Well, suprise everyone, I am posting something different that Yu-Gi-Oh! XD

I have liked Bleach a long time, but I started on it again recently and changed out my former RenjiXIchigo pairing with GrimmXIchi XD There will also be GrimmXShiroXUllqiXIchi later XD Just because I don't like leaving Ullquiorra out, and Shirosaki will sneak in anyway XD

Plot: It is three years after the war against Aizen, the three remaining Arrancars Nell, Grimmjow and Ullquiorra are banned from ever leaving Hueco Mundo and Ichigo wonders if they really would plot anything evil without Aizen. But what is happening in town? Who is the killer that seems to have a connection to Ichigo? And will the arrancars help their former enemy when only they can save his life?

Warnings: Well, Grimmjow is not the nicest guy in the world, poor ichigo. And also there is a lot of blood.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all characters belong to the great Tite Kubo ^.^


Fallen Hero

Chapter one – Fading


They really didn't know what to do on their own at all. When they needed help, he was there. When they needed a leader, he was there.

But what would they do if that leader one day wasn't there to lead them? If they one day had to leave that leader behind, and fight against the one they took for granted?

A fallen hero is a sad one, an angry one, a pitiful one, one that should never be allowed to live to face the betrayal of people once seen as companions.

But a fallen hero still has hope, as long as someone lights up his darkness, holds up arms by his side, and strike at the world together with him.


"So, why am I doing this again?" The tired youth asks, as he held the decorations up for the whistling Rukia. "I thought you and my sisters were doing this?"

"Of course we are! But we never said anything about you not helping Ichigo!" She complains, the tired orange head carefully putting the decorations unto the ceiling. "A little to the right! No! More to the left again! A little upwards!"

"Shut up you bitch! Decide before I get down from here and give you a beating!" The short tempered youth yells annoyed. He had been working on the same decoration for one hour soon! He could only take so much repeated work!

"Ok, it is fine." The black haired girl complains in the end, Ichigo wasn't any fun when he was mad. He had gotten more moody as he turned 18. Maybe it was like that with all human males? His father was weird too, but an entirely different kind of weird. "I didn't get to see this Christmas last year because of work, this year I'm going to do my best to enjoy it to the fullest!"

"I didn't get a Christmas last year either! So stop complaining!" Ichigo complains, before he walks to get the next part of the decoration. Not only did his father love massive decorations, but Karin also. It was one of the few things she shared their father's passion in. "So, did you do as father asked? If you did, you are more courageous than me…"

"I didn't, nii-sama was busy, and so I didn't want to bother him with trivial things like a holiday." Rukia complains, Ichigo seeing that she wasn't as stern about it as she sounded.

"Didn't you know Rukia? Christmas is a family holiday. It won't be a true one without at least someone from your family at your side." Ichigo whispers, patting the confused Rukia on the head as he sat down on his knees beside her. "How about we ask Byakuya together? Maybe he will surrender under press?"

"I doubt that, you know my brother as good as me! He will just look annoyed at me, say he does not have time, and go." Rukia sighs, the remaining of the Kurosaki family sneaking forth as they heard the sad tale of an abandoned sister.

"Father will not have it!" Isshin yells, startling the shocked Rukia. "Father will not allow his children to quarrel! I will beat some love into your brother!"

"Shut up you old bastard!" Ichigo yells furious, kicking his father hard away. "Her brother is not your child!"

"Ichigo is mean to me again!" His father cries, about to crawl to his icon picture of his wife, but Ichigo hit him before he could get close, leaving his father hit out in the corner.

"Is it really ok to keep hitting him like that?" Rukia stammers, checking if he had a pulse. Ok, he had survived Ichigo's beating once more. "He might get really hurt one day."

"He has survived worse, and a father that keeps trying to break his son's neck in his sleeps deserves it!" Ichigo complains, getting up as he had gotten tired of the decorating. "Is the dinner soon done Yuzu?"

"Not yet big brother, but soon." She answers, helping Karin to push their father down unto the coach.

"I guess we should do something else in the meantime, we still have a week before it is Christmas anyway." Ichigo sighs, he really didn't know why, but he had felt really tired for a while now. Ever since he turned 18, maybe he should ask Renji or someone about it? Maybe it was a sort of shinigami puberty? Or he should ask Shinji? It could be a Visord thing? Damn! He just couldn't think straight most of the time now! He even lost concentration in battle! "I'm going to buy some juice to everyone, just wait for me."

"I'll come too." Rukia says, but Ichigo had already left her behind. "Oi! Ichigo!"

"Don't think about it Rukia, he does it all the time." Karin complains, taking a break to look at some old Christmas magazines they had brought out. "Especially lately, he runs off all the time to meet someone, a girl friend probably."

"Such nonsense!" Rukia complains, everyone looking at her as she turned beat red. "Ichigo would never get a girl friend!"

"Um, you sound really sure." Yuzu stammers, Rukia turning beat red, before she runs off. Isshin giving a cry of terror as he started finding a reason in the situation. No! Could his stupid son have defiled his adorable new daughter?! No!!!


"You haven't felt good lately?" Renji asks confused, looking at the tired Ichigo, who had snuck in at his room at the Urahara shop. "You are human aren't you? You probably just have a cold or something."

"And since I am a human I know how a regular cold feels like!" Ichigo complains, Renji thinking over it a little longer.

"Hm, maybe you are just overreacting?" Renji finally sighs.

"So as far as you know, there is nothing shinigami stuff that happens after the age of 18?" Ichigo finally asks, Renji just shaking his head. "Nothing at all?!"

