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Harsh Reality

Day Sixteen

Happy Day

"Argh!" a scream echoed throughout the house as Marge bolted upright in her bed as it woke her up.

She jumped out of her bed, grabbing the dressing gown that was at the bottom of it, without even thinking about it as she put it on. Marge's poor heart was in her throat at the scream. She ran across the landing and into Harry's room, throwing the door open as she went. Draco was sitting in the middle of the bed crying, Harry, too, was crying as he sat on the floor not far from the bed.

Marge went over to Harry first, after giving Draco a glance and could tell that he wasn't hurt in anyway, she asked softly as she knelt down by the little boy, "what happened boy's?" he voice soft and soothing.

Draco managed to stop crying a little as he sobbed, "It's my fault, I said we could jump on the bed and we did and he fell off." His tears renewed and he began to cry in earnest once again.

Marge picked Harry up and set him on her lap, as she sat down on the bed, gently she pulled Draco towards her as well, "shush boys' it's all right now, it's all right." She said softly as she was able to get Draco on her lap with Harry. She helped them close as she rocked them, constantly keeping up a stream of comforting words for the two of them.

Draco was the first to stop crying as he then occasionally hiccupped. Harry was still crying, but the loud cries had now turned into near silent sobs. Marge could feel that the young child trembling as he was in her arms. She continued to rock them as Harry slowly calmed down a little more, though he continued to shake a little.

"Are you hurt anywhere Draco?" she asked first as he shook his head in answered, she then turned to look down at Harry and then asked him, "how about you Harry? Are you hurt anywhere?" he voice was soft and warm as she looked him over a little, using her eyes.

He nodded his head slightly as fear started to enter his green eyes, "my head hurts Aunt Marge." He told her as he waited for her to start shouting at him for being naughty.

Draco could tell that his new friend was scared so he quietly said, getting Marge's attention, "Miss Marge, it's my fault, I told him it would be all right, because I do it on my own bed when I am at home." His silvery blue eyes shone with sorrow as he thought about getting his friend into trouble.

"I'm sorry Aunt Marge," Harry whispered as he ducked his head down, wincing slightly as he did so, his head was hurting him slightly.

"It's all right, I'm more worried about your head, I don't think you have done too much to it," she said as she ran a hand over it gently as she felt a small bump, Harry winced a little and she said softly, "I'm sorry sweetie."

"I'm okay," Harry murmured as he looked up to her.

"Boys, there is a reason you shouldn't be jumping on beds," she told them gently as she held them both in her arms.

"Why not, I can when I am at home?" Draco asked her a little curious as to why he couldn't do the same here.

"Well at you house you might have magic that will stop you from falling off. But because I live here, I don't have magic that will stop that from happening. And I know that when Harry fell of the bed you were both scared, and that's why you were crying." Marge answered him with a gentle smile.

"So at home there is magic and there isn't any here, but Harry is a wizard like I am?" Draco frowned, wondering why it wouldn't be protected.

"Yes, Harry is a wizard just like you Draco, but like you he can't cast spells yet, and I'm a Muggle and I can't use magic, so there is no way that there would be spell on the bed to stop you from falling off when you are jumping on it, and to be honest with you both, bed's are made for sleeping not bouncing on, that's what a trampoline is for." She said, scolding them both a little, though making sure that she wasn't doing it roughly, being sure that she explained why they shouldn't do something. She had to be honest with herself as well; she was so scared when she had heard that scream.

"So we shouldn't jump on the bed because we could get hurt, like me?" Harry asked her, he's trembling was slowly stopping a little.

"Yes, just like you were hurt," she nodded with a smile, "though you both have to realise that the two of you could be hurt even more, you were very lucky Harry that you didn't hurt yourself more than a little bump on your head. And the two of you frightened me so much when I heard you scream." She added as she told the two of the gently.

"We scared you?" Draco asked her curiously, Harry looking at her as well.

"Yes, you scared me so much," she said as she pulled the two of them closer and hugged the two of them.

"We're sorry," they chorused together as they hugged her back.

"I know you both are. Now, why don't the two of you get dressed and I will get dressed as well and we'll have something nice for breakfast." She smiled to the two of them.

The two of them smiled at her and nodded their heads as they gave her another hug and then climbed off her and found some clothes to put on. Marge left the two, to do the same so she could get them all some breakfast, and something to calm her nerves.


