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Prologue: A Call for Help

"Kellyn!" Top Pokémon Ranger Alena Westwood called as she set up a connection through her Vatonage Capture Styler, dressed in her Ranger Uniform as she ran through the metal halls.

A month and a half ago, she and her friend fellow Pokémon Ranger Jack "Jackie" Walker had infiltrated the underwater base of Team Rocket. After stopping their operation of developing Pokémon mind control machines, both Alena and Jackie had been caught as being Pokémon Rangers, and decided to reveal themselves and were now on the run.

The brown-haired ranger's face popped up on her Styler screen. "Alena! It's been a while," he greeted. "It's like… 9 in the morning. Ah, I see you're still wearing the locket I gave you. Hmm… I guess the brunette hair dye faded. I quite liked it, actually."

"Kellyn, our cover's been blown," she announced, her black hair tied up into a ponytail, "Jackie and I split up and we're on the run. Big place, you know?" Finding that there were various Pokémon after her, she looked back. "Hold on!" Whipping around, she summoned up an Aura Sphere, launching it at them before it exploded.

Suddenly, a jolt of electricity shot through her and she let out a brief cry before shooting another Aura Sphere behind her, where it hit the responsible Raichu. Then she hurriedly climbed up the ring ladder up to the next level of the underwater base.

"Capture them! That Pokémon Ranger must be caught!" a voice rang behind her.

"Alena, what do you need me to do?" Kellyn inquired, feeling helpless as he watched through the communication screen.

"Ugh…" she moaned, one arm clutching her side in pain from an older attack, "alert Officer Jenny, get out of Singling City, down to the Singlight Harbour, ask for Mark, tell him I sent you, there will be a speedboat. Take it, lock on my Styler's coordinates, and go to the cliff. Jackie and I will be out there as soon as we can."

He nodded, his light blue eyes hard with worry. "Be careful," he warned. "Oh, and by the way, I need to tell you that Pokémon Hunter J wasn't caught that night of the concert. She managed to escape somehow, so please proceed with caution."

She sighed, "Got it." Great… bad news… she thought.

"Be careful, Alena," he told her before the communication ended.

"Ah!" Alena moaned, her face scrunching in pain as blood spilled from the scratch on her side. "We've got to get out of here as soon as possible," she murmured to herself.

Closing her eyes, her hand went to the Aqua Crest necklace around her neck, and a weak bandage of magic silk was instantly tied around the wound. The blue seashell pendant glimmered with a soft blue light for a moment before the glow vanished.

Suddenly, three Ariados crawled in front of her, cutting her off. Three Team Rocket henchman were right behind them.

"Ariados, use String Shot!" one of them exclaimed.

Before Alena could react, the three spider Pokémon wrapped her in tight silk binds, and she collapsed to the floor, unable to use her Styler as her arms were pinned to her sides.

"Electrike, use Thunderbolt!" another Team Rocket goon commanded as he threw his Pokéball, revealing the green and yellow electric Pokémon.

Powerful bolts of electricity shot through Alena's body as she screamed out in pain, fighting against it as she grabbed the Pokéball in her pocket, tossing it weakly.

"Go! Dragonair!" she cried. "Use Dragon Rage!" Then she was momentarily knocked unconscious from the shock.

As the beautiful rare dragon Pokémon appeared from its Pokéball, it shot a powerful blast of red energy from its horn and hit the Electrike, Dragonair's tail whipping the Ariados away before using Hyper Beam and causing an explosion in the side of the base, water beginning to pour into the base, setting off the red alert as the Team Rocket goons ran.

"Code Red! Code Red!" the automated system announced, "We have a breach in Sector 3, level 5, east wall."

Dragonair instantly nosed its partner, who was already half-submerged in the water as it began to fill the area, trying to coax her awake. It whined urgently, using its horn to cut through the silk bonds. Blood from the wound in her side spilled into the sea water and vanished as it was diluted by the water.

"Dragonair," Alena breathed as she awoke from the sharp sting of salty sea water slapping against her wound. Her eyes were wide open, and she tried to stand, Dragonair supporting her the whole time.

Knowing what her Pokémon partner was doing, she climbed onto its back as it made its way through the hallways, protecting her from Team Rocket's Pokémon and henchmen.

"Dragonair," Alena moaned gently, her hand gently patting the smooth scales. The magic bandage had broke, and now blood poured down her side and down Dragonair's blue scales. The loss of blood was tiring her out, as well as the attacks she had to endure.

"Self-destruct in one minute," the automatic announcement declared.

Dragonair turned back and nuzzled her face, whining gently before helping her through the halls. Pulling out her cell phone from her pocket, she dialled Jackie's phone via speed dial.

"Walker," he greeted formally.

"Jackie…" she murmured weakly, "It's me…"

"Alena! Where are you?" he demanded. "This place is coming down. The base's going to self-destruct in less than a minute. I'm already at the hatch."

She looked around. "We're getting there," she said. "Go on and get out of here, Kellyn's waiting with a speedboat on the surface. I'll be out as soon as I can."

"Got it, good luck," Jackie said, "Hurry."

After Alena put away her cell phone, her hand gently ran down Dragonair's scales. "Dragonair, I've got an idea," she said softly, climbing off the Pokémon's back, focusing her energy into a powerful Aura Sphere generating in her hands. "Because we won't make the top hatch in time, so I need you to help me blast a hole in the wall so we can swim out."

Releasing the Aura Sphere, the tiny ball smashed into the wall, only causing a tiny leak. Sighing heavily, she leaned against her friend before Dragonair shot a Hyper Beam at the leak, causing a brief explosion before water poured in.

"Self-destruct in 20 seconds," the announcement declared, but it must have been obvious, considering all the Team Rocket members had evacuated.

With what strength she had left, Alena launched herself onto Dragonair's back and called, "Go!"

In an instant, Dragonair surged forward and pushed against the force of the water before pulling through, hurriedly swimming away from the ticking time bomb of Team Rocket's underwater base, but they had only succeeded in getting about a kilometre away before it exploded.

The whole fleet exploded in huge rolls of red and gold flames and black smoke, the force of the rumble and explosion echoing through the entire ocean. Whether Alena and Dragonair survived the blast was still yet to be determined.

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