"Nope, and if you wonder about something like puberty or something like that, we don't really go through something like that before the age of 50…" Renji answers, Ichigo sweat dropping. "In human years it would be around the age of 16, but we age slower than you weak small humans."

"Well, this weak small human has beaten your ass a couple of times." Ichigo complains, almost out the door when he without any warning suddenly fall hard forwards, Renji quickly catching him before he smashed his head into the wall.

"Oi! Ichigo! What the hell is wrong with you?!" Renji yells in panic, as he saw that Ichigo's gaze was far off. "Oi! Answer me!"

No answer at all, as Renji lumps the silent Ichigo down unto his bed, checking his pulse as he were trying to figure out what the hell was happening. Of course the shinigami's had understood that something was wrong with Ichigo, but nothing had ever indicated that he was so sick! He had pulse, but it was really weak, like his entire body shut down to spare up some powers.

"I should really think about getting him home…" Renji sighs, looking sadly at the passed out Ichigo. Would he really be ok like this much longer? He had started sleeping for days in a row, they had to force him out of bed if there was a hollow attack, most of the time he didn't even act like himself while killing the hollows either. He would be really rude, and most of the time almost kills them together with the hollows.

Renji lift Ichigo's head up, about to lift him up when his eyes shot open, and he hits the confused Renji hard away.

"Get lost shinigami." Ichigo complains, Renji trying to compose himself as he had smashed the back of his head hard into the wall. "Oh, and one more thing… if yah ever touch the King again, I will kill yah."

Ichigo disappears, the confused Renji trying to get a hold of what had just happened. Touch the king? What did Ichigo mean with that? He had never touched anyone called a king.

Renji were thinking over the situation a little longer, before he stiffens. He had thought something hadn't been right, Ichigo's eyes, they had been yellow.


The bored former Espada walks down the street while trying to figure out what to do. He had run off from their world for a little while, it was too boring there, those damned shinigami's hadn't even given one word of thank after he had helped them! Keh! He would never follow their traveling restrictions!

"Hey, what are you doing here Grimmjow?!" The tired Ichigo complains, the named Arrancar giving a cry as Ichigo had come too quick up on him. "I thought that old guy said none of you could come to the human world?"

"Yeah, but I got bored." Grimmjow complains, giving a sigh. "It was fun, but I guess I have to get back now."

"Want to go around a little? I'm bored too." Ichigo offers, Grimmjow looking confused at him at first, before he gives a smile.

"Why not? I don't know where I am going anyway." He laughs, the two of them continuing down the street together. "So, what are you doing alone out at this time off the night? Seems suspicious."

"I know what you mean, last thing I can remember was talking to Renji, and then I stand before you in the street." Ichigo laughs nervous, Grimmjow looking confused at him. "Really weird, right?"

"Why are you telling me this? As far as Soul society concern, we are still enemies." Grimmjow whispers, Ichigo thinking about it.

"I have no idea, just thought you might know something because I woke up before you, and I don't share soul society's view of enemies." Ichigo answers, rubbing his temple hard. Damn, his head hurt really badly now. He felt like he would go crazy! "I doubt you carry any medicines on you?"

"Nope, that is for weaklings." He complains, checking Ichigo's condition. He really didn't look his normal self. He looked woundable. "You want me to help you get anywhere? You don't look so good."

"I'm ok, I can get home myself." Ichigo complains, but Grimmjow didn't listen to him, and supported him by laying his arm over his own shoulders. "Honor among warriors?"

"No, honor among fellow Hollows." Grimmjow whispers, Ichigo too tired to bite after him over that word. It was the truth, no matter how much he complained, he was a hollow, like the Arrancar. "I have no idea where you live, point me towards it if you please."

"It is that wa…" Ichigo starts, before both of them freeze too, as a enormous pressure hit over them, a scream echoing down the street from the alley beside them. "What the hell?!"

"Ok, you wait here, I will go and check it out!" Grimmjow says, helping Ichigo to support himself against the wall, before he ran off to check what had happened.

"Hey! You can't just run off from me!" Ichigo complains, about to run after when he gives a confused cry of pain, something like cold hands running down his arms, a soft chuckle against his ears, before it felt like a cold breeze hit trough him, his energy returning completely. "Gah!"

Ichigo clutch to his head, covering his eyes as he almost fell forward. Damn! He didn't have the time for this! He takes a deep breath, before he runs after Grimmjow, avoiding the panic struck people as he made his way down the alley.

"Oi! Grimmjow! Did you find something?!" Ichigo yells, as he saw Grimmjow. "Oi!"

"I'm only getting hungry." Grimmjow complains, moving away to let Ichigo see the sight before him, Ichigo covering his mouth to keep from puking. What had happened? Before them, a woman laid thorn apart. But no blood anywhere, as it seemed she had been bleed dry. "Do humans usually do this? Or is it a hollow?"

"I… don't know." Ichigo pants, as he still covers his mouth. Why did he feel so sick? He had seen things like this before! He just… didn't feel so good! "Gah! Ngh!"

Grimmjow turns confused towards Ichigo, as he started shaking, blood splattering trough his fingers, which had been put to cover his mouth.

"What the hell is wrong?!" Grimmjow complains, not caring about the blood as he did his best to support Ichigo as the blood kept flowing. So weird, it was coagulated. Wasn't that a sign of internal bleeding? "Let us get away from here, if you continue to cough up blood like this someone will think you are the killer…"

"I'm ok…" Ichigo complains, Grimmjow giving a growl as he could hear someone coming down the alley, those shinigami's really did work fast! They must have felt that enormous energy just like them. Ichigo probably hadn't noticed it, but the energy was a lot like his, so his friends must have thought he was in danger since they came that fast.