Marge watched as Harry and Draco were running outside, the older puppies around them as they played. She had no idea what they were playing but they were having fun and were relatively safe outside. She heard a knock at her front door and glanced at them out the window once again, making sure they were all right. She quickly went to the door and answered it, smiling as she saw Tiberius.

"Afternoon Marge," he smiled to her as she let him in.

"Hello Tiberius, come in," she nodded with a smile as she moved back so he could come in.

The older man walked into the room and looked at his friend, "So how was last night with two boys around?" he asked her, wondering what it was like for her. She had never had children, and had only watched over her nephew once or twice to his knowledge, now she had two to look after.

"Well, it was a bit of a trying morning, but the rest of it was fine. I have not felt alive like this in a long time," she said softly her mind going back.

Tiberius was silent for a moment before he asked her, "What happened this morning?"

She looked over to him as she then led the way back to the kitchen, so she could watch over the boys, "well, Draco thought it would be a good idea to jump on the bed, unfortunately I was woken by a scream as Harry had fallen off the bed. He's fine, but it was such a scare for me, my heart was in my throat," she shuddered a little as she remember the feelings from that morning.

"How have they been after that?" he then asked as he looked out the window and smiled when he saw his nephew and Harry playing with the puppies, who were chasing the two around the back garden.

"They've been good since then, I let them go out and play for a while, since I was going to be doing some lunch for us all, though I didn't know you would be here, but I think the two of them would like it," she smiled to him as she carried on fixing lunch.

"Nice to know that I am wanted," he smiled as he watched Harry fall to the floor, a smile on his face as Draco did the same and roll around as he puppies climbed all over them.

"I hate to call them in," she sighed as she watched, "they're having a lot of fun, though I think the weather might turn a little," she said as she looked to the sky, seeing clouds heavy with snow.

"I do wish this cold snap would be over," he nodded in agreement.

"Go and call them both in, and get the pups back in the pen with their parents," Marge said as she finished lunch and began to set it out.

Tiberius nodded and went out the back door and into the garden, he smiled as he watched the two of them play, "Boys!" he called to them, gaining the attention of both boys and the puppies.

"Uncle Tibby!" Draco shouted as loud as he could and scrambled up from the ground and ran over to him, "Do I have to go home now?" he asked him, looking sad at the thought of having to go home and leaving his new friend behind.

"No not yet, though we will have to go soon enough, I have no doubt that your mom and dad are missing you," Tiberius said with a smile.

"I miss them too, but I'm having a lot of fun Uncle Tibby, and I really like Miss Marge as well, and Harry's my best friend and I'm his and I have a puppy, he's my guardian like Medusa is Harry's, now I have to think of a name for him too," he rushed as he told his uncle what had been going on, "this morning we scared Miss Marge, we were jumping on the bed and Harry fell off, I thought it would be fine since I do I at home, but Miss Marge said she didn't have magic on the bed to make sure no one fell off like I have at home. But she still let us play out side and with the puppies and it was a lot of fun Uncle Tibby, I want to come everyday," he exclaimed happily as he carried on talking, barley taking in a breath.

Tiberius smiled and laughed at his nephew, "I'm glad you've had a lot of fun, but no jumping on the beds here okay, we don't want to scare Miss Marge so much we wont be aloud back," he told him.

Draco's grey blue eyes went wide as he said, "Oh, I want to come back, do you think she will let me come back again to see and play with Harry?"

Tiberius smiled and nodded, "I have no doubt she will let you come back." he then turned to Harry who had been waiting back and waiting for Draco to finish talking, "Hello Harry, have you enjoyed having Draco here?" he asked the shy child.

Harry smiled and nodded, "yes sir, it's been a lot of fun."

"Good to hear, now Marge has lunch ready for us to eat, so I think we should head inside." He then said as he looked to the children before him and herded them indoors and he then went and got the puppies back into the pen and with their parents once again. He walked into the kitchen as Marge was drying their hands.

"Right, you two, go and sit down," she told them as she watched Tiberius wash his hands as well.

"What do you think about dinner and having Lucius and Narcissa coming for the meal, so they can get to know you and where their little boy has spent the weekend?" Tiberius asked her softly as he looked to her.

"I don't mind that, though it wouldn't be a fancy meal," she told him in answer.

