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Change madness

Fallen hero side story 2

Ichigo coughs hard as he was trying his best to get back to the portal he had put up. He had been over to give Urahara a real beating after the entire deal, but before he found him he started to feel sick instead! Right now he felt like his energy faded rapidly, and he started to get really hungry, at the same time that he wanted to puke!

The top Espada present all looks shocked at their lord, as he walks past them and as he were in a corner, he falls over and coughs up the foul taste that he felt in his mouth. Old energy splatters to the ground, as it seemed that the energy he had had just gone bad and forced itself out.

"Oi! Ichigo! Are yah ok?" Cero asks a little worried, as he hadn't seen his other in such a state for a few years now. "Did yah eat something bad?"

Ichigo just shakes his head hard, as he rests his head against the cold walls, while he pants tired. He felt like he would die!

"Is it your energy that is polluted?" Ulquiorra asks, as he sits down beside him and rubs his back gently.

"I think so… I just got sick, and then really hungry… I'm still hungry." Ichigo whispers, as he continues to cough until almost all of his stored up energy fades, and he falls tired forwards. "Really… really hungry…"

Ulquiorra holds his hand out to store up some the great amount of energy in their castle, and as he felt there was enough, he leans gently over Ichigo's shoulder, and feeds it to him before he continue to rub his back gently.

"Does it feel better now Itsygo?" The sobbing Nell asks, as she had been worried for Ichigo! But Grimmjow held her from being a bother. He had talked about this with Ulquiorra, and they knew it could happen to Ichigo soon.

"I feel better…" He laughs tired, before he fall to the floor, and he had fainted before he even hit the ground.

Grimmjow leans down and picks Ichigo gently up, before he starts to carry him towards his bedroom. It wouldn't be easy, now that they had to tell Ichigo that he had to stop going to the other worlds.

Ichigo had no idea how long he had been out when he woke up again. He sits slowly up in his bed, and he looks over at Grimmjow, who sits silently by his bed.

"Grimm." He whispers, as he still felt tired, and he lies down again as Grimmjow comes closer to check his temperature. "What happened to me?"

"You have been too much to the human world Ichigo, you remember what we said about the effects leaving this world has on hollows…" Grimmjow starts and Ichigo nods before he closes his eyes. "If you keep traveling there so much, you might give in to the hunger one day, and attack someone…"

"I know… I might have hoped that I would be an exception to the rules. I usually am." Ichigo laughs, as he feels like he wanted to cry. The thought of going crazy and not being able to blame it all on Cero wasn't something he had wanted to ever think about!

"Not this time Ichigo." Grimmjow whispers, as he gives a sigh, and leans down to lay his arms around Ichigo. He really hated it when he made those pain-filled faces. "But it will just mean that you can't be there for longer times, it doesn't mean that you can't be there."

"Are you trying to cheer me up?" Ichigo asks, as Grimmjow never seemed to want him to go to the human world at all, so this was not like him to support him in continuing to go there.

"Of course I am!" He snorts, as he places a gentle kiss on Ichigo's forehead. "I'm a psychopath, but that don't mean I like to see you making such pathetic faces."

"Well I am sorry for making pathetic faces!" Ichigo shocks Grimmjow, as he pulls him down in the bed and snuggles closer to his broad chest. "I'll hide my pathetic face this way… just don't move and you won't see it, ok?"

Grimmjow nods, before he lays his arm safely over Ichigo's side, as he pulls him gently into an embrace. Then he looks sad up, as he could feel the weak shivers go through his body from Ichigo hidden sobs.

He hated to see this weak side of his King, but he knew that he felt a little happy as well, as he knew that he was one of the only two who would be allowed to see this side. But if he had had the power, he would remove everything that made Ichigo cry. If he knew it would have helped, he would even have removed his human family and all the shinigamis that he cared for! Even If he knew Ichigo would hate him over everything in the world afterwards.

Soon the sobbing stops and he pulls the blankets better over Ichigo as he understood that he had fallen asleep again.

"You know Ulquiorra… he wouldn't have been this weak right now if it hadn't been for the fact that you beat him up?" Grimmjow complains, as he looks over at the silent part of the room, who had been standing by the door the entire time. "Seriously… I knew you were a strong bastard, but I didn't think you were on par with Ichigo as he is now…"

"I was stronger before I became an Arrancar." Ulquiorra answers, as he walks over to see how Ichigo were. "With the Hōgyoku gone, my old power returns over time, I don't have half of them back yet."

"Shouldn't you have taken the role as king then? At least Ichigo would get more rest as the 1st Espada instead." Grimmjow points out, as it sounded scarily like Ulquiorra actually were the strongest of them.

"He didn't fight me seriously. If Ichigo had fought me while protecting someone, he would beat me no matter what." Ulquiorra explains, as he brushes the long orange hair gently. "And he is stronger than me, he just hasn't used any time to learn to control his new powers yet, he just keeps on fighting blindly like he has always done."

"Heh, I guess I have to keep training myself if I am ever to hope that I will rise in rank?" Grimmjow laughs nervous, as he really didn't know if Ulquiorra was speaking the truth or just being modest.

"I doubt you ever will Grimmjow." He snorts, before he walks out, and leaves Grimmjow wanting to smash his smug emotionless face through the wall. "Cero will continue ruling in his place for now, just be here with him and be sure that he rests, and feed him when he wakes up."

Grimmjow nods, as he felt a little hit by the last order. He had forgotten to give Ichigo food while he was awake, that was probably why he fainted again so fast.

What happened to hollows that traveled to the human world was that the weak ones would be ok, and could with no trouble live on the energy of the food he ate. But strong hollows would start to reject that sort of weak energy, and without knowing it start to crave for stronger living energy from either strong humans or shinigami, or even other hollows. Ichigo were the strongest hollow, so it was natural for his body to start urge for stronger energies like that. Grimmjow also felt it when he was there, he were just more used to fighting it.

He would have to do his best to learn Ichigo fight it as well, so he could spend more time with his loved ones. But other than that, it seemed that it would be smarter to just tell his friends to come there when they wanted to visit, and send others off to get things Ichigo wanted.

Grimmjow gives a tired sigh, before he collects Ichigo into his embrace, and he just holds gently unto him as there was nothing else he could do right now. He would hold unto him, even if he went crazy, he would keep a hard hold of Ichigo, even thou he were sure that he liked this gentle King more than an eventual crazy and hungry one they might get, so he would protect both Ichigo's body and mind, as best as he could.

"How is the King doing?" The bored Cero asks, as he was once more tossed over the throne, while he read some porn he had stolen from the crying Kon's side of their shared room. He hated to watch porn! It was more fun when he could just get some himself, but he had come to the point that he really didn't like it now if it wasn't Ichigo! And Ichigo hadn't given in for a long time now!

