By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100- word challenge. Word: wall

Spoiler warning: Season four finale.

Note: I ended up with two drabbles for this word. Great word! First drabble is a fourth season spoiler. The second -- is not. Scroll down for drabble number two. Thank you for the word...was fun to try!


I kept the evil thing living inside of me chained to a steel wall; until I was ready to release the power. Breathing in deeply, I sent the darkness streaking forward.

My up became down--my right became wrong .

Lilith was dead, her blood chilling on the stone, opening the trapdoor to his cage.

Everything Ruby said--everything I ever did--was an illusion, a lie.

My stomach turned and knees quaked, but I forced myself to stand. Grabbing hold of Ruby, I fitted her back against me. Dean twisted the knife inside her, but the pain was mine--

I'd killed everyone.


Drabble number two. Word: Wall. No spoiler.


By: Karen B.

Summary: E/O 100 word challenge. Word: Wall.

Season one: Pilot tag.


I fought the tears, tripped, hit the wall and slide down to my ass on the motel carpet.

Seemed like a century from the time I'd said 'yes' to Dean, until the time I returned to Jess. It had only been days.

The pain had built to boiling, a storm of countless tears blowing violently inside of me. Dean sat next to me, not touching, or saying a word. I rocked back and forth. Letting my head hit the wall each time, trying to keep the pain bottled, but the bottle shattered. I cried. And, Dean, he cried with me

The end