"Are they not beautiful, sister?"

"Uh… sure, Jetstorm…" Sari had no idea what it was Jetstorm saw in Snowflakes. They were too small for her to look at, and she even had lessons in looking at things with Bulkhead. If they were too small for her, then how could Jetstorm even see them, let alone call them beautiful? Sari grumbled a bit to herself, but quietly. She didn't want Jetstorm to feel bad about liking something she didn't like.

She walked back inside her house. She thought about how heavy her backpack was. School was out now, closed up for four weeks. That was good. That meant it was about the time when she'd go to The Human Place. She still didn't understand how it happened. All she knew was that she'd be put in a pod thing and the next morning she'd wake up with a family that was human. She liked that place, though her memories did somehow change around a bit.

But her backpack was still really heavy.

Geez, Bunny, what have you been eating! "It's not me! You just always insist on bringing the heaviest books to school!" Hey! I need a good edumacation! "That's not even a word." Shut up, Bunny.

She walked inside, looking high at the garage door, almost completely open. That was good. She didn't see Jetfire out there. She didn't want to go through… that again. She shivered a bit. That dumb circus tent still gave her bad dreams.

She shook her head hard and scratched the edges of her pigtails under her hat. This wasn't a good time to think about that stuff! It was Christmas! Well, almost. But she couldn't wait until it was Christmas. Then they'd have a tree and a big fancy mansion instead of an old warehouse, and she'd be able to hug her family without having to be careful of them squishing her like a bug.

She tore off her scarf and jacket. She didn't need it on when she was inside. Even if the door was wide open. Jetfire could keep her warm, anyways. Speaking of which, where did he go? "I don't know." Well, then thanks for nothing, Bunny! "Hey,youwere the one that asked the question!" It was a rhemortacal question, Bunny. "I think you mean,rhetorical?" Shut up, Bunny. "You say that a lot. You know that?"

Sari didn't reply. Mostly because she would have just said it again. She didn't want to give Bunny the chance to gloat. Now where was she going to put her coat? Mom didn't like it when she just dropped it on the floor. Maybe she should just tie it around her waist like she saw the older kids at school do when it got warmer in the afternoon.

She walked over to the mega-couch in the 'living room' and climbed up. She'd been doing this her whole life, so it was really easy by now. Though she did get hungry a lot. Some of the older people said she was skinny. She didn't think she was that skinny. It wasn't her fault she couldn't eat Energon.

Of course, Jetfire was sitting there, uninterested in what was on the TV. He just kept clicking on the 'up' button on the remote over and over and over again. Sari couldn't tell if he was trying to find a certain channel or if he was just bored and clicking the button for no reason. It wasn't like she could see his face from so far away (he was like, bigger than a two-story house). Apparently he had gotten bored of clicking the button, so he just finally stopped and dropped the remote, tilting his head up and staring at the ceiling.

"MOTHER! There is nothing good to watch on the VT!"

"I'm sort of busy right now, Jetfire! Could you maybe talk about this with someone else?" Sari looked to her left, and found her mother pulling on something. It looked like some sort of rope thing. She decided to ask.

"What'cha doing, mom?"

"Oh, hi Sari!" she grunted a bit, pulling on the rope, "Did you walk home this time?"

"Yeah. What's with the rope?"

"Oh, Bumblebee stuck something" She pulled on the rope again, getting a bit farther away from the wall, "into the elevator system yesterday and we sort of need it to get the" She pulled yet again, now a bit out of breath, "virtual reality system operational." At that, Sari paused a bit. She refused to listen to Bunny, trying to figure things out for herself for once. She didn't want her family to think she was a genius. All those things that she knew, she learned from Bunny. He was weird like that.

"What's a 'Virchamal reality system'?" Her mom stopped pulling on the rope. She paused for a bit, and Sari waited. She didn't hear the answer come from her mom, but instead Jetfire.

"It's the thing that is turning the Jell-O green!" He said dramatically, pointing to the ceiling and dropping his arm back down. So that's what made Jell-O green! How did it work?

"How does it work?"

"It is taking all of the green things of the planet Earth and is stealing the green colors from the green things, then is giving it to the Jell-O."

"What color is the Jell-O before it turns green?"


"That's not even a color!"

"It is so being a color!"

"Is not!"

"I will be proving to you!" He picked up the remote from where it landed, and started flicking the channels quickly. She could barely see what the channels were displaying, though she did catch glimpses of lamps on top a ball, trains, a Polar Bear, A penguin putting a sign up on the Equator, and the International J-Pop star Miku Hatsune singing on stage with some blue guy. Then he finally got onto the surprisingly educational 'color channel', where there was in fact a special on 'chartreuse', and it was, in fact, a color. It looked like some kind of greenish yellow.

