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CHAPTER 7: Shattered


Everything had fallen apart and I didn't know how to put the pieces back together. It was like a shattered plate with shards scattered everywhere. You can find most of the pieces and almost put it back together, but there are little tiny scattered fragments that you never find and the plate is never the same.

That's how I would describe my family. We almost look the same, but little pieces of us are missing. Gone to never be found again. Forks. Bella. Smiles. Happiness….

The first six months were the hardest. Everyone fought constantly and some of us were depressed. Some of us threatened to go back to Forks. One of us threatened to go back and change Bella and bring her back to the family. In the end we stayed as that plate that was shattered and pieced back together.

During one of our most heated arguments, Emmett said he was going to go back and Jasper said he was going too. Emmett missed his little sister something fierce and Jasper just wanted to bring peace back to the family. There was only so much he was capable of controlling with his power and after a while it was exhausting. Of course Carlisle tried to talk them out of it and Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were all screaming at each other.

The next morning, Edward left and didn't bother telling anyone where he was going. He also didn't say when or even if he would be back. Emmett and Rosalie packed up and left as well saying they needed to take a breather from things. They were going to go on what seemed like their 50th honeymoon. At least they said they would be back in a couple months.

Jasper and I stayed. We couldn't leave Carlisle and Esme. Esme was hanging on by a thread and I hoped Jasper could help her. I looked for Edward in my visions, but he was doing something very effective at keeping me out. I didn't know what it was, but planned to kick his ass for it if he ever came back. I also looked at Emmett and Rosalie. After a couple of weeks, their fights calmed and turned into something else. Ewww. I didn't need to look anymore after that. After all I knew they were coming back.

When we first left Forks, Edward came to me and asked me to do him a favor. I agreed and after he asked I immediately wished I hadn't.

"Don't look at Bella anymore. Block her out or whatever, but leave her be. I want this to be a clean break for all of us."

"Edward, that's not fair! Don't you want to know that she is safe and happy!? Don't you want to make sure she is OK!?'

"She will be. As long as we stay away and let her live her life."

We never talked about it again, however I still saw her no matter how hard I tried. I figured it was because I was so attuned to her. I saw her pain and agony over losing Edward. I saw her cry herself to sleep. I only told Jasper and we decided it was better for no one else to know. Gradually the visions got fuzzier and fuzzier and then one day they stopped.

First Rosalie and Emmett came back and then about three months later Edward. We packed up to move again so we could start high school again and start fresh.

It had been about a year since we had left Bella and no one talked about it anymore. It was easier that way. We started another new high school. Carlisle started at a new hospital. Everything felt as normal as it had been before Bella entered our lives.

Then one weekend a couple of months after we moved everything changed. Jasper and I were sitting on the couch reading while Esme and Rosalie were upstairs working on the remodel of Esme and Carlisle's bedroom. Emmett, Edward, and Carlisle had been on a hunt. All the sudden, the peaceful afternoon was shattered. I dropped the book I was reading to the floor and collapsed with a major headache as a vision overtook me. It wasn't entirely clear, I just saw that the hunting trip had not gone as planned and then a vision of Emmett with a bloody body running to the house. Shortly after I recovered, Emmett came bursting through the doors with that bloody and battered girl in his arms and started taking the stairs two at a time up to Carlisle's study with Edward and Carlisle right on his heels.

Jasper and I immediately jumped up and followed.

"What's going on?" I came into the study just as Emmett was laying the body down on the couch. I didn't like being in the dark so to speak, and everything was happening so fast my visions were coming in blurry…when they came.

"Bite her Edward! Do it now before it's too late!" Emmett barked out the order as he was brushing the matted bloody hair off her face.

"Carlisle get you bag while I get her clothes off! Emmett, get out of the way!" Edward was visibly on edge and was filling a syringe with what looked like morphine but I couldn't tell from my angle.

By now Esme, Rosalie, and Jasper had joined us. Esme walked over to Carlisle as Jasper started trying to calm the room.

I stood over the girl and Edward as Jasper came to my side asked him what was going on.

"It's Bella and she's hurt bad! Tell Edward we are wasting time and to just bite her already!" Emmett moved around the couch and stood on the other side of me. "I swear Edward you have about 10 seconds left and then I am biting her!"

Carlisle and Edward were stripping her of what was left of her clothes and placing pressure on so many stab wounds I lost count after 20.

"Carlisle…" Edward's voice was shaky and as he looked at Carlisle it was apparent they were having a silent conversation.

Edward's shoulders slumped and he started shaking his head. "No. I can't do it. I don't want to lose her again, but I can't do it."

"It's not Bella." Everyone looked at me and the silence was deafening.

"What do you mean it's not Bella? Ya, she's really beat up and bloody, but look at her it's Bella!" I wasn't sure if Emmett was trying to convince me or convince himself.

