One mistake I don't regret


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Story Start


''It was amazing I could grip my sword as it was as my hands began to sweat. I held it tight out of fear the sword would somehow fly out of my hands. Bodies were everywhere, the battlefield bloody and the situation was grim. If one were to look around where the bodies of some my comrades were scattered about one would be hard press to recognize this area as a forest. We were the last of our village forces that weren't protecting the civilians. On both sides the numbers were thinning on both sides. Then in an instant 50 enemy shinobi came out of no where...''

"Why are we reading this Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto interrupted the man from his reading.

Kakashi rolled his free eye, and answered," Because history is a boundless source of ideas for Jutsu. Plus its nice to know what you history you are defending so that you'll know what you are fighting for and protecting as a shinobi of your land.'' After answering Kakashi could already tell what Naruto was thinking. He was either going to run for it or want to learn more so he could create another Jutsu.

''You know what no...bored out of my mind. Outta here!'' He said standing up. ''Hey Sakura-chan care to join me for a bowl of Ramen?''

"No, Baka. Hey Sasuke -kun,'' she greeted him and blushed. '' you want to go on, well you know...'' she trailed off.

''No,'' he remarked monotonously as he got up and walked up to Naruto.

Naruto and Sasuke darted out into the Forrest in the direction of the village. Sakura is obviously heart broken stayed to listen to the rest of the story that Kakashi was finishing.

Naruto and Sasuke approached the village, jumping from tree to tree, Sasuke starts to trail off from Naruto.

"Hey man where are you going?" Naruto decided to speak up.

''Training Dobe, , see you tomorrow." Sasuke said as he took off.

''Stuck up bastard. Try to have a conversation and he acts like an ass.'' Naruto mumbled as he wondered what he was going to do now.

Elsewhere at the Hyuuga compound one Hyuuga Hinata was walking through the hallway of the Main Branch compound. She had recently completed training with her father and was decided what to do. A hunger pain suddenly hit as her stomach growled. So she decided to go into the village and get something to eat. She traveled through the busy streets until she came upon the Ichiraku Ramen shop where her crush was often known to hang out at.

The two teens lost in there thoughts didn't notice each other and bumped into eachother. Both were stunned as they groaned and their eyes met. They blushed slightly because of their intimate position.

''Hinata's it going?'' He asked lamely. Hinata only turned redder until she felt something cup her. Both of them looked down to see one of Naruto's hands on one of her twins.

Hinata let out a squeak of embarrassment and passed out. Normally she was just soft spoken around the blond, but being felt up was too much for her to handle.

''Holy crap I killed her!'' Naruto shouted jumping up. ''Oh crap her team mates are going to kill me! If her sensei doesn't! What if the old woman hears about this she'll pound me into dust!' He started to cry anime style. ''Why must bad things happen to good people!''

''Uum Naruto! I think she's just passed out,'' Teuchi pointed out.

Naruto walked over and pickd the girl up bridal style.''Hinata...hey Hinata wake up,'' He said as Hinata groan and regained consciousness.

''N-Naruto-kun?'' Holy crap Naruto-kun is holding me I think I'm going to faint! Wait a he fondling my as...''

''Hinata I'm so sorry I was lost in thought, and I didn't see you, and I didn't mean to fondle your chest, and please don't tell Obaa-san because I don't want to die!''

Hinata blushed rose red. ''Hai! It's ok Naruto-kun.'' she spoke in the usual soft spoken tone that she slipped into when around the blond.

''Geeze you have a fever or something? This isn't good we'll have to get you to the hospital.'' Naruto announced as his stomach started to growl.

''No it's okay I'm fine,'' she said shaking her head.

''What nonsense Hinata-chan you keep turning red and I won't stand by while a friend is sick or hurt. I'll take you to the hospital first, I'll worry about eating later.''

"Awwwwwwwwwww how sweet!" cooed a young brown haired woman. This was none other then Teuchi's daughter Ayame.

Naruto started to blush. He quickly darts down the street and at the same time makes sure Hinata did not slip at the speed he was going.

Naruto wasn't able to get to the hospital because of several people started chasing him after accusing him of kidnapping Hinata. He laid her over his face while trying to shut out the Kyuubi's ranting of hormones, titties, marking, and something else just as disturbing. Somehow the girl had maneuvered herself into a position where she was hugging Naruto.

Tried as he might he couldn't get out of her grip.''Damn Hinata is strong!'' He grumbled.

''Well Uzumaki it appears the pale eyed girl has taken a shine to you.''

''What the hell would you know about stuff like that you perverted bastard!''

''And why wouldn't I be able too? Don't trust me Uzumaki?''

''Hell no! You only want me to because of our deal! More of our power in exchange for the ability to feel what I feel! I mean sure Hinata is nice, sweet cute, stacked...what the hell! Why did I think that?''

''Besides the obvious...I'm telling you Uzumaki if you listen to me you'll be much better off.''

''I did just that last week and because of you I get laughed at by the older Kunoichi of this village because of how...I don't want to talk about it, it's your fault you ass-hole!''

As Naruto was bickering with the Kyuubi he failed to notice Hinata wake up.

Hinata woke up but didn't move her body as her eyes fell upon the object of her affection.

"Naruto-kun, was what just happened real or a dream? Is this a dream or is it real?" Hinata asked herself.

Hinata blushes at the sight of her and Naruto, sleeping with each other, entangled. She stares into Naruto's face taking noticed. He's giving her a blank but far away look. Something in his eyes was able to reflect many things. She could see everything she wanted, all of that was her Naruto-kun. A blue void, was what she described his eyes as. Even when he adorned his famous foxy grin it was able to see the pain if one looked closely.

Naruto had enough of the bastard Fox. So he decided to go back to the real world. He found himself face to face with an angel with Lavender Eyes. He saw in those eyes everything he wanted in a girl. Kindness, compassion, strength,a big heart not to mention a measure of pain.

"Naruto-kun." Hinata quietly said.



''Well you see...not that I'm complaining but your hand is...well you know.''

Hinata let out a squeak as she soon realized that her hand was copping a feel in a very inappropriate place. She quickly pulled away her hand from his junk.'' She started to blush up another storm.

"Iamsoooosorrynaruto-kunididn'tmeantorunintoyouthantouchyou...there!" Hinata quickly said.

"Huh? Could you repeat that again, and much slower this time?''

"I said I am soooo sorry Naruto-kun I didn't mean to run into you, then touch you...there!" Hinata said a lot slower.

"Its okay Hinata-chan it's not like I disliked it! Just I never figured you for the type to cop a feel! I mean you could have at least took me out to dinner first.

Hinata fainted again.

''Aaw Crap!''

Chapter End
Playing with the idea of a teasing and somewhat perverted Naruto.