"Like hell you are!" Grimmjow complains, grabbing the confused Ichigo hard, holding him close as he ran off as quickly as he could, and they disappear just in time as Renji and Rukia came around the corner. Grimmjow hiding as Ishida, Chad and Orihime also came running from the other direction. "You have too many friends Ichigo."

"I look at it as a good thing." Ichigo complains, Grimmjow letting him loose as they stood on the roof above, Grimmjow doing his best to hide both their energies, as Ichigo fell to his knees again, coughing up more blood.

"Hm, I wonder." Grimmjow starts, licking up some of the blood that had come unto his fingers, Ichigo looking a little nervous at him. "Well, at least I can vote for your innocence, this is human blood, but yours."

"How the hell do you know how my blood tastes?!" Ichigo complains. "And did you really think I killed that woman? I was with you when she died!"

"I know, but they don't, and I doubt they will believe me." Grimmjow sighs, Ichigo nodding sadly. "I'll help you home now, just point the way for me."

"Ok…" Ichigo whispers, as he was too weak to really complain anymore. "That way, a hospital."

"Great thing Ichigo! You are even equipped for care right away!" Grimmjow laughs, Ichigo not really finding it amusing. "Will you really be ok? You don't look good at all."

"Don't worry. I actually keep coughing up blood lately, thank you for proving to me that it was my own." Ichigo laughs, Grimmjow not really liking the tired look in his sworn enemy and war buddy's face. "I started getting suspicious of myself, could explain why I keep being tired."

"Well, you were with me, you are innocent." Grimmjow states without any doubt. Stopping as he came to the Kurosaki home. "Sorry to say this, but I am taking you in trough reception."

Ichigo tries to complain, but the coughing stops him, Grimmjow taking the chance to walk him in, ringing the bell at the hospital reception, the tired Karin coming running.

"Oi! I have a hurt guy here! He keeps coughing up blood!" Grimmjow yells, Ichigo trying to fight free from his grip before Karin could recognize him.

"Ichi-nii!" She yells terrified, Ichigo trying to get forth that he was ok, when he started coughing harder, hitting the floor as he pulled Grimmjow down with him. "Tousan! Yuzu! Ichi-nii is… Ichi-nii is…!"


"Is he really ok?" The worried Rukia asks Isshin, as they had placed Ichigo in a hospital room. Packs of drip placed in spare if he lost more blood.

"He is ok for now, but we have to be ready in case it starts again." He whispers, looking worried at his pale son, who was gasping for air trough a ventilator. "I just don't understand what is wrong, he seems to be ok, no internal bleedings or anything, but it seems his blood coagulates and his body wants it out."

"How did he get home?" Rukia asks. They had felt his energy in town, it couldn't be any mistaking that, but when they had come there a woman was dead, drained for blood, and Ichigo were gone.

"A young boy from his class came with him. He had come over him in town and gotten worried for him." Isshin answers, as he was occupied with trying to figure out what was wrong with his son. "He left a little before you came back Rukia-chan."

"Did he say anything about what had happened?" She asks.

"He said they had heard something down the street, a scream or something, but when they had been about to check it out Ichigo had started getting seizures." He answers, giving a sigh. "Maybe he got poisoned? There is some poisons that makes you puke blood, but it still don't explain why it is old blood as long as he don't have internal bleeding."

"I can sit with him until he wakes up." Rukia whispers, Isshin giving a smile to the worried girl as he nuzzled her hair gently.

"I'm counting on you Rukia-chan." He laughs, before he walks out, Karin and Yuzu running into the room as it was ok for them to sit with their brother again. "Yuzu, I'll clean up after dinner, so you two can just focus on your brother now, ok?"

"Ok daddy." She hiccups, taking a hard hold of her brother's hand as she sat down in the chair beside the bed. He looked really sick! She never saw her brother sick, he was always healthy, and even if he came home with bruises and blue eyes, he would still be ok! Not lie on the hospital bed and not talk for a entire day! "Big brother… say something… I'm scared."

"Stop it Yuzu, Ichi-nii needs to relax." Karin complains, trying to keep her cool herself. Yuzu never complained about housework, she herself never cried, and Ichigo never showed his sisters this side of him… so just what had happened?! That guy that had come with him… she hadn't liked him, the mask, it reminded her too much of those monsters! Even the hair color wasn't something a normal person would have! And… when he had helped her get Ichigo into the bed, she had almost hit her hand trough his stomach! He had a jacket on! But she hadn't felt any resistance at all! Like he had a hole in his stomach! "Nee, Rukia-chan? There isn't possible for a person to have a hole through his stomach, right?"

"Of course not." She says, about to laugh it off, before she thinks over it. "It was the guy that brought Ichigo here! Right? He had a hole through his stomach?!"

"H…how did you know?" Karin stammers, Rukia gritting her teeth.

"Those damned Arrancars!" Rukia complains, running off before Karin or Yuzu could ask more. It had been right of Soul Society to keep them away! Now one of them had come through and done something to Ichigo! He had probably killed that woman too! Rukia is out of the hospital when Karin gets up from the chair, walking over to the bed that was hidden behind a false wall, the tired Grimmjow snoring content.

"Wake up!" Karin yells, pushing the bed hard, making the confused Grimmjow roll off.

"You bitch! What was that for?!" He yells furious, about to smack her around, when he saw that she was close to crying.