"He is sleeping again." Ulquiorra answers, as he grabs the book from his King, and before Cero or Kon can complain, it goes up in flames. "I will not give you more warnings, next time you do not sit with dignity on your King's throne, I will either beat you or your partner in crime into a pulp, so do not make me have to do the extra work."

Cero gives a nervous gulp, as he nods together with the terrified Kon. There was something wrong with that guy. Cero hadn't had any fear for him before, but he had won against Ichigo in a fair fight! He did not want to risk that himself, since he himself knew that when it came to powers, he were not as strong as Ichigo himself.

"Wah! He is getting scarier… do you think he hates us for fooling Ichigo into that contest?" Kon whimpers, as he was hanging over the side of the throne as Ulquiorra walked away.

"Why should he? He won the damned thing didn't he? I was looking forward to going to a movie! And also the ice cream! Now I just have a cold throne left and a lot of boring days before me!" He complains, before Kon finally decides to point out the obvious:

"He doesn't make Ichigo sit on the throne all the time, why do you have to?" Cero tense, as he just looks blankly into the air. Had Ulquiorra ever said that he had to sit on the throne the entire time? He had just said to take the throne, and to sit right in it.

Cero turns beat red, as he can hear Chad and Chibi laugh over the thing that all of them had found funny for a long time now. No one had told Cero to sit on the throne at all when there weren't guests there.

He gets up from the throne, and with the laughter at his back, he makes his escape from the throne room. He would kill someone! He didn't know who! But someone would die for this!

"When it comes down to it that guy really is a lot like Ichigo isn't he?" Chad stammers, before he looks down on Kon. "He won't hurt anyone will he?"

"I don't know. I'm just happy that I am safe here." Kon point out, before he sees some of the girls in the distance, and before Chad can talk more to him, he runs off. But he is sure that after he had called for them, he stumbles a few times and he fakes a few tears before he gets back up to run towards them, and with his plan perfectly thought trough, the girls comes running to greet him, all of them hugging him worried as they dry his tears away.

Yes, this was the perfect life he had hoped for! He knew that the day would come when he grew up and looked like Ichigo, but he would just be sure that all the girls still thought of him as their little boy, and he would be spoiled all he wanted even then!

Ulquiorra looks after the escaping Cero, as he hadn't gotten far away before he ran off. Honestly, that gang was too relaxed and stupid. He had no idea why he was even trying to deal with them! He is about to walk back to his own room, when he can feel that Ichigo had woken up again, and he also felt that Grimmjow were sleeping, so he walks back to Ichigo's room, where the panting Ichigo were starved, but didn't have the heart to wake Grimmjow up.

"Ulqui-chan…" Ichigo whispers, as he looks up at Ulquiorra, who were already storing up some energy for Ichigo, that had been told to not do it himself, since he would just make energy that would get forced out again when he were in this state.

Ulquiorra walks over to the other side of the bed, and sit down beside Ichigo, before he leans over and feeds him all the energy that Ichigo can take right now. Ichigo soon falls asleep again, and Ulquiorra gives him a gentle kiss before he leaves him to sleep.

He hoped Ichigo would get better soon. He was used to it, but he still didn't like to see him this weak. And he had started to feel like it might be his fault, since he was the one who went all out. He had no idea what had gotten over him. He had just decided that he really wanted to win, both to have more time with Ichigo and to break the weak hope his friends had to ever become his mates. So weird, he weren't a person to feel such urges, he really didn't know if he liked feeling like that, but he liked less the feeling of guilt that grew inside him.

He would have to say sorry to Ichigo when he was back to full strength. It wouldn't be easy, but he would do his best to get the words forth.

"A strange virus?" Ulquiorra asks, as he had decided to let Cero off for a day and had taken charge himself, and Chad had just come to tell him the news from soul society. "What sort of virus?"

"I'm not sure how to explain it…" Chad stammers, as he had not really expected such a virus to even exist. It was more like something from a bad hentai. "So I brought Kuchiki-san to explain it, but she seems to have gotten infected as well, so she fell ill on the way…"

"If she is infected with something you should not have let her enter!" Ulquiorra complains, as he sees the tired shinigami hanging under Chad's arm. "If you know the situation you tell me! Send her back right away!"

Chad is about to comply as it sounded like what he should do, when the confused Ichigo comes running to see what Ulquiorra was yelling at Chad for, and he quickly notices the form that hung under Chad's arm.


Ulquiorra quickly reacts, and he grabs Ichigo's arm to keep him from moving closer.

"If it is a virus we do not want it to spread…" Ulquiorra orders, and Ichigo is about to complain, when Chad puts Rukia down against the wall to let her sit better. "If our king got infected it would be a problem."

"It is not something deadly or anything…" Chad stammers, as he understood that Ulquiorra might be overreacting a little. "The science apartment is already on it, and they promised a cure soon if it didn't pass over by itself."

"Just what sort of virus is it then?" Ichigo asks worried, as he were fighting all the impulses in his body that told him to run over to protect Rukia, but then it starts to dawn on him, as the embarrassed Rukia would not meet his gaze at all. "Rukia… when did you become a man?"

"Shut up you bastard!" Rukia yells embarrassed, as he kicks his shoe hard at Ichigo's face, and before Ulquiorra or Chad gets to stop them, they go into a yelling spree.

"It changes genders?" Ulquiorra asks, as he understood that if it went through touch, Ichigo were already gone.

"Yes. It seems to have infected a few of the captains and lieutenants in Soul Society, and they wanted to warn us too, just in case." Chad stammers, as he really hoped he wasn't infected. He was hoping that the fact that he was human would save him this time. "It doesn't seem to go through touch, but air, and the science department said that a few people might be immune."

"I am going to Soul society." Ichigo cheers, and he is about to open a gate to be able to see just who had gotten infected, when he is stopped by a furious Rukia, who sits on top of him to get him to keep there. "Oi! Let me go Rukia! Your brother is infected too isn't he? With this reaction I know he has to! I am so going there and laugh in his face! Or is it Renji?"

"Among the captain it is captain Ukitake, Hitsugaya, Komamura and Kurotsuchi! My brother has not left the mansion so it is not known!" Rukia complains, as Ichigo's need to run in had faded. He could on one hand have something to laugh off for the rest of his life, or he would really be put of women for the rest of his life. "Renji were infected as well, but brother ordered him to keep in the mansion so he wouldn't bring shame on the sixth squad!"

Ichigo hits his face hard into the ground, as he had a feeling that Rukia did not want to think about the obvious right now. If her brother wasn't infected and kept an infected Renji in the mansion and none of them had been seen again? It wasn't advanced math!

