E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: wall

Length: 100 words

A/N: Not really any spoilers in this. I just think something similar to this will probably happen a few times in season 5 before the boys get things worked out.

And OMG, Thursday night.......it's almost here!!!


Sam studied his older brother from the corner of his eye. He wanted so badly to make amends but what could he ever say to make things alright again?

"What?" barked Dean.

Sam averted his eyes. "Nothing."

Dean seemed as if he might say something and Sam felt a small flame of hope ignite inside him. Instead Dean cranked the radio to a higher volume. The flame was extinguished and a lone tear traveled wearily down Sam's cheek.

He had built this wall, brick by brickā€¦.secrets and lies, but now he had no idea how to tear it down.