"What did you do to my big brother?! You are one of those monsters aren't you?! You have a hole in your stomach!" She yells, pointing at his stomach, as he had changed into his uniform to have fewer clothes to sleep in. "And you have one of those masks too!"

"I didn't do anything at all." Grimmjow complains, getting up, Karin and Yuzu quickly covering their brother. "Keh, you humans are all the same as the shinigami… scared shitless of us."

"What are you…?" Karin stammers, standing before Yuzu. She had to protect them now! Ichigo too! Since he couldn't save them this time. "Are you after Ichi-nii because he is a shinigami?"

"Ah, so his little sisters know?" Grimmjow laughs, giving a deep yawn. He was tired too, he would have to get back to his own world and feed a little soon. "But even thought I am an evil bastard, who has killed thousands, and of course I am a hollow like those monsters, but I am called an Arrancar, the supreme rank of hollow."

"Stay away from big brother!" Yuzu hiccups, Grimmjow looking a little put out at the helpless girl.

"This is too much!" Grimmjow complains, sitting down in the bed again. "I try to help one guy home and I am branded as the worst creature in existence! If that bastard told his sisters he is a shinigami he could have told you that I helped him during that damned war too! Honestly! I am never helping anyone again!"

"You… helped Ichi-nii?" Karin stammers.

"He saved my life. I owed him to help him back." Grimmjow answers. "My name is Grimmjow Jeagerjack, one of the three last Arrancars that aided the shinigami in the soul war."

"You are lying! Why would Rukia-chan be so mad then? And be sure that you are the one who killed that woman?!" Karin yells, as Yuzu had been about to relax. "She looks at you as an enemy!"

"I know, that is because soul society isn't as mighty and forgiving as one should think." Grimmjow complains, suddenly disappearing, the girls turning slowly, holding their breath as Grimmjow was behind them, holding his fingers over their brother's throat. "In this state, I could kill Ichigo this easy."

"No! Ichi-nii!" Karin screams, but Grimmjow pulls his hand back.

"I said I could, but I won't. Out of all of soul society, Ichigo is the only one who has said he trusts me." Grimmjow whispers. "Soul society is the home of the shinigami, have you heard how Ichigo came there the first time?"

"No…" The two sisters' stammers, as Grimmjow sat down in a chair in the corner by the bed.

"He, Ishida, Sado and Orihime, broke into soul society." Grimmjow answers, the two girls looking shocked at their brother. "They almost died in battle against soul society, to save Rukia from execution."

"Yo… Grimmjow…"

"Ah, Ichigo! How are you feeling?" Grimmjow laughs, giving a confused 'hah?', as Ichigo motioned him to come closer, and he leans down. "Is it something you want? Bet you have a really sore throat."

"Grimmjow…" Ichigo pants, before he shocks all of them, kicking the confused Grimmjow off the bed, before he sits up himself, pulling his breathing mask off. "Shut up you damned bastard! Can't you keep a little information from my little sisters?! I bet there are some things you haven't had time to tell! Why not tell them that too you careless cat!"

"Cat, how do you dare call me that?!" Grimmjow growls, the sisters backing a little away, as the two men growled towards each other. "And I kept talking because I didn't want to look at your pitiful face!"

"Well good! I didn't want you to look at my pitiful face either! Hey… wait… that became a little wrong didn't it?" Ichigo stammers, both him and Grimmjow laughing. Karin and Yuzu finally relaxing, it did look like her brother were friends with him. "Yuzu, Karin, don't worry too much about the stuff he said, soul society pardoned both us and Rukia after we helped them uncover that one of their captains were a really evil guy, then I became a substitute shinigami."

"This guy then?" Karin asks, pointing at Grimmjow, who were getting tired of being pointed at.

"He is a evil guy, can't you see it? People and creatures with holes through their body like his, is evil." Ichigo explains, Grimmjow about to counter that with 'what about you?', but he decided to keep from it, Ichigo probably would kill him if he told his sisters he was a hollow too. "But Grimmjow is ok, he would never attack someone who can't fight back."

"Are you feeling better now big brother? You had us all scared." Yuzu hiccups, clutching hard to her brother as she had been sure that he didn't look to weak for it. "I'll make you some good soup later. It is good for sick people."

"I'm looking forward to it." Ichigo laughs, patting the happy Yuzu gently on the head. Grimmjow watching in silence, so this was the Ichigo he would never see while fighting him? The caring family guy. "But… I think I will sleep a little longer now, can you just tell Rukia that I want to rest a little?"

"Ok big brother!" Yuzu cheers, pulling Karin hard out with her.

"They are good kids, to be human." Grimmjow point out, as he looks at the suddenly weaker looking Ichigo, who had tried his best to keep up a brave façade before his sisters. "You aren't feeling better at all are you?"

"I'll just sleep a little longer." Ichigo whispers, almost asleep when he felt something against his sideburns, and he opens his eyes quickly, looking confused from the frozen Grimmjow, to his hand by his face, which had just brushed his cheeks gently.

"Ah! It isn't what it looks like!" Grimmjow almost screams out in terror. He and his damned preferences! Now Ichigo would really toss him out and call the shinigami's at him!

"You have cold fingers." Ichigo whispers, Grimmjow looking confused at him, as he took a weak hold of his arm, holding it against his own forehead. "You have good fingers."

Grimmjow turns red, letting him hold his hand as he nuzzled content against it. Damn! He had nurtured some deep lust for Ichigo ever since he had almost killed him the first time, and it had gotten stronger when Ichigo had won over him, Ichigo's passion, his… kind being. It had soothed him. And… what was the worth to strive to become king without someone to share it with? Without someone to be king over, it was worthless.