"Who else then?" Ichigo sobs, as this was just getting weird. He hoped his world were safe, they didn't even know if it would infect hollows.

"Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Hisagi and Hanatarou." She explains, and Ichigo tries to keep his laughter in, as he imagined Ikkaku as a woman, and a really pissed Yumichika who had wanted to become more beautiful as well. "But it is still affecting people, since it has also worked on me too."

"But we haven't had a case of it here, so wouldn't it be best if you went back before it did spread here?" Ichigo stammers, and Rukia is about to start yelling at him for not being thankful that he had come there in his condition, when they hear a thud behind them, and both turn in terror, as Ulquiorra had fainted to the ground.

There was no way!

"Ulquiorra…?" Ichigo stammers, as he leans down to sit beside him as he tries to check how his condition was. He was panting hard, and he seemed to be in pain. "Chad! Get Vlad!"

"He'll be ok Ichigo…" Rukia stammers, as he is a little shocked over Ichigo's sudden panic over Ulquiorra's wellbeing. Did Ichigo really care so much for this guy? "The same thing happened to me too! He'll be fine soon!"

Ichigo hesitates a little, before he lifts Ulquiorra gently up and starts walking to Ulquiorra's room.

He should let Ulquiorra rest, and at least be sure that no one saw Ulquiorra in this state. In his eyes, Ulquiorra were a strong person, almost untouchable by anyone. To see Ulquiorra like this made his chest hurt.

"Oi! What happened?" Grimmjow comes waling. As he had woken up with no Ichigo, he had come to look for him, and now he found him running down the hallway with Ulquiorra in his arms? But Ichigo just ran past him, and he is left to talk with the worried Chad and Rukia, who were both trying to figure out why Ichigo had not seemed as panicking over Rukia turning into a man as Ulquiorra probably turning into a woman. "What happened to you, shinigami?"

"Screw you Arrancar." Rukia snorts back, as he looks over at Chad. "Shouldn't someone go and tell the hollows that there is a virus loose?"

"What virus?" Grimmjow stammers, as he looks from Rukia and after Ichigo. "I… I think I am going to go and hide in my room for a while if it involves what I think it is…"

"No one is running off!" Ichigo growls, as he kicks Grimmjow hard down upon his return. "I left Ulquiorra in a safe place! No one is going to disturb him, and we will get this sorted out before it goes out of hand!"

"Are you protecting your mommy?" Grimmjow snickers, but he is rewarded with a new hard hit to the face, as Ichigo did not find this amusing at all. "I'll be nice, so just stop kicking my butt outside of battles…"

"Chad, go and get Vlad. Rukia, you'll be here to help us with communication with Soul Society." Ichigo mostly orders, and both Chad and Rukia nods, as they didn't feel like there was any use in making Ichigo mad now. "Grimmjow… just… please don't get infected… no matter what… don't get infected!"

"I don't get what is going on… please explain to me, and I will do my best to not get infected." Grimmjow stammers, as he had understood enough of this to know that he did not want to get infected either.

Rukia is set to explain everything to Grimmjow, as Ichigo walked off to gather everyone to warn them, but as he closed in on the throne room, the racket warned him that it might already be too late.

"Someone has to fix this! My brother can't keep looking like this!" William cries terrified, as he were trying to keep the now female Vlad from blowing kisses at the boys that were close. "Stop it big brother!"

"Come on William, it isn't that bad, and it will pass soon." Vlad laughs, as she were busy checking up the tired Claire, who had found herself a man by all this.

"How do you know?" Ichigo asks, as he hovers over the nervous Vlad, who laughs as she understood that she had been found out. "You have something to do with this don't you?"

"Not really, I just found some of the old scientist's stuff, it seems that the virus has been taken by someone, but by the information that was left by it, it will soon pass, and everyone will turn back to normal. It also just infects certain people, but the scientist hadn't been able to figure out how it worked." Vlad laughs, before she gets out of Ichigo's grip and goes over to bother the beat-red Chad, who was looking for an escape way in panic.

Ichigo gives a tire sigh. There was nothing to do than to wait and see how this would go then? He just hoped he himself would not get infected. Then he would have to hide himself for the entire time or get jumped by Grimmjow and Cero.

"Rukia, you should get this information to Soul Society, and also send an excuse for me, I will try my best to fix any damage all this might have caused." Ichigo sighs, and Rukia nods, before he and Ichigo walks into the communicator room. "You are taking all this well Rukia, if I had suddenly been changed into a woman I would go into a panic…"

"I resigned to the fact when I felt sick. I will just do my best to turn back was what I thought." Rukia complains, and Ichigo chuckles as Rukia really made it sound too simple. "And Renji made a real racket, I want more dignity than him!"

"You have always had more dignity than him Rukia, don't worry about that." Ichigo laughs, as he hits the blushing Rukia on the back. "I'll set up the communication for you, please don't give away Vlad on this, someone will kill him then."

"I'll just say that someone stole the virus left by the late Szayael Aporro." Rukia says, and Ichigo nods thankful. And he lets Rukia talk to the worried Unohana on the other side, as he thinks over this for himself. If it had been stolen, it had to mean that either someone from soul society had come over and stolen it, or that someone with them had stolen it, and taken it to soul society? And if they didn't find out whom, there was a chance that it might happen again.

But it all came down to the fact that he had no idea who would gain from something like this!

If it was a plan to take down Soul Society or Hueco Mundo it had to be the dumbest one ever! The only thing this would end in was pain and a lot of laughter and humiliation! In the entire world there was no one he knew that was so deranged!


Rukia finishes his report, before he turns nervous towards Ichigo, who were now hitting his head hard against the wall over something.

"Oi, are you ok Ichigo?" Rukia asks nervous, as he wondered if Ichigo was getting sick as well. He had been shocked enough to see Renji as a woman, he really didn't think he wanted to see the same happen to Ichigo! But it wasn't that he didn't think Ichigo would look good, as there was a chance that Ichigo would look really good! And if it came down to that he didn't know if he could contain himself at all! So he really hoped that Ichigo didn't turn into a woman before he turned back himself!

"I might know who spread the virus… I'll find him and punish him according…" Ichigo groans, as he stops hitting his head as it had started to hurt a little. "Let us just try and keep our heads cool until this is done, then I will stab him in the back and tear his head off while he isn't looking!"

Rukia nods nervous, as he by those words understood who was to blame. There was only one person alive that Ichigo would say those things about, and that was his hollow self. So far Rukia hadn't seen one person beside Kon that actually liked the guy.

The two of them walks back to the throne room, where the tired Espada were all gathered. Minus Ulquiorra and Vlad, as Vlad had decided to use this chance to run off and try out his new body. Ichigo understood that easily by finding his brother crying in a corner, with the worried Chibi trying to cheer him up.