"No. She's not. First I never got of vision…" Jasper nudged me, knowing I was lying. "OK…well that's not entirely true; I did, but couldn't make sense of who the body was. Second, I would know my best friend and she smells all wrong." I wrinkled my nose at the end. She really didn't smell right.

"You haven't been looking for Bella so of course you didn't see this! And the smell is wrong because the morphine is messing with the smell of her blood! It's Bella! Right Edward?" The more Emmett talked this out the more I was sure he had at least a few doubts.

The pain on Edwards face was so apparent that I could feel it even without the benefit of Jasper's ability. "She's so bruised and bloody…I just don't know…I can't hear her thoughts…but the smell from before the morphine…that was my Bella."

Carlisle spoke while still trying to control the bleeding. "Not hearing her thoughts is probably due to her being unconscious Edward." Carlisle then tuned to look at me. "And Edward is right; the morphine would change the smell of the blood slightly."

Esme kneeled down and put one of her hands over Edward's where he was trying to stop the bleeding. "Carlisle, what do we do?"

Carlisle looked around the room briefly making eye contact with all of us. "There are too many stab wounds. Even if we took her to the hospital I don't think she will make it. If one of us doesn't bite her she will die."

Everybody looked at Edward. Edward closed his eyes and was silent for a moment. Then he opened his eyes, tilted her head to the side, and whispered in her ear how he never stopped loving her. Then, he bit her.

Those were the longest three days ever. We moved her to Edward's room and started preparing ourselves for having a newborn in the house. Carlisle would come in before he went to the hospital and then again after. Edward never left her side except when Rosalie and I came on the second day after her wounds had healed to bathe her and redress her. When he came back I confronted Edward again about my doubts that it was really Bella. The differences were subtle, but they were there. He told me that the process did cause little things to change and then kicked Rosalie and I out.

When Edward knew it was close to time for her the wake up he called us into his room so we could all be together. The waiting seemed like forever until she finally opened her eyes.

What happened next was so fast, in only filled about 10 seconds.

I saw what was coming so I yelled at Jasper and Emmett to grab her. She woke up and Edward immediately stiffened, hearing her thoughts; his first indication that she may not be Bella. She went to attack Edward who was standing the closest, however Jasper and Emmett hearing my warning in time got to her before she got to Edward. She twisted free on one side sending Jasper flying through Edward's bedroom wall and landing downstairs in front of the living room sofa cracking the floorboards. Emmett held tight while Jasper was airborne, grabbing both her arms and pinning them behind her back. She tried to break free, but it was a fruitless effort giving Emmett's strength. I was impressed that he was holding up against a newborn. She was snarling and hissing at everyone. Then Jasper came back in the room and calmed everyone down.

Once everyone was relatively calm, Edward addressed her as Bella and that's when everyone else figured out what I already knew. She wasn't Bella.

She was snarling and hissing still as she looked around the room. "Bella? Who's Bella?"

Edward, still clinging to what little hope he had left, starting approaching again with his hands up showing her he didn't mean any harm and addressed her again. "You are. It's OK. We're not going to hurt you. Don't you remember us Bella?" I already knew she wasn't Bella, tried to prepare him the best I could, and his hope was about to be crushed once she revealed her name.

She started writhing in Emmett's arms trying to break free again. She hissed at all of us. "I don't know any of you! Especially anyone named Bella!"

Carlisle stepped forward and tentatively reached out to touch her shoulder. "What do you remember dear?"

She opened her mouth to say something and then snapped it shut. Her brows furrowed together and confusion was written all over her face. She looked around the room and tried to say something several times only to stop again. After a minute, her shoulders slumped and she took a deep breath which again confused her when it didn't give her the relief she had expected. That started new confusion as we all watched her breath in and out several times with no relief.

She looked at Carlisle. "Why can't I feel the air in my lungs? Why can't I feel myself breathe? What's wrong with me?"

"I'll explain that in a minute, let's try and go back to the last thing you remember. We need to try and talk about it now while the human memory is still fresh."

"Human memory? Human memory? I don't understand."

"What is your name? Let's start there."

"Shelbie. Shelbie Allen."

And there it was; the moment I knew Edward would have to except this. I chanced a glance at Edward after she revealed her name. He looked like he was just kicked in the gut and someone ripped his heart out. He reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose and then turned to sit in a chair.

Carlisle tried again with how she came to be in the situation they had found her in. "Shelbie. What is the last thing you remember?"