"Hey, when did you start calling me Ichigo?"

Grimmjow goes silent, watching as Ichigo fell asleep, not able to come up with an answer. Just when had he done that? He used to call him by his last name, just when did he decide to feel comfortable enough with him to call him Ichigo? It might have been that he just decided that Ichigo sounded ruder to call him than to respect him and call him Kurosaki? Keh, he didn't know, he really didn't care either way.

"When do I get back my hand?" He complains, as Ichigo had fallen asleep with his arm in his grip, but Grimmjow pull it free, brushing Ichigo's face gently, Ichigo looking quite pleased over the cold contact that moved around before him. "I really want to fuck you really bad, Kurosaki Ichigo."

Grimmjow grab hard unto Ichigo's cheek, brushing over the soft lips with his thumb. Keh, he were an asshole anyway, nothing would be lost if Ichigo woke up, then he would just continue from the kiss and fuck his sworn enemy into complete submission! Grimmjow close the gap between them, kissing the youth hard and stern, enjoying the small gasps Ichigo gave from his slumber. Damn! He was getting too aroused by all this! He wanted to make Ichigo submit right away!

Ichigo gives a weak cry, Grimmjow watching confused as Ichigo started scratching his neck, looking like he were in terrible pain.

"Bugs bite?" Grimmjow asks a little worried, pulling down the collar of Ichigo's shirt. And Grimmjow's eyes grows wide, as he looked at a growing zero mark. An Arrancar mark? But… Ichigo was a Viozard thing wasn't he? Not an Arrancar. But it was the right order wasn't it? If Ichigo had been one of them, he would be the zero. Suddenly Ichigo gives a jolt, clutching hard to his chest as he sat up with a cry of terror, Grimmjow too late to move away, getting a serious head butt. "What the hell is your problem!?"

"Ah… I'm ok…?" Ichigo pants, checking his chest in panic, giving a relieved sigh as he understood he had had a bad dream, Grimmjow watching as the zero disappeared. Could Ichigo really be one of the Espada? "Oi! I'm ok, right? Nothing happened when I were asleep? Marks or holes or anything!?"

"Just what sort of dreams do you have?" Grimmjow complains, understanding what Ichigo meant, he must have seen the mark in his dream, and also the hole trough his chest that Ullqiorra once gave him. "You should get to sleep again, you are talking crazy."

"I'm not sure if I want to fall asleep with you by my bed now." Ichigo stammers, Grimmjow looking confused at him, before he looked down at his own hand, which was placed gently over Ichigo's side, warm skin against cold skin. "Just how long have you been lying over me like this?"

"Um… since a little before you started tossing around." Grimmjow stammers, damn! He just didn't know what to say! "Want to fuck like crazy?"

"I do so hope you didn't just say what I think you said…" Ichigo growls, about to kick Grimmjow hard away, when his body freeze, Grimmjow looking shocked at him as he suddenly didn't move anymore.

"Oi, what is wrong?" Grimmjow asks, catching Ichigo as he fell down in the bed again. "Are you ok?"

"I…" Ichigo stammers, looking weakly up at the roof. Grimmjow looking silently at him as held his hand up before himself, waving it weakly back and forth. Before Grimmjow has had enough, and grabs his arm hard.

"What the hell is your problem?! Are you spacing out on me?!" Grimmjow yells furious, damned that Ichigo for getting him worried! "What the hell is it with that look!? That weak look in your eyes…"

"You hate it?" Ichigo whispers, now only barely able to see the faint outline of Grimmjow before him.

"I can't stand it… damn it Ichigo… stop making me worried." Grimmjow whispers, Ichigo's eyes widening, as Grimmjow's form started fading before him too.

"Don't… fade…" Ichigo whispers, Grimmjow looking shocked at Ichigo's hand, as it reached for him, starting to vanish from the fingertips.

"Who the hell is going to disappear!?" Grimmjow yells, grabbing his arm hard by the waist before it disappeared, life coming back to Ichigo's eyes, as his hand came back, and he could see around him again. "Oi! Tell me what the hell is wrong before I kick your face in!"

"I don't know why… but I fade all the time…" Ichigo whispers, Grimmjow looking confused at him, as he brushed his cheek gently with his newly regenerated fingers. "This is the first time I didn't… thank you."

"Where do you go when you disappear?" Grimmjow asks, laying his hand over Ichigo's on his cheek.

"I don't know at all, but I came back again before you the last time." Ichigo laughs, giving a confused cry, as Grimmjow gave a tired sigh, falling down unto him in the bed. "Oi! What the hell are you doing?!"

"Taking a break before you get your next seizure, you weak bastard! If I had a heart you would have given me a heart attack!" Grimmjow yells, Ichigo noticing that there was no malice at all in his voice. He had really been worried for him.

"A hollow's hole shows that their heart is gone… but you have a hole in your stomach, doesn't that mean you still have your heart?" Ichigo asks, shocking Grimmjow as he laid his arms around him, burying his face against the crock of his neck.

"Nope, just shows that I trusted my gut more than my heart when I had it." Grimmjow whispers, feeling the usually so strong hands around him shiver. Ichigo was the form of everything he hated, a person with friends, and the worst of all, a person strong enough to get all anyone could ever dream about, but too stupid to try it! But… Ichigo was a good counterpart, maybe which was why he started enjoying his company so much? If he was to become a king, Ichigo would be the person he wanted to rule over. "Do you feel better now?"

