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Harsh Reality

Day Fifteen

The Sleepover

Harry was at a point where all he wanted to do was to jump up and down on the bed that he was sitting on, waiting for Aunt Marge to come into the room to tell him it was all right for him to get up. It was going to be a fun day, since Draco was to come over later and staying the night. He was going to have a sleepover, he had seen Dudley have a few with his friends from nursery, but he had never dreamed that he would ever have one himself. He looked around what had become his room and smiled when he saw a few toys that he would be able to share with Draco, he wondered a little if Aunt Marge would let him take them downstairs for the two of them to play with.

It wasn't long until Marge made her appearance and picked him up from the bed. She cradled the young child in her arms, enjoying the warmth that it gave her. She bustled around the room, pick out clothes for Harry to wear and grabbing a towel, he was going to have a bath before they did anything else.

"Aunt Marge," Harry said as he wrapped his arms around her neck, he loved being carried like this, it felt nice, warm and safe, a safety he never remembered feeling before.

"What is it Harry?" she asked him as she walked into the bathroom and started to fill the bath up with warm water.

"Can I bring some of my toys downstairs so that Draco and I can play with them? And can he come and see the puppies? And play with Medusa? Can we go out and see the other dogs as well? And play outside?" he asked in a rush, hoping that she would be all right with what he had asked.

"Yes you can bring some toys downstairs, as long as the both of you put one away before you start playing with another. He can see the puppies, but he cannot touch them at all, we don't want the mother rejecting them because of an unfamiliar smell on them. As for Medusa, since she is well behaved she is allowed inside and yes you can play with her. I will let you go and see the other dogs as well and let you introduce Draco to them all. If the weather isn't too cold I will let you play out side for a while." She answered them all with a smile on her face. It was nice of him to ask instead of just saying quiet about what he wanted to do when Draco came over. "Also, instead of half seven bed time, you will go to be at eight, so the two of you can play a little more." She told him of the change in bedtime. "Any misbehaviour and the two of you will go to bed at seven." She added, she didn't want the two of them causing too much mischief, even though she expected a little from them. And maybe an argument or two over what they would be doing.

"Can we bring the train set down stairs, Draco really liked it when he came to visit?" Harry asked as he looked to her excitedly.

Marge smiled at him and told him, "We'll bring it down and set it up so you can play with it straight away."

"Thank you Aunt Marge." He beamed; his green eyes alight with life and not the dullness that they were when he first came to her.

Marge carried on smiling, she loved seeing him like this, and she hoped that between her and Tiberius they would be able to keep him away from Vernon and that shrill wife of his. She helped him to undress and settled him into the tub and started to wash him, the cuts on his back were healed fully now, thanks to a little help from Healer Remiel and Tiberius.

It didn't take her long to bathe and dress him in clean clothes. She picked him up once again as she finished cleaning the bathroom, Harry had been waiting for her to finish patiently. The little boy didn't want to cause any trouble, even though he was excited about the day ahead.

"Right, Harry," Marge said as she held him close. "Shall we pick out a few toys to take down with us?" she asked him.

She walked into Harry's bedroom and set him down so that he could look through his toys and chose a few to play with. He went over to the train set that was away in its box; half the fun was setting it all up. He then brought it over to his be and placed it down and went back to look at a few more things. He then picked up a few stuffed animals and toy cars.

"Just these," Harry smiled up at her as he stood by the small pile of toys that were now on his bed.

Marge smiled back at him and nodded her head, "Of course, you grab the stuffed animals, and I'll bring the rest." She told him as he did what she said and took the stuffed toys from the pile. She piled the few toy cars on top of the train set box and followed the little boy down the stairs.

"Right, we'll keep these behind the sofa, all right Harry. We don't want them in the way all the time, just make sure that you keep them all here if they are too far out someone may trip over them. Shall we have breakfast and feed the dogs, and when they are finished we will let medusa inside." Marge said as she set down the things she had in her arms.

"Okay, I'll keep the tidy, Aunt Marge." Harry nodded as he set down the toys he had, making a promise to her.

The two then went into the kitchen to finished of their morning routine.


Harry was almost bouncing on the sofa as he waited for Draco to show up. Marge had a right time trying to keep him calm. Though she knew that this was the first time he was going to have a sleep over. She just wished she had been able to get Harry away from her brother and sister in law sooner. She didn't want to take the chance that the small child would have to go back to Vernon, either. She gave a quick look out of the window and smiled as she saw Tiberius and Draco coming up the garden path. With a knock at the door, Harry jumped up and ran to it, he was about to open the door but stopped and looked to Aunt Marge.