"I remember…I remember my boyfriend calling…asking if I wanted to go on a hike. I um…I thought it was a little weird. We aren't really the outdoors type. And um…he showed up…he had a friend with him. I never really cared for him, the friend, he's kinda creepy. So we went…and we hiked for about an hour." She reached up and started rubbing the back of her head. "I remember a sharp pain…my head hurt badly. I screamed…they knocked me down and started punching my face. Brad, my boyfriend, pinned me down. I remember him holding my hands above my head with one hand while he removed my pants and underwear with the other hand and Nick's help." She was quiet for a moment and no one said anything, we all knew what happened next. "They took turns. If I screamed or begged for them to stop they would just punch and kick me more. When they were done…" She pulled her shirt up with a shocked expression on her face and ran her hands over her belly. "When they were done…they stabbed me! Repeatedly! Why don't I have a single mark from the stab wounds?! On that note, I know they broke my jaw. How am I even able to talk?" She paused and started breathing in and out rapidly again. "Oh my god! Oh my god! My wounds are gone! I don't need to breathe! Human memory! I died! This is heaven…or hell…or what?"

If she were still human what happened next would have been hyperventilation and a panic attack. Carlisle still treated her as a doctor would though and instructed her to sit and put her head between her knees, but was careful not to tell her to take deep breaths as this would just panic her further.

When Carlisle spoke again he was calm and soothing with her as he gently stroked her hair in a way to comfort her further and help her relax. "I know you have many questions and we will answer all of them. Right now though, you need to hunt." She lifted her head to speak and Carlisle moved a finger to her lips to silence her. "Questions later. You need to trust me on this. Emmett."

Emmett came and Carlisle placed Shelbie's hand in his. "Emmett, you're the strongest and the most apt with a newborn. Take her and teach her." Emmett looked in my direction and I minutely nodded, telling him it was the right choice.


"Questions. Later." Carlisle firmly stated.

Emmett walked her over to the window and opened it as Carlisle stopped him. "Emmett! Please use the door. We don't need her trying to ask more questions."

No sooner were they out the door and out of earshot then the chaos erupted and everyone was talking over each other till Carlisle whistled and yelled at everyone to be quiet.

"Perfect. Now what are we supposed to do with her. She's not Bella and if, forget if, when the Volturi find out what we have done…"

Carlisle interrupted Rosalie with a calming tone to his voice. "That's not going to happen, Rosalie. We are going to control her and it will be fine."

Relieved to have a little insight now, I offered my reassurance as well. "I can see her now. From the moment she woke and I warned Jasper and Edward, I have been able see her. It will all work out."

"This is bad. Having her around could potentially draw more attention to us, especially if we can't control her. Newborns are scatter-brained, dangerous, and volatile. What is the plan here? Emmett the Nanny!? Emmett staying by her side 24/7 to try and keep her in line!? No! I'm telling you right now this is a bad idea!"

Edward stood up and walked to stand in front of Rosalie. He had a smirk on his face and cocked an eyebrow at her. "You're absolutely right. Having Emmett stay by her side 24/7 is a bad idea. Especially after hunting…"

He let his sentence trail off and Rose looked in my direction. I saw it, but wasn't able to say anything before Edward walked over to Rosalie to bait her. Rose looked between Edward and I just as she figured out what was going on. "Damn it all to hell! I can't believe I let Emmett go alone with her!"

After she was gone I cocked an eyebrow at Edward and he started chuckling. "What? You don't have to be a fortune teller to know sending a newborn to hunt with Emmett was a bad idea. Once her thirst was sated, then other urges would take over."

"Emmett wasn't going to do anything." Edward looked at me pointedly with that stupid crooked grin and a cocked eyebrow.

"Ok fine he was going to have an issue with resisting, but I was 99% positive of him not doing anything."

"And that one percent was all he needed to change his path before you would have had time to warn Rosalie."

I groaned in frustration. "It's not my fault my power isn't as absolute as mind reading Edward."

Carlisle cleared his throat getting everyone's attention. "Maybe we should gather at the dining room table and discuss more important matters that need to be dealt with."

We all made our way over to the table and sat in our usual spots and waited for Carlisle to start.

"The first decision that needs to be made is whether or not we will be allowing Shelbie to stay with us long term. While you all are aware I am opposed to killing anyone, even a newborn, we need to decide if it is worth the risk keeping her and potentially drawing unwanted attention from the Volturi. Of course, whether we keep her or not, we will clearly have to move again."

I raised my hand up to get Carlisle's attention when he was finished. "Carlisle, I already know what we will do and I see everything will work out fine, but shouldn't we wait till Em and Rose are here to have this discussion so as to not have them feel left out?"

"We will get their input on this matter as well. I just thought since we will not be able to leave Shelbie unattended for quite some time, we could discuss this now and then one of you could watch her while I discuss it with them when they return."

I nodded my head and allowed Carlisle to finish.

"The second decision that will need to be made is where we would like to go and will everyone be coming with us."

At the end, he looked right at Edward. We all knew he would be the stalemate to this. I was sure this was hard for him. He was so sure she was Bella that this had to be like losing her all over again.

Esme was looking very puzzled about the whole thing and Carlisle asked her if she had a concern to share.