"I still feel tired, but I think I'm over the worst." Ichigo whispers, about to thank Grimmjow for the worry, when he started understanding just what Grimmjow planned on doing if he was ok. "Oi, stop undressing me…"

"Why? I thought humans and hollows worked on the same moral towards sex." Grimmjow says, expecting a louder yelling, but understood that Ichigo were too tired to even raise a hand towards him. "My touch makes you feel better don't it? Before you fell asleep, and when you almost faded, I'll distract you from the emptiness you seem to feel."

"I'm not that sort of guy." Ichigo complains, as Grimmjow pulled the blanket away from in between them, starting to brush his chest gently.

"You would prefer a cute big busted girl or an older woman instead?"Grimmjow laughs, biting hard into Ichigo's side, while rubbing his nipples gently. "Sorry to say it, but you are either dense, or a man with better restraint than even Ullqiorra."

"What do you mean?" Ichigo pants, moving his hands to cover his mouth, if he made too much sound, he would be discovered.

"You know that both Kuchiki Rukia and Inoue Orihime like you, so if you liked them, wouldn't it be as easy for you as this to get them? You are so popular so you could have both of them if you wanted." Grimmjow laughs, licking up his chest, Ichigo giving a confused shiver. "But you don't, I thought that was a sign that you liked this sort of stuff instead."

"I don't care about it." Ichigo complains, Grimmjow looking up at him, as he had been about to lick over the weak remaining trace of the hole trough Ichigo's chest. "I live each day and hope I survive a new one, so when it comes to all the people I know, I overlook their feelings for me. Inoue, Rukia… I care a lot for both of them, and when I one day die, I don't want any of them to feel sadder than others because I had repaid their feelings."

"You are stupid. Don't you ever get turned on or anything?" Grimmjow complains, starting to feel like a real jerk. But, why hadn't Ichigo told him to stop? "A healthy youth has to have some kinks, right?"

"Nope, my mind is free from any sort of sexual desire." Ichigo complains, before Grimmjow gives a grin, moving his fingers gently over the boy's tight pants, Ichigo giving a hurt cry.

"You think to highly of yourself, you are getting quite turned on now." Grimmjow laughs, rubbing Ichigo inpatient trough his pants. "If the rest of your body is without energy, this part is really getting some room to grow isn't it? It is pulsating really hard, waiting for me to release it."

Ichigo thinks about complaining, to force Grimmjow off himself with the last of his powers, but he decides against it. Lately, he really hadn't cared much about his own body. More about making other's happy. So if he didn't have anyone to protect… he didn't have a will to fight. What the hell was worth in protecting himself? He himself didn't feel any self worth, if it didn't kill him he didn't care.

"I can take the weak look." Grimmjow starts annoyed, before he hits the confused Ichigo hard in the face, keeping him in place as he straddled him hard. "But this look, I hate it… this look that just gives a fuck of what is happening to you! Is it that you won't acknowledge me? I'm not even good enough for you to make you afraid or cautious?!"

"T…that's not…" Ichigo starts, but goes silent, as he saw the look Grimmjow gave him. Both hate, frustration… and utter helplessness in his eyes.

"Do you look at me as thrash too Ichigo Kurosaki?! Like the other shinigami's? Like most of the Arrancars looked at me… like humans looks at me…" Grimmjow complains, sounding like his voice were close to cracking, as he hid his face from view. "Those eyes of yours that looked at me with compassion, I never hated them, I felt ashamed to have them on me… but I didn't hate them. Am I not even good enough for your pity anymore? Not even your hate…"

"Grimmjow…" Ichigo whispers, before he grabs the confused Arrancar, pulling him down to mouth length, resting their foreheads together. "I don't pity enemies, I don't hate enemies. I care for my friends, so when I am alone like this, you won't see much of the looks you seem to crave so."

Grimmjow looks at the forced smile Ichigo makes for him. Maybe Ichigo really wasn't as strong as he looked most of the time? He had lived the last four years of his life protecting others, he had even had to hide all his emotions to keep them from being afraid, Ichigo had lost so much free will trough battle, that he didn't seem to be able to go back to a person that could be a little selfish.

"I don't like it at all Ichigo." Grimmjow complains, giving the confused Ichigo a hard head butt.

"What the hell is your problem?!" Ichigo yells in panic. "First you hit me and now you try to smash my head in?!"

"Keep protecting your spoiled little friends, until they will never know what to do when you aren't there for them." Grimmjow complains. "You protect them, because I won't help you at all with any of them, I would rather slaughter all of them, but I will do what they will never do for you… I will protect you."

Grimmjow looks confused at the silent Ichigo, who blushed under him. What? Had he sounded that bad? Maybe it had been a little too corny?

The silence covers the room for a while, Grimmjow trying to figure out if he should run off or just sit down by the bed again, while Ichigo were trying to figure out just what had possessed one of his former greater enemies to just go right out and declare that he was going to protect him! Wasn't that almost a proclamation of love? But, he really didn't care what it had meant, for some reason… he felt a lot better, like he had at least a small glimmer of hope once more down in the darkness.

"Thank you, Grimmjow." Ichigo suddenly says, Grimmjow turning beat red, as Ichigo gave a smile to him, genuine and warm, almost too radiant for the man that lived in the darkness. "I'll remember it, so be ready to come when I call you."

"I'll be ready all the time." Grimmjow whispers, before he leans a little down, kissing Ichigo gently on the lips, a little shocked as Ichigo kissed back. Their tongues entwining as the kiss deepened, Grimmjow getting turned on once more, as he heard the small whimpers Ichigo gave him, and he swallows them all up, before they break the kiss to breath, Ichigo's face flustered as he tried to regain his composure. "Damn it Ichigo, that face of yours keeps turning me so on…"

"It isn't intentional." Ichigo complains, about to pull the blankets over himself again, but Grimmjow stops him, moving his hand down under the confused Ichigo, who were trying to see what he was doing. "Just what could possess you to rub my butt?"

