Black Cherry

Every thousand years

The cherries ripens

Immortality is on the tip of my tongue

And knowing I could be forever young

I bite into the sinful




"Oh Taru-chan, come on! Let's party!" Hotaru felt her lips twitch at her friend's whining as she pressed the phone to her shoulder so she could pick up a few notes from her biology class. The cherry blossoms were blowing in the wind outside of her dorm room's window, but this still didn't tempt the girl into going out to party. She had so much to do since she was a freshmen in college with her dreams of becoming a nurse becoming ever more real by each passing day. It was almost eight o'clock anyway and light was almost non-existent except for her collection of lamps.

Hotaru looked out the window, "Can't Misa, but I will some other time."

"You always say that!" Hotaru giggled, imagining the pouting blonde-haired super model. "You need to get a boyfriend and relax a little or you're going to end up alone!" Hotaru felt her own body stiffen at the idea because all of the other senshi had someone. Except for her, but she guessed this would be her fate. That didn't make it any more pleasant. She was however, the senshi of death and rebirth so it only made sense…Hotaru shook her head. "But Misa won't let that happen! You're going out tonight! I'll pick you up right now!"

"Wait Mi-" Hotaru was cut off by Misa hanging up the phone. A sweat drop appeared behind the violet-eyed girl's head as she shook her head. "Might as well and get dressed then…" Hotaru said as she got up from her bed and walked over to her closet. She had been in her pj's. She particularly liked the purple tank top she was wearing because of the built in bra so she stuck with it as she changed into some jeans and a black jacket. She took out the rubber band in her hair, knowing that if Misa saw it she would scold her how it would ruin her hair.

She quickly ran out of the dorms, knowing that if her fellow students saw Misa they would bother them. She waited by the cherry trees and wondered if Misa had been right about ending up alone. It didn't seem like a bad idea since the idea of passing her powers onto her children didn't seem like a good idea, but Hotaru did wonder what it was like to be in love. She had seen it over a dozen times with the other senshi, but she wanted to feel it for herself. She wondered if she would get all giggly like Minako and Usagi when they were around their men or if she would be more of a worried wife like Makoto and Rei. She might have been the quiet lover like Ami and Michiru were.

"I'm being ridiculous," Hotaru whispered as she smiled. It couldn't hurt to day dream, could it? She made up of a handsome man she had seen on the street. He was tall with brown hair and dark eyes. She remembered how he smelt of coffee and how he smiled when she apologized for bumping into him.


"Oh Misa?" Hotaru turned to her friend, "did you walk all the way here?"

"Yup, it's good to keep my figure."

The violet-eyed girl laughed, "Misa you're pretty. You don't need to worry about that so much."

Misa smiled as she grabbed her hand. "So are you! That's why I'm going to get you a boyfriend."

"What did you do today?" Hotaru asked as Misa started talking about her day. It was filled with celebrities, song writing, acting, and boys falling over themselves to get to her. They walked on the sidewalk where the dim lights from the city would shine on them and protect them from perverts.

The two girls had met by accident when they were children. Misa had been an up and coming supermodel when she met with Haruka-papa and Hotaru. They had become friends almost instantly. This could have been because Misa reminded Hotaru of Chibi-Usagi, but they had been through everything together. Hotaru had seen the devastation Misa's family death had been on her. She had sat with Misa through the trial and painfully watched the bastard get away with it. They had both cried with happiness when Kira had killed him, but Misa had begun to grow a small fascination with Kira.

This was making Hotaru nervous. She knew what Kira did had saved Misa from her depression and her anger, but Kira was evil. Not that she didn't think that the people who were dying didn't deserve it…but…could killing a criminal do any good?

"…Oh, and then I met Hideki Ryuuga-"

Misa stopped talking suddenly when the bushes in front of them rustled. Then suddenly, a man came out of the bushes with a knife. The light reflected from his glasses as Hotaru realized that no one was around them. Misa squeezed her hand.

"I have always loved you! I want to always be with you! I want to protect you!" The man screamed as Misa who was slowly walking back from the man. Misa was trembling and Hotaru knew that she was about to go into psychological shock.

Out of panic Hotaru said, "I-I'm sorry, but Misa doesn't feel the same way. Please leave!"

The air suddenly became silent as Hotaru felt her powers curl and twitch inside of her. The man had tears streaming down his face as he yelled, "I…If I can't you…I'll kill us both!" He raised the knife and began running toward Misa.

Misa suddenly took a step back, the blade only cutting off a small chunk of her hair. Hotaru quickly twisted to protect Misa and waited for the impending knife to slice through her back, but then she heard the man gurgling. It sounded like he was choking before the knife suddenly hit the concrete. The man turned and walked away before collapsing onto the ground.

"W-w-what happened?" Misa asked as her tiny hands clutched onto Hotaru's jacket.

Hotaru turned her attention to Misa, "Doesn't matter. Let's get going before he gets up." She nodded as the two stumbled back into her dorm where they both curled up and cried silently.

"Hotaru…is he dead?" Misa had whispered later that night.


"Do…Do you think it was Kira?"

"I don't know Misa. Maybe there was an angel on our side."


Hotaru didn't know that it wasn't an angel or Kira that saved them. It had been a shy, quiet shinigami named Gelus. Gelus had fallen in love with the senshi of death, but the violet-eyes girl would never know of it. There had also been another shinigami who had watched her fellow grim reaper turn into something that was neither rust nor sand. In honor of her friend, Rem had picked up his death note and flew down into the world of humans.

And thus…our story begins.

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