"What I don't understand is how she looks so much like Bella? Edward even said her blood smelled the same, had that same irresistible pull. How could she be so much like Bella in every way but not be Bella? Maybe it's a trauma thing and she is Bella but doesn't realize it?"

Carlisle shook his head. "No, she is most definitely not Bella. The change would not have affected her in that way."

"Then why does she look so much like her."

"Well there is a theory by Rudolf Hess called, 'The Doppelganger Theory' which basically says that everyone has an exact twin somewhere in the world. I'm not sure that's how I would explain this, but it is an idea. The only other explanation would be that Bella actually did have a twin sister that see didn't know about. I don't think that is as likely of a scenario."

Rose, Emmett, and Shelbie came in from their hunt at that moment; I told Carlisle that Jasper and I would take Shelbie upstairs and get her settled. Since I already knew how things would work out, it made the most sense for us to leave while the family worked things out the way I knew they would.

Shelbie was very quiet while we walked up to the third floor of the house. It had two bedrooms each with a full bath, the one Jasper and I used also had a balcony. The other bedroom was rarely used. Here recently Esme and Carlisle had been using it while remodeling their bedroom. Jasper went into our room and I walked Shelbie into the other.

She sat gently on the bed and rested her hands in her lap. I walked over and sat next to her. After a moment of silence I reached out and took her hand.

"I know everything is confusing and hard to take right now, but it will get easier. I promise."

She removed her hand from my grasp and turned to look at me. "Are you telling me as a friend or as a fortune teller?"

"So, just how much did Emmett tell you?" Leave it to Emmett to open his big mouth even when he wasn't supposed to.

"That you all and I guess now me, are vampires. You don't kill a human, that's why we ate that bear. That was weird by the way." She shuddered and then continued. "He told me that you see the future, Jasper can control emotions, Edward can read minds and that everybody thought I was his girlfriend Bella because I look like her."

"I guess that about covers it. You have any other questions or wanna talk about anything?"

"No. I really wanna relax and sleep, but just remembered Emmett said we can't sleep. I guess I'll go with the relaxing and just be by myself for a bit."

"OK. I'll be across the hall if you need anything."

I gave her a hug and walked back to mine and Jaspers room. He was at the desk working on his laptop.

"I thought we weren't to leave Shelbie alone?"

I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his neck placing a soft kiss on his cheek. "She'll be fine."

The next morning I was lying next to Jasper, facing him with our legs tangled together. With one hand, he had his fingers laced with mine in between us. His arm was lying across my hip so his other hand could draw lazy circles into the small of my back. We were gazing at each other smiling, having a face off of sorts. He was trying to raise my arousal for a morning quickie, which of course I saw coming and was concentrating real hard on the unsexiest things I could think of. He was putting a lot of effort into this; I was just thwarting him off every time he raised the bar. Don't get me wrong, there is no better start to a day then morning sex with Jasper, but screwing with him this way can be so much more fun. Almost more fun than playing chess with Edward. The circles stopped and his hand brushed my side lightly on its way to my breast, inciting a giggle to escape that I had been trying to hold in since this little game started. His fingers found the edge of my bra and he glided them in, not even bothering to remove my bra just simply moving it up and out of the way. This was my goal. The foreplay. I hated it when Jasper treated me like a light switch, turning me on and off on a whim just for kicks. Sometimes I let it slide, but with the last week being so stressful I needed this. I needed it to be just us, for just a few minutes before Carlisle comes knocking on the door.

Going with the foreplay theory, Jasper leaned forward and softly placed his lips on mine. Our lips mingled together for a moment and then Jasper ran his tongue along my bottom lip. I parted my lips and massaged his tongue with mine while his hand continued its attention to my breast. He started rolling the tip between his thumb and forefinger and I moaned. I brought my hand up to his neck and tilted my head to deepen the kiss even more. He had stopped trying to control my arousal a while ago and was going fully with the foreplay now. He was completely into it as he shifted his body weight and rolled me onto my back. He started working kisses along my jaw line and down my neck. Of all the times I actually succeed in getting Jasper into foreplay, I have less than 30 seconds now till Carlisle is going to knock on the door.

Jasper's hands went to the hem of my shirt and started to lift when I stilled his hands with mine. He was looking at me quizzically and was about to ask what was wrong when that knock came and he figured it out. He grunted in frustration and got up to open the door.

"Hello Carlisle"

He nodded his head in greeting, "Jasper"

"What can we do for you Carlisle?"

"Either you may have Alice fill you in or you both may join the family downstairs in 20 minutes."

"OK Carlisle. Thank you." He shut the door and turned to face me.

Jasper walked back over to the bed and cocked an eyebrow at me waiting.

"What! You know we are moving. It's a given considering the situation we are in with Shelbie."

"I know. My questions are where and are we all going?"

"The answers are Alaska and yes."

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