"This." Grimmjow laughs, enjoying the shocked and terrified look in Ichigo's eyes, as he had pushed two fingers into him, starting to probe the shivering Ichigo hard. "Wow, you are really getting into this, you could easily pull away, but you are pushing against me…"

"Shut up." Ichigo complains, Grimmjow looking confused at him as he looked embarrassed away from him. Was Ichigo just going to give in to him like this? Why would he do that? Wasn't they still enemies?

"You bastard, you are sending off mixed signals here… just what the hell do you want me to do?" Grimmjow complains. He had no sexual restraint himself, if he saw someone he liked, he fucked them if they wanted or not, but why didn't he want to do that against Ichigo? "Ok! Either I fuck you, or not, what will it be?!"

"I don't really care, you can decide." Ichigo says, looking away from Grimmjow as his jaw dropped. Was this some sort of sexual fantasy, or was Ichigo just a really stupid idiot?! "You really want to, right?"

"Ah, I see what is going on." Grimmjow growls, that was it! He had tried doing this really nice, but this was an insult he just couldn't take! Ichigo gives a confused cry, as Grimmjow takes a hard hold of his neck. "You are putting me in the same boat as those weakling friends of yours aren't you? You look at me with guilt for getting me worked up, so you are willing to sacrifice your own body to help me, since I am your friend, right?"

Ichigo looks away again, his face hot as Grimmjow's hold of his neck got harder.

"Well, I'm not going along with that Ichigo, you better start complaining a little now, so I can rape you fair and square." Grimmjow complains, letting his neck go, before he tears his own clothes off, Ichigo finally starting to get a hold of the situation. He really hadn't thought much about it, just thought it was at least something he could do for Grimmjow, but why did he feel afraid then!? Why did he feel terrified!? "I'm not going to prepare you any more either, as a payback for looking down on me. No one gives me something I can just steal by force."

"Grimmjow… stop!" Ichigo yells, Grimmjow giving a grin as Ichigo finally thought a little of his own safety. But it doesn't matter now, as Grimmjow brought himself forth, almost showing his fist into Ichigo's mouth to keep him from screaming to high over the first feel of his dick.

"How does it feel Ichigo? This is what you wanted to give away freely." Grimmjow whispers, being sure that Ichigo bit hard at his hand, before he pushed the entire way in, giving a pleased low groan as he felt the tight skin around himself. "Oh, yes, this is a good feeling."

He pulls his bleeding hand back, looking pleased at the shivering Ichigo, who were trying to keep a brave face, but tears ran down in streams, as he just couldn't compose himself at all!

"It… hurts…" Ichigo hiccups, hating the sound of his voice.

"Yes it does, think of that the next time you offer yourself to someone." Grimmjow complains, brushing Ichigo's hair with affection as he waited for him to get his breath back before moving. "If you don't care about your own body at all, it is mine."

"Like hell…" Ichigo stammers, starting to feel really disgusted with himself, as he felt the drool run down his cheek. Why did he feel like crying? He felt like he was falling apart!

"Hey, it is ok to cry." Grimmjow whispers, wrapping his arms around the teary eyed youth, starting to move in a steady rhythm, Ichigo clutching hard to the blankets to begin with, but they kept gliding away from him, but then he clutch hard to Grimmjow, hiding his face against Grimmjow's chest, hoping he didn't hear him as he finally let out all the pint up weakness. Grimmjow looks down at him, wondering if he should comfort him or let it be for now. Well, it was Ichigo's own fault. He had made himself fall apart for his friends. And now he was his.

Grimmjow starts moving harder, never loosing the hold he had around the shaking Ichigo, who now cried in both sadness and over the sudden new wave of pleasure that hit over his body, as Grimmjow had moved one of his hands in between them, rubbing Ichigo as hard as he could without ending it too soon.

"Grimm… jow…" Ichigo hiccups, for the first time since it started looking up at his assaulter, who looked tired down at him, sweat dripping from his forehead as the heat in the room had been rising for a while. "I'm… sorry… so sorry…"

"It's ok now…" Grimmjow whispers, holding Ichigo closer, as he kissed him hard, swallowing up the cries as both of them came, Ichigo tensing as he felt the warm semen invade him. "Heh, your body is mine now Ichigo Kurosaki, don't worry, I will take better care of it than you."

Grimmjow waited for a short and hard remark over his declaration of ownership. But Ichigo said nothing, the Espada going silent too, as he saw the face Ichigo had never shown any other, as he just couldn't stop crying. He was so pathetic! He should just stop crying! He wasn't a little kid anymore!

"Hey… you don't have to cry anymore now." Grimmjow stammers, trying to figure out anything he could do to make Ichigo return to his normal self again. "Um, you want to get a shower? Bet you will feel a lot better then!"

"I don't even feel like moving yet…" Ichigo hiccups, trying to dry his tears away. "I think I might have a breakdown or something."

"Does it feel good?" Grimmjow asks, Ichigo hesitating a little, before he nodded, a new warm smile trough all his tears.

"It feels wonderful." Ichigo laughs, Grimmjow giving a weak laugh, before he pulls Ichigo into his embrace, hugging him gently. "Thank you Grimmjow, you better take good care of me…"

"Like no other ever will." He laughs, the two of them just enjoying each other's company for the moment, nothing else mattering in the entire world.


