Not Quite a Prince

Chapter 3: Kouga's New World

The wonderful spring turned to summer, and summer faded into autumn. The harshness of winter set in and the wolves settled into a kind of hibernation. No wolf went farther than they had to; which was usually the first hot spring outside the caves that was ten miles away from the caves. The mated couples and families settled into the largest caves awaiting the birth of more pups. The unmated females and males settled into two different caves separated by the mated caves.

That's where Kouga was about to be. He had finally found the female who loved when he chased her down and then rut her into the ground. Not that he minded. That same little vixen stumbled into the cave while giving Kouga a coy smile. Kouga looked upon the cave. How he despised winter. He was stuck so close to the caves that he barely had room to stretch his legs.

A familiar face from long ago marched stoically into the cave before him. Kouga felt himself follow completely dumfounded. Yuriko made the interception.

"So, Kouga, what do you want to do first? I think I know," Yuriko sang as flicked the tip of his cock under his loincloth.

Kouga's eyes slammed shut in lust and his mind blanked. His furs were divested of his hot body. He felt soft and feminine fingers caress his black mane stopping at the back of his neck. She swiftly turned her back to his chest and grabbed his neck with both hands. Yuriko's blonde hair tickled his tan chest as their matching skins molded together. She pushed her firm ass into his awaiting erection with a promise in her teasing. Yuriko quickly lay on the ground at his Kouga's feet. She opened her legs to him and played for a minute with her own pussy. Kouga watched in rapid fascination as her fingers played with her clit and pistoned in and out of her hole.

"I'm already wet, Kouga, just put it in!" moaned Yuriko finally giving up teasing him and herself.

Kouga wasn't one to be told twice. Kouga kneeled before the woman whose fingers were holding open her lips for him to view her aching slit. His manhood's fat head was placed at her clit as he dragged it around her pussy. From her clit to her ass cheeks he moved to wetten his cock. With a begging moan from the woman below him, he pushed his well endowed dick straight to her womb. The addicting soft flesh of Yuriko's pussy clenched his turgid member. He watched her juggling breasts that matched the timing of his deep thrusts. She laid beneath him a quivering mass ready to explode. He felt the heated stares of the other females. He knew by the end of winter that he wouldn't have any cum left in his balls for spring.

"Oh, Kouga, look at me please!" begged Yuriko.

Kouga's eyes saw those pleading green eyes. Her hands shot up and twisted themselves in her brilliant red hair. Her back arched thrusting pale orbs with rosy tips towards him begging to be sucked. Kouga blinked. Blonde hair now twirled in between her fingers. Tanned skin was gyrating before him. Kouga's eyes closed and focused in on his thrusts and how close both of them were to cumming.

"Kouga! Oooh! Let me see those gorgeous baby blues! Ahhh!" pestered Yuriko.

The girl beneath him writhed and moaned for him. His vision blurred and blue eyes locked on the face of an orgasm-ridden red-head.

"Oh, Kouga, dominate me please!" shouted the alabaster-skinned beauty beneath him.

"You're mine, Bitch. You will bow before me. You will need me," Kouga stated to the voluptuous woman.

"Oh...yes...yes, my Alpha!" screeched the green-eyed goddess.

Her pussy spazmed around his cock. Her orgasm was beautiful and that red-head's face alone sent him into an orgasm of his own. He shut his eyes again out of the sheer force of his orgasm. That was the hardest he had cummed in the longest time.

Heavy breathing took up all of the cool air in the cave. Kouga looked upon the goddess below him. Green eyes smiled up at him. A smile of his own spread across Kouga's features, but stopped short at a disappointed smirk.

The beauty's red hair was replaced by the bleach blonde of Yuriko. The moon-colored skin was now matching his. The green eyes still sparkled, but with lust not love.

"You do me great every time," stated a satisfied Yuriko.

"Okay, now that beast is settled, what do you want to talk to me about, Ayame," asked a bored Yuriko from under Kouga.

Kouga looked up at Ayame on his down-on-all-fours position on the floor. Ayame seemed to be a little flustered. Her face was between the verge of tears and the verge of complete and total anger. Kouga peered into her eyes with complete awe of the awkward situation at hand.

Ayame felt the tears fill her eyes, but refused to let him or her see them. She would rather die than let them have that power over her. She knew he had had sex with every woman in that den besides herself. That didn't bother her. She just didn't want to watch. It tore her to the soul. Especially since, it was her sister. Both of them saw her walk into the den even though she said nothing specifically to Kouga. Her sister knew. Yuriko was not above rutting with Kouga just to spite Ayame. Ayame always felt a certain level of distrust between herself and Yuriko.

"It's not important. Forget it," stated Ayame as she stomped out of the den to the farthest place she was allowed to go during the winter.

"What a prude!" mocked Yuriko. Every person laughed at her cruelty. Except for one lone soul lost in his own thoughts.

'Did I really dream that Ayame and I were...?'

A week had passed since Ayame had stormed out and he couldn't do it anymore. Every woman he had sex with either became Ayame or he couldn't cum. Hell, he couldn't even get an erection without thinking about Ayame.

"Baby, what's wrong," cooed Yuriko after another failed attempt to rut with Kouga.

Kouga sighed, 'How do I tell her? All I can ever think about is Ayame? Do I say: your pussy's top notch, but I'd rather bone your sister till she can't walk or remember her name? No, that's not gonna work.'

"Come on, what's stopping you from making me your bitch?" purred Yuriko as she stroked his chest.

Kouga had been so in his head he hadn't really thought before he spoke, "I'm thinking about Ayame."

Yuriko's body tensed against his and her claws dug a little into his chest. Her eyes locked on his and narrowed in anger.

"I mean she was my…friend…and I think I hurt her feelings. I feel like a horrible guy, you know?" responded Kouga in an attempt to appease Yuriko.

Her eyes softened, "Aww, Baby, you're such a sweetheart. Getting all upset about Ayame is not gonna help our sex life though! So, go make it up to her or something."

Kouga though about making it up to Ayame: interrupting her mad rant with a passionate kiss, getting her on her knees with those ruby red lips around his cock, her shyly propositioning him with her ass up and pussy perfectly exposed and a blush running all the way-

"Well, it seems like Ayame's gonna have to wait for your beast to be tamed again," giggled Yuriko as she toyed with Kouga's hard-on.

Kouga bolted out of his fantasy and sprinted out in the direction Ayame had left a week earlier.