"So, as far as we know, Ulquiorra, Vlad and Claire are infected?" Ichigo asks Grimmjow as they met up before the meeting table, and the tired Grimmjow nods. This was not fun at all! He had never in his life felt more terrified! He did not want to turn into a woman! He would rather die! And if it even took out Ulquiorra there was little hope for him wasn't it?

Ichigo is about to ask more, when he senses his demented twin enter the room, and before Cero can have the chance to understand that he had been found out, Ichigo grabs him hard and force him against the wall. And the disappointed look Cero gave him as he understood that he were still normal, gave Ichigo all the proof he needed, and he calls forth his sword to once and for all maim the bastard.

"Ah! Ichigo! What are you doing?" Rukia yells in panic, as Ichigo were really about to send off an attack that would slice the guy in half, and Ichigo is pulled off the nervous Cero by a joint effort of Rukia, Chad and Grimmjow.

"Thank you!" Cero mocks, before he makes his escape, but as he got down the room he is grabbed hard by someone coming the other way, and he gives a groan as he is forced hard into the ground by a powerful Cero. He is about to get up again for a counter attack as he was let loose, but he is unable to, as he together with the rest of the room had gone silent over the newly arrived Ulquiorra.

More slender than before, and her hair had also grown, as it reached halfway down her back. Her face were also thinner, and even the cold look sort of felt like a turn on now, and because she were not under endowed, the uniform were also showing a lot of stomach. Perfect, pale and slender stomach...

Cero didn't know how long he laid there and stared in awe at the guy he usually hated with a passion, when a bright light got him back to his senses, and he gives an un-dignified scream, as Ulquiorra sends a new Cero off to take off his arm.

The she kicks the thorn arm away, before she walks over to the gulping Ichigo. Who were not really sure what to think or even say right now. His chest was thumping like mad, and he probably felt breath taken for the first time in his life.

"What is the situation?" Ulquiorra's voice hadn't really changed much on the emotions side, but it was in a weaker tone. "Is Vlad working on it?"

"Eh… um… oh! He already knows what it is! It will go over soon!" Ichigo finally cheers, as he in the end understood that Ulquiorra were talking to him. And he keeps laughing really nervous as he understood that the ones that were not staring at Ulquiorra were now staring really shocked at him. Were Ichigo blushing? "I… I'm leaving this to you! I'll bring Cero in for healing!"

And Ichigo grabs an arm and runs off.

"Oi… what can you do with just my arm you bastard!" Cero yells, as Ichigo had just run off with his arm and not him. Cero gets slowly up, and leaves them with a few words before he follows after Ichigo: "Such a brat, blushing and running off when he is in love…"

"In love?" Half of the ones there yell, as the still emotionless Ulquiorra didn't seem to understand what was going on. For her gender didn't matter much. The others might feel embarrassed over her change, but she didn't mind since her powers still remained the same.

"You bastard Ulquiorra…" Grimmjow growls, as he had been amazed at her beauty as well, but it had all been washed away when he understood that Ichigo had just run blushing off over someone else than him! Not enough that Ulquiorra had won the date, now the bastard were winning Ichigo's heart as well? "Don't you have any shame? Showing yourself in such a form?"

"No, I find no problem in it." Ulquiorra looks over at the nervous Rukia. "Please give me the new details, Ichigo did not explain much."

Rukia starts to explain it all, as he did not want to have a Cero fired in his face also. This guy was really mental! Really beautiful as a woman, but mental! But this did give a hope didn't it? If Ichigo blushed so much by seeing Ulquiorra like this, did that mean he liked girls? Then the Arrancars had no chance!

"I see, I will go and find Ichigo then, you keep peace here Grimmjow." Ulquiorra says, and before Grimmjow can get his head around the fact that Ulquiorra should not be the one with Ichigo now, she is already gone. Leaving the poor Grimmjow almost heart broken. His little Ichigo liked women!

"Ah! Don't go new big sister!" Kon cries, as he had been down the other hallway as Ulquiorra had left, and they all watches nervous, as the cheering Kon passes the hallway before them, before there is a scream, and the kid is shoot down the hallway by a Cero.

Complete silence, as no one dares move before the echoes of Ulquiorra's steps were gone. Then Rukia, Chibi and Claire run to see if Kon were ok. And by just luck it seemed he had been barely saved by Vlad, who had been coming back to see how things were going.

"Who was that dazzling beauty with no love for kids?" She laughs, as she toss the crying Kon over to Rukia, who grabs him as he recognized her, but then Kon goes over to crying as he understood that his dear Rukia had also fallen victim to this new curse, so he jumps over to the confused Vlad.

"It is Ulquiorra. She is not happy right now." Rukia stammers and Vlad laughs a little nervous. Could the reason she fired the kid off be that she saw that she were coming? Since this might have been her fault a little. "Is there really no cure for this other than to wait?"

"Well, there is one thing, but I doubt any of you want to do it." Vlad laughs and all of them look curious at her. "The effects will last less if the infected has sex with someone… I have no idea what that Szayael was thinking about. But this will last one week after infection, but if you have sex with someone, it will just last some hours, and the one that has sex with the person has a bigger chance of getting infected."

"Ha ha… then I guess there is no chance for that one…" Chibi laughs nervous, as he really didn't think that Ulquiorra would jump anyone.

"You are right. We will just wait for the week to go by then." Rukia sighs. There was no way that Ichigo would ever go to bed with Ulquiorra, and he doubted that there were any of the others that would do so either.

But should he tell this to Soul Society? He doubted that it would be told past the captains as it was not the most moral way of curing something.

"Where is Grimmjow-sama?" Chibi asks confused, as Grimmjow had been with them for a second ago, but were gone now. "Maybe he was worried for Ichigo as well? I wonder if he would be happy if Ichigo changed?"

"What do you mean with that?" Rukia and Chad both yells, and the nervous Chibi backs away to hide behind Claire and Vlad.

"The… the two of them are… I mean, they are lovers aren't they?" Chibi whimpers before Vlad or Claire can stop him, and Rukia and Chad looks with him at something that could be described as burning rage. "Ah! My fault! I was mistaken! Don't listen to anything I say! Please!"

Rukia and Chad walks off before Vlad has a chance to invent an excuse, and Chibi gives a sob as he falls to his knees. Everyone was so scary! And he had just given away his Lord's secret hadn't he? He kept forgetting that the humans and shinigamis didn't know about his relationship with Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and Cero! Wah! He would get killed! He would lose his arm as well wouldn't he?

