Me: Hey people! Aangsfan here and this is my first SHUGO CHARA STORY!

Ikuto: You're a little excited, aren't you?

Me: OMFG IT'S IKUTO! *glomps*

Ikuto: * dodges*

Me: You're a meanie!

Ikuto: .

Amu: So, are you gonna get on with this story or what?

Ikuto: Anxious to find me Amu.

Amu: *blushes* N-no!

Me: Why don't you say my name that way!

Ikuto: How about I just say the disclaimer?

Me: …and a hug?

Ikuto: No

Me: Please?

Ikuto: …no

Me: * pouts*

Amu: *sighs* Look, Aangsfan doesn't own Shugo Chara.

Me: Or Avatar: The Last Airbender! My life sucks!


Btw I'm not going to use too many Japanese words and stuff 'cause I don't know that many .

Amu's POV

Walking home from school, I was a little edgy. I wasn't sure why but I just felt like something was wrong…

"Something wrong, Amu-chan?" Ran asked. "No, I'm fine Ran, thanks."

"Are you sure, Amu-chan?" Miki asked this time. "Well, I don't know…I just feel like something bad is going to happen." I explained.

"Don't worry Amu-chan ~desu! I'll make sure to make you feel happy and optimistic with a little afternoon snack! " Suu said, already thinking about the snacks she was going to make. "Thank you, Suu."

"Suu is right, Amu-chan! Be happy and cheerful and everything will be a-ok!" Ran cheered, waving her pom-poms in the air. I smiled, "You guys are the best." They smiled back.

When we walked into my house I called out, "Hello, Mama, Papa, Ami-chan!" But I got no answer. As Suu flew into the kitchen I saw a note.

Dear Amu,

Me, Papa, and Ami decided to got out shopping for some new clothes for Ami after school. We may not be back until late tonight because Ami wants to go everywhere!

Be back soon! Love you lots!

Mama ( A/N Did you notice that all the good/bad things happen while they're gone?)

I sighed, does Ami ever get tired? I looked up and saw Suu making something, was it cookies? How did she get all the ingredients by herself? I shook my head at myself and decided not to question it. I went into the living room and turned on the TV and watched some random show. I wasn't really paying attention.

"Amu-chan! The cookies are ready ~desu!" Suu exclaimed, flying in front of my face. I looked over onto the table and surely there was a plate of freshly-baked cookies. "Arigato, Suu!" I said, walking over to the cookies and grabbing a few. "No problem Amu-chan ~desu!"

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk.

After I finished the milk and cookies, I went upstairs and did my homework. Once that was done at around eight I went back downstairs and (with Suu's help) made myself some dinner. After that I watched TV until around 9:30 when I decided to take a shower.

After the shower I put on my towel-dress…thing, got a glass of milk, and walked outside onto the balcony, and chugged down the milk, sighing contently afterward. Suddenly I saw heard Miki gasp. "What is it, Miki?" I asked. "Is…is that Yoru?" Miki said, pointing in the distance. I followed where she was pointing and saw the same little cat chara.

"It is Yoru!" Shouted Ran, "Go, go Yoru-chan! You can make it!" She cheered, now that she mentioned it he did look kind of tired.

"Help ~nya…" Yoru said tiredly when he was within catching distance. Amu held out her hands and caught the little cat gently. "What's wrong, Yoru? What happened? Where's Ikuto?"

"That's the problem ~nya! Ikuto's missing!"

Me: So there's the first part. Sorry it was short! But review and um…I'll force Ikuto to give you a hug!

Ikuto: And how, exactly, do you plan on doing that?

Me: *holds out Ikuto's violin* Does this catch your interest?

Ikuto: …fine.

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