By TwinEnigma

Warnings: AU, language, violence


Juugo winced as he looked at the wound in his side. It wasn't healing. Blood was soaking through the bandages at a steady, alarming pace. He hissed, ripping off another portion of his shirt and pressing it against the wound. It would, hopefully, slow the bleeding a little more and buy him some time until Suigetsu's return.

He cast a worried glance at the two forms huddled nearby under his cloak.

Damn it, where was Suigetsu?

A noise startled him and he stood, instantly regretting it. He wobbled unsteadily and cursed. He'd lost a lot more blood that he'd thought.

"Sasuke's scent is coming from this way."

"He must have recently – hold up!"

"That guy – I recognize him! It's one of Sasuke's team members!"

They knew who Sasuke was, Juugo realized through the dizziness. He took a step forward and tried to focus on their headbands, but he was having trouble.

"Oh shit, he's spotted us!"

"Wait a minute. There's something wrong with him."

"Are you... Konoha?" he asked, taking another shaky step towards them. The world slid jarringly and he fell, the shirt in his hand falling.

Dimly, he saw a flash of green and pink above him and he saw a swirl in the metal. "You have to... help them."

"Shit! He's bleeding out! Everyone back off! Give me room! Ino, clamp!"

He felt something cool and green on his side, but the world was dimming. "You... have to... help... Sasuke and... Karin..."