"Ooh! Ya got me!"

"I win!"

"Win what?"

"Uh… A hug?" Sari giggled a bit, and stood up. The couch was really BIG, so she couldn't just lean over to one side and hug him. She'd fall over. Once she made it over to Jetfire, she climbed on his legs. It was sort of hard, since he kept jerking a bit, saying that she tickled. But she kept her grip anyway and climbed onto his leg. Now all she had to do was get to his chest.

"Here, letting me to help." She nearly tripped on Jetfire's hand, but she was grateful for the help. She flopped herself onto his fingers, and he curled them over so that she was on her back on his palm. She stayed still, since she knew how scary it got hen he pulled her up in any way. She'd been flying with him before, and he had a tendency of shooting straight up like a rocket ship. Though technically that's what he was.

There was a sudden stop, and she flew up a little ways, before landing back on his palm. She sat straight up, not feeling much of a thing. She had strong skin. She was right up to his face now. Not exactly where she wanted to hug him, but it was fine. She ran up to the left side of his face and spread her arms around it best she could, underneath that pointy thing he had draped over his face (she still didn't know what that was for). She looked at his eye, and he blinked a bit. She just smiled wide at him.

She was done now so she walked back onto his hand and signed for him to send her back down. And he did, but fast. For a second she lifted up onto the air for a second, as though gravity didn't exist. She'd felt like this before. Though it was usually with Bulkhead, who was pretty clumsy on a regular basis.

But this was Jetfire. He didn't really know how to handle her inside his hand yet, at least not on his own. He usually cupped her in his hand with Jetstorm. So naturally, his hand shifted a bit to the left.


She fell. Yeah, it was scary. Real scary! She almost wished she was bird, or a plane, or Superman, or better yet, a bowling ball. At least then she wouldn't be able to know what it felt like to hit the ground really hard, since she'd be an object and not a person. Maybe if she hit the ground hard enough she'd tear a hole and go through to the Basement.

But then her fall was over, and she was in pitch black. She saw some light shift through fingers above her, but only enough for her to tell where she was. She was inside Bumblebee's hands. Uh oh.

She was jerked straight upwards, and was pried towards the floor. It stopped for a while, and she heard Bumblebee yammer on and on about how 'You're the older brother here! You should be more in charge with your younger sister!' or something along those lines.

He jerked her forward a bit more, shook her up and down, and turned her over to some other side and held close to his spark. Then, he finally jerked her back over towards somewhere, though Sari couldn't tell where anymore. She was shaken up very badly inside his hands, and it was increasingly difficult to tell where she was when she couldn't see past Bumblebee's hands.

Maybe if she had Super vision she'd be able to see where she was. But she did not have Super vision, so she could not see, and that left her very unhappy. She really very much preferred it when she knew where she was and why she was there. Because then Bunny would be able to tell her about things, and she would seem smart.

Then she heard Jetfire say something, and this time was gently lowered down somewhere. After a while, Bumblebee opened his hands, and dropped her some short ways until she hit the big, soft couch. That was good. Now she didn't have to worry about throwing up inside Bumblebee's arms.

"Sorry… Sari." Bumblebee said slowly. Though Sari thought it was more from him not knowing how to say sorry to her when her name sounded so much like the word 'sorry'. She thought she would be a bit careful as well, since she didn't know how to say sorry to herself either. But really, she didn't feel sorry.

"Do it again! Do it again!"

"NO again." Sari turned over to her mom, towering over them. She was frowning, and exhaled. "Look, maybe you should do something different for a while. Bumblebee, how about you help me get that bicycle out of the elevator systems."

"I told you, it was an accident!"

"Uh-huh, last time I checked we didn't have a bicycle anywhere near our house. Spark knows what you were up to that got one stuck in the elevator systems." Bumblebee grumbled to himself something Sari couldn't make out, and stomped over to the rope. Sari giggled. Bumblebee never wanted to work.

"What about me? What should I be doing, mother?" Mom stopped for a second, thinking.

"What is Jetstorm doing?"


"That's it?"

"Yes. He is thinking."

"About what?"

"He is thinking about what he should be getting Sari for Christmas."

"But Christmas isn't for another week." Sari piped in. Why would he be worrying so much? Isn't the Human Place where he's supposed to get her presents?

"He is wanting to be giving you something before we is going to the Human Place." Sari shivered at what he said. It was creepy how people could somehow read her mind. Maybe it was because she spent so much time talking to Bunny. "HEY! Don't blame me!" I wasn't talking to you, Bunny! "Notdirectly…"

"Oh, I get it." Mom said again. "Well, then… why don't you try vacuuming something?"