Ichigo hits his head hard into his pillow, as he were doing his best to cool his head down a little, while the pissed Cero were busy trying to heal his arm again. He had chased Ichigo though half of the castle before he got his arm back! That guy was really a kid weren't he? Getting flustered when he saw a woman he liked! After all, Ichigo had never been the advancing part. He mostly just got jumped down by people and rode their impulses to the end.

"If yah liked her that much yah could just tell her and get it on! The bastard usually sleeps with yah anyway, so what is the problem?" Cero complains, as he had gotten some muscles healed and the arm at least hung there by itself. "Then the bastard will know his place and yah can lose yer virginity! It is a win win situation!"

"I really hate you sometimes…" Ichigo groans, as he was trying his best to find any logic against those words.

Then the door opens, and Ichigo tries to fade further down into the bed as he saw Cero wave as he walked grinning out. He did not want to be here! He was weak! He was too weak!

"Ichigo, are you feeling ok?" Ulquiorra leans down to check his temperature. And she is a little confused, as Ichigo seemed really uncomfortable. "Ichigo?"

"I'm fine Ulqui... Don't worry about me… just go and work… I'll lie here for a week and just… stare at my bed…" Ichigo stammers and he tense, as Ulquiorra leans down over him, and he feels the soft weight on his back.

"You are being childish Ichigo. If you have been infected there is nothing to hide for…" Ulquiorra complains, and she grabs him hard by the shoulder and forces him around, but as she does, Ichigo grabs her hard as well, and before she knows it, she is forced back on the bed. "Ichigo?"

"Um… I…" Ichigo stammers, as he feels his face flush up again. Just what was he doing! This was not something he should do or usually even thought of doing! But Ulquiorra looked too enticing like this! And since it was Ulquiorra, the person who jumped him on a regular basis, he sort of thought that it wasn't anything wrong in turning the tables!

"I thought we already decided that you are years too early to try and top me." Ulquiorra chuckles, as she started to understand what was going on. Ichigo were really adorable wasn't he? He did have some weak hopes that he could top now and again, and it was her duty each time to put their King down to his own level again in bed.

Ichigo almost feels like the veins in his head pops. That was right. This was the infuriating fact that made him now feel like he had full right in jumping Ulquiorra wasn't it? The bastard kept undermining his authority in bed. But now the tables were turned weren't they? He would have his revenge!

Ulquiorra is about to get up from the bed again, when Ichigo grabs her arms hard, and before Ulquiorra can really get what was happening, Ichigo has tied her hands up behind her back with her belt.

"Heh, I guess you are right, but that does not mean I will not try." Ichigo snickers, as he leans down and kisses the genuinely panicking Ulquiorra on the neck, before he licks a trail down to the heaving chest. "And I doubt it will be hard for you to try and escape, but think about how hurt I can get, when I am defenseless like this."

"You can be really devious too can't you?" Ulquiorra snorts, before she tense, as Ichigo starts to open her jacket slowly, and it is soon pulled down over her shoulders, as Ichigo starts to tend to the tender and pale chest, and as he feels Ulquiorra shiver under him, he gives a grin to her as he traces the number on her chest with his tongue.

"If I want to." Ichigo answers, as he quite enjoys the look on Ulquiorra's face right now. He had never seen Ulquiorra look this emotion-filled before. He sort of liked it, and it made him feel a hundred times more excited about this! Could he finally be able to see some more emotions from Ulquiorra? Would he see a more human side from her?

"Then I guess you won't hold this against me?" Ulquiorra is able to get her bound hands to the side under her, and she starts to build up a Cero aimed for Ichigo's shoulder. If this was how he wanted to play there was no other choice than to get him immobilized and then just never speak off it again.

Ulquiorra is about to send it off, when Ichigo grabs her hand hard, and she is shocked, as Ichigo uses his powers to not only deflect but to disarm the entire Cero easily. How come Ichigo fought her harder now than he had when they were set to fight by Urahara Kisuke? Was this something Ichigo really burned that much for?

"Try and behave Ulqui-chan, I'll take good care of you, so don't be afraid." Ichigo reassures, as he uses a kido spell on her hands to be sure that she couldn't send off a new Cero against him. "I bet you regret getting them to teach me all that kido now? You even congratulated me on the fact that it was stronger than your Cero."

Ulquiorra gives a snort, as that was true. Ichigo's kido were too strong for her to even dream of escaping it. Ichigo gives a grin before he kisses the pissed Ulquiorra gently on the lips, and she is about to say something to get Ichigo to stop, when Ichigo Is able to pull her hakama off, and he gives a pleased smile, as he is sure that there was genuine terror displayed in Ulquiorra's face. Maybe this wasn't so bad? He would really enjoy this more than he had ever thought he would do when he went to bed with his first female.

Ichigo starts to get himself undressed, as he waits for Ulquiorra to deny him in any way, but she didn't say anything, as she just looked with her usual stern look at him. But there was more emotion in those eyes than usual, as he was sure that Ulquiorra were actually shivering as well. He lays over her, before he starts to do trace kisses all over her exposed body, and he is pleased as Ulquiorra starts making sounds that actually sounded like she were enjoying it. It sounded like small adorable hiccups that just turned him on.

"Hey, you look really beautiful you know…" Ichigo suddenly whispers, as he looks right down at the shocked Ulquiorra, who for the first time in centuries feels herself blush, and Ichigo gives a warm smile, before he leans down to kiss her, and he is happy as she kisses back.

From there on Ichigo acted on instinct, as he did his best to do what he could to make Ulquiorra lose all her composure. And as the two of them were joined together, Ichigo is a little overwhelmed by the cute cries that Ulquiorra could make, as she gave small whimpers that made him twice as excited as he had been before.

But other than the desperate cries, Ulquiorra said nothing. Even as tears ran down her cheeks she didn't say anything, but Ichigo didn't mind, as she wrapped her arms hard around him, and as he continued his pushes, she cried in such a sweet voice into his ear.

This was not good. He had just started this to get back at Ulquiorra, but as it was now, he… might be losing to Ulquiorra again.

Ichigo brushes the messy hair out of her face as he moves her away from his shoulder, and as he had taken a good look at the delicate face, he swallows up the next cry with a forceful and loving kiss, that Ulquiorra took the invitation for, and they kiss passionate as the heat built inside them.

Then Ichigo breaks the kiss, as he feels the end close in, and he pushes them both over the edge, as he enjoys the sight and sounds of the crying, almost whaling Ulquiorra under him.

Ulquiorra clutches hard to Ichigo, as she tries to catch her breath again, and she is about to try and get untangled from him, when he suddenly turns her around.

"Ichigo?" She asks confused, as he lays over her again, and he brushes the hair off her shoulder before he places a gentle kiss. "What..?"