"Are you ok big brother? You look really warm." The worried Yuzu asks, she had come in with late dinner for her brother, and he looked like he had run around in a hurry.

"I'm ok, don't worry about me Yuzu." He laughs, being sure to cover the other side of the bed as Yuzu went to get new water for the flowers someone had bought him. "But you are a life saver Yuzu! I'm really hungry!"

"Really?! Then it is good that I made so much for you!" She cheers, the tired Grimmjow just hoping he would be allowed to get up again soon. The door had opened and the flustered Ichigo had pushed him right out of the bed and tossed a blanket over him. "Where did Grimmjow-san go? I made for him too…"

Grimmjow twitch a little over hearing that, why would she make for him, didn't she look at him as a scary guy? All humans feared him.

"He will probably come back later, so you can just let it stand there." Ichigo laughs, as Yuzu moved the small side table over to his lap. "But you are usually scared of big guys aren't you? I thought you would be too terrified to make him anything."

"He looks scary, but he is the same sort of scary that everyone says big brother is." Yuzu answers, Ichigo looking confused at her. "I feel like he is scary, but that he is a really nice person! Just like big brother is!"

"Just what sort of delusion do you live in?!" Grimmjow yells, about to get up, but Ichigo gives a hard back kick, hitting him down before he could come over the side of the bed.

"What was that?" Yuzu asks, as she had seen the other way.

"Aha! Nothing at all Yuzu! Just someone who yelled from outside, nothing we have to worry about at all!" He laughs, happy that Grimmjow got so chocked over the sudden attack that he was still down.

"If you say so big brother!" She giggles, walking out happy. Her brother was ok again now! He looked really good, and he was playing fun games with Grimmjow! They had to be really good friends!

"What the hell was that for you bastard?!" Grimmjow yells furious, coming up again as the door was closed. "You almost broke my damned mask!"

"Well you would look better without it you stupid idiot!" Ichigo yells back. "I don't know how you Arrancars deal with finding two men in bed together, but among humans it isn't always a good thing! I do not want my sister to be emotionally scarred because of me!"

"Keh, I hate that damned compassion of yours." Grimmjow complains, before he gets up, Ichigo looking away as Grimmjow got dressed. "Heh, like what you see?"

"Why the hell would I?" Ichigo complains, blushing as he tried to not look at Grimmjow's completely exposed body. For a man with a hole through his stomach… he looked really good. "So, where are you going now?"

"I'm going to eat dinner by your bed." He laughs, Ichigo able to look at him again as he had gotten his pants on, but he didn't care about the jacket yet, he had tossed it too far away, he didn't want to bother right now.

"And after that?" Ichigo continues, Grimmjow thinking about it.

"I'm bored at home, and Ullqiorra keeps bossing around since he is the current strongest as long as Nell is a child." Grimmjow starts, Ichigo looking confused at him. Just where was he going with this?

"What do I have with you being bored at home?" Ichigo complains, starting to eat his food slowly, watching curious as Grimmjow did too.

"Stop staring at my stomach! It flows around the hole!" Grimmjow yells, as Ichigo started intensely at his stomach.

"Oh, I wondered if I could see you eat or something." Ichigo laughs, Grimmjow giving a tired sigh, before he nuzzles the confused Ichigo's hair hard. "Grimmjow?"

"Is your closet free for a time?" Grimmjow asks, Ichigo looking confused at him at first, before he nods. "Good! Then I can stay around and take care of my property! With a murderer in town I have a feeling a cute kid like you is a easy target."

"Oi, you just called me cute." Ichigo complains, Grimmjow turning beat red. "Well, let us end the conversation with 'you are handsome and my closet is free'?"

"Sounds good." Grimmjow laughs, leaning closer to Ichigo, kissing him gently, Ichigo not really minding anymore.

A sudden violent jolt goes through Ichigo, as the same feeling he had felt alone in the alley once more hit him. Damn… it felt like all his energy came back, but his energy made him sick! Like it had been corrupted since it had left him.

"I'm tired." Ichigo whispers, Grimmjow taking the hint, putting the dinner away so Ichigo could lay down again. "Hey… sorry if I say something mean to you…"

"It's that hollow part of you, right?" Grimmjow whispers, Ichigo looking confused at him. How had he known? "Your eyes just turned yellow a second ago and you started cursing me about laying my hands on the king."

"I did?" Ichigo stammers, Grimmjow nodding. "I didn't even notice that I spaced out… that bastard is getting more slick!"

"I guess you are the king then." Grimmjow whispers, lying down beside the confused Ichigo, looking at him with a grin. "I guess that guy will hate me, as I will claim both the title king and you."

"So you really won't mind me calling you really bad things in between the snuffs?" Ichigo laughs, wrapping his arms around Grimmjow, who returned the favor.

"Not at all, I like the excitement." He laughs, the two of them just enjoying each other's company as they started to slowly fall asleep, the furious hollow inside Ichigo for the first time not able to tear his King away from the intrusion. Damn… he had seen that Renji guy look at his King with lust, many others too, and he always took over and removed Ichigo from them. But now he couldn't! The comfort from that damned Arrancar kept Ichigo too strong! He would never forgive that man… he had done to Ichigo what he had sworn he would be the first to do!

"Good night, Grimm." Ichigo whispers half asleep, Grimmjow giving a weak smile over the new call name.

"Yeah, good night, Ichi." Grimmjow snickers, the two of them happily unaware, as something stirred in the town, as a new body was discovered.


End of chapter one

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