"Like what?"

"I know! I know! Vacuum the ceiling! No onevacuumed the ceiling before! It must be filthy!" Sari suggested. Jetfire then looked up at the ceiling, and Sari did too. She was startled at how much filth was on the ceiling to begin with, just like she said. To be honest, she had never looked up to the ceiling before, so she was surprised to find it so dirty. At least she knew one thing without Bunny's help.

"Alright then! I will be vacuuming the ceiling now!" Jetfire said.

"But wait, where will you find a vacuum big enough to hold in your hand?" Bumblebee said. Jetfire stopped for a second, staring towards his left, before snapping his fingers as though a light bulb had lit above his head.

"I will be letting Sari to be vacuuming it, and I will be holding her up."

And with that, Sari was left to find the old vacuum in the broom closet she never opened before. The vacuum was too small, and the warehouse was too big, so this was the first time Sari had used it. She couldn't help but wonder what it was like to vacuum something! And she was going to vacuum the ceiling. How many other girls could say that they spent the day vacuuming the ceiling? She was sure she would be the first! Maybe she'd be put in World Record books!

The vacuum was much heavier than she had thought. It took her a minute or two to lug it into the living room. Once she was inside, she took the signal thingy that made the Vacuum know it had energy to start. There was a button to turn it on, so it wouldn't randomly start after plugging it in. Sari thought that was good, since she didn't want to get eaten by a vacuum anytime soon.

She held on tight to the handle, and let Jetfire lift her up. Once she was up, she lifted the vacuum upwards. She was stronger than most girls, even though she was considered skinny by the grown-ups she met. She wondered how she was so strong sometimes. Maybe it was because she was raised by super-strong alien robots?

She didn't really do very much, just held the vacuum in place and pushed it against the ceiling. Jetfire was the one that moved it back and forth and forwards and left (he didn't go right very often). Soon enough, everything was done. There were times when Grandma came in to ask what was going on, and decided to help get the bike out of the whatever-it-was-called. By the time they were done, the entire family had helped to get it out.

Sari was lowered to the ground, and she left the vacuum against the wall. The rest of her family was excited and happy, and congratulating themselves on a job well done. Grandpa started yelling at Bumblebee for being reckless, and Dad and Mom were trying to calm everyone down a bit. Uncle Jazz was just standing there, watching the rest of the family. Sari wasn't paying attention to them, though. She wasn't even looking at them.

She just looked through the open door, at Jetstorm.

Sari didn't remember walking up to him. She just suddenly found herself on a mound, her jacket on, her hat in her ungloved hand, looking up at him. He was sitting down, his hand out, catching a large mound of snow in his hand. He didn't notice her. If he did, she couldn't tell. He was just looking at the snow in his hand. Thanking.

Sari looked up at the sky. It was white, and she could see some snow falling. She followed one little flake from the sky, down. Down. Down.


Until it finally landed in her cold hand. Even though it was cold, and her hand felt even colder with the flake on it, it still melted before she could get a good look at it. She frowned. Why were these things so pretty to Jetstorm? All she could see were little flakey things that melted in her hand. How could something so simple be so pretty?

"How is you making a snowflake?" Sari shot her head up, and looked straight at Jetstorm. That visor of his showed nothing. She couldn't tell if he was angry, sad, or happy.

"I don't know." Sari said. Jetstorm looked back at the mound of snow in his hand. She looked at it too. It started sparkling a bit, and she tried to find what was so 'beautiful' about snow. It was white, and it was in big clumps. It sparkled if it was wet, which it always was because it was made of water. It was made of small, frozen drops of water that fall to the ground like rain, only much slower. Sari noticed that it was hard to find a way to describe snow in a way that made it sound beautiful.

And yet it was.

Jetstorm started moving a bit, and lifted the mound up with some wind from around. She knew it was from around, because there was a small breeze earlier that blew some of her long hair into her face (she should have worn her hair clips). But now everything else was calm and still. Quiet.

It seemed like the snow was just floating in between Jetstorm's hands. After Sari saw what happened next, Grandpa would probably think it must have happened because it was in a time and place where it couldn't really do anything else. It had nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no way down. But Sari knew better. She knew how it really happened. Magic.

In Jetstorm's hand was now a giant Snowflake. It was a few circles outside and inside of each other, with stick-things going through it. It was a very intricate design, with pointy things outside of it, and a strange pattern of holes in between all of the ice. It glowed and shined like glitter, and was completely flat…


Like Jetstorm had just stolen a star from the sky.

"Merry Christmas, Sister."