"You'll get better soon, but I haven't had enough of you." Ichigo whispers, as he bites her gently on the neck, and he gives a pleased grin as he earns a gasp from her. "I'll keep going until I can't move anymore Ulqui-chan. Until then, keep making those beautiful cries for me."

Ulquiorra is about to complain, but too late, as Ichigo had already made his move again. She had not seen this side of Ichigo before, maybe she had been wrong to say that he did not have the power to be on top? Right now he was doing a wonderful job of it.

Ichigo had really grown up well hadn't he? Her Ichigo.

"Even if the two of them have been gone for the night it does not mean that anything has happened!" Rukia yells, as he was waiting for Ichigo to return after the mess the night before. Honestly! There was no way Ichigo would desire a cold person like Ulquiorra!

"I think so as well…" Chad whispers, as he also did not want to think about Ichigo with that emotionless temptress. "Ah, Ichi… go?"

The entire room goes silent, as the King of Hollows had just changed title to the Queen of hollows. Ichigo's hair was longer, and she had taken it out of her hair tie to lie over her shoulder. Her face was slender, as was her body, and her chest equally sized as Ulquiorra's had been.

And behind her Ulquiorra came walking, to everyone's utter shock he were back to his old self, and neither of them knew that the others knew what this meant.

"I got infected as well it seems… you guys don't have to stare so about it!" Ichigo complains, as she looks nervous from the almost crying Rukia to the laughing Cero, who had heard from Vlad what could cure this thing. This was priceless! Ichigo had finally claimed his place as King in bed as well! And then ended up as a Queen! He loved this! His plan had worked perfect! Life was no longer boring! "Oi! I didn't react at you changing Rukia! Don't give me that look!"

"Ichigo… you didn't…?" Rukia finally stammers, and Ichigo just looks clueless at him, as he seemed to be both ashamed and shocked over something.

"Did what?" She asks, and she is about to ask more, when Grimmjow comes over to them and pulls them both to the side to explain to them just what they had just proved to the entire throne room.

"To cure this early one has to have sex, afterwards the virus might infect the one you have sex with…" Grimmjow explains, and he is a little shocked as even Ulquiorra looked ashamed away to not meet his gaze. "Honestly you two… I'm not sure if I should feel sad or proud about this…"

"Feel proud for me or I will smash your face in." Ichigo complains, as she still was not able to feel embarrassed about this. It might just mean that she was basically a youth down under the entire hollow stuff, since she now felt really proud over finally being on top! And with a beautiful woman too!

"Is it just me or are you really, really proud about this Ichigo?" Grimmjow stammers, as Ichigo were just grinning her brattiest grin. Honestly, Ichigo were too adorable weren't she? If he had known he would be this happy for finally fucking something he would have gotten a girl for him ages ago! "You are too cute Ichigo…"

Grimmjow gives a defeated sigh, before he leans over and hugs the confused Ichigo hard. He wanted to pull Ichigo with him and have his way with her! But then again he still did not want to end up like a woman! If it hadn't been for that he would have had Ichigo bent over for the next week!

"Oi! Get your hands off Ichigo!" Rukia yells in a panic, as it to him seemed that Grimmjow were doing his move on a defenseless woman Ichigo! And before Grimmjow or Ichigo can say something, Rukia gets in between them, and Ichigo can swear that she hears him hiss towards the nervous Grimmjow. "Come on Ichigo! Let us go and get some dinner."

"Rukia! I can walk for myself!" Ichigo whimpers, as Rukia pulls her hard away.

"I am not letting you out of my sight before this virus has gone Ichigo! You are too weak minded!" Rukia yells, and Ichigo just nods tired. This was to be expected wasn't it? It seemed that instead of acknowledging that she had a normal healthy sex drive and could make adult choices, they decided that it was the evil Espada behind all of his un-moral actions. Most of the time it was the truth, but for this once Ichigo could not blame Ulquiorra. "Honestly, what if you get jumped by someone while you look like this? You should be thankful that I think of your best!"

"If anyone that jumps me turns into a woman I doubt any would take the chance." Ichigo laughs nervous, and Rukia thinks about it, before he nods. That was true wasn't it?

"I still don't trust any of them! If they lost too much reason I doubt they would even think about it!" He yells, before he grabs her hand harder. Something Ichigo notices. Did Rukia feel like the tables were turned now? And that she was a damsel that had to be protected? Maybe she should tell him that other than changed gender, she were certainly as strong as before? But then again, she doubted that Rukia had any ill intentions.

Rukia tense, as he feels that Ichigo squeezed his hand gently back. And he turns around, only to find Ichigo smiling gently to him.

He didn't get it, with all the years that had gone by, with all the pain and suffering, when had Ichigo had time to become this kind? Anyone else that had suffered through all Ichigo had should have been scarred and destroyed, but Ichigo still smiled as gentle as ever! His touch was as gentle as ever!

"Rukia? Are you ok?" Ichigo asks worried, as Rukia suddenly looked straight forward and didn't meet her gaze. "Rukia?"

"I don't know how to deal with you yet… I'm trying my best, but I still feel like it is all my fault. That you died, that you turned into a hollow, and that you ended up like the King of Hollows. I have decided to never distrust you again, so I won't… but… now and again it is hard to face you." Rukia whispers, as he stops walking, and Ichigo looks sad at him, as he was still holding her hand hard. "When I feel it this hard to look at you… just how hard is it for you to look at me?"

"Rukia…?" Ichigo whispers, before she squeezes his hand harder. "I never think of it like that, I think that I have changed by everything that has happened to me, and through it all this is the state and point I have come to. I don't hate this life I have, I love it! I lived my life thinking the world would end if I wasn't there. I thought my friends would be helpless… But when I died I finally saw the truth. Without me there, life could still go on, time did not stop. And everyone was safer than ever…"

"Ichigo! That isn't true!" Rukia yells, as he turns around to try and stop Ichigo from talking more like that, but he is unable to say more, as Ichigo gave him a face he didn't know if was bittersweet or despair.

"I know now that it is ok of me to trust everyone, and all of you have your own lives now. When it comes down to it I feel a little like an outsider most of the time when I hang out with all of you…" Ichigo whispers and Rukia feels like he wanted to cry. He had wanted to know how Ichigo felt, but this wasn't what he had thought Ichigo felt about it all! Or, maybe he had known, but didn't want to admit it?

"Is… is there anything we can do then? To change how you feel about it?" Rukia yells, as he grabs Ichigo's shoulder hard. "We never wanted you to feel left out Ichigo! Just tell me what we can do to make everything like before…"

Ichigo gives a weak smile, before she reach towards the shivering Rukia, and she brushes the tears gently off her cheek, before she takes a gentle hold of her hand, and she lead it slowly towards her own chest, but as Rukia saw that he were about to touch the open hole, he pulls his arm hard back, and Ichigo lets it go with a sigh.