"That's all right with me, and I will make sure fine with them," he smiled as he thought about getting the two of them to have a meal in this little muggle house.

The two adults and two children sat down to lunch, with the two little boys retelling all of what they had done that day to two very attentive adults, ohhing and ahhing at the right places, bring bright smiles to two small faces.


Tiberius waved his wand and sent the dinner dishes to the sink to wash. Draco and Harry were already in the living room playing with the train set that had been there since Saturday morning, when Harry and Marge had brought it down for them to play with. Marge, Tiberius went into the living room, with Narcissa and Lucius following them. The four adults sat down, listening to the children as they played.

"You know, this is something that I always wished to do, just sit and listen to children at play, they had such lovely imaginations," Narcissa said a soft smile on her face.

"I know, I never thought of having children after Mathew passed away," Marge smiled softly, thinking of all the plans that the two of them had made for the future.

Tiberius looked over to his friend, "I am still sorry about that," he whispered, both Narcissa and Lucius looked to him.

"Why?" Lucius was the one to ask.

"Mathew was her fiancé, he saved my life, it's one of the reasons why I wont move from here, I promised him to keep Marge safe and I plan to make sure that I do, and now for me that include Harry, since he has wormed his way into her heart," he answered, not giving them the details.

"I always wondered why you refused to remain in the Manor," Lucius said, wondering if things would have been different with his Uncle living with them.

"It would have been the same Lucius, Abe was set in what he wanted to do, and he forbid me from coming to the Manor when he heard that I had been saved by a muggle. I would have loved to have been there, and help, bring you all out of that depressing place," Tiberius told him, he had wished he had been able to help the family.

"Well, I'm glad its over now, just have the future to look forward to, and I do wonder if Draco will be in Slytherin, he doesn't seem to be the type at the moment," Narcissa said as she turned to look at the two of them.

Lucius snorted, "all Malfoy's have been in Slytherin, he has time to come around."

Tiberius chuckled at that, "I have a feeling he is destined for another house, I'm hoping Gryfindor," he smirked over to his nephew.

"He wouldn't dare," Lucius exclaimed.

"Oh hush you, you wouldn't care what house he was in, you've already said that," Narcissa told him off as she slapped his arm in admonishment.

Lucius sighed and shook his head, "no need to tell everyone."

"I'm not telling everyone, I am telling family and I hope a friend," she said as she looked over to the muggle woman who had been silent listening to the friendly bickering.

"I would like that, it would be nice to have someone I could talk to about Magic, and maybe someone to help with a few spells to make sure the place is safe, I don't know if they told you but they were jumping on the bed this morning, and Harry fell off. Scared me half to death, I swear, my heart was in my throat." Marge smiled to her.

"Oh, I'll put a spell on the bed for Draco, I know he likes to jump around, make sure it doesn't happen again, I have to ask, how are you taking the news of Magic?" She then asked, she often wondered how muggles took the news that their child was a witch or wizard.

"Well, his magic came out to same me and he saved a life of a puppy, to me magic is a wonderful gift, but I do understand that it has the darker side. Tiberius has told me about the wizard that killed Harry's parents," she said softly as she glanced over to Harry.

"I will be doing my best to help you get full custody of him, I know that you have come to love him as your own, I can see that. I will also try and find out where they are buried, so that he can see them and say good bye to them properly, I have no doubt he has never been. I know that he is young, but some find comfort knowing that someone is at rest." Lucius said as he made a promise to do as he had said.

"I thank you for that," Marge smiled to him in thanks as Harry and Draco stood up from the trains set and went over to them, "What is it boys?" she asked them as she looked to them.

"Uncle Tibby, daddy, will you come and play with us, we need some more people to play the bad guys," Draco asked them.

Lucius hesitated for a moment, before giving in and smiled at his son and his friend, "why not, now tell me who I am to be," he said as he got up and joined to the two boys over by the train set and action figures that the two were playing with, Tiberius quickly joining them on the floor.

"You know Marge, a few months ago, I would never have thought that was possible. Lucius is a bit scared of playing with Draco, always afraid that he would be like his father and turn things into a lesson on humiliation," Narcissa smiled softly as she watched them play.

"I never thought I would want a child in my house all the time, I thought that dream had left the day Mathew had been killed," Marge smiled back as they sat back to watch.

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