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What did they do to Ikuto? What's happened to him? Can I wait 'till tomorrow night to find out?

I had no idea, but when I looked back at the charas, including Yoru's devastated face, I knew I had to stay strong. I composed my face.

"Ma'am, if you don't mind me asking, what really happened?" I looked up at the kindly old man's face. I decided to give him as much information as I could without giving too much away. "Well…my friend, Ikuto is involved in some really bad people and well I guess he betrayed them in some way or…something… or maybe they just want to get to me…"

"Why would they want you?" He asked.

"Um…well… I continuously stop their plans for…what they do." I answered.

"Ah, this must be the part where it gets confidential?" He asked. I nodded, he nodded back, "Well may I wish you the best of luck. And don't worry. I'll have this violin fixed tomorrow so you can get it before you go and kick some butt."

I smiled, I didn't deserve this kindness from a man that barely knows me and doesn't know if maybe even I am the bad guy. "Arigato, sensei." I said, wanting to understand how to trust the right people. I left then, wondering what to do until Saturday night.


It was around noon and I was already antsy. I had been doing every possible thing to keep me busy, especially my thoughts. Since it was noon I decided to get some lunch and share with the charas. We sat in the park.

"Amu nya~?" I looked down at the voice of the little cat chara. "Yeah, Yoru?"

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean they're obviously tricking you…" He said. I nodded, "I know…but what other choice do we have? Besides, I promised you I'd help in any way I can. And even if I got captured, I'm sure Ikuto and I could come up with an escape plan."

"I doubt you'd see him…" His ears drooped and so did my heart. What would happen if I got captured? Oh no, what can I do tonight to make sure that this doesn't happen? How can I save Ikuto?

"Amu-chan?" I looked down at Ran. "If its any consolation, I think everything will turn out ok. I mean, it usually does."

"You're smarter than you thing, Amu." Miki added, "Im sure you can think of something."

"You can do it, Amu-chan desu~!" Suu said. I smiled, "Thanks guys," I looked down at Yoru, "I'll try my best."

At around two o'clock the violin was ready and I grabbed it, thanking the man and giving him a tip. After a good luck gesture from the man I went back to the park and sat at the spot where they said to meet them at midnight.


I had fifteen minutes to think of a plan of attack. I was fidgety and I couldn't think straight because I was tired. Even though I don't like it, I had gotten coffee to keep my awake and energetic. I had gotten the charas some too ( a small cup). Soon, it was midnight.

"Ah Amu," said a voice from the trees, "just on time." It added as a man came out flanked by four others all in suits. "Let's talk." He said, snapping his fingers. A well-built man came out holding a large bag and roughly dropped a. extremely torn Ikuto whom was bound at the hands and feet with duct tape over his mouth. He looked over at me lifelessly. "Ikuto…" I whispered. "Ikuto nya~!" Yoru shouted, flying towards him.

I ran after him, not thinking twice. I was pushed back by two men. "I don't think so Hinamori Amu. First, we have some important matters at hand." He said, then eyeing the violin strapped on my back. "Oh I see you've fixed his violin. How kind! If only you knew that was part of the plan!" The strange man brought out what looked like a tuning fork.

A muffled cry was heard from Ikuto, it sounded like "Amu!" I was confused. "You're sure this will work at once?" He asked a team of three scientist. They nodded. The fork tinged and a purple mist-like substance swallowed the violin, thus swallowing me in it too. Ran, Miki, and Suu suddenly cried out my name.

It wasn't until I saw their worried faces that I remembered what they had done to Ikuto before.

I'm screwed.

Those were my last thoughts as my world went black.



Ikuto: Of course Im hurt…

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