"When you can face what I have become through the years for all of you, everything will be like before again." Ichigo whispers, as she sees the ashamed Rukia understood what he had just done. "I am a hollow. I were terrified about it myself, I felt like I wanted to cry, and the mask and hole made me feel like a monster! And then I find out I am the king of the monsters I hate so much. I would certainly have gone crazy if not for the memories of all of you, and also three years spent with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra. You might not trust them, but I would trust them with my life, and as it stands now, I am certainly closer to them than any of you aren't I?"

"Ichigo… I…" Rukia stammers, but he didn't know what he could say. The truth was that all of them saw the hollows around Ichigo as bothers, and they were all hoping that one day they would disappear and leave Ichigo to them again!

"Right now my kingdom is my only duty, I'm trusting you all to take care of yourself Rukia, since I have decided that I really can't protect everyone anymore."

And with those harsh words Ichigo left, as it didn't seem like Rukia could face her anymore, as he just looked guilt struck at the ground.

It was true that Ichigo had not liked the idea of becoming the king of hollow in the start, but she saw it in a new light now, and she wanted to protect this small kingdom. The kind people she had come to know and the chance of many kind hollows that could be made in a world with a warm sun.

But, Ichigo still missed the old times! The truth was that she had enjoyed it when he had been forced into the contest at Urahara's! There was no way he would have admitted it, but he loved those crazy times with them all! But now those times were over! And she had to distance herself from them or tell them the fact that there was a chance that he could become a soul sucking monster if he hung out too much with them!


She doesn't turn around, as she was too ashamed to turn to face anyone now, as she was hiding her hiccups against the wall.

Rukia looks guilt struck at the shaking shoulders, as Ichigo didn't turn to face him. Then he walks over to her, and before Ichigo can complain, Rukia wraps his arms around her, and just clutch hard to her. In Rukia's eyes, Ichigo were the strongest person in the world, as bright as a sun, and as untouchable. But he wanted to be strength for Ichigo as well, and even if it wasn't easy… he wanted to see though the mask.

Ichigo tenses, as she feels the shivering hands lay over her chest, and she gives a weak smile, as Rukia's fingers moves slowly into the cold and empty hole. But then Rukia pulls his hand back, as the coldness was numbing! And as Ichigo turns, Rukia clutches sobbing to his cold hands, as he slowly turns back to being a woman.

"It's wrong…" She sobs, as she holds the almost frost bitten hand to her chest. "Something so cold should not exist inside such a warm person… you are the sun Ichigo… I thought you would warm our hearts forever! Don't stop evolving, don't stop growing and don't stop hoping… please don't give up on us… I'll be able to see through the mask one day Ichigo! Just give me some time and don't leave me behind…"

Ichigo feels his body change back to normal as well, as he pulls the crying Rukia closer, and he hugs her as hard as he can, as both of them were shedding tears now. Rukia had always lived with the guilt of making him into a shinigami in the start, and he always lived with the guilt that he didn't feel like he had protected them enough. The two of them were too hotheaded to see it from each other's side and come to an agreement on who should feel guilt. They were too similar after all.

"I would never do that you idiot… you are more precious to me than you even understand yourself…" Ichigo whispers, as he just holds her gently. "After all, you were the person who led me towards a meaning in life…"

Rukia blushes, as she started to understand that Ichigo were saying some really out of character things to her. Was this how Ichigo felt about her? Why would he do that? She didn't understand it! But there was no way someone who hated her for killing him would hold her as gently as this was there? Ichigo wasn't the person to lie.

"What the hell is this?"

Both of them tense in terror, as the not amused Cero were standing beside them. Here he had finally been able to make his Ichigo a woman, and he had planned on sneaking up on her and have his way, and then he find him back to normal, and hugging that shinigami bitch?

"What is it to you?" Rukia yells, as she pulls free from the nervous Ichigo and as their eyes meets, both of them looks blushing away from each other. "L…let us go and contact Soul Society again!"

"I'm not letting you be alone with Ichigo you bitch! You just fucked him didn't you?" Cero yells, as he starts to follow the retreating duo towards the communications room. "The both of you returned to normal! Is there anyone you haven't slept with now Ichigo?"

Rukia gives a meep, as a Cero flies off from the furious Ichigo's hand, and the tired Cero is pierced hard, half of his chest shot open.

"Honestly… this shit again?" He groans, as he looks at himself. Cero were not as the others, since he was mostly made of energy and not any flesh. So he could make himself form again, even if his head or heart were thorn out, but only as long as Ichigo was still alive. "Oi! Don't just shoot me and then run off with that bitch again! Oi! Ichigo!"

Ichigo makes his retreat, with Rukia in tow.

"Ichigo… what did he mean with haven't slept with?" Rukia stammers, as she was trying to not think about it, but she already knew that he had probably slept with Ulquiorra. Or else he wouldn't have gotten infected would he?

"It's a hollow thing…" Ichigo decides to answer in the end, as there really wasn't much more he could answer to that. "It's hard to explain, but you have to take into account that hollows are more animalistic than human…"

"Like the fact that hollows has mates?" Rukia asks, and Ichigo looks confused at her. "Urahara told us! That was why we started with the entire competition, we were afraid that…"

Rukia stops, as she slowly starts to understand what she had just admitted to.

"… that I would take a mate?" Ichigo finishes, as he gives a warm smile to the beat red Rukia. "I don't have one yet, but it is something I will get one day I guess, it is one of the things that feel natural, I sort of look a little forward to it! By all I hear from Vlad and the others about it, it sort of sounds cozy."

"D… does it have to be a hollow?" Rukia asks, as she looks down at her hand that was still in Ichigo's grip. She hadn't really understood it before she had lost Ichigo that time, how much she cared for him, and the fact that she would never let him get away again if she got a second chance.

"Not as far as I know, I heard that the first hollow king was the mate of a Shinigami…" Ichigo point out, before he goes silent, as he once more remembers the dream he had once had. Why did he still feel like it could be the same person? It was just a strong feeling he had, that he was overlooking something.

"The hollow king that opened the gates in the start…" Ichigo nods. "I looked into it, and were able to find some lost files on it, it seems it has been so long ago that it has been looked more as legends or old fairy tales. But it tells of the first meetings, and there is even pictures of the hollow king… he looked like a really weak and innocent guy, I don't understand how he could have become the kind here."