"Can I open the door Aunt Marge?" he then asked her.

Marge smiled at him and told him, "Normally I wouldn't let you, since I wouldn't know who was at the door, but as I know this time I will let you. And well doe for asking," she smiled as she walked over to him and watched him open the door.

Harry reached up and opened the door and smiled when he saw that it was Draco and Tiberius, "Hello Sir, hello Draco," he greeted them both with a huge smile on his face.

"Come in," Marge said behind Harry as she smiled at them both.

Tiberius and Draco entered the cottage and walked into the living room. Harry was bouncing on the balls of his feet as he now stood in front of Draco. He couldn't help it, he had a friend, the first one in his life and he couldn't wait to have some fun. Marge and Tiberius went and sat down as the two boys went behind the sofa where Marge had set up the train set that Harry had.

"We're gonna have so much fun," Harry grinned at the blonde before him.

Draco grinned back and nodded enthusiastically, "What are we going to do first?" he then asked.

Harry cocked his head a little and then smiled, "Play with the trains, Aunt Marge said we can see the puppies later, and she's gonna let Medusa in a little later, she has to be with her mummy for a while."

"Cool," Draco nodded as the two of them knelt down by the train set before them.

Marge and Tiberius listened to the two of them and smiled at one another, "Well Marge, I hope you'll be able to handle the two of them."

Marge smiled at him and said, "I think I should be able to. Dudley is a handful, if I can Marge him I can manage the two of them."

"maybe on that one, Draco's things are here," he then said as he held out a small bag with some of draco's things inside.

"Right, I'll take them up in a moment, want to stay for lunch?" she asked him as she stood up.

Tiberius smiled and nodded his head, "yes, I would like that."

"It's soup and grilled cheese sandwiches today, I'll be letting medusa in after lunch and letting the two of them see the puppies later on in the evening, if you want to stay a little longer you are welcome to." She told him as she went towards the kitchen. "boys, uch will be ready soon, so don't make too much of a mess at the moment." She said to the two children as she went past them.

"We wont aunt Marge." Harry smiled up at her.

Marge could help but smile back at him, the smile was something precious to her and she wanted the chance to see that it stayed there. She carried onto the kitchen to get started on lunch, while Tiberius got up and went behind the sofa and sat down on the floor beside the two.

"So what are we playing?" he asked them both with a friendly smile.

"We need to make sure the Hogwarts express is on time, they can't be late to get to Hogwarts." Draco smiled up at his uncle, "I told how me and Harry will be going to Hogwarts when we're older." He added as he grinned to Harry.

Harry nodded and said, "I wish I could go now, it sounds like fun."

"It will be a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work, I know the two of you will do the best you can while there." Tiberius told the two of them.

"We will," the two of them coursed together.

"Good to hear, so lets make sure this train gets there on time," Tiberius then said as he looked to the train set, the rails in a figure 8.

"Yep, and there is a hippogriff on the line and he wont move, so we need a good wizard to get him to go away." Draco told him.

"Well a hippogriff, do you know how to deal with one?" Tiberius asked his nephew.

Draco shook his head as Harry piped up and asked, "What's a hippogriff?"

"It's a magical creature and they are very proud creatures, you must always bow to them first, and never, ever insult them. They are defensive and very strong. So when you bow to them, you have to wait until they bow back before you go near them, when they do you should be fine, some hippogriffs will even let you ride them if they find you worthy enough." Tiberius told the two of them.

"Wow," Harry grinned his eyes lighting up, "do you think one would every let me fly on them?"

"I have doubt Harry," he grinned to the smaller child.

"What about me Uncle Tibby?" Draco then asked him.

"They would let you as well Draco." He ruffled the blond hair in affection.

"Uncle Tibby don't do that, it messes it all up." Draco complained.

The three of them continued to play until Aunt Marge called them all for lunch. With Harry and Draco telling her about the adventures that they had been playing and all about the hippogriff.


Medusa was lying beside Harry, watching as the two boys played with the cars that Harry had brought down not long after lunch. Tiberius had left an hour ago, Marge stood up and watched them for a moment before saying, "Boys do you want to see the puppies?" she asked them, already knowing the answer.

"Yes!" the two boys yelled together, as they dropped the cars and stood up looking at the woman before them.

"You can see them, but you have to follow the rules I set out all right?" she told them gentle.

"Okay," they nodded as they waited for her to tell the rules.

"Right, first, you are not to touch them, they have a special smell to them that the mommy can smell, and sometimes when someone else touches them it changed the smell. The mommy may then ignore the puppy, so no touching." Marge told them, getting nods of understanding, "at the moment the puppies cant hear or see you, they rely on smell." She told them as she took the two of them by the hand and led them towards Rita and her six puppies.

"Wow," Draco said as he peered into the box, "they're so small."

"Yes they are, when you were born you were really small as well." Marge told him smiling softly.

"Really, will the get big like I am?" Draco asked her as he looked towards her.

Marge nodded, "yes they will, they will get as big as their mother."

"cool," Draco said as he went back to watching the puppies.

"Something smells nice," came a voice from the box.

"What smells nice?" Draco asked aloud, getting a funny look from Marge and Harry, who wondered who he was talking to.

"Draco has a guardian," Medusa said as she sat down near Harry and looked up at him.

"You have a guardian Draco," Harry relayed the message to his friend.

"Nice smell, want to find the nice smell," came the voice again as the small pup that Harry had saved moved towards Draco.

"Well Draco, looks like you have a puppy," Marge smiled to the small child.

Draco looked at her and asked, "Really?"

"Yes, really, since he is your guardian, I have no doubt that your parents will be fine with it." She reassured him softly.

"Okay," Draco nodded as he looked down at the puppy that was slowly making his way towards him.

Rita stood up, dislodging three puppies that were suckling, she went over to Draco and sniffed him and then went down to the puppy that was moving towards him. She picked him up and gently held him out towards Draco. Draco mesmerised reached out a hand and stroked the small puppy.

"Oh, nice smell, oh nice feel." The puppy said softly, enjoying the stroking.

"Draco, what will you call him?" he asked his friend as he watched him stroke the small pup.

"I don't know," Draco said as he stroke one last time, letting Rita put him back in the box.

"I want nice smell back," the puppy whined a little. It was soon suckling at a teat.

"Come on boys, back out, time to leave them alone a little." Marge said as she then took the two of them by the hand and brought them back into the living room.

"Thank you for letting me see them Miss Marge," Draco said as she let their hands go.

"You're welcome Draco, now why don't the two of you play a little more before bed." She said as a knock sounded at the door.

The two children nodded and went back to crashing cars into one another as Marge went to the door and opened it, smiling when she saw Tiberius. She let him inside; Tiberius went to the kitchen and not the living room. The move puzzled her as she followed the other.

"What's going on?" she asked him as she closed the door behind her so that the two boys wouldn't be able to over hear.

"Well, we have the papers that your brother needs to sign, as soon as they are done you will be Harry's guardian within the Muggle world. Remiel is doing a report; we should have it within the next few days. Also, Dumbledore hasn't touched Harry's accounts so that's something in his favour. But since he has left Harry alone in the Muggle world and not checked up on him, which we know has caused problems for Harry in the abuse that he has suffered. Lucius is helping in building a case for us, in case Dumbledore wants to be difficult we have some leverage." He told her with a soft smile.

"So I have a good chance of getting Harry?" she asked him. Tiberius could tell that she was hopeful about that.

Tiberius gave a small nod, "since you have taken care of him, don't mind his magic and you are one of the few Muggle's able to breed Guardians for magical children, you have a really good chance of getting him. And with Lucius helping and toeing the line with me, he'll be backing you as well."

Marge gave a sigh of relief, she had a good chance of having Harry as her son, "Oh, some good news, the puppy that Harry brought back, is Draco's Guardian."

"Really?" Tiberius smiled.

Marge nodded, "I hope it's all right that I said he would be going with Draco when the pups old enough, and he is already thinking of a name."

"That's fine, Lucius always wanted him to have a guardian, but none of the ones that were breed into the magical world weren't right for him." He told her.

"Well he has one now, though I hope I will get chance to meet with Lucius and his wife." Marge said in a tone that told Tiberius it better happen soon.

"I will, well, I'll leave you alone again, good luck on getting the two of the to bed." He smirked as Marge led him out.

"I will, have no worries on that." She smiled as she opened the front door and let Tiberius out. "God night." she called to him.

"Night Marge," he called back.

Marge went back into the living room to start getting the ready for bed, she had plans to read them a famous five book; the adventure they had in them should lure them to bed sooner rather than later.

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