to have a clearer view of the Nanobot design, and showed a bit of the binary code. "We have to throw in a data-code that will override its replication factor in order to destabilize it and destroy it."

"And then we can get our bro's out of there!" Bumblebee cheered. Sari smiled up and jumped a bit, excited at getting to see her brothers again.

"Then let's get that thing in there!"

"Hold up! We may have the code, but we someone fast enough to get in there and deliver the code without spending too much time in there!" Ratchet informed. It was obvious who had to do it, even though Bumblebee tried to be oblivious. Didn't work.

"I hope he does it right, for the twins' sake!" Wha!! Don't scare me like that Bunny! "Sorry." You better be!

Sari went back to watching the battle outside. Jazz was fending off some of the random ammunition coming out of the monster's stomach somehow, Prowl and Optimus were slicing off some of the tentacles before they could grab them, and Bulkhead was staying out of it and talking to Captain Fanzone. Sari even smiled when she saw her mother warning everyone to get out of the way of Bumblebee.

She saw Bumblebee smoosh into the monster with the weird rod thing. She held her breath. She hopes he'd be alright. She started to think about him. How he had always absent mindedly click the television remote and would put together the words he heard into a random sentence to make her laugh. How he always took her to the Pier to watch Fireworks on the Fourth of July. How they would always talk about random things like Serenity Orbit, the newest pop singer. How she'd jump on the bed while Bumblebee shouted the lyrics to admittedly bad music.

The Kopi started to glow. Then it blew up. Everything started to splash onto random things, sticking to everything so gross-like. It still stank.

"INCOMING!" Sari heard her dad yell out. Staring upwards, she saw her three brothers and Bulkhead's Wrecking Ball fall straight from the sky. Bulkhead caught the Twins and BlackArachnia caught Bumblebee. Sari was relieved for her older brother. He was perfectly fine, he insisted.

"They're not…" Bulkhead almost whispered. Everyone turned over to Bulkhead and saw the damage done to the twins. They were beat up badly, wholes everywhere in their armor and their sparks exposed and electrocuting. They weren't moving or talking at all. Arcee gasped, and started clinging to Ratchet. Sari just kept staring.

Sari found herself speeding off with the Police to the side of her somewhat large family. She remembered the day of her third birthday. Everyone was missing, no matter where she looked. It was terrible, the place was deserted and she thought she might cry. Running into the Main room, she found everyone all happy happy joy joy celebrating her birthday. That night, she talked with her mom about how she was really scared. It felt so empty inside too…

She also started thinking about the twins.

Jetstorm was always like the oldest brother, even though that was impossible down to the very last cesium atom. Jetfire didn't mind though, and they both decided to take her up to the sky one night.

It was amazing, flying. She saw everything go past her, went inside clouds, and made beautiful patterns in the sky. It was like a dream. But it was no match to what she saw later. Going as high as they could without running out of air for Sari to breathe, they made it all the way into the last stretch of air before the upper atmosphere.

It was the most beautiful thing she ever saw in her entire life.

Above her was an endless diamond sky, so many stars that she just couldn't count them. There were even some clusters that looked like clouds. Jetfire and Jetstorm were right behind her, holding her close. They felt so warm. She knew she'd be safe with them around.

She kept looking up. So many beautiful colors, so many wonderful patterns… it was unbelievably beautiful. The biggest nebulae she saw was a purple expanse of the Milky Way. Jetstorm and Jetfire said nothing, taking in the sky as much as she was.

Then she looked up at them, and they almost blended in with the scenery in this light. They looked regal and serene, almost as if they owned this expanse of the sky.

Perhaps they did.

But she would never know, because they were going to die. The sound of fading heartbeats snapped her back to reality. She had found herself in the middle of their deathbeds. She didn't remember anything that happened before this. She just remembered her brothers.


She loved her entire family. If I could, I would recount every wonderful memory she had of her family.

But Bunny would not allow it.


Sari remembered her pact with Bunny. She would always kiss him on the lips and make him kiss her family before bed, or even after. He insisted that someday she would appreciate this habit. She picked him up and out of her backpack, kissing him on the lips.


She usually said goodnight.


"Goodbye Jetstorm." Press.


"Goodbye Jetfire." Press.


Their bodies turned gray.


They were gone.





Captain Fanzone smiled at the Celebration that ensued after those robots woke up from the dead. How that happened, nobody cared. What did matter now was that the "oldest boys" were alive. Captain Fanzone closed his small gap that let him see everything, and walked back outside to the crew he came with.

"Come on boys, our work here is done." Captain Fanzone said, getting in his car and going home for the night. He started to snigger at the first thing the orange robot said after they woke up, his voice shaky from the current events.

"WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?"

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