"Ulquiorra told me about it once. He said that in the past there was a royal family here. They had great powers in their family line, but most of them didn't use them and became kings because of their royal right. The hollow king that opened the gate was one of them. He lived in a kind world and really didn't know much about evil. For them at the time, Soul Society must have seemed really scary." Ichigo chuckles, before he gives a new smile to Rukia. "Could I see those files? I really want to learn a few things about the guy as well. It feels almost like we are talking about my family or something."

"I'll bring it! Don't worry about it!" Rukia cheers, as she for the first time had been able to talk about hollows like this with Ichigo. Maybe it wasn't the right thing anymore to think of them as monsters? After all, there was no way she wanted to look at Ichigo as a monster. "How about we look at it together? I can try and get more information about the guy he married too? Maybe it is someone we know of?"

"I'm counting on you Rukia." Ichigo laughs and Rukia nods happy, as their holds of each other's hands were tighter.

Little by little, their bond would return, and all wounds would heal and fade. After all, Ichigo still saw Rukia as the one who stopped the rain from falling, and the clock to once more start turning.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" Rukia stammers, as both Grimmjow and Chad were staring quite hateful at her right now.

"Because we changed back, you have to understand what they think." Ichigo says, as he were busy looking at the reports he had gotten in from Vlad about the spreading of the virus. It seemed that it worked less time on hollows, and as long as people didn't fuck around, everyone should be back to normal again now. They had also gotten a report from Soul Society, that it were still in effect on weak shinigami, but the strongest ones had already changed back. "Vlad, are you sure that you have destroyed all remnants of the virus?"

"Yes, but there is still the doses that was stolen, I do not know about them." Vlad explains, as he laid down the research before Ichigo, who looks over the notes to see if there was any danger of after effects.

"How about the after effect of later changes?" Ichigo asks, as he read over the part that said that there was a chance that some infected might turn again now and again because of the virus.

"We'll just hope nothing like that happens…" Vlad sighs, as he leans back in his chair to just enjoy life and the fact that he was himself again. He had gotten back and forth a few times before he had decided to just let it be.

"Well! Now that it is over I guess there is no need for Soul Society here anymore!" Grimmjow almost sings, as he is about to start and push the confused Rukia against the portals, but Ichigo grabs him hard by the arm to stop him, and Grimmjow looks confused down at him. "Ichigo?"

"Because of what happened, Soul Society has decided that it will be better to have someone on lookout on each side. I'm sending Chibi over to Soul Society until the portal has been closed, and Rukia is set to work as a peace envoy here." Ichigo explains, and Grimmjow turns pale. This was not happening! Ichigo had been fucked by her once and didn't want her to leave? Just why everyone was getting some of Ichigo right now and not him! "Now excuse me, I am going to get some rest, Ulquiorra, can you finish the reports?"

Ulquiorra nods, as he were pleased with Ichigo's handling of this, usually he would leave it all to him.

Ichigo leaves Grimmjow to yell a few insults to the grinning Rukia, and as he didn't think anyone were watching him, he sneaks over to the pissed Cero.

"Hey… about that virus…" Ichigo starts. And Cero gives a gulp. Had it come to it now? Would he get killed off for real by his one true interest in existence? "Do you have anything left?"

Cero looks confused at Ichigo, who suddenly seemed really ashamed over something, as he blushed hard. And it slowly dawns on Cero.

"AH! You want to use it too?" Cero cheers and everyone in the room turn to look at the beat red Ichigo, who were trying to figure out what to do to get out of this, but at the same time with the virus.

"Give it to me… I will hurt you if I don't get it…" Ichigo stammers, as he tries his best to not let the others hear what he was saying.

"So, you want the virus so you can use it to fuck Ulquiorra again?" Grimmjow finally asks, as he had walked over to them and snuck up on the embarrassed Ichigo.

"Yes… so please just give it to me and we will never talk about this again…" Ichigo finally admits, and Cero felt so sorry for him that he decided to let him have it, and Ichigo grabs the small box before he runs off, as everyone were staring at him.

"You have to have been a real treat in bed gloomy…" Cero complains to Ulquiorra, before he walks sulking away himself. Everything was boring! His plan had gone wrong again! Just what else fun could he do to make Ichigo's life a living hell then?

Grimmjow gives a sigh, as he decides that he were too jealous of both Ulquiorra and Rukia now to even be in the same room as them, so he walks off towards his own room. He knew that he had to share Ichigo, but that didn't mean that he didn't want to get some attention now and again either!

He tosses back in the bed, and he covers his face with his hands as he suddenly felt really useless and un-loved. He wanted to have more of Ichigo. He knew that his instincts told him that Ichigo were his mate, but he still didn't know if Ichigo's instincts said that.

"What the hell are you so depressed about?"

Grimmjow almost has a heart attack, as he turns towards the window, where he saw a familiar orange head stare at him.

"Ichigo? Why are you sneaking into my room?" Grimmjow complains, as he sits up in his bed, but he is a little startled, as Ichigo were on him, and pushes him back in the bed. "Ichigo?"

"I want to mate." Ichigo states like it was a matter of fact, and Grimmjow just stares shocked at him. Ichigo had never come unto him before! Was he dreaming? "I am really hot and bothered right now… I could ask someone what it is, but I have a feeling that I know what it is… so I came here…"

"You… came here?" Grimmjow stammers, as he could feel the warmth pass through Ichigo's now too constraining clothes. "Might I ask why?"

"Because it is you… Grimm… I couldn't think of anyone else to go to…" Ichigo stammers, before he starts to tear Grimmjow's jacket off, and Grimmjow enjoys it, as Ichigo starts to make the advances on him for once. "I can only think of you right now… I think it is instinct…"

Grimmjow gives a warm smile, before he lays his arm around Ichigo and pulls him closer before they share a heated kiss.

"Just how much have you gotten the last few days?" Grimmjow chuckles, as he starts to pull Ichigo's clothes off. "Both Ulquiorra and that shinigami broad."

"I fucked Ulquiorra four times before we changed, I didn't even touch Rukia, and we just changed back." Ichigo complains, as he licks up the broad chest.

"Really? I guess I can feel a little relieved then." Grimmjow sighs, as he hugs Ichigo hard. "The thought of you with anyone else than us makes me sick…"

"Right now I don't really want to go to bed with anyone else than you two either." Ichigo pants, as he was tired of speaking and he starts to kiss Grimmjow harder, as he pulls his own clothes off. "But just you now. Shut up and fuck kitty."

Grimmjow is quick to comply, as he enjoys each touch and caress from Ichigo. He had to stop worrying so much, since he knew deep down that Ichigo were his, and this was the proof that he was his mate wasn't it?

He just wanted to keep Ichigo close forever, but he also wanted Ichigo to keep him close forever as well. He felt pathetic! He had never felt like this in his life! But since it was because of Ichigo, he felt like he could live with the weakness of needing someone in his life.

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