Before you start complaining about me neglecting my Eureka Seven story, Eureka Seven: A Second Chance, let it be known that I am working hard on it in my free time. However, I find that my mind is cluttered with this idea, so I am going to get rid of it so I can focus on my Eureka Seven story. It is a crossover of Digimon Frontier and Digimon Data Squad, taking place 3 years after Frontier and 1 year after Data Squad. I'll be using the English names and attacks of each. Plus, for those of you familiar with my way of using the characters to do the author's comments, I will wait a bit to verify the characters before I do that. Oh, and before I forget, I don't own Digimon Frontier or Data Squad. Sucks, I know. So sit back and enjoy.

Chapter 1: A New Threat

Ophanimon ran through the forest, clutching two Digi-Eggs. As she ran, one thought kept running through her mind: "What is this darkness enveloping the Digital World? It's not Lucemon. No, it's far beyond him. Whatever it is, I have to warn the Digidestined."

"Hey, Takuya! Over here!"

"All right. Here it comes!"

Takuya Kanbara grinned as he passed the soccer ball to his friend. It had been 3 years since he and the others found themselves in the Digital World after following a cryptic message from Ophanimon. Still, he wished that he could have help rebuild the Digital World after Lucemon destroyed it.

"Hey, Takuya! Your phone is ringing!" yelled the coach.

"All right, I'm coming!" Takuya yelled back. Probably his mom wondering when he would come home.

"Here you go."


"Something wrong?"

"N-no. Nothing."

But Takuya knew better. The icon on his phone could only belong to one person…and she wasn't a human.

"Uh, be right back, Coach. Gotta use the bathroom!"

In the bathroom, Takuya opened his phone and put it by his ear.

"Ophanimon, what is it. What's wrong?"

All across Japan, the six Legendary Warriors: Takuya, J.P. Koji, Koichi, Zoe, and Tommy each received the same message from Ophanimon:

"Digidestined. The Digital World is facing a new threat far beyond what Lucemon alone was capable of. A new darkness has awakened, one far beyond Lucemon's power, and we need your help to stop it. Go back to the Shibuya Station and take the elevator to the basement. A Trailmon will be waiting for you. The fate of both worlds rests with you again.

After making the appropriate excuses, the Digidestined met at Shibuya Station. On the way down to the basement, they swapped stories about what had happened to them in the past 3 years. Takuya became a soccer player. J.P. had found some more friends and had lost some weight, though his love of chocolate had not diminished. Koji had met his real mother and had grown closer to his stepmother. Koichi's mother got better and Koichi had helped her by getting a job after school. Zoe also managed to make more friends. And Tommy had gotten braver thanks to his time in the Digital World, so he was able to stand up to bullies at his school.

At the train station, they all boarded the train.

"Next stop, the Digital World